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Erotica / Action


Some monsters are out for blood and some are out for your heart.

Some might even watch you when you sleep. They creep closer to the warmth your body projects and slowly yet steadily they reach your sleeping form. They touch what they consider their own. They caress the naked flesh, kiss each and every contour of your body until they ultimately create a place for themselves there. You see, monsters are creatures of habit, they find a home and stay there until the end of their lives.

Ax was a rare monster, he had a heart. That meant if he found a home not even the most powerful exorcism in the world could send him away.

He was relentless.

Celia looked so young and vulnerable tangled up in him.

Her sleep was usually restless but at that moment, on top of that car where her body was almost crushed by Ax’s weight, she was peaceful. There were no nightmares, no memories that had resurfaced.

Jay’s face was not haunting her.

Her past had not decided to reach the surface that particular night.

But even if it hadn’t graced her with its presence, it was lurking somewhere in the dark corners of her mind, along with all her other insecurities.

Her father rested there, along with Jay, along with all the verbal abuse she had suffered.

They were all there, but she was with Ax.

Ax watched her sleep. He watched her cuddle closer to him, seeking his warmth. Her arms were tightly wrapped around him, her head was laying on the crook of his neck. Her breaths hit his skin and it was only then that he realized how much he had missed her.

Not only her body but her. Her fiery personality, her wit, even the way she could go on and on talking about things he couldn’t begin to fathom.

Ax was conflicted, he didn’t know what to feel or to think when it came to her. What he did know was that he couldn’t let her sleep on the damn car all night. So, he slowly detached himself from her sleeping form, careful not to wake her and put on his pants before searching for the second pair of keys he had laying around.

Once he had located them, inside a miniature car his father had gotten him at the age of five, he unlocked the door. It seemed almost impossible to open the heavy metal door without making any sound, however, Ax did everything in his power to minimise the dragging noise.

Celia didn’t even stir.

He considered that as a personal success and went on with the task at hand, which was a lot less practical than he had originally imagined, to be honest. He did not have his car with him, his bike had been left a street away from that Italian restaurant and he had to take her to his home, which was almost ten minutes away, on foot.

This is totally going to work, he thought sarcastically Sometimes, Ax, you amaze me with your intellectual abilities.

He rejected the idea of spending the night in the garage, knowing that it was a rather cold night and his shop offered no heat, he wasn’t about to let her freeze to death.

His let his eyes fall on her sleeping form as he thought about the best way for him to carry on with his laughable plan. The black-haired woman looked so peaceful in her sleep he felt a pang of guilt at the possibility of waking her up.

With a decisive sigh and a mental slap on the back of his head, Ax gathered her into his arms and dressed her up like a doll in his shirt before carrying her, in the middle of the night, back to his house.

Like a fucking knight in shining armour.

Isn’t that just ridiculous?

Empty streets, an empty pack of cigarettes but a mind full of contradicting thoughts.

That’s exactly how someone would describe the scene that was unfolding.

There was nothing that made his hometown stand out from other cities of the world. There was no great beauty, no art, nothing that would attract anyone enough to settle there if they hadn’t grown up there in the first place, only a few old graphic buildings left from the Victorian times and a clear sky full of stars.

That was what had kept Ax there. It was a favourite past time of his when he had been younger. He’d go to the bridge with a couple of cheap beers, a pack of cigarettes and sometimes a bit of cocaine and he would just gaze up at the sky. It was the only escape he had. And so, it is more than understandable why the thought of him living in some large town where clouds created by chemical pollution were all he could see made him shudder in discomfort.

He knew that she deserved better than a drug addict, even if the toxins did not reside inside his organism any more but he wasn’t willing to let her go seek that something, he was too selfish to do that.

Basically, one minute he was rejoicing internally at having her back in his arms yet the next he was damning himself to Hell for going after her when he knew he would bring nothing but trouble.

Perhaps, he was bipolar, that explanation would certainly throw light upon a lot.

After all, it was in his blood, it ran in his family, wasn’t it possible that he shared that trait with his brother?

The lines were starting to blur inside his troubled mind. He was certain she wanted him physically, her reactions to him were a dead giveaway. However, Lust does not offer any reassurance, not in the long term. It does not guarantee anything. It doesn’t mean you have the right to keep the other person.

Goddamit, I want to keep her.

Against his better judgement, he wanted to keep her. As he was trotting closer to his house, his eyes fell on the sleeping, practically comatose, woman he was carrying around. Her pale rosy flesh was highlighted by the street lamps and he found himself quite fascinated by that artificial glow. So fascinated in fact, that he felt his cock throbbing, caged inside of his pants.

Needless to say, he couldn’t wait to be released.

It took him a few more arguments with his subconscious to reach his home.

Just as he had started to push the front door open a thought made him stop dead in his tracks.

He wasn’t sure whether his dog would accept the presence of another female kindly. She could get a tad territorial at times. She had taken after him in that.

Whenever Celia would come to his house Ax made sure Hera and she never met for he was not aware of how either of them would react.

Does she even like dogs? He wondered silently.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to find out the hard way. His German Shepherd was sleeping on the couch, however, when he walked inside the house she turned her head at his direction briefly, watching the stranger he had in his arms, before returning to her original stance, resuming sleeping. Apparently, he wasn’t all that interesting to her at the moment. “Good girl.” He whispered with a chuckle as he was climbing the stairs carefully.

Hera had been a part of Ax’s family for seven years. She had found a way to sneak into his life without bothering to ask him if he wanted her to and that reminded him of someone else he knew. He had found her when she was only a puppy. The poor thing had been wandering alone for God knows how long and she was in a very bad shape. She had been extremely thin, her ribs had been poking out and her legs had almost failed her by the time he had stumbled across her. Ax didn’t think twice before taking her home with him. He had always been drawn to damaged creatures, both mentally and physically.

And they were drawn to him.

Hera had been with Ax for two years when he was arrested. Adjusting to a life without him had been very hard on her, it seemed like he had abandoned her. Apollo had taken her in but they had never formed a strong connection. She wouldn’t eat, to the point where Apollo had to call him in jail just for her to hear his voice and feel somewhat closer to him.

But at that moment, she was alright, they both were alright.

The mechanic placed Celia on his King sized bed, trying his hardest to be gentle. It wasn’t something that came naturally to him, you see. He had been so used to violence he was afraid that it had become all he was.

After she had settled he took off his pants and joined her. His arm draped around her waist and he lowered his head so that his lips were in direct contact with her shoulder. He placed a tender kiss at the nape of her neck and closed his eyes in content.

He didn’t even realize it when his senses betrayed him and sent him to sleep.

It was in the middle of the night when Ax felt something move against him.

A hand was caressing his smooth cheek, focusing mainly on a spot near his mouth before moving lower, down his chest, caressing the scars that marred his otherwise smooth bronzed skin. The hand continued on its path until it reached a particular scar, near the middle of his taut stomach. It caressed the bullet wound lightly like it was afraid to hurt him.

Ax wasn’t aware of it but his body felt threatened and so when the hand placed itself on his cock and squeezed lightly, instinct took control of his body. There was no room for logical thinking therefore in seconds he had the attacker under him, his Herculean arms applying pressure on his throat. For what felt like minutes, years or maybe even aeons Ax stared at the person whose hand had been dancing over him but he saw nothing, no face greeted him, there was only a fog created by his fury. He squeezed even harder, causing whimpers to escape from the attacker’s throat, as he tried to avoid the strangulation. It must have been the sound of those feminine whimpers that brought him back to reality.

Looking down, he saw no attacker, instead, he saw an incredibly frightened little dove.

His little dove.

His grip loosened, his eyes widening in the darkness. “Shit.” A strange feeling erupted inside of him, it conquered him to the point where he couldn’t move. Celia was staring back at him, the same frozen expression decorating her expressive eyes. “Oh, fuck.” He muttered again.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was nothing more than a groggy whisper, the aftermath of his skilled fingers pressing against her vocal cords. Ax instantly felt guilty.

His hands were still pressing on her throat. The moment he realized it, he removed them grimacing at the sight of the red marks he had left as a souvenir.

“Goddamit, don’t apologize. I could’ve killed you” He yelled, frustrated at her for feeling like the one at fault, frustrated at himself for being such a fuck up. “For fuck's sake, Celia, I could’ve killed you.” She stared mutely back at him, unaware of how to respond to his outburst.

A couple of minutes passed in silence before either of them could function properly. Celia did nothing but stare at him and contemplate just how much of a traumatic experience jail had been for him. They had never discussed it, the only information she had was what she had gathered from Apollo, a few outsiders and what Ax himself had said when he had come to Mr. Russ’ lecture. Nothing more.

“Why did you react that way?” She asked even though she understood all about PTSD. She had been the same way, once upon a time. Five years ago, she couldn’t sleep if the light hadn’t been on and if somebody wasn’t right next to her, ready to take the monsters away if there was any need for that. Over time, she managed to move past that stage and only have nightmares.

It was a small step in the right direction, miniscule really, but it was a step, nonetheless.

“A little souvenir from my time in jail, I suppose.” His eyes were begging her silently not to press the matter further. Did she listen? Of course not, it wasn’t in her nature to keep her curiosity out of matters that did not concern her.

“Did something happen to you in there?” She questioned him softly but for all that Ax cared she could have been a Medieval inquisitor.

Oh, yes, little dove. He thought, Many things happened in there, things that if I’m lucky you will never have to find out.

Instead of replying verbally he nodded, causing a short strand of black hair to fall messily on his forehead.

Her fingers caressed one of his scars. “How did you get this one?” Her large doe eyes focused on the faded injury as a wave of sadness passed through her. She was quite shocked at how braver than her he was. He hadn’t tried to cover up his scars, he wasn’t ashamed of them.

Yet, he had nothing to be ashamed of. He had won them in fights, she assumed. He wasn’t a coward like her.

His scars were not a reminder of how much pain he had caused with his behaviour.

“I was shot at.” His lips tugged upwards as he saw her eyes widen.

“When? Why?” Her gut was screaming at her to stop interrogating him about things he clearly was not ready to talk about but she couldn’t help herself, she needed to know more about the God-like man.

“I was about twenty-four when it happened.” He murmured, placing his palm on her cheek and stroking it lightly. “Business gone wrong.” He commented lightly, wanting to add a hint of amusement in the conversation.

“What kind of business?” She didn’t take the bait.

“Not now.” Ax gave her a warning glance. “After all, little dove, don’t you know curiosity killed the cat?”

She nodded, a smile playing at the corners of her lips. “But satisfaction brought it back.”

“I can definitely assist you if you’re after that.”

His mouth lowered, taking her lips captive. He kissed her teasingly, never giving her enough of his touch, wanting to make her beg for more and forget all about his trauma appearing right before her hazel eyes. He would never admit it, not even to his own self but seeing her under him, with his hands on her throat had made him hard. It was sick of him but there was nothing that could be done about it.

“Ax, please.” She begged as his lips focused on the column of her neck and particularly at a certain spot below her left ear which had her writhing under him in seconds.

He had succeeded.

“Alexander, I swear to God-” Celia wasn’t able to finish her sentence, seeing as he chose that exact moment to bite the lobe of her ear. The dragging of his sharp teeth against her soft flesh made her arch her back, her heaving breasts colliding with his sternum.

“What will you do, little dove?” The infamous smirk was back on his face and even though Celia couldn’t see it, she knew it was there, taunting her.

“I will kill you.” She moaned, as he continued torturing her.

Giving her a short, mocking laugh he said, “Get in line, babe.” He seemed to be thinking about his next move. “You know you are in no position to be demanding anything from me, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You left and I have no obligation to be gentle with you right now or to do as you please.” Not that he was gentle normally.

“I did what I thought was best for me.” She contradicted. “Besides, two weeks are not that long.”

“They were for me.” He said simply. “Do you know how fucking tiring it gets to jerk off after the age of thirty?” His lips brushed against the shell of her ear. “You know what I imagined as I came each time?” Wetness pooled between her thighs. His voice was like the purest silk, caressing her so lightly she almost doubted he was truly there. “I saw you on your hands and knees, that delicious ass of yours summoning me closer. You were begging me to fuck you. You will beg for me, won’t you, Celia?” Anticipation had her practically shaking against him. She had pictured the same thing and she had most definitely begged. “What a bad little girl you are, leaving me all alone for two weeks to fuck my fist.”

“Ax.” She warned half-heartedly, suddenly feeling her body turn to hot liquid fire.

“Yes, baby?” His mouth found its way to her breasts.

“Don’t you dare start something you are not going to finish.” She gasped, the sound exciting him even further, as his hot tongue circled her dusky pink nipple. “Please.” He didn’t quit his teasing but he did allow one of his hands to travel lower on her curvy body. He pressed his middle finger against her clit, flicking it lazily as she grabbed his shoulders, desperately needing to bring him closer.

“You like that, little dove? You like my fingers against your tight little pussy?” He thrust two fingers inside of her, not bothering to wait for her body to acclimate. Her body jerked in response at the sudden invasion. “You know I do.” She panted, closing her lids, focusing only on the pleasure.

He loved seeing her like that, vulnerable and completely at his mercy. It excited him, awakened him. Curving his fingers inside of her, he made her head fall back onto the mattress, small whimpers escaping her mouth as he pressed on her g-spot. “You look so fucking sexy right now.” He commented, watching her intently. “It’s a shame it has to stop.” He retreated, removing his fingers from her tight cunt and bringing them to his lips, sucking the wetness off of them, keeping his dark eyes trained on her. Celia groaned at the sight, her hazel eyes had turned shades darker. “I love how you taste.” He groaned, feeling the saltiness on his tongue. Honestly, she could have climaxed right at that moment

Her heart was hammering inside her chest and she begged for it not to fail her, not just yet, at least. Her body was betraying her, trembling at the sight of him, needing to feel him caress her all over. She would beg, there was no point in denying the truth.

Ax moved away from her.

It’s a shame it has to stop. Celia repeated the words in her head several times before decoding them. Fuck no. Not when her body was throbbing for his touch, not when she was so close to surrender to the pleasure.

“You are not going to do this to me.” She fumed and Ax gazed at her, his expression nonchalant.

“I’m not going to do what to you, Celia? I’m afraid, you aren’t making much sense.”

She pointed a trembling finger between them. “This.”

“Oh. This.” He told her, a smirk resting comfortably on his angular face. “I’m going to sleep now, sorry love, some other time though, alright?”

You have no idea just what I’ll do to you, do you?

“I’ll go home, then. Let you sleep.” She snapped, playing his game unknowingly. She was close at barring her teeth at him, but her mind had not lost all of its logic, she wasn’t about to act like a child just because he wanted to be an asshole. Ax made a dismissive gesture with his hand and turned to his side, resting comfortably on his pillow.

She looked at him and an unfamiliar ache filled her gut. Could it be longing, had she actually missed him?

Even if she had, and she wasn’t about to admit anything, now wasn’t the time to stop and analyse the matter.

Ax made no move to reach her, in fact, he pretended not to acknowledge her presence as she stood up and tried to find something to cover herself with. The moonlight painted her form, creating an image similar to the one he had stumbled upon as he had been bringing her to his home, only this time there was nothing holding him back from fucking her until she forgot how to spell her own name.

Celia found a shirt of his since she had no idea where her own clothing might be located and turned her back to him, stepping towards the door. Ax moved with a feline grace, making no sounds as he approached her. As the young woman went to open the door, Ax grabbed a fistful of her long silky black hair, pulling the strands gently, wanting only to stop her from moving away.

His hips pushed her against their barrier from the outside world and pinned her in place while simultaneously closing the door.

“Now where do you think you’re going?” Bipolar asshole, his subconscious screamed at him but he muted it easily enough.

“I’m leaving.” Ax tugged her hair painfully and a hiss erupted from within her. If she had been wearing underwear they would have been ruined beyond repair by now.

“Oh, no you don’t.” He said, his tone patronising. “Not going to happen, love.” His husky tone would, eventually, send her to an early grave.

“And why is that?”

“Because I’m not done with you.” At that he pulled her hair once more, it was a habit that was growing on him. Her neck went along with his harsh yet strangely erotic movements, exposing her pouty lips to the brute. He kissed her slowly, savouring her taste before attempting to take things a step further.

They broke apart from each other, seeking oxygen. Celia’s face was flushed, something she wasn’t aware she was capable of after everything he had done to her. In their short time together, he had explored her body like any great conqueror would. He learned about every contour of her body, recognised the signs of her arousal, knew which buttons to press to have her at his mercy whenever he wanted. He had grown to know her better than she knew her own damn self.

There was no possible way to escape him.

He lived inside her, both literary and figuratively.

“Don’t you want to sleep?” Her voice grew breathy. A tone which Marilyn Monroe herself could have tried to imitate but would still have failed.

Ax’s body ached. He needed to be inside of her, he needed to feel her cunt around his cock, squeezing him and letting him know that she was really there with him. Turning her form around so that they were face to face, Ax placed his hands on her backside, lifted and impaled her. “I’m very awake now.” He assured her as a gasp of pure pleasure escaped from her throat. “I can show you just how awake I am if you’d like.” Her long legs instinctively wrapped around his lean hips, bringing him even closer to her.

He panted as he withdrew from her, driving into her once more with a deliberately steady thrust. “Oh, fuck.” She groaned. Her hips moved steadily to the rhythm he had created, meeting him halfway. His lips touched her neck, leaving hot trails all over her flesh. But it wasn’t enough, not for either of them and yet every time he realized she was close, he would slow down, even if it took every ounce of willpower he had.

“You are mine.” Ax growled as he grazed a sensitive spot with his teeth.

Guess the Wolf is out to play. She thought with the very few fragments of logic she possessed.

“Tell me, little dove.” As each word left his lips he pounded harder and harder into her frail body. By the time the challenge in his tone had registered in her brain, she was nothing more than a shaky mess. Celia’s fingers scratched his back with vigour, not caring that she was drawing blood. “Fuck, Ax. Please.”

“For fuck’s sake, Celia. Tell me.” He growled, the sound causing her to lose her self further. His mouth dropped to the warm skin of her breasts. He ripped the shirt from her body in annoyance, frustrated that it didn’t offer him any access. “Tell me you’re mine. Only mine.” His hot tongue played around her hard nipples, resisting the urge to place his mouth on top of them.

He loved to make her suffer for more.

But Celia was having none of it. She grabbed a few strands of his short hair while simultaneously thrusting her chest forward. Ax laughed at her impatience but complied. He continued his assault on her body, quickening his pace, needing desperately to see her cry out his name. “Should I let you come, little dove?” He panted, feeling incredibly high on her.

Celia closed her eyes as his thrusts made her hit the door continuously, but that didn’t matter, nothing mattered. If anything, it only added to the pleasure. Bliss, pure bliss surrounded her features and there was nowhere in the world she would rather be. “Yes, please, Ax.”

There was nothing beautiful at what they were doing. He was conquering her, but what less could be expected from him? One thing was for certain, conquering in itself was violent, vile yet so damn satisfying. Human nature craved it, animalistic instincts begged for it. And who was he to deny that simple pleasure from his monstrous side?

It is a common fact by now, that there is something very dark about him. The signs are all there, they have always been there, waiting patiently for someone to look closer and discover them. The way Ax carried himself, full of arrogant confidence and raw power, for example, was a dead giveaway. Also, his eyes. There were demons luring their victims behind those eyes. Predators who knew exactly how to lure their victim with dark promises.

Ax felt his impending release create a haze. He heard her every moan, her every groan, he felt every movement. He was achingly aware of everything that was happening and he found himself oddly fascinated with the way the sweat on her skin seemed to make her glow under the all-seeing eye of the night. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

He was losing himself.

Increasing his pace, he felt himself falling over the edge. “Come.” He groaned and felt her bite his shoulder as her walls clenched around him. It was the most intoxicating thing in the world, so intoxicating, in fact, that he couldn’t care less about drugs, she was the only drug he needed.

Her small delicious body fell against him as the shock waves left her boneless and exhausted. Ax carried her to the bed, feeling the cold marble come in contact with his bare feet, and placed her semi-gently on top of the soft mattress. He realized she was mumbling something as he fell on the bed next to her, it was only a low murmur but Ax had heard her perfectly clear. It made him burn with satisfaction.

“I’m yours.”

Xavier had been sitting in the pub for two hours, waiting. His index fingers rubbed his temples, trying to keep a headache from appearing. It almost felt like the weight of the world had fallen on his shoulders and there was nothing he could do to drop it.

A waitress walked by him, accidentally brushing her curved ass against his well-defined arm. Accidentally.

Xavier liked to be more than punctual. He liked settling in at the place of meeting before anyone else had arrived to observe the space. Even if he knew there was no possible threat, even if he knew everything was going according to plan. He was a control freak.

He couldn’t risk it.

So, he had anxiety, who cares? He was still the most skilled fighter Salvador had trained and that was all that mattered.

His fingers were playing with the empty glass in front of him when he heard two voices approaching him. His fingers instinctively pushed the glass away and he trained his eyes to gaze wordlessly at the bar. He was a bit paranoid, always had been but he tried his hardest to suppress that part of his nature. That is the only reason why he didn’t get his Beretta M9 out. Instead of acting like a complete psychopath, Xavier allowed his fingers to caress it like it was the body of a naked woman so that he could relax.

The body of a dead naked woman, judging from the temperature. He joked to himself, knowing he shouldn’t look suspicious once his fellow partners in crime arrived, especially since he had done nothing wrong.

If Ax had seen him and had known what he was thinking about he would have repeated the same phrase Father Logan had told him when he had just been a kid. ‘No rest for the wicked’ and he would smile knowingly. But then he would start questioning things that he hadn’t thought about before. Had the priest somehow known how Ax would turn out? Had he seen the evil lurking behind his innocent eyes?

Maybe he did, who knows?

Xavier felt his body stiffen as the voices approached. He kept mumbling a lullaby his mother used to sing to him whenever he would have anxiety as a kid, he only hoped it worked when he was an adult too. His closed his eyes briefly, fingers on his lids keeping them shut. The moment he reopened them he threw a relaxed smiled at the two figures that now sat opposite to him.

″Xavier.” Mick greeted him with a grin, knowing all about how bad his anxiety could get. Living the kind of life people like Xavier lived wasn’t easy. You never knew if each step you took would be your last, you couldn’t trust anyone.

You were all alone in a room full of sharks.

Mick’s behaviour helped him relax further and his true face was hidden behind a masked it had taken him years to perfect. “Mick.” He acknowledged. “Ax.” The man in question said nothing back. He just stood there, his expression mimicking Xavier’s while he scrutinised him.

“You are from Spain, correct?” He asked the black-haired man, seeking to find common ground. He saw him watch him closely and grinned internally, making bets with himself about when his curiosity would get the best of him.

“Partly.” Ax shrugged, narrowing his eyes at him, not knowing what was so interesting about that fact. He wasn’t in the mood for small talk. “Why don’t we cut the crap and talk about the logistics?”

Mick shot him a disapproving glare but, as expected, Ax ignored it.

“Sure.” Xavier pushed the glass again. “In a month from now, the shipment from Colombia and Peru will begin its journey on one for my family’s private aeroplanes. The shipping itself takes about twelve hours, we like to be punctual. However, the scheduled inspection takes about three to four days, it depends on the size of the shipment.” He shoves the glass with his fingers again, almost causing it to fall down the table.

“That’s great and all, but, how exactly are you going to make a five-ton Cocaine and Cannabis shipment just magically disappear in three days?” Ax furrowed his brows at the man that Mick sang praises about. In all honesty, he didn’t see the appeal. Or at least, that’s what he wanted to tell himself.

Deep within him, he admired the younger man. Admired his drive, his continuous efforts to make a name for himself and not hide behind the shadow of his father for the rest of his life. He respected that but would he say it to his face? Probably not.

Xavier offered him a smile. “I’m not going to make it disappear, invisibility is not one of the gifts I possess, I’m afraid. I’m just going to store it. We have quite a few repositories all over the UK so fret not.” Mick had been observing silently the exchange between his two friends, keeping himself from laughing at Ax’s obvious need to find some plot hole in Xavier’s plan.

“So where does Salvador fit in all this?”

“He wants to get rid of Bruce as much as you do.” He assured them. “A day before the shipment leaves my parents are going to Bastille, a second honeymoon or something along those lines. He won’t be involved.”

“So your father doesn’t know?” He pressed, almost whispering, not wanting to be heard by the waitress or any other clients.

Xavier’s full lips tilted upwards. “Oh, he knows.”

“It will all work out fine, Ax.” Mick reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder. The hard muscle stiffened, remembering the way Celia had sunk her teeth in the exact same place Mick was touching him.

“If you say so.” He told him, acting more like a kid at that moment than he had even when he had been a literal child.

Xavier cocked an eyebrow at him, silently challenging him to question his credibility. “How are you holding up?” He asked Mick, who welcomed the question as something that could probably make the atmosphere of the meeting as friendly as possible. “I haven’t seen you in months.” The same waitress passed by the table again, collecting the empty glass on her way to the bar. Xavier glared at her back.

Mick shrugged. “Same shit, different day, I guess.” Ax was staring at the bar. He watched Drew pour out drink after drink, feeling his gut tighten at the sight. Why did they have to meet here? Xavier noticed his expression. “Recovering alcoholic?” He inquired softly, not wanting to give the mechanic any more reasons to be distrustful towards him. Even if Ax didn’t want to admit it, they had to work together and that meant being on good terms with each other.

“Recovering alcoholic, recovering drug addict. The list is endless.” He muttered bitterly.

He looked at Mick seeing him gaze at Ax with uncertainty written all over his dark brown eyes. Xavier figured out that today wouldn’t be the day they would be making friends and braiding each other's hair while sharing secrets. He sighed.

He stood up to leave, promising himself to arrange another meeting with them before he left to go back home, but before he could step out of the booth he was stopped by Ax’s baritone voice. “We could use help with something, actually. If you’re willing to help.”

He found himself in the same seat in seconds. “Of course,” Mick explained their issue, trying hard not to forget every single detail and more importantly not to let his fury prevail. Xavier had listened closely to his friend, nodding as the information registered in his brain. In those moments, Ax saw the trained killer hiding behind the mask.

Blood-lust junkie, he muttered approvingly to himself.

If he was willing to help them put an end to the fucker who had gotten away with attempted rape he was good enough to be considered an ally.

Maybe even a friend if he didn’t fuck up.

“I’ll be in touch.” He stood up once more, pleased that the request had been enough for him to win the mechanic’s approval. He moved from the booth, reminding his legs how to function after sitting in a chair for two hours.

“I’ll walk our friend out.” Ax said, standing up, not waiting for Mick to reply.

Xavier Cortada was perhaps, an inch or two shorter than Ax. Dark stubble covered the entire lower half of his face, accelerating his strong jaw. His lips were permanently tugged down at the corners, nothing seemed to please him enough. His nose was straight, complementing the vibe he gave off but Ax wasn’t all too caught up on those characteristics, what ignited a flare of interest were his eyes. Or, it would be more appropriate to say his eye.

“What happened to your other eye?” He questioned knowing fully well that he was being borderline rude but not caring nearly enough to stop himself from learning what had occurred.

“Oh, fuck, you can tell?” He asked sarcastically. “And to think they told me no one would know the difference. Fucking doctors.” He laughed, barring his porcelain white teeth. “Somebody stabbed me in the eye the last time I came to your town, that’s how I met Mick, actually.”

“He patched you up?” Ax wondered, staring intently with an incredibly amazed look at the glass eye.

“No.” Xavier corrected and smiled fondly at the memory. “He’s the one who stabbed me.”

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