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Celia walked mechanically the next day. She couldn't help but think about the dangerously handsome man, Apollo's brother.

It has been one of the oddest encounters she had ever had, yet, at the same time, she couldn't help but feel strange about that whole ordeal. When she walked away from him, she had expected some sort of relief that she was able to get away from the man that literary screamed danger, instead she felt instant regret.

His kiss had ignited something inside her and even though she was the type that overanalysed every little thing, it was a trait of her psychosynthesis, she could not make one coherent thought stay in her mind. All she could do was replay the scene over and over and over.

She went to class, spoke with her few friends and went home, her usual routine but this time she felt out of place. She could not explain why she suddenly felt that way but she knew it had everything to do with two deep blue eyes. Perhaps, the fact that a lot of women around town, such as Rachel and Mina, her only female friends, would not stop commenting on how gorgeous the specimen was had helped to throw her deeper into that situation.

The days went by and Celia slowly fell back into her usual routine. She dismissed all kinds of mischievous thoughts and focused on her assignments and her reading.

She hadn't dared to step foot on the bridge. She kept wondering what would happen if he went there again and found her. Would he kiss her again? And more importantly, would she let him?

Ax looked up from the beaten up mini Cooper he had been working on when he heard someone call for him. He sighed in annoyance and moved away from the car. As he begun to walk towards the front of his shop, he noticed the figure of the woman that was calling his name.

She was tall and slender with long hair that was pulled tightly into a ponytail. She looked the same as she had the day he had seen her last, maybe even younger. Ax couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Marissa's appearance, from her face and makeup to the clothes she had on. A tank top and skirt that barely reached her thigh were the only articles of clothing that covered her body.

As she spotted him a wolfish smile found its way on her face. "Well, if it isn't the town's heartthrob." She greeted him. Her voice sounded like dripping honey, soft and smooth but to Ax's ears it might as well have been razors against a chalkboard.

"Marissa." He replied coolly.

Her lips formed a pout and she glared at him playfully. Some things never change.

"Ax, would it kill you to be a little warmer to an old friend? I came as soon as I heard you were out."

"Marissa, we are not friends." He reminded her but, of course, she chose to ignore his statement. He was not observing the beautiful blonde anymore, he found the action pointless. Instead, his attention was being held captive by a stain on his shirt, one that Ax was determined to glare at until it disappeared.

"Oh don't I know that? That night was a clear indication we are not friends." Marissa reached out and touched his bare, muscled arm, letting her nails drag on his flesh, marring it with red lines that graced his skin seconds after her nails trailed down his arm. "You shouldn't just been too goddamn stubborn since."

"Remove your talons from my body, I'm not in the mood for you." His hand grabbed her wrist and ripped it away from his form.

Marissa was not used to rejection and so, she didn't allow her pride to admit defeat with that man so, naturally, she tried again. She pulled her hand away from his grasp and pressed it against his covered chest. Her fingers trailed down towards his black jeans but before she could grab his manhood, Ax pushed her away, again. This time with a bit more vigor. "Don't fucking touch me. I won't repeat myself." He didn't raise his voice, he didn't need to. The message was loud and clear, Ax was not someone she wanted to get on his bad side and so she retreated.

"But Alex, haven't you missed being with a woman?" Alex? Really? He thought and almost cringed at the nickname. She was glancing at his crotch and licking her lips provocatively.

Needless to say, the action still did not appeal to Ax.

"We spent one night together, not even that, a few hours, at best and that was over six years ago. Learn to give up, desperation is not appealing." Ax advised Marissa.

She glared at him. Not much had changed about the man, he was still the same stubborn asshole. But Marissa wanted him. She had had one taste of that powerful body and even though it had been six whole years, she wanted more. She craved to be beneath him once more.

With a frustrated huff, she turned on her heels and strode out of his shop.

Ax shook his head and moved back towards the car. He began by taking off the windshield, his movements gentle and precise. He discarded the clips around the windshield molding, he peeled off the molding and removed the window slowly with the help of suction cups but before he could move on to placing the new part he heard yet another voice call for him.

He sighed in annoyance. He couldn't believe how stubborn the woman was. Ax wiped his dirty hands on his white tank top and went to the front of his shop, once more. "Didn't I fucking tell you that desperation isn't attractive?" He called out as he reached his visitor.

"Excuse me?" A feminine voice called out.

Ax reached her in seconds and almost instantly felt the air leaving his lungs. It wasn't Marissa this time. Standing there wearing a black dress and spiked boots was the little spitfire he had let go nights ago.

He had not seen her since the incident at the bridge but he certainly hadn't erased her from his memory. He had followed her advice that night and had gone to the local pub after she had left him standing alone on the bridge like a fool. The rest of his night was unfulfilling, to say the least. The woman he had brought home was a complete airhead, her voice was high-pitched and her moans had put him off after a few minutes. He stopped as quickly as he could and gave her back her clothes as she tried to get him to return to the bed. He had offered to drive her home but she had refused and so he offered her some money for a taxi, thinking that she must have felt embarrassed about her inadequacy but the nameless woman simply glared at him and left his house with her magenta heels hugged to her silicon filled chest.

Desperate was really not his type.

"What are you doing here?" Her eyes widened and she sucked in a shocked breath. Celia couldn't believe that she had somehow bumped into him again.

It shouldn't have been incredibly shocking, though, the town wasn't that large.

Ax let out a small chuckle at her confusion. "I work here, little girl." He gestured towards the rest of the shop as he explained. Celia's lips formed a small, idiotic 'oh' and she looked around, letting even little detail register in her mind. "Well, my car broke down and I was wondering if you could fix it."

He nodded. "Sure, I'll need to take a look at it first but there's not a lot of things I can't fix."

Celia scoffed at his arrogant tone. Had she honestly thought she had been an idiot for leaving that night? Thinking that, perhaps, letting that man play with her body would feel satisfying enough to help her forget, even for a few moments, at least, everything that was haunting her.

But, at the moment, she regretted not giving in.

Maybe if the opportunity arose again I could try a different approach. She wanted to hit her head against the wall repeatedly for having these thoughts but her refusal to accept her desire did not offer her any solace. The ache had returned the second she saw him.

"Well, then," She tried to remain unaffected by his appearance. The oil stained white tank top accelerated his muscled torso and left little to the imagination. His black jeans were no better. "Should I show you what's wrong?" She suggested hesitantly.

His eyes never left her body. His gaze remained on her lips the entire time she was speaking and couldn't help but remember how soft they had felt against his and how he wanted to feel them again and more. God, he wanted so much more.

"Lead the way, little one." He replied. Celia struggled to keep her thoughts pure but to no avail, she wanted him to grab her by the waist, throw her against the nearest car and have his way with her. Even she couldn't deny the effect those idiotic romance books had, even on her.

She walked out of the entrance and stood beside a vintage '67 Chevrolet Impala and Ax silently admired the vehicle even though it was apparent that it had seen better days. Much better days.

"What did this beauty ever do to you?" He asked with a grin.

Celia was confused by his behavior. "I don't understand what you are talking about." She replied and raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at him.

"Your car." Ax clarified. "She's a beautiful piece yet you are not taking proper care of her."

Celia nodded. "Oh, yeah, I guess I was too preoccupied with other things." She explained vaguely, not at all expecting the inquiry.

"Leave her here and I'll take a look to see what I can do today." Celia still couldn't understand why the man referred to her car with a female pronoun. He was acknowledging its being in a way. And that made Celia smile. It was by no means a mocking smile, it was just unexpected. Completely genuine.

"Alright." She agreed. She, suddenly, began feeling awkward standing in front of the tall man, but she couldn't move. His eyes were scrutinising her and the effects of that were beginning to show on her body. Her breathing had become labored and she felt heat creep up her on cheeks and the tips of her elfin ears. "I should be going then." She added and turned around trying to find it in her to move away from him.

His hand, however, stopped her from moving away. He grabbed her arm and she turned towards him, once more to look straight at his blue eyes. "What?" She frowned slightly as she stared at his grip on her. Her body heated up under his touch but she did not pay too much attention to her carnal needs.

"I'm sorry about my behavior the other night. I was out of line." He apologized and a serene look crossed his features, however, that wasn't the only expression on his face, a hazy look filled with lust was also gracing his eyes.

"That's alright." She replied. Ax had apologized to her. She certainly had not expected that from him.

"No, it's not." He disagreed. "But I want to make it up to you. Let me take you out."

Her eyes widened at his unexpected suggestion. Let me take you out? Was he asking her out on a date? Well, he wasn't exactly asking her, more like stating but oddly enough, it was not as off-putting as it should have been.

Her pouty lips opened and then closed. Then opened again and this time a sound started to leave her lips. "I have no idea how to respond to this." She admitted.

Ax smirked at her. The little girl was right where he wanted her, flustered and falling under his spell. "It's simple. I want to show you that I do not usually act this way, I lost control."

Celia remained speechless. The opportunity did just arise, now what the fuck do I reply?


After a few moments of thinking about the pros and the cons of this whole ordeal, she finally decided. She tore her arm from his grasp and started walking away from him.

"I'll see you at the bridge tonight at ten." She called out and left, moving farther and farther away from him.

Celia paced around in her room and let her self be surrounded by doubts of what she was about to do. It was nearing ten and the walk there, since she didn't have her car at the moment, would take her about ten minutes.

She had suggested that rendezvous and so she couldn't go back on her word.

Her decision led her to the bridge.

As she was nearing the metallic structure she saw a black Harley Davidson parked just a few metres away from a shade of trees. It was the exact same vehicle that had threatened her life, a few days ago. So he was already there. Celia checked her watch and looked at the time. He was early, a whole ten minutes early.

Her feet moved decisively towards him, her mind finally a blank canvas.

In the meantime, Ax was fazing at the water with a serene expression on his angular face. He remembered how it had hurt when he fell from the ledge or maybe, It would be more appropriate to say how it would have felt If he hadn't been high. At the time, he had only been shocked and laughed it off thinking God or whatever existed out there had deemed his existence worthy of a second chance.

And he had gone and fucked that one up too.

He was running out of chances.

Out of nowhere, he heard footsteps coming his way and he immediately knew that the little spitfire had arrived.

"You're here early." He said, before she was able to reach him.

"So are you." She replied in the same tone he had used.

He shrugged and turned to face her. Her eyes were on him and he could see how they danced around his face and body. Ax had to keep himself from chuckling at the sight.

Neither of them spoke for a long time. After Celia walked by his side, she sat down and he came to rest in front of her. Her back was pressed against the metal barrier and she let her head roll back against the bridge. The scene was oddly familiar, hadn't they been sitting, in the same manner, just a few days ago?

"I want to apologize again," Ax said quietly and stared right at her. "For the way, I behaved. I understand how it might have seemed to you but, at the moment, I wasn't thinking."

"That's alright."

"But I'm not sorry for asking you to come home with me." He continued and Celia drew in a shocked breath. She looked away from his dominating gaze without sparing second thought. "And I would like to ask again." Ax told her.

She shook her head and chuckled. Ax furrowed a brow at the reaction and his mouth tightened into a thin line. "Did I say something funny?" He asked stoically.

"No, I'm sorry. It's just that you certainly do not give up easily, do you?"

"It's not a trait I'm known for, unfortunately." She gave him a half smile and looked away.

"Unfortunately." She agreed. The tension had left her body and only an awareness remained.

"Would you like to come home with me, Celia?" His tone was warm and husky. She was high on his voice. He smelled of cigarettes and leather and she had a hard time keeping her hands to herself.

It's now or never Celia. Her subconscious reminded her. Do whatever you think will not end up being a regret.

Her eyes snapped to him and stared at him straight in the eye. In a second of utter craziness, Celia moved forward and captured her lips with his.

His lips were soft and inviting but his stubble was scratching her cheek. It was a strange thing to be worried about, she realized but she needed to focus on something other than the way he had responded as furiously as she had. They kissed for what seemed like hours before she pulled away, desperately seeking oxygen.

"You know, I like the way you answer, words are highly overrated." He chuckled before drawing her in for yet another kiss. Her arms crept around his neck and she pulled him closer as a low growl escaped from Ax's throat.

When he pulled away, she looked at him with a dazed expression. He realized that the woman sitting in front of him was capable of both, being stubborn and prideful, yet lost. She had submitted to him, he understood that and it was only a matter of time until she understood it too. Ax brought his lips near her ear and whispered huskily. "I am restraining myself from taking you right here and now. From making you scream my name." Celia felt an unmistakable need to grow which was completely unreasonable due to the fact that he was a stranger. But his words were ringing in her ears and she couldn't do a thing to stop them.

She was fighting a lost battle. She wanted to give herself to give and beg him to do as he pleased with her body, anything to relieve the need that had appeared because of him.

A thought crossed her mind. Perhaps, it would be okay if she went home with him only for one night and then she could go back to her reality and act as if that night had never occurred.

"I haven't given you an answer."

"No?" He lifted an eyebrow at her.

"No." She confirmed with a nod.

Ax stood up and outstretched his arm for her to take. She did not hesitate as she placed her small, delicate hand in his and let him help her up.

"So what is your answer, little Celia?" The darkness in his voice did not frighten her. It was a promise. A promise of a night full of passion and crumpled sheets. And she wanted that promise to be fulfilled not caring if it would only be for a few hours. She wanted him.

Celia closed her eyes and summoned up whatever courage she had inside those twenty-one grammars of soul that philosophers and scientists had been obsessing over for many years.

"I'll come with you." She replied but felt that it was not enough and so she clarified. "Only for tonight."

"Only for tonight." He agreed.

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