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That night Celia had fallen asleep in Ax’s house.

His arms were wrapped around her small frame but he had not let himself sleep. His mind was troubling him. A great deal of things had happened during those past few days and he wasn’t sure of how to react. The little dove in his arms had helped him forget about the bad parts such as his meeting with Bruce and Mick. She was in his bed every night and they lost their selves in each other. Their passion could have been characterized as poetic but Ax was a pragmatist and such terms did not appeal to him.

They were polar opposites in that aspect. While Ax did not care for the philosophical side of things, Celia couldn’t help but give in to that side of her soul. However, that wasn’t the reason why Celia fled every single night. She always claimed that she couldn’t stay due to personal reasons but her excuses were rather suspicious.

Ax grew more annoyed each time she left. But in a way, he realized that it was better. He didn’t want to suck her into his world of darkness, she didn’t deserve it. She might not be physically pure anymore, he had made sure of that but that did not mean that he wanted to taint her soul.

After his fight, all he wanted was to seek comfort in her warm body. And that was exactly what he did. Celia had fallen asleep shortly after and Ax didn’t have the heart to wake her up so that she could pack her things and leave him alone. Part of him didn’t want to be left in the darkness with his thoughts.

But another part was oddly satisfied with her decision to share his bed for something as mundane and personal as sleeping. She was the type of person that had running tendencies. She wasn’t a decidophobic but her past had made her realize that she should spare herself heartache whenever she could.

Her head was resting at the crook of his neck, her breath slightly tickling his skin. She looked peaceful in her sleep and Ax could not help but wonder how that must feel. But little did he know Celia was a victim of severe nightmares for the past five, almost six, years. But she felt secure in his arms and for once sleep had not been her enemy but a long lost friend.

Ax’s nightmares involved monsters hiding beneath their flimsy skin that perverted others from seeing their true form.

He remembered his time in jail vividly. All those sleepless nights with fear and resentment crawling under his skin. At first, he had wanted to end the M.C. wholly. He wanted them all dead but he soon realized how reckless and foolish his plan was. He wasn’t Al Pacino in Scarface, he couldn’t arrive at the clubhouse and kill the bastards while smirking and saying ‘Say Hello To My Little Friend’. Reality wasn’t a fucking Hollywood production.

So, with a heavy heart, he settled for killing Bruce and letting Mick take over. Mick had always been an idealist and needed to hold on to the thought that he could return the club to its former glory, take it back to a time when Bruce’s insanity wasn’t part of their lives.

The plan was a pinnacle of strategical perfection.

All it would take was one misplaced shipment of the drugs Bruce and his followers bought from The Bandidos, the originally Mexican M.C.

Bruce had been working with them for the past twenty years ever since the old Prez, Marco, had retired and his place had been taken by the youngest of his two sons, Salvador.

Now Salvador was someone people wanted on their side. He had control over most of the drug suppliers in the UK. and the United States and let’s just say that if he wanted to cause massive destruction all he would have to do was give a simple nod.

Unfortunately for Ax and Mick, Salvador wasn’t their ally.

But his son was.

Xavier Cortada was the sole heir of his father’s empire. At twenty-six Xavier was a well-trained killer, a skilful fighter, and a loyal soldier. Who would ever think that he was responsible for the fallout of the deal between the two M.C.’s? And more importantly who would care about the death of one Prez when his son showed so much more potential than his father had ever shown?

The answer to both questions was none. After all, there were much more important things to worry about.

After the shipment got lost Juda’s Sinners, Bruce’s club, would turn against The Bandidos and seek protection from another club they thought was adequately powerful. The Mexicans would eventually come seeking blood.

All Ax had to do was discuss with Xavier and his trustees about when it would be a good time to act.

The man knew that in this case patience was much more than a simple virtue, it could be his saving grace but each second he spent knowing that Bruce was still breathing he felt like he was losing his own share of oxygen. He was still in the cold ivory-beige cell with the peeling walls and suffocatingly small windows that barely allowed the Sun to enter his line of vision. He was still laying on the hard bed, counting down the months, the days, the minutes until he could be able to live again. That day had not, unfortunately, arrived just yet.

All he wanted was see Bruce’s mangled corpse being lowered to the ground. After everybody would leave, Ax would stand on top of the freshly placed grave and spit on it.

The thought of the action reminded him of his darkest days. It might not have a trait he was proud of but it was a part of himself, no matter how fucked up and utterly insane it was.

But for now, the only solace he had was the young woman wrapped around him. Ax continued watching her intently. He briefly wondered why she had never, not once, questioned him about the fact that he did not defend himself against all the things that were being said about him but he came to the conclusion that she must have been choosing to ignore the close-minded people their town had to offer.

Celia’s body grew restless. Her face twisted as words started to leave her lips unconsciously. “The blood....there is so much blood.” Ax heard her mumble and immediately pressed her form against him even tighter than before, trying to provide some kind of help to his little spitfire. Her body relaxed against his muscled form but the words didn’t stop. “You need to stop the blood.” She whispered furiously.

Ax had spoken too soon. He wasn’t the only one suffering from nightmares.

Apparently, her past was as dark as his was.

You need to wake up baby. He thought grimly as he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her gently until she left her unwanted dream world and returned back in his arms. Soon enough a yawn left her mouth and her hazel eyes opened only to be met with Ax’s slightly concerned gaze. Oh, fuck. She cursed internally. Not another dream please don’t tell me he heard me talk in my sleep.

Her eyes tried to adjust at the minimal light the moon offered while looking around his bedroom with frightened, doe-like eyes.

“What happened?” Celia inquired shakily. Her hands were raised in a protective manner, it looked like she was afraid that someone would attack her. Was she afraid of him?

“You fell asleep, that’s all.” Ax replied softly, trying not to frighten her even further.

Her gaze sharpened immediately. “What did you hear?” She seemed alarmed but her anger prevailed over her fear.

“Nothing. Was I supposed to hear something?” He challenged her. Come on, little dove, tell me what made you so fucking scared. What happened to your fire?

“No.” She snapped and tried to remove herself from his muscled form. Ax didn’t let her get away. His hold was much stronger than she could try to be but he didn’t feel threatening to her. He wouldn’t hurt her. She reminded herself of the fact before turning it into a mantra.

She did not want to speak anymore, she just wanted to go home and feel guilty over her inability of being normal even for one night. Ax, however, had other plans. As her arms came to push against his chest he grabbed them and raised them above her head. Moving gracefully he switched their position so that he was laying on top of her, staring her dead in the eye. “What are you doing?” His hot breath fell directly through her parted lips and the urge to roll her eyes back while lifting her hips and meeting his center.

Ax recognized the look in her eyes. The undeniable lust hiding under the dark hazel irises was messing with his self-control. He wanted nothing more than to reach between her legs and make her beg as he brought her to the edge. But he needed to know what was going on with her. They had been delaying it for far too long.

“Let me go. I want to go home.” Ax refused to remove his vice grip.

“It’s too late to drive.” He reasoned.

“It’s a good thing I walked here then, isn’t it?”

“Are you having car troubles?” He ignored her sarcastic comment, as he was not in the mood for her attitude but that didn’t mean he didn’t appreciate it.

“No.” She answered. “It’s just felt like walking, is that not allowed anymore?”

The second the words left her mouth, Celia’s head tilted upwards and their mouths collided. Ax groaned heartily as he felt her against him. He raised his free arm to caress her long hair and bring it behind her elfin ear so that he had better access. They fought for dominance as their lips and hands and bodies explored one another. They were mortal enemies at that moment. Her tongue battled with him, not letting him win no matter how determined he was. Ax’s nemesis chose to let herself drown in him after seconds of proving her point of having the same kind of control as he did.

Ax moved away from her tempting form. He was certain that he wouldn’t be able to resist her if he was to draw out their connection. “I think it’s time you started talking.”

Celia looked at him with hate-filled eyes. “I don’t understand what you want me to say.”

Ax knew she was avoiding to talk to him about anything too personal, hell she had even hesitated when he had asked what kind of music she listened to. “Tell me why you are so closed off?”

Celia was basically fuming. She covered herself with his ebony colored Egyptian cotton sheet before getting off the bed and standing proudly, trying to gain some confidence. Ax lied perfectly still like a Greek statue, or perhaps he looked like the Le génie du mal, The Genius Of Evil, more knowing his past. But Celia did not distract herself with his devilish beauty, she couldn’t afford to. “Because we are just fucking, Ax. We are strangers and strangers are not supposed to share secrets. Do you go and share every detail about your life with each woman you fuck?”

He didn’t react. He remained unmoving but couldn’t help but reply. “Oh, you naive little girl. You actually think this is all there is between us?” The chuckle he let out appeared mocking and almost patronizing.

She gave a little huff in response. “Then what more is there?” What more could there be? They knew each other for less than a month and he claimed there was something more profound than what occurred between them?

“You are mine. I own you, little dove.” He proclaimed, a satisfied smirk appearing at the corner of his sensual mouth.

“Can you stop with that ridiculous nickname?” She snapped, looking almost deranged as her black hair framed her face like a broken halo and the only thing that was covering her naked form was a piece of cotton. “Also, I am not yours. I only belong to my self, so you better get it through your thick head before I decide to end this.” She pointed at his resting form before pointing at herself.

She didn’t know what was happening but the air his bedroom provided was filled with unleashed tension. “You’d keep the junkie away from his cure? That’s rather cruel.” He muttered under his breath hoping, as soon as the words were uttered, that she hadn’t heard him.

Thankfully Celia was not able to comprehend what he had said. Ax stood up. Nothing was used to conceal his naked body as he walked around the king-sized bed. He looked majestic, like a King in his natural habitat and Celia’s body reacted to the sheer power and dominance his stance transmitted.

“Don’t threaten me.” He reached her unmoving form before lowering his head to her ear. His whispered words tortured her. It was an erotic torture, though, the pain was not included, only the undeniable feeling of lust and need.

Celia wasn’t going to give in so easily.

“I will do whatever the fuck I please, Alexander.” She fought with him and her self-control at that moment. In truth, it was one of the best fights she had ever had.

“Oh, will you now?” He groaned as his full name fell from her lips. Ax’s hand shot out and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled it backward, causing her to gasp at the unexpected action and lose her hold of the sheet that had been wrapped tightly against her frame. The sheet fell to the floor but no sound was heard as both their breathing turned to soft pants from their proximity. “Call me by that name again and you won’t be leaving my bed. Not ever.”

“Yes, I will.” She validated and ignored his promise. In a way, she had answered to both of the phrases. Ax chuckled lowly and he lowered his lips, however, he did not try to unite their lips. “Get in the bed, Celia.” He whispered seductively against her mouth and a fire ignited inside her knowing exactly what was going to take place in mere seconds.

She welcomed her surrender.

Ax was at the pub once again.

He had arrived earlier than he was supposed to but he didn’t mind. He preferred crowded spaces lately because then he didn’t feel so fucking alone. Now, crowded was a relative term for Ax. For him, crowded would involve having a certain black haired woman lying next to him in his bed whimpering and moaning his name as he drove into her repeatedly in a furious pace.

He sighed in regret as he reread the last message he had sent her, telling her that he wasn’t going to meet her due to some business that had come up. He wanted to leave the forsaken pub and go find her but he, sadly, could not act on his need. He had promised Nikolai he would meet him and it wasn’t in his character to break his promises.

He had been waiting for Nikolai for about ten minutes before he slipped into his mind. He reminded himself of everything he had done from the tender age of seventeen to the point he had found himself locked up.

The past couldn’t be changed and the people in his town certainly never let him forget it.

Ax could handle judgment he was, after all, at fault but his mother wasn’t cut from the same paste as he was. She might be strong but that still wasn’t enough. Andromeda Vidal was strong enough to defend her son’s actions daily.

She didn’t do it to save her reputation or her family from being dragged to the gutter, she did it because of her love for the blue-eyed boy she had raised, for the man that made many mistakes before realizing them. She had done everything for Ax. As had his father.

Lorenzo Vidal had grown even more protective of his rebellious son even though his heart had been torn to pieces when he had found out what Ax had been doing behind his back. He had made a vow the day of his trial. Lorenzo was going to bring his son back, restore him in a way, and give him his life back.

Ax chuckled bitterly. He never had the guts to tell his father that he would not get to fulfil his vow. Ax hardly remembered who he was before getting involved with the M.C. In his opinion there was nothing to bring back , he could only move forward and try to forget.

His hands run through his black hair repeatedly.

He looked almost deranged in the moments when he would tilt his head upwards and gaze into pure nothingness but that didn’t stop anyone from looking at the angel that had fallen from grace with a mixture of want and disgust. Disgust at what he had done , at what he had used to be. Honestly , he couldn’t blame any of them he felt very disgusted with himself at times too.

A hand touched his shoulder, bringing him back to the real world. His distorted thoughts left him quickly enough and the mask he wore around people returned immediately. Can’t a man relax for a few minutes? He asked himself, amusement coating the words in his mind.

“You know how much I’ve fucking missed you, don’t you?” He asked and turned around expecting to see Nikolai giving him his famous mischievous grin. However what his eyes fell on caused his lips to curl into a snarl.

“Oh, I missed you too, Alex. So. So. Bad.”

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