By TheAnnoyingBitch All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Action


Two weeks had passed since she had seen him last and yet she still wasn’t back to her normal self. At this point, she didn’t even have to mention his name for anyone to know who she was referring to.

Celia’s head was aching from the thoughts that dominated her being. She wondered if he was thinking about her but quickly rejected that thought. She wondered if he would appear, if he would apologise or even if she would find him under her bed, lurking like the monster he was until she was at her most vulnerable.

But she knew it wouldn’t happen even though a small demented part of her wished for it to happen. It was apparent that she was losing her mind and what little common sense she had.

She was being pathetic.

Moping around the man who had no place in her life.

Having to stop herself from showing up at his house.

It went without saying that he was haunting her dreams to the point where she woke up breathless with her underwear ruined. But Celia had decided that taking the matter into her own hands, both figuratively and literally, would not help in that case. She would still feel empty, the void inside her never even close to being filled.

It was the most peculiar thing in the world. How had she formed such an attachment to someone she had only known for a few weeks? How had he become so damn important when she had tried her best not to let him close to any part of her that mattered?

She wanted to forget about him and everything that reminded of him and then maybe she could return to her old life. Would she be able to fix it if she spent some time with a friend? Perhaps. Also, what more was there to lose?

Her first choice had been Mina but unfortunately, she had informed Celia that she already had plans. Plans which involved not getting out of bed until Erik was too tired to move, as she had put it. However, Mina had suggested that Celia should go out with Brian, reminding her that seeing a friendly face after his trip to the hospital would be the best thing for him. Somehow, she suddenly was not the one that should be comforted, her need for a friendly face was forgotten and other people’s needs came first. For them, at least. She only played along to avoid loneliness.

She had been alone for too damn long.

Besides, Brian was steady, he was nice, a good friend.

The polar opposite of Ax.

Ax was like a drug. He was cocaine, he was meth, he was heroin. He was addictive and deadly. He had the ability to make you lose yourself and make you hate it and crave it at the same time. You hate yourself for wanting him because it’s wrong, so terribly wrong.

Yet, sometimes, it felt too good for it to be wrong but perhaps that was the meaning of temptation.

It was safe to say that Celia needed to stay away from any kind of temptation.

And so, eventually, she called Brian.

Dinner with Brian had been as pleasant as sticking knives into your skin repeatedly and bleeding out in public.

Celia had tried to be polite and not ask him about the fight he had been involved in but there were only so many times she could hear about Sharon Stone movies without gouging out her eyes with a fork. She was tired, both mentally and physically while her date for the night acted as if he were high on too much sugar.

“Do you know who attacked you?” She asked suddenly making Brian freeze. Celia placed her elbows on the table, finally interested in something he had to say. Brian threw a scowl at her direction and eyed her stance in distaste. She made no move to pull them back on her lap. She was tired of caring about what other people thought of her.

“Why do you ask?”

“No reason. I’m just curious.”

“Uh, no. Not really.” He replied, eventually, looking away from her. He was lying, it was apparent but what wasn’t apparent was the reason why. What did he have to hide? “He caught me by surprise and it was extremely dark, so no.”

“Also, why did the police arrest you if you just got beaten up?” Her brain was full of questions and certain parts of his story that didn’t add up.

“That Owner, Drew, must have called them. They dropped the charges immediately.” Of course, they did, she thought sarcastically, dear daddy would never let his little boy stay in jail.

It was true. Senator Charles David Owens would never let his only son spend the night with a few cops questioning him or heaven forbid, in prison. He gave him a prestigious upbringing and had sent him to study at one of England’s top universities, it was more than clear that the man would sacrifice a lot for his son.

Celia felt no jealousy but she did feel remorse, how terrible it must be, growing up sheltered knowing that you can save yourself no matter what you do, someone else could always take the fall. It was truly disgusting.

Celia tried hard to shelter her true emotions about his statement from her face. “That’s good for you, but what were the charges?”

Brian made a dismissive motion with his right hand. “It is of no importance, let’s talk about something else.” He said and his facial expression instantly brightened. “Have you watched Basic Instinct?”

“The one where she supposedly likes to stab people to death with an ice pick? Yeah, I’ve seen it.” She turned her head and glanced at the other clients of the restaurant. Most were young couples that offered her nothing noteworthy to think about. She almost immediately returned her attention at the plate that was sitting patiently in front of her.

“Cinepolis is playing it on Thursday and I was wondering if you would like to join me.” He gave her a charming smile but it caused no internal reaction. “It would be great, after all, to spend time with a friend as I heal. So, what do you say?” He sounded so hopeful, like a puppy begging to be adopted.

Sorry buddy, guess you’ll need to find another forever home.

She knew she was being a brat but there was nothing she could do to help it. She felt guilt flow around her body, filling her veins and travelling across every part of her organism like oxygen.

She needed to put an end to that charade.

Celia pulled her chair back and stood up. “I’m sorry.” The apology left her lips but she had failed to sound apologetic. “I just remembered about an assignment I have for Mr. Russ’ class.” That was a lie, Nathan hardly ever gave them assignments believing that he couldn’t force them to learn. If they wanted, they could study and expand their mental horizons. He couldn’t control their actions, they were adults and had to learn how to be responsible.

“I’ve always thought he was a pretentious asshole. What’s the assignment about how much of a sarcastic asshole Socrates was or something? Mina told me that’s practically all he teaches you.”

Celia bit her tongue from saying something she might have ended up regretting. She reminded herself that not everybody shared her love for the philosophers and their quirks. “Well, he is a philosophy professor and Socrates was a philosopher if he stops talking about that what more is there to say?” She inquired but decided not to wait for an answer knowing the whole conversation was pointless. “Anyway, I really need to go. I’ll see you around.”

Brian stood up from his seat and walked towards her figure. “You haven’t even finished your dessert.” He argued. Celia glanced back at the seemingly untouched apple pie and even though it was her favourite dessert, her stomach turned and bile threatened to make an appearance. “That’s alright.” She said dismissively.

She turned to leave but Brian opened his mouth once more. “You’ll come to the movie, right?”

“Sure.” She agreed and smiled. But it felt wrong, the whole thing felt wrong. The moment Brian wrapped his arms around her small body, she had the urge to pull away but there was no explanation for her reaction. The one time Ax had taken him to his arms she had felt safe which seemed ridiculous knowing his past.

Fighting back the urge to flinch, Celia impulsively titled her head upwards and gave Brian a chaste kiss on the cheek, doing everything in her power to force the memory of Ax away from her mind. Needless to say, she wasn’t successful.

The small act of rebellion was as empty as they come. But who had she rebelled against? Ax? Herself?

After that, she practically ran out of the restaurant. Her movements were mechanical but at least her body was cooperating with her. Each step she took lead her closer to her house and there was nothing she desired more than to reach her house in one piece. She didn’t particularly care that Brian would surely find out she had lied to him the next time he called Mina, she didn’t care about anything at all.

She had only crossed the narrow street when a movement in the darkness caught her eye and stopped her dead in her tracks.

The lighting in the street was limited but it was enough to distinguish a certain figure.

Ax was leaning against his black Harley. He was only partially distinguished but it wasn’t hard to observe his movements. His mouth had opened slightly in order to accept the cigarette he had lit previously and after a few seconds there was only smoke, however, Celia knew that his eyes had never left her form. The intensity of his gaze had her fingers trembling and her whole body growing aware of his presence in seconds.

For a moment she thought that she was hallucinating.

They were only three metres away, at best.

Celia scolded herself and commanded her feet to work. It took her body exactly five seconds to obey but they were five seconds too long. In those seconds Ax had started moving towards her and there was no way she could escape.

By the time she had started moving Ax was next to her. He raised a hand before placing it on her shoulder, causing her to still immediately. She couldn’t even breathe properly, she didn’t know how to function on that basic human need when all her attention was resting on how alive she felt under his touch.

“Where do you think you are going?” The rasp of his voice travelled across her veins like blood and filled her organism with oxygen she was not aware she lacked.

“Home.” She replied harshly and tried to move away from him. His arm had been wrapped around her like a vice.

“Where is that, exactly?”

“Great question, I’ll be sure to ask my philosophy professor when I see him next.” Celia couldn’t help but let the snide remark leave her mouth. Ax’s lips twitched upwards but it was apparent that he was not at all amused. “I am heading to a house.” She rephrased vaguely.

“Whose house?” Ax pressed and his grip tightened even further. If he continued in that manner he would stop her blood circulation.

“My house, where I belong.” With her free hand, Celia pushed against his chest but all she accomplished was to draw a chuckle from Ax.

“Wrong.” He said after he had sobered up. For him, her place was next to him. She belonged to him and only him.

Celia drew in a shaky breath and rolled her eyes, not wanting to let him know how much his presence affected her. But it was pointless either way. He knew, his eyes revealed so much.

“How so?” She tried to act indifferently but failed as it was expected.

“You are coming home with me.”

“No, I am, certainly, not.” There she was again, antagonising the Wolf.

“I wouldn’t be too certain if I were you, little dove.”

He was being impossible. Why didn’t he have it in him to let her go? Was it a game to him? Play with her until she couldn’t function properly without him? Or was it something more?

Celia wanted to hit her head against the nearest wall. “Why?” She questioned.

“Why what, love?”

“Why are you doing this to me? Is your ego that big?”

Ax smiled at her frustration. “Again with my fucking ego.” He muttered. He knew he was winning the war and all it would take for his victory to he solidified was a couple of moves. It was like a game of chess and he had the Queen caged. “I’ve given you space, Celia but my patience is running thin.” He explained. “Now, I’ve just come to collect what’s mine.”

“Don’t act like a caveman Ax.” Celia rolled her eyes, despite the nerves that were filling her being. “Next, you’ll be bringing a bat and dragging me back to your cave.”

“Don’t tempt me.” His hold on her was secure. But even if it wasn’t she wouldn’t have left, she couldn’t. Ax’s head had bent so that they could be at eye level. “Even if you deny it, you’re mine, little dove. I just can’t seem to be able to leave you alone.” The last sentence was spoken like a whisper and she wasn’t sure if it had been meant for her ears or if he had meant for it to slip.

“This is the part where I walk away.” She whispered. She was aware of the husky tone her voice had adopted, she was also aware of Ax’s reaction to that sudden change.

“No, little dove, this is the part where I convince you to stay.” He contradicted easily and stopped himself from gripping her tighter. His hold was a safety net, protecting her from falling into the nothing. It was absurd but feelings could not be helped for they originated from somewhere much more complex than the mind or reality.

Everything was okay at that moment.

His lips found hers easily. He kissed her and the kiss made every hesitation fall apart, leaving her with nothing but longing. She wasn’t aware that Ax felt the exact same emotion imprinting itself on his body like a tattoo.

There was something different about that kiss, physically wise. His lips felt the same but she concluded that there was something missing. As he deepened the kiss, Celia found herself being unable to resist the temptation to touch him. Her hand shot up and touch his bare jaw, running her fingers around the now-smooth skin.

He had shaved.

It was odd to be bothered by that but Celia couldn’t help it for as it is known all humans have their vices and she was most definitely human.

After their connection had been severed Celia took a step back, mentally reminding herself that she shouldn’t fall back into old habits so easily.

“Ax, just let me go.” The thing is, he wasn’t holding her.

“Why on earth would I do that?” He cocked his head to one side and crossed his arms across his chest. He too appeared to be ignoring the fact that he was not physically restraining her.

She mimicked his movements and took another step back, to which he replied with a step forward.

“We broke up.”

“Did we, now?” Ax took another step forward and easily closed the space between them once more. He couldn’t understand why she was being so stubborn. He wasn’t used to people fighting their wants, he wasn’t sure why anyone would battle with their desires. What was there to gain? Misery?

Sanity, she would have replied.

“I don’t quite remember it that way.” He argued with her previous statement and was very tempted to smile but he knew she wouldn’t take it well at all.

“I’m sorry you have such a lapse in memory, it must be due to your old age.”

He snorted. “My old age.” He spat to himself.

His face was only inches away from hers when he spoke again. “I do remember you saying that you never wanted to see me again but that’s hardly a break-up, little dove.”

“Oh, really? Then what is it?” Her voice might have sounded huskier due to their proximity but there was nothing she could do about it.

She was like Epimetheus, making bad choices.

“It’s jealousy.” He replied with a wolfish grin. “In its purest form.”

“I wasn’t jealous.” She lied but he saw right through her. “I have no claim to you.” The words sounded bitter even to her own ears, no wonder he didn’t believe her.

Ax raised an eyebrow at her. “That’s just the thing. You do.” He admitted and started to feel more and more uncomfortable by the second. He wasn’t keen on sharing his emotions. “The same way I do.”

A sigh was the only sound that could be heard around the deserted street. “I neither the time nor the energy to fight with you, Celia.”

“Good.” She nodded. “Then let me go.”

Ax ignored her as it was expected. “But I have to ask, why the fuck where you with that boy?” His fingers combed through her hair and tugged so her neck was exposed to him. He wasted no time before he started nuzzling the column of her neck. Even if the gesture could have appeared sweet and tender Ax was furious and so it was more of a punishment.

He was the type of person that would make anyone run away in fear, make anyone hide somewhere where he wouldn’t be able to have access to. But not Celia. She didn’t want to hide because she was afraid of him.

She wanted to hide because she couldn’t handle the way his hot breath caressed her exposed skin.

“Brian?” She questioned incredulously. He can’t possibly feel threatened by Brian, can he? She thought and had to stop herself from chuckling at his petty jealousy.

“Do not say his name.” He kissed the side of her neck gently before his teeth scraped her carotid. Celia’s breaths came out shorter.

A whimper left her lips and she knew it was game over.


“Do. Not.” He repeated. “Unless you want me to kill him for touching you. Then, by all means, speak the fucker’s name again.”

“Are you looking for an excuse to use your gun, Ax?”

“You see.” He continued as if she hadn’t uttered a single word. “He wants what is mine. As you may know, I happen to be too selfish to let him have it.” His lips were pressing onto her neck, teasing her. “Remember, little dove, what is mine is exclusively mine.”

“Why don’t you piss on my leg too? That’ll make your claim more valid.” She snapped.

He graced her with a laugh. “I’m not into that, sorry princess.”

Her hands shot out with the sole intent to push him away but when she came into contact with his chest a sense of longing overcame her. Her head fell carelessly on the spot where her hands had previously rested. “Stop it. I mean it.” She couldn’t even convince herself. “I’m tired of playing this game with you.”

His arms wrapped around her without a second thought.

“I know.” He stated and his voice could almost be described as soothing. “I know. But you want me, you want what I give to you.”

“Wanting you does not mean I am obliged to keep on living like this.” She argued but kept herself shielded from the world, using the mechanic as her armour. “You only know how to send mixed signals.” She inhaled deeply, feeling his scent engulfing her. “Fuck you.” She cursed but it was void.

Wanting to lighten the mood he chuckled, a deep throaty sound filling the empty street, but the words that came out of his mouth could never be mistaken for a joke. “You will.” He promised. “Of course you will, you’d be a fool to think otherwise.”

She scoffed at the sound of his comment but stayed still in his arms. She was too tired to move, or at least that was what she told herself. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that she had missed the brute.

Nothing at all.

Yet a strange feeling of desire started to erupt within Celia. The flames of the fire caressed her being and licked her veins vigorously like they were lost in the desert and she was water. But how could she be water when her insides were a more fiery inferno than Hell?

John Milton had described Hell As one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames / No light but rather, darkness visible.

Celia would certainly have agreed if it wasn’t for the feeling of Ax’s lips on her naked skin distracting her. He didn’t steer away from her neck, enjoying the feeling of her erratic heartbeat beneath his lips.

It felt like an entire eternity had passed when Ax slowly detached himself from her. “Let’s go.” He commanded.

“No, Ax” She stated firmly, although her senses were not working properly by that point.

His hand was gripping hers and oddly enough he did the most unexpected and peculiar thing: he laced their fingers together.

His rich dark blue eyes observed in morbid fascination with the union. He didn’t know why he had done it but also he didn’t care. The why was of no importance.

“No?” He returned his attention to her only to find that her expressive eyes were also captured by the sight. She paid no attention to him. “No?” He repeated sounding amused.

Her anger had been sleeping like a dragon near the fire he had caused but as his tone registered in her mind the dragon awoke and wanted nothing more than to burn him. “No.” She replied. “I don’t have the energy to do this right now. Also, I have an assignment to finish.”

“And assignment, huh? For Nathan’s class?” He inquired and she nodded quickly.

Too quickly.

“Nathan doesn’t give assignments, little dove. He believes that it goes against the purpose of education.” He told her with a wolfish grin having detected her lie. “But I have a question. If you do, indeed, have an assignment to finish then why are you spending time with other people?” By people he meant man but his pride did not let him acknowledge the existence of another male.

One that was so far beneath him.

His jaw muscles twitched and the word ‘people’ had sounded more like a curse, a small indication of his unacknowledged jealousy.

“I want to talk.” She declared suddenly, wanting to get her self-control on her side for once.

Ax started walking dragging her along through the narrow, almost empty streets of his hometown. “Tomorrow.” He promised.

There was something beautiful about the setting. The sky was dark grey, filled with clouds that made promises of heavy downpours and there were no stars in sight. The darkness was captivating and oddly familiar.

But Ax was not the kind of man who dwells on settings and waits for something great to happen, he made great things happen. If he had been born in the eighteenth century The Romantics would have shunned him and he would walk among them without belonging.

A social pariah.

The Monster of Frankenstein.

But what is a Monster, anyway? Celia asked herself knowing there would be no answer.

“We’ve talked about the caveman thing.” She commented but Ax barely spared her a glance. His only reply had been a huff and an incoherent mutter that sounded vaguely like a comment about him being tempted to buy a bat.

Ax kept walking, taking her further into the dark. The cold weather did not bother her in the slightest, what bothered her was not knowing where he was taking her. Had he wanted a meaningful reunion on the bridge? Or was he dragging her back to his house?

The correct answer, as she eventually learned, was neither.

No, Ax had settled for something much closer, albeit less practical.

It had taken them almost ten minutes to reach his garage but it was a far shorter walk than going to his house or the bridge for that matter.

Celia couldn’t pay attention to her surroundings even if she tried. Everything was hazy and her hazel eyes were only focused on Ax and the movements of his body. One of his arms was still locked around her while the other was unlocking the door. There was something clumsy about that action and it was a small indication of his longing. He finally had her right where he wanted her.

There is no point in running. She could almost hear him say the words because even if she left they would eventually find themselves in the same position, so why bother delaying it?

Once the door was unlocked he pushed her inside the shop and swiftly locked the door behind him. Ax glared at the keys, wondering only for a moment, what to do with them.

Almost instinctively, he threw them blindly without bothering to see where they would land. After that, he blindly searched for the light switch, grateful he could recognise every inch of the shop even if there was no light to guide him. He found it quickly enough and questioned himself if he should turn it on or if they should play in the dark like they ought to.

He decided he wanted to see her as he reminded her who she belonged to.

“Those will be a bitch to find in the morning.” She commented as the keys fell somewhere in the back of the garage.

His blue eyes were on her but she didn’t dare to look straight at him, afraid of what she would see resting in those bottomless pits of blue.

She briefly remembered the feeling that had overwhelmed her moments before he had dragged her into the empty classroom. Had it been fear? Excitement? Or had it been a product of both? She honestly didn’t remember.

But the same feeling overwhelmed her as he returned to her side, the sound of his boots against the floor causing her to take shorter and shorter breaths as he moved closer to her. As soon as he was by her side, his rough, calloused hands captured her by the waist and practically threw her on top of the closest car, a black SUV.

Celia landed rather clumsily but was able to steady herself quickly enough, however, she didn’t possess enough self-control to compose herself, not like he was able to do. Even though his breathing had turned erratic, his general exterior remained nonchalant.

“Now, remind me where we were.” He told her before he slowly took off his clothes while she laid immobile on the car.

“You truly think manhandling me is the way to get me to have sex with you?” She inquired but it sounded more like a statement.

He gave her a nonchalant shrug and replied. “We’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we?”

Ax moved with feline grace towards her form, stalking like the predator does. The Wolf, the ultimate hunter. Honestly, had she expected anything less from him? Hadn’t his character shown her just how intense he could get?

Celia tried to rise from the car but something inside her wouldn’t let her. It was hard for the young woman to admit, mostly to herself, that she was addicted to him and his ways and how two weeks without seeing him, feeling him had felt more like an eternity.

There was some twisted part inside her that wanted to lure the monster out of his cave and make him play. Celia knew that Ax had been concealing a darker part of him from her view but she wanted to see it, wanted to see every twisted part of him.

There was nothing she wanted more than to feel his muscular body against her much softer one, feeling the sweat that was glistening on his skin to make contact with her. It was certain that he had been working before he had come to find her, the smell of motor oil and cigarettes was still heavy on his bronzed skin and she had never smelled something as divine as that.

Celia returned her attention to him, stopping all fantasies. She took in his characteristics and was disappointed at herself for seeing the differences only at that moment. It felt almost like she was staring at a different specimen.

For one, his once long hair, the one she loved to run her hands through and tug at moments of passion was now gone. Celia mourned it’s loss silently but found herself oddly fascinated by how the shorter hair framed his face and made his blue eyes stand out even more.

She had previously observed that his beard was also missing but as the time passed and she watched him she felt herself become less bothered by the fact. Her eyes focused on his sharp jawline, which looked like it could cut you if you weren’t careful enough.

He was too similar to Michelangelo’s David, she observed. She had seen the likeness the first time they had met but she had not seen deeply. They had the same expressive eyes, eyes that had seen the world and had hated every minute of it. Eyes that had hardened over the years and the mistreatments they had faced. Eyes that would also soften, if one was careful enough to see beyond the facade. Both their expressions were stern, their pessimism allowed nothing less.

Yet he also appeared to have a likeness with le genie du Mal.

The obvious reason? Both were sinfully handsome.

Both were tormented fallen angels with traumatic pasts.

Also, both were thrown into hell but only one had gotten out, at least she hoped he had gotten out.

Ax would never admit it but Mick’s comment had stuck with him. In a moment of utter recklessness, he had decided to try and look as clean cut as he could. After it had been done, he had felt strange, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing but Celia’s appreciative stolen glances had made it all worth it.

But not even the gratification that erupted inside his chest could lessen his anger.

He was prideful.

To be honest, he was too prideful.

That’s why he wanted to stake his claim. Claim her, like the animal he was, like the animal every single one of us is.

He caged her with his body, not wasting a single second.

“How dare you let other people touch you. Especially when you are this wet for me?”

“How do you know it’s for you? A little arrogant, aren’t we, Alexander?” As if provoking him would help with anything.

There was something extremely primal in the way he responded, growling like an animal. His long, skilful fingers danced across her flesh until they reached their destination. They pushed her panties aside and softly caressed her clit, earning a surprised moan from her. As soon as his fingers came in contact with her wetness he removed them. Celia protested, having forgotten all about the reasons why she shouldn’t fall back into his trap. “So this is for that boy?” He brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking slowly while looking straight into her dilated hazel eyes. “Don’t lie to me, little dove.”

“Fuck you.”

“How many times do I have to say it, Celia? You fucking will.” His tone could be characterised as pleasurably malevolent or at the very least ominous. “Many times. Until you can’t walk without remembering everything I have done to you.”

She wanted everything he promised but if she succumbed now there would be no going back, for that she was sure. “You can’t keep playing with me, Ax. Not like that.” She told him. “I don’t want to be a warm body anymore.” He stopped moving to the point where he wasn’t even sure he was breathing.

“Is this really how you feel? Have I ever given you any indication that I am the kind of man who would play with a woman like that? Is that what you think of me?” He looked genuinely disturbed and enraged by her comment. Guilt pooled instantly inside the pits of Celia’s stomach and rested there.

She had only been trying to protect herself yet all she achieved was to hurt him.

How Is that even possible?

Truth is, people look at men like Ax and instantly think of them as Gods, flawed and beautiful and out of this world. Too high and mighty for the mere mortals to touch but sometimes, these Gods take interest in one of those mortals and that is when they understand that they are even more ruined than them. Ax, for example, the one who could turn a grown woman into a lovesick schoolgirl was so damaged as to become self-conscious by a comment an even more damaged human had made.

“You’re not a warm body to me, alright?” He was so frustrated. At her, at himself, at the world.

She shielded herself from the intensity of his gaze.

“Then, what am I, Ax?” Vulnerability laced her words.

“You are my dove.” He replied in a milder version of the same tone.

“You keep saying that but I don’t understand what that means.”

“To be honest, I don’t know either.” He did truly look lost for words. “I don’t fucking know what you are.” His body was still playing the role of a cage. His hands were locked on either side of her head and he was standing between her thighs. “Actually, you’re a pain in the ass most days. You never do as you’re told, you never fucking think before you act and even though sometimes I admire how bloody impulsive you can get, I still feel the need to chain you to my bed and keep you there until you learn to behave. Is that good enough for you? Because, frankly, I can’t do any better.”

“I don’t understand.” She whispered as she felt him moving even closer to her, looming over her like a dark protector.

“Then allow me to show you.” Ax graciously offered. He closed the space between them. His full lips found hers kissed them brutally. He kissed like a man drinking water after days of being lost in the desert, desperately and with a determination not to let a single drop go to waste. He cherished her. And she responded with the same eagerness.

His lips found her neck yet again. He spent several minutes there, leaving love bites and staking his claim, leaving evidence he was the only man capable to bring her in such a state.

Celia moved away from him but before he could protest she placed her hands on his scarred torso. Her nails dug into the hard muscle, almost commanding him to groan. Her plump lips played with the column of his neck, the same way his had.

Ax groaned at the contact and Celia couldn’t keep a grin away from her face. Placing her mouth more firmly against his neck, she sucked on the warm skin surrounding her.

Two can play this game, Alexander.

Ax’s harsh breaths filled the room as she left her mark. In the morning he would wear every love bite, every scratch and bruise she could give him like a badge of honour.

She had to ruin him for other women.

She would ruin him for other women.

Her lips travelled a bit lower and she made sure she had left her mark wherever she could find unmarked skin. It was perhaps, the first and last time she cursed the existence of his tattoos. Her mouth pressed against one of his nipples, tugging it slowly with her teeth. A sharp intake of his breath was enough to notify her of her success.

She smiled arrogantly.

However, Ax had not forgotten who was truly in charge. He easily overpowered her. He lifted himself from the car, taking Celia with him and began removing her clothing, except her panties.

They fell in a pile in front of her feet but she didn’t care that they were most likely going to be filled with oil greases.

In seconds, her naked body had been pressed against the hood of the car. Her back was facing him and the cool metal was stroking her heaving breasts.

Ax didn’t stop to admire the work of art in front of him. Instead, he hummed low in his throat and grabbed a fistful of her inky black hair, forcing her to gift him with a whimper.

He knew exactly what he was doing.

He lowered his head next to her ear. “Did you think you’d gain control, little dove?” The sound of his accent had most certainly ruined another pair of her panties. Thankfully, Ax was kind enough to remove them before further destruction could be made.

“I didn’t think I’d gain control. I did gain control.” The sound of his rich dark laughter was enough to rub her core against the metallic surface, anything to relieve the tension she felt. Ax parted her legs and pressed a calloused hand against her pussy, rubbing her vigorously.

Two fingers slipped inside her and he continued torturing her. “Fuck, Celia.”

Should she have felt embarrassed as she neared her release for not being able to hold on? Perhaps, but embarrassment had not even crossed her mind. Celia didn’t understand the meaning of the word in those moments. Hell, she wasn’t sure she understood a lot since the only thing running through her mind was his name. His fingers kept working on her, long after she had been thrown off the edge. “More.” She panted

Ax growled in response and removed his fingers.

It appeared he was punishing her. Punishing her because she escaped at the first chance she got but she gave herself to him, in the most carnal sense of the action and he gave himself to her in return.

“You think you can do whatever you want, don’t you?” He rocked against her, letting her feel his erection against her soft skin. “How about you take everything I am about to give you and you stop acting like a fucking brat from now on?” The second the words had left his mouth, he positioned his erection against her and thrust. Celia groaned at the sudden invasion but moved her hips accordingly to his pace. “I’ll take that as a yes.” His tone made him appear hungry when in fact he wasn’t. No, he was famished.

Yearning had turned both of them into lust-crazed addicts. Ax was throbbing as he drove into her. It was such a powerful emotion that was almost hurting him. In a way he was devouring her and worshipping the younger woman, treating her exactly like she desired.

One of his hands was still in her hair pulling her head closer to him, while the other was positioned on her hip as he pounded into her little body mercilessly. The beast inside him wanted to place both his hands against her throat and fuck her until she forgot how to breathe. “Ax, please.” She begged. “Please, don’t hold back.”

As you wish. He thought and complied.

His hands wrapped around her neck and pressed slightly. “If it gets too much just move your head away and I’ll know, okay?” She nodded quickly, thrilled about what was to come.

“I can take whatever you want to give me.” She promised.

He smiled at her naivety. “Oh, little dove, you have no idea what I’m capable of.”

It had been a manifesto of carnal bliss, anger and adrenaline.

It was dark and beautiful.

Twisted just like them.

He had taken every ounce of strength from her and she knew that she would feel like that for every some time. Her body was slowly shutting down as he laid down next to her on the hood of the car. His arm came around her waist, pulling her closer to him and covering her with his warmth. Celia curled around him in response not missing the victorious look on his chiselled face.

“You’re a monster.” She whispered hazily as she drew patterns on his skin.

“No.” He corrected. “I’m your monster.”

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