"Daddy's Girl" erotica short story

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Fantasy

Daddy's Girl

DADDY’S GIRL erotica short story

© 2018 Mason Lane

She was an exceptionally spirited eighteen-year-old teenage girl, who certainly loved her Daddy! And oh, how he loved to spoil Brandy. He recently bought her a brand-new Lexus LC 500.

A naturally sexually provocative and horny girl, she was supercharged with raging hormones. Boys had been desperately trying to score with her since she was thirteen but even some casual making out, with a sexually naïve young buck’s hurried and clumsy groping, was a miserable experience and impossible for her to tolerate. Early on she realized that skilled masturbation would be her BFF. There were plenty of willing victims in high school for the bucks to use like blow up dolls.

Resilient should have been Brandy’s middle name. Her birth mother was a baby mama for a small time slick talking drug dealer called Triple X who she became involved with while out clubbing with her girlfriends. Triple got her hooked on crack and turned her out to work the streets as a ho to pay his rent.

She’d been working in a retail clothing store and attending Jr. College when she met Triple X. Her life spiraled rapidly downward and ended when he shot her twice in the head during a senseless drunken and oxy induced rage. “Trip,” that was his street handle, was eventually executed by lethal injection at the State Prison in Florence, Arizona, a fortuitous benefit to public safety and taxpayers. Especially rebellious and naïve teenage girls.

Brandy was passed from foster home to foster home until she was finally adopted at age 12 by Daddy and his wife Marsha, who had the misfortune of one year later falling down the opiate prescription drug rabbit hole thanks to prescriptions for a back injury.

Five trips to rehab, and she was still hopelessly unable to crawl back into the sunlight of sobriety. It was Brandy who found her Marsha’s grey and cold body on the living room sofa. Instead of falling to pieces, Brandy, with her indomitable spirit and rational personality, assessed her situation and bonded closer with her Daddy.

Fate had dealt her several low odds hands, but it was now crystal clear to her that Daddy was her royal flush. She stepped up and took over the domestic responsibilities Marsha had sorely neglected, and Daddy enjoyed the peaceful well-run household.

They became very close. Way too close for the norm. By the time she was sixteen, they both realized how intensely they’d bonded and the powerful chemistry pulsating between them, but they never acted on their intense biological urges. He was careful when he’d hug her goodnight to make it just a fatherly embrace and kiss on the cheek.

But one month after her eighteenth birthday the dam of passion and forbidden love burst for Brandy. It was 1 am, and she went into his bedroom wearing only her panties, and it wasn’t long before they were cuddling, and then kissing in bed and her beige silk panties were on the carpet.

At first, he kept saying, “Are you sure, are you sure Brandy?” Her soft caressing and sexual movements on his body were clear answers and silenced any more questions. His fatherly restraint was forever erased.

That was eight months ago, and even though she’d caressed the pink lips of her juicy cunt and given herself a proper finger fucking until she orgasmed two nights earlier, her pussy was still aching and wanting the genuine hot and hard deal. She’d wanted Daddy’s cock, but he arrived home from work late and went to bed earlier than normal. Mother Nature had indued her with an overdose of natural organic hormonal drugs giving her a sex drive worthy of being called a sexual Grand Prix.

As they now rode in Daddy’s Dodge RAM 1500 pickup truck on their way for one of their sacred nature walks, she looked over and saw the bulge in his hiking trousers. Then as she squirmed her curvaceous ass on the plush leather seat, she reached over and caressed her Daddy’s neck and slowly slid her hand over his arm, stroking his bodybuilder’s bicep and tricep. He’d made his fortune by franchising a chain of fitness gyms in the Southwest US after winning Mr. Arizona and placing 3rd in the Mr. USA Bodybuilder contest.

When they arrived at the Arizona Red Rock State Park just outside of Sedona, there were no other cars parked at the trailhead, so they could have the kind of private hike they both loved; very private with no screaming kids or the cacophony of some local teenage morons howling like coyotes and tossing empty beer cans.

The large orange sun was melting on the far horizon as they strolled up the trail and talked about nature’s beauty. She felt the pleasantly cool Northern Arizona breeze blowing through her long blond hair while also enjoying the warm wet tingling between her shapely sexy legs. Maintaining the lead, she knew perfectly well what she was doing by titillating her Daddy.

He watched her walking ahead in her beige lightweight hiking shirt, La Sportiva hiking boots, and a very short Catholic school-girl style khaki dress that revealed the sexy movement of her erotically spectacular derriere.

“Brandy, you’re sure one of Mother Nature’s most gorgeous natural beauties!” he shouted in adoration while his penis began engorging. She smiled broadly and glanced back, careful not to stumble on the narrow rock-strewn trail. Just the sight of his darling walking ahead gave him a semi-hard erection as he immensely enjoyed her sexual teasing.

Her academic performance was as exceptional as her carnal appetite. She possessed a huge appetite for learning, with a 4.0 GPA, and already some college course credits. She’d just recently been accepted into Stanford and would pursue a science major with an emphasis in microbiology and immunology.

Several times she stopped, turned around, and passionately kissed Daddy, feeling his hardness while he caressed her excited pussy mound. In 20 minutes they arrived at their favorite scenic view spot, looking out over the spectacular high desert Sedona Red Rock Valley.

Turning around, she stood on her toes, kissed him passionately, and felt his growing hard-on. “I really want your cock now!” she said with a happy, horny smile on her face. “Fuck me over that rock and please take your sweet ol’ time Daddy,” she laughed.

As she leaned over the rock, he could see her phenomenal cunt, … swollen, pink and juicy; she’d planned ahead leaving her panties at home and was hiking commando.

Then they heard the sounds of four male cretin teenagers that unfortunately were now invading this beautiful park. Still out of sight, the joint toking, beer swigging clan was noisily coming up the trail. The sound of empty beer cans being hurled onto the rocks below heralded their advance.

Daddy was just about to drop his drawers, but instead, quickly reached and drew his Glock 22, 40 caliber handgun and fired off several shots in the air, and then a couple more that hit and resoundingly ricocheting off the rocks below. The shocked teenagers began screaming and running for their lives back down the trail. They were so high and boozed up, that with themselves and their car reeking of marijuana, they would head straight for their favorite bar that accepted fake IDs. They didn’t have a single a thought of calling 911 or stopping a Sheriff’s patrol car. The sound of the invaders’ noisily laid rubber and peeled swervingly out of the parking area.

Brandy had been waiting patiently while Daddy and his firepower took care of business with the inebriated aliens.

Then Daddy unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers, slowly lowered his attire with the gun and holster to the ground, and delicately began titillating her hot wet pussy with his cock head; the gunplay hadn’t dissuaded his enormous erection.

After many minutes of skillful foreplay, he slowly began working his stiff cock into her hot hole and stroked and fucked her while she moaned in the stillness and privacy of nature. Then after her pussy had sucked his hard on to satisfaction, she came, moaning even louder, shattering the park’s tranquility with a resounding, “Oh Daddy fuck me … I love you! She loved the way his cock head hit her G-spot perfectly. Then he fucked hard with long head to base cock strokes in her orgasmed juice and came, spurting hot ejaculate deep inside her. She felt warmth all over that was better than a junkie’s first hit of heroin. “Sex with Daddy is the best drug,” she’d often said to herself.

In the dusk of the dissolved sunset, the lights of Sedona were beginning to flicker below as they strolled hand in hand down the trail to the pickup truck. She would sleep very well tonight and would not need to play anymore, at least for a while, with her happy and satiated vagina.

Imagining how Daddy would fly over each weekend in his Cessna Citation jet to Stanford University when she was there, she delicately touched her pussy and drifted off into a blissful dream.

(Whether you did or didn’t enjoy the erotic fantasy story, or something in between, please post a brief review or any comments … thank you, Mason Lane)

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