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Erotica / Action


Erratic breaths filled the deadly silent night.

As soon as they reached his home Celia was struck with a momentary thought of regret for what she was about to do. She kept asking herself if she truly wanted to give herself to this stranger but every single time the answer had been one word and it was the same thing over and over again: yes.

Ax looked at her expectantly as he moved towards the door to his house, waiting for her to follow him. When she was, finally, able to walk she found herself moving unconsciously towards the big, threatening man.

She looked up at him and licked her lips. It was a nervous habit, something she had picked up after years of finding herself in situations where she felt defensive. The small action caused something to shift inside Ax as he charged at Celia with the sole purpose of possessing her fully. His muscled arms grabbed her face aggressively and in nanoseconds, his lips were on hers. Celia's eyes widened in surprise and she gasped as she felt his teeth bite her bottom lip.

It was the only invitation Ax needed.

His tongue started caressing hers and Celia struggled to act accordingly to what she was supposed to do. Desire filled her body slowly, it was like a fire was resting inside her, in her lower stomach and started spreading, burning everything in its path.

He pushed her curvy body against the door. As her back met the hard, wooden barrier, she felt her breath being knocked out of her. It was all too much. The rough hands that had been holding her face were now resting on either side of her head. His lower body was pressing her even tighter against the door.

A breathless moan escaped from her mouth as Ax pulled back slightly and gazed up at her. His thumb came to caress her bruised bottom lip. It was a sinful contradiction, rough against soft.

Celia followed his movements with her eyes. His eyes never left her lips. He felt a certain amount of pride in knowing that he was the one responsible for her disheveled state.

She looked extremely beautiful with her black hair teased, her hazel eyes wide and her plump lips parted. He gave her a small smirk and brought his lips back to hers, this time he was more gentle without that meaning that he wasn't rough.

His hands sneaked slyly towards her clothing. His fingers traced the buttons of her little black skirt and with swift, movements, he was able to get rid of the flimsy material, in seconds. He let the skirt fall to the floor of his porch and opened the door quickly before pushing her inside the dark hall.

Celia was left in her shirt and panties but she couldn't feel exposed when he was looking at her with such intensity. In the midst of everything, they ended up in his bedroom. Her shirt had been discarded somewhere along the way in the same way his clothes had. The only part of his clothes that had remained on his toned body was a pair of black silk boxers, which Celia wouldn't look at, knowing fully well what it was concealing. Her underwear offered no protection from the Big Bad Wolf that had found his prey, she might have been more in control if she couldn't feel the wetness against the lace.

She focused on his tattoos. Black tribal-like patterns covered a large portion of his upper body, leaving very little skin unmarked. The design itself was exotic, the ink followed every curve his body provided, hugging his muscles in a way that looked almost sinful. They added another piece of mystery to his dangerously beautiful appearance.

He looked powerful, the divine muscles ripping his abdomen made him appear as a man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. The problem was that the characteristic defined him, it was not a simple observation.

Ax's gaze had not wavered from the little spitfire. Lust filled his ocean blue eyes as every curve of her body registered in his mind. Celia's heart started beating faster, yet in her mind, everything had slowed down. The adrenaline coursing through her veins let her focus solely on him and she forgot why she was having second thoughts, a few mere minutes ago.

"Do you want me to touch you?" He asked, his voice a few octaves lower.

Celia licked her lips again. "Yes." She replied and looked at him dead in the eyes.

He didn't move. "Say it."

"I want you to touch me, Ax. Please." A satisfied smirk rested on his angular face and was almost hidden by his stubble. He moved even closer to her, the movements slow and provocative.

The smirk did not leave his face as he kissed her once more and pushed her on the unmade bed. He took her hands and raised them above her head leaving them to rest on the wooden bedpost. For a second, he wondered if he should tie her arms to the furniture but decided against it, seeing as she didn't trust him, yet. He restrained them though by holding both of her wrists in one of his rough hands.

He moved his head towards her heaving chest and took a hard nipple into his mouth. After doing the same to the other one Ax let out a cool breath directly over each one of them, causing a gasp to escape from her parted lips. He started doing it again, this time with a little bit more force and Celia let out a whimper as he bit the soft flesh teasingly. He did not neglect the other though, while his mouth was playing with one puckered nipple his hand was pinching the other.

Her breaths had turned even more shallow. The moans she couldn't control filled the dark room and Celia almost begged him to relieve her ache. But Ax seemed to realize what she wanted. His mouth decided to travel lower towards the center of the heat. As he was exploring her body he left trails of hot kisses.

He found her underwear and bit the lace fabric. Celia lifted her hips in a frenzy, desperately wanting to help him remove one of the last barriers that were between them. He dragged it down and once it wasn't near her body, Ax tossed it away.

Celia responded to the cold air that made contact with her exposed body. If she was to look down at her self, she was certain that she would be greeted with wetness. And to think he hadn't even touched her yet, not where she ached to be touched, at least.

Ax moved on top of her, again. His silk boxers were still in place but she could feel his erection pressing hard against her thigh. His desire could not be mistaken, even if his eyes lied, his body was not able to do the same. He wanted her as much as she wanted him, perhaps even more.

Ax wanted to make her beg. He wanted to hear her sultry voice utter his name and beg for the pleasure he had promised.

Without giving much thought into the action, Ax slowly dragged his head against her clit and kissed it.

"Fuck." He cursed, his accent even more prominent. "You taste even better than I thought." She wondered if he had imagined this moment, his mind creating the images before they turned to life as he touched himself, but the thought was ridiculous and so, she dismissed it immediately wanting to focus only on the pleasure he was offering.

"Please." She begged in a voice that did not resemble her own. Lust was heavily laced through the word and Ax felt himself grow even harder at her need.

"Please, what exactly? What do you want me to do to your little body?" He asked.

"I want more." She was looking at him through a fog her mind had created.

"More of what, baby? This?" Ax thrust his tongue between her folds and Celia's reaction came to her almost naturally, as if she knew exactly what to do. She grabbed his black hair in her hands and pushed him even closer but he easily overpowered her and lifted his head only to continue with his teasing. There was a crazed look in his eyes. He was a madman that could not be stopped. "Or this?" He returned to his previous task before grazing her clit with his teeth while one of his fingers entered her.

"You are so fucking tight." He grunted, letting out a harsh breath. "And so damn wet." His words were a mockery of what patronizing stood for. "Tsk Tsk Tsk, little girl, if you have that response to strangers..." He trailed off, focusing on the pleasure he was giving her, forgetting all about the little show he had been about to put on. Ax kept pumping his finger inside her until he was certain she could handle more. He swiftly added a second digit.

Celia felt her eyes roll back in her head and little tremors passed through her body as she surrendered to the ultimate form desire had to offer. It took only more touch from the brutish man and she had one undone. A scream erupted from inside her and for a few seconds the fog cast by her mind had turned midnight black.

But Ax was not satisfied by her reaction.

He did, however, wait patiently until she calmed down, stroking her body with as much gentleness as the man was capable of, which wasn't much but it was all he could offer.

As her breathing evened out and she regained her senses realization hit her in the head. She was in a stranger's house. She had let a man she didn't know touch her in a way no other man had. This is not you Celia, what the fuck are you doing? Her subconscious snapped at her but she was having none of it. Deciding to ignore her inner voice, she looked up at Ax almost expectantly.

In return, he stood up from the bed, dragging her up with him.

"Undress me." The command held a dangerous undertone, he would not be able to contain himself for long, but even in that state he wanted to see her face turn red from embarrassment, he wanted to see her eyes averted as her hands took off his remaining article of clothing. He fucking ached to see her surrender to him.

And that was exactly what he got.

Her fingers trembled slightly as they came in contact with the soft fabric. "What is it, little girl? Are you afraid?" He was seductive, he breathed erotism and that was the only reason she had followed him home. At least that's what she had convinced herself to think.

The man has a God complex and that, she thought, will be his downfall.

"Of course I'm not afraid." Even in her state, she was able to keep her attitude. Ax smiled at the way she treated him, he wouldn't like this any other way. Or her, for that matter. "Why would I be afraid?"

"That's hard to believe but if you aren't afraid, as you claim, what are you waiting for?" He was challenging her and Celia wasn't known for backing out on challenges.

In a moment of pure self-assurance and idiotic courage, she yanked down his underwear, her eyes never leaving his. He had a God complex but she was prideful and stubborn and sometimes that combination could be poisonous, deadly even.

When Ax was finally free he pushed her back onto the bed and got in after her. He used a powerful thigh to open her legs and positioned himself. "Open up a little bit for me, baby."

Celia complied.

As he was ready to thrust inside her fragile body a shocked cry stopped him. "Wait." Celia commanded and tried to put some distance between their bodies, but of course, Ax prevented that from happening. What she had just done could easily be mistaken for when children amused themselves by teasing captive predators with food before taking it from the beast's view and run away laughing, leaving the beast frustrated.

"What?" He said harshly. "Did you change your mind?" If she had, he had no choice but to respect her choice, he wasn't going to force a woman to sleep with him. But that did not mean he was going to like it.

But her reluctance did not seem to be caused by a change of heart. "No, I didn't change my mind." She bit out the words, begging that her embarrassment could swallow her whole.

"Then what is it?"

"It has been a while for me." That's an understatement. She had thought that her inexperience would be a turn off for him but a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes. He looked threatening at that moment, both frightening and handsome but the dark look he gave her excited her far more than it scared her. He asked her if she was certain once an after her affirmative nod nothing was stopping him.

He smiled wickedly and cupped her slit. "Well then," He rubbed his finger teasingly through her soft skin. "If you have no further objections, tonight this is mine to do as I please, alright?" She nodded. "I'll make this memorable for you, trust me." Celia groaned as the digit explored her sensitive flesh. She lifted her hips in order to meet his strokes with more urgency but he immediately removed his finger.

She started to protest but he easily placed them in their previous position. His movements were gentle and she was thankful that he was being considerate of her situation. She knew that the man did not have it in him. He wasn't made to be gentle and patient but he tried and that was more than enough for Celia.

He moved inside her bit by bit, inch by inch, filling her slowly. The pain was almost unbearable, at first and at her cry of pain Ax stilled inside her, giving her time to adjust to him. After it slowly passed, Celia dug her fingers into his muscled shoulders and let out a moan as the sensations started to turn pleasurable. "Move." The word could not have been much louder than a whisper but Ax heard her as clearly as he would have if she had screamed.

He growled, his patience was, apparently, running short, and thrust his cock inside her again and again, harder and harder with each thrust. Celia realized that the gentleness he had shown her for those couple of minutes was all he possessed in that department. Her hands found their way back to his long hair. She kept tugging at the strands with each thrust, almost ripping them out of his scalp in process.

His eyes were locked on her as moans, groans, and cat-like whimpers escaped from her. He seemed satisfied that she was at his mercy. "Only I touch this tight little pussy." For some reason, the words left Ax's mouth without any thought.

His movements were more frantic as he felt that they were both reaching their climax. Celia tightened around him as the unfamiliar sensations filled her body. The fire inside her was currently burning everything that stepped on its path.

She came with a scream, his name on her lips. Ax followed shortly after mumbling a few curses as his body found the release it had been so desperately begging for.

Only as he started to relax from the intense feeling did he realize that he had fucked up. "Shit." He exclaimed and looked at Celia's worn out form.

"Tell me you are on the pill or something."

Her eyes widened a fraction before closing. She nodded in relief. It hadn't even crossed her mind, she had been too consumed by the passion.

Ax was baffled by his momentary forgetfulness. He had never, not once forgotten to wear a condom. What had happened to make him act in that way? Whatever it was, Ax did not like it.

He pulled a cigarette out of the pack that was placed on a metallic black nightstand. He lit it quickly and put the cigarette in his mouth, taking a long drag, only then did he relax.

The smoke provided light for a small part of his bedroom. Their bodies were slick with sweat and the remnants of what had occurred between them only minutes before.

Minutes passed in silence as they passed the cigarette from one to the other. Ax was ready to go again, the woman beside him was too seductive to resist, but he wanted to let her relax before he could possess her as he wanted.

"I want you in my bed every night from now on." He declared and dragged her body towards his chest.

Celia did not pay attention to the words he had just uttered, she had heard that men said all kinds of things during and after sex so, she didn't find it extremely odd that he had spoken those words. Perhaps, it was his version of the universally known 'I'll call you', a call which needless to say, never occurred.

She was tired. Her body was aching and she was certain that she wouldn't be able to walk properly the next day but the fact did not faze her. It would simply be a reminder of the night she had given her body to a powerful man. A man that could easily tempt a nun into breaking her holy vows.

Ax stared at her exhausted expression and decided that he could wait for a few hours until she had regained her strength. So, when her hand started to move towards the 'V' his hips created he grabbed her hand and put it back on his chest. "Later." He promised.

Celia nodded. She willingly surrendered herself to the darkness but not before she caught his baritone voice give her another command.

"Sleep, little dove."

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