Modern Affair

By Tijana All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Drama


...Sometimes the right thing to do is to ignore morality

Chapter 1: The Park

♀ Hi

♂ Hi

♀ I’m terrible in these chit-chat things.
Never know what to ask

♂ Ha ha ha
You could start by telling me what are you searching for here on Tinder.

♀ Answering that question would make the conversation go beyond a simple chit-chat

♂ Good.

♀ Yeah 😊
But I must warn you, this may come as a shock to you

♂ Am not that easy to shock, believe me

♀ Ok.
I’m here with my husband for a weekend. We have never been completely monogamous, but it has been a while since we actually practiced this non-monogamy of ours. We thought we could do something tonight. Separately.

♂ Where are you?

♀ Wow! No questions? No lecturing and moralizing?
I’m impressed

♂ 😉😉😉

♀ I’m near the Museum

♂ I just got back home from there
For how long are you staying?

♀ Leaving tomorrow.

♂ Do you do this kind of stuff often?

♀ Not too often, I told you. It’s been a while.

♂ How long have u been married?

♀ A few years. But we are together 11 years.

♂ And how many guys did you have a side?
If it is ok to ask

♀ 3 guys. But none of them were new to me.
I always reactivated old lovers, people I knew before I even met my husband.
I’m lazy 😊

♂ You see how we got this conversation going
And it is not a simple chit-chat

♀ That was my intention

♂ Smart girl 😉

♀ 😊

♂ So what am I doing?
Going to bed or meeting u?
Unless u have an early flight and need to rest.

♀ It’s an evening flight
But I can’t promise you anything.

♂ That goes without saying.
We meet, we have a beer. If u don’t feel comfortable at any point, just say and I will go

♀ You would come and meet me for just a beer?

♂ Sure
Just don’t make me come all the way there and not show up

♀ I would never do that

♂ Half an hour in front of the Museum?

♀ Deal

Is this really happening?! Can I do this? Shit! I’m so nervous.

“Honey... I have a date. Should I go? Are you really ok with this?’’

He approached her, grabbed her from behind in firm embrace, breathing in her neck. Even underneath the clothes, she could feel his growing pulsating cock pressed against her ass.

“Of course I am, dear. We’ve talked about this. We want this. We have done it before. Remember how exciting it used to be... when one of us came back from an adventure to the other, all naughty and horny... the way we would fuck afterward... I miss it”

“I’m not sure anything is going to happen tonight. But I want to feed on this excitement I’m feeling right now”

“Let’s do it, then. Who’s the guy?”

“I don’t know. He’s black, forty, and open, that’s all I know. I have told him about us.”

“Go. Have a good time. But be nearby. I will be by the phone. Love you.”

She turned around, put her hand in his pants, grabbed his hard cock firmly while pulling him closer in an embrace. His eyes achieve a lighter shade of blue when he gets in this perverted horny state. There’s something primal and animalistic about him now. I love it! “Love you too.”

I’m not sure I have ever been on a blind date before... I’m so nervous... I will make a fool of myself... God, my hair is a mess!

She was standing at the agreed-upon spot. It was raining lightly. She didn’t have an umbrella. She was putting all of her efforts into calming herself down. Trying not to think. About anything. It’s not a big deal. Just having a drink with a guy. Nothing has to happen. Deep inhale. Exhale.

♂ 10 minutes

Deep inhale. Exhale. That not thinking about anything didn’t really work. In few moments, I will be in a company of a stranger. This could be dangerous. Stick to open spaces and public areas. Some pub. Nothing bad can happen if there are people around. I can be loud and fast and strong. I’ll be ok. He’s probably ok. Deep inhale. Exhale.

“Hi. Sorry I’m late. Traffic. I hope you didn’t wait for too long.”

I like a black coat on a man. He’s shorter than I thought. But it’s ok. He’s still taller than me. His hair is interesting. Somewhat inadequate, but that makes it cute. What are those? Little dreadlocks? She smiled.

“Not too long. So, what’s the plan? You know a good place nearby?”

They were walking the streets side by side, making a conversation on the usual topics for two people trying to break the ice. I’m lousy at this. I can’t construct a simple sentence. I talk like a Spartan. Not a too bright one. Does he notice how nervous I am?

“Is this your first time in Prague?”


“How often do you visit?”

“Turned out to be once a year in the last couple of years. I love this city. It’s liberal.”

“It is. I have lived here for a while eight years ago. I got a job here recently, so I came back.”

She took off her coat while walking, continued the stroll carrying it around her left arm. “I’m hot.”

“Don’t be nervous. Remember, all you need to do is say you want me to go, and I’m gone.”

He took her right hand with his both hands in an effort to make her feel safe. She felt he was looking at her, but kept her eyes fixed somewhere in the distance straight ahead. “I’m fine.”

It wasn’t raining anymore. The air was fresh and the wet pavement was shimmering from the reflected streetlights. The streets were nearly empty, but still had a vivid vibe from the lighted windows and noises coming from bars and cafes. They were still searching for the right place. Not too loud, not too crowded. A place for a talk. She envisioned something like that in her mind. He tried some club nearby, but she didn’t like it. She was happy he didn’t insist. It seemed now he understood what to look for, even though she wasn’t too good in putting her thoughts into words. My hand is still in his! We are walking as a couple. Funny, this should feel stranger than it does. It actually feels quite comfortable... This is a good guy. Well, it’s not comfortable anymore, now that I’m aware of it. Fuck. She pulled her hand out from his, trying to do it unnoticeably. She put her coat back on.

“This place looks ok. Should we try it?”


The place was wide and bright. It was a wanna-be-classy restaurant but had a communist vibe to it. Some contemporary pop music was playing, not too loud. Perfect for a conversation of normal volume. She took a seat against the wall; put her coat on the seat beside her, so he would have to sit to her opposite, not next to her. She smiled to herself realizing this unconscious defensive act.

“What brings you to Prague this time?”

He is looking at my eyes directly. I can’t maintain eye contact even with familiar people. I will seem strange for sure.

“There was a conference I was attending on XML technologies.The technical side of modern publishing. That is the field I work in. Please don’t ask more questions about it, I’m not good at explaining what I do.”

Maybe he’ll find it cute, my shyness. Fuck it, I can’t pretend.

“Try, it’s ok. I’m patient.” He smiled. He has a handsome, flirtatious smile. I can’t flirt. She muttered about her field of interest, her business, her husband’s work. She asked about his work but was too nervous to truly listen. Finance, invoices, something, something, cash, big company. People who meet a lot of people have the work answer practiced. Unlike me. Then he asked about her open marriage.

“Earlier in our relationship, we both had something on the side occasionally. Sometimes it would be just a fling, but sometimes it even lasted for years. We had a girl friend who lived with us for a while. We are still close friends with her, but we haven’t been in any way sexual with her for at least five years. On the other hand, I have had a kind of a friend with benefits at some point, and that didn’t end so great… In all, we’ve had our share of fun times. And then the kids came and different kind of fun began.”

“You have kids?”

“Yes. Two boys. Five and four years old. You? Have you ever been married?”

“No kids. Have been married briefly, but that wasn’t... It was a mistake.”

“What happened?”

“I cheated.”

“Oh. And what are you looking for on Tinder?”

“Nothing specific. Chat with some girls, meet with few. Usually, it is just for a drink and conversation. Sometimes it’s more than that... I have a girlfriend. She lives in Shanghai. She doesn’t know about all this.”

A black guy and an Asian girl. Very sexy. I’m not sure if it is ok that I’m imagining them having sex. Is it racist? No, it’s innocent. Just sexy. She tried not to give away a smile.

“That must be hard for you two. Living that far apart.”

“It is. But it will not be forever. We will find a way to be together. I love her very much, but I have cheated on her before. She made me choose at one point. And I did...”

She smiled in understanding. This guy is lonely. This is compensation for him. A guy can’t go too long without sex. Especially if he’s good looking, then it’s too easy. And this one is exotic in addition to that. He can’t possibly be faithful to his girlfriend when she is so far for so long. She must be aware of that... He has intelligent eyes. It’s sexy. He is sexy. And he is very much not a tall, blond, blue-eyed man I usually like. Different is good sometimes... This is my first conversation with a black guy. I see now it wouldn’t matter even if his skin was green or purple. That’s a relief and fun to learn about myself. As long as his eyes are intelligent. Those dark eyes I’m much too shy to look at for longer than a split second... Is this silence going on for too long? Should it be uncomfortable? He made a move like he is going to stand up. “Is it ok for me to get closer to you?”

He moved her coat to the other seat and sat beside her. She nodded in delay. She struggled in an attempt to look at him. Her body was starting to respond to the reduction of space between them. Her breathing got heavier, she could feel her heart beating in her throat. She was starting to shiver from excitement. I hope my face is not too red. As he sat beside her, he put his arm around her waist, lifted her shirt using just the tips of his fingers and lightly touched the skin on the side of her slim waist, just above her belt. This already feels so good! She let her body react at its own will as he was observing her, noticing her every move. No more thinking, talking and evaluating. Her back was curving up as if the body was pleading for more touch. It didn’t matter where they are or who might be looking. She closed her eyes. His hand was moving slowly across her waistline, her back. The space between them became inexistent. He leaned forward for a kiss. A soft passionate kiss with his hands wrapped around her. She laid her hand on his thigh while they were kissing, gradually increasing the pressure. She felt his cock with an outer side of her fingers. He’s so warm and hard already! I want his cock. She gently stroked his cock over his jeans with her palm enjoying his excitement. Blood was rushing through her body, she could feel the pulsating warming sensation between her legs as her panties were getting wet.

He started to look around and think about The Where. They lost the sense of individual physical existence, constantly touching each other, wherever they could reach. “Do you have an idea about where we can continue?” I’m not doing it in some public toilet, buddy. “Not really.”

“Where are you staying?”

“Airbnb place. But my husband is there”

“Oh. I didn’t realize... Would he maybe be interested to play? Together. All three of us.”

Her face lit up instantly in a huge smile. She opened her eyes widely, in a mixture of surprise, excitement, and pure childish happiness. He won’t be for it. But this guy is open to this kind of stuff! I love it! “Really?!”

He laughed. “Yeah, why not.”

“You got so excited about the idea. Ask him.”

“I love the idea, but I don’t think he will be for it at this moment. He wasn’t prepared for it.”

“Ask him.”

Oh shit, I didn’t even text him to tell him I’m all right. He must be worried.

♀ Honey, don’t worry, everything is going fine.
The guy is cool.
He’s wondering if we could all play some games together. Would you be interested? A threesome.

♂ Wow! Sorry, but no
I’m not really in that kind of mood
To jump in when you two have already started something
But you have fun
And use a condom 😉

“It’s just the two of us, as I predicted.”

“That’s perfect.”

They gave in to the urge to keep the desire and excitement alive. In unexplainable need to merge their bodies into one entity, they groped one another in wild desire, sharing breath. “Check, please.”

As soon as they stepped outside, he pulled her towards him for a kiss. More freedom in movement when standing. Their bodies closer together. More parts of body reachable for touch, for firm lustful squeeze. She felt his so-hard cock through their clothes and pressed herself against him as hard as she could. I haven’t made out with a guy on a street in ages. It’s weird. “We are like some wild teenagers.” They were catching their breaths. She whispered: “And what about your place?” “My roommate is there. I don’t bring girls there.”

Right. The girlfriend might find out. He does this in secrecy. I hate secrecy. It makes things complicated. They were walking aimlessly not knowing where to go, not wanting to end things yet.

“And I don’t have my passport with me, so a hotel is difficult.”

“Me neither.”

Fuck! He wants me, but not bad enough. He must come up with something. I’m too horny to leave it at this. “Prague used to be easy. Anything was possible.” She was starting to get annoyed. Like a child deprived of a toy given to her to play for a while. She was desperate for a solution, digging her mind for possible general locations she used to enjoy with guys in similar situations back in her early twenties. “If it was summer, a park would be an option.”

He seemed surprised to hear this coming from her and immediately recognized it as a suggestion. “Really?”

“Why not? A tree, a bench... in some dark corner... endless possibilities.” He took her hand and increased the speed of the walk.

It wasn’t until they approached the park when she realized his attention. She thought she was just throwing ideas around. She hesitated. “But it’s cold and wet from the rain.” He held her firmly underneath her coat. “We will find a way to keep each other warm.”

There was some concrete cylindrical structure covered in graffiti, hidden away from the path and the lights. Is this a monument of some sort? Or does it have a practical use? He pressed her against the wall, letting the lust loose. Never mind. She melted under his warm breath on her neck. His tongue and his lips. They were rubbing against each other, mimicking the moves they would make if they were naked and alone and able to really fuck. Lust took over them. Nothing else existed. They wanted to own one another. She felt his hands covering her skin. Her back, her small breasts, her waist, her belly... His rock-hard cock rubbing against her warm wet pussy with all the clothes in the way. The frustration of not being able to fuck increased the desire infinitely. Her hand was under his shirt and she felt the skin of his back, so soft and firm at the same time. So smooth. She wanted to lick him all over. To feed on this amazing new body that she was given the opportunity to enjoy. Time didn’t exist. Her shyness vanished. I want his cock!

She squatted in front of him going for the object of her desire, letting her hands slide from his chest down his waist all the way to his thighs. His belt seems worn-out and old. It doesn’t go with the image he’s trying to achieve. I like that. It gives out the reckless part of him. She unbuckled his belt with ease and pulled out his long hard cock, slightly curved towards his abs. She bit her lower lip and smiled with the naughtiest smile. I love it! The uncontrolled sigh slipped out of him. A mixture of lust, anticipation, and disbelief. She looked up at him, without any shame. She had no problem looking at his eyes now. They shared a look of deep understanding, as there was not much to understand since their beings were reduced to their rawest animalistic nature. He stood still as if he was frightened that any move would make her change her mind, but nothing could stop her lust.

At first, she wrapped her full lips around just the head of his cock, playing with her tongue. But she was much too horny to play a tease. She took him all the way to her throat, and pulled back almost out, but not completely. Slowly. And again. And again. Enjoying the sensation of a mouth full of cock blissfully. She let herself go completely in the act. Playful, lustful, imaginative... It was not merely the psychological pleasure of giving pleasure for her, which came second. It was like her lips and her tongue and the inside of her mouth accumulated all the impulse coming from his warm delicious cock, and this impulse traveled through her whole body like electricity. She could feel his fingers wrapped in her hair. You could put more energy into it, friend. She took him faster and faster, wanting to show him just how hungry she is for his cock. Her whole body was burning. She stood up, holding his cock in one hand, and unbuttoning her pants with the other. “I want you to feel how wet I am.” “But my hands are cold.” “Doesn’t matter.” As soon as his fingers touched her, she moaned in pleasure. “Oh, you are so wet!” Thanks to your cock. She was dripping wet from accumulated desire and anticipation. She enjoyed his touch and wasn’t afraid to show it. It didn’t matter it was some park. She moaned loudly, she sucked his tongue in an aggressive kiss and stroked his cock as if she knew him well. He inserted a couple of fingers in her. Fucked her with them. She held on to him. Felt like she wasn’t able to stand on her own anymore. Breathing heavily, biting her lips, trying not to scream. He pulled out his fingers all covered in juices sliding them to her clit. Why can’t I scream! Her knees were shaking, she lost control of her body completely. Felt the need to jump up and down. She almost lost control of her voice too, but then she went down on him again, in an attempt to prevent herself from screaming. The perfect solution.

She sucked his cock even harder than before, without any inhibition. She held his ass with both hands pushing his cock as deep as physically possible. His cock was hers. She felt like her orgasm never ended. She kept herself in a delightful plateau by giving him pleasure.

Some people were passing by on the path near them. They could hear voices of those people clearly. She held his cock in her hand and laughed silently. He lifted up his coat in an effort to hide her. How gentlemanly of him! She licked him from bottom to the top and then took him whole again. Sucking and taking him fast. “Hummm, you’re gonna make me cum!” She stroked his cock with her hand while she smiled and looked at him lustfully “Have I mentioned I like to swallow?” She could feel his cock getting all hot and even harder. The fluid rushing through this source of her pleasure. He groaned. She took it all in her mouth and drank it all. Didn’t spill a drop. Wow! It’s so light and liquid. So easy to swallow. He must have jerked off before he came to meet me.

She stayed down for a moment. They looked at each other. Both smiling. They made themselves decent in haste and walked out of the park.

They were walking through the same streets as they were before but as separate individuals this time. She had her hands in her pockets. This was just perfect, I wouldn’t want more.

”I get very orgasmic, you know.”

“I have noticed. You are very lucky. Not many women have that.”

“Maybe that’s why I need these kinds of flings.”

“Don’t analyze it. Enjoy it.”

She smiled to herself. I like this guy. He’s probably not fully aware of it, but this is a great piece of advice. For me.

“But play it safe. You got lucky with me, I’m a good guy. There are some real monsters out there.”

“I’m not making a habit out of this. Wouldn’t want to become addicted.” She could tell he wasn’t convinced. That bugged her a little.

“I was planning to visit your country soon.”


“Yeah. I have never been there before. It’s on my list.”

She smiled. “Well, if you come, give me a call.”

“Isn’t there a big music festival in summer?”

“Yes. Exit festival. It’s in my city.”

“Do you go there? How is it?”

“I used to. Then I grew up. Now I go there for a specific concert only when there is a performer I really like. I’m not so much into the whole festival vibe anymore. It’s full of crazy drunk and drugged foreigners now. Mainly British. Any other time would be better for a visit in my opinion.”

“I was thinking of going this spring. In a couple of months from now.”

It would be nice to have a chance to finish what we started... Does he think the same? Is that why we are having this conversation? “As I said, If and when you come, give me a call.”

“I will for sure.”

The streets were silent and nearly empty. It got chillier as hours went by. She shivered and crossed her arms trying to keep herself warm.

“What will you tell your husband about tonight?”


“Even how I offered you my sperm?”

“Yes. I can’t lie. Never could.” He laughed.

“Oh, I can lie!” She smiled lightly with a dose of smugness in her voice.

“That is an honest thing to say. But really, it’s not that I don’t have a need to tell a lie occasionally, It’s just that I’m incapable. I’m transparent. It shows. So I gave up on lying completely. It is more fun this way at the end.”

“That’s rare.”

They walked in silence for a while. Some distant drunken voices were breaking the silence. “I think this is the street.”

“I’ll walk with you to the door if that’s ok.”

“Of course.” Silence.

“What airlines fly from Prague to Belgrade?”

“We came via AirSerbia.”

“And what are other means of transport available? A train?”

Come on, friend. You’re not traveling tomorrow. “There’s no direct train. You would have to catch a connection in Budapest. There is a direct bus, but the ride is long. More than ten hours. Cheaper, though.”

“I see.”

“This is me.”

He turned towards her and took her hands. “I had a nice time with you.”

“Really? And I was wondering...” She smiled sarcastically.

He laughed and then gave her a good night kiss. This is pleasant. Friendly somehow... I’m glad I did this. “Good Night.”

She was taking the stairs up to the fourth floor. Couldn’t wipe a smile from her face. She was happy. Calm. I wonder how D will react. What was he doing this all time? Was he jealous? Worried? She unlocked the door and entered the apartment. The hallway was small and narrow. There was a shoe cabinet and a mirror hanged above it. “Hi Honey, I’m back.” Her voice was trembling from shame and curiosity, but she radiated contempt despite the shame. She took off her coat while looking at her own reflection in the mirror. I’m pretty when I’m this kind of happy. She reached down for her shoes when D appeared behind her. He grabbed her as if she was his possession, feeling her body still warm from another man’s touch. His right hand was traveling under her shirt from her waist across her torso, over her tits, all the way up to her neck, while his left hand was violently liberating her soft, pear-shaped ass from her pants. Her still swollen pussy got wet instantly, as an overwhelming excitement took over her, seeing him in a form of this wild beast in full control. He penetrated her decisively, as he was holding her firmly by the neck and below her belly. Deep. I’m whole, finally!

They were staring at each other through the mirror. I adore this side of him! It is his deepest darkest self I rarely get a chance to see. We woke up his Hyde. He was still holding her in a manner she couldn’t move much. His thick cock was playing inside her in rhythmic shallow thrusts. “Tell me. How naughty were you tonight?” She was so horny, pushing herself against the cabinet she was leaning to, trying to get him to get deeper, but without success. He was in control. “Well, we had a drink... we talked... he touched me.” He suddenly got his hard cock deep inside her once. She moaned loudly and gave him a savage lustful stare through that mirror. So that is the game? Ok. She continued her story seductively. “We kissed... passionately... there certainly was some chemistry...” She got interrupted by an occasional deep thrust, sometimes a couple in a row, that made her feel so full inside. Complete. Whenever he gave her that feeling she so longed for, she would put her whole being in enjoyment. “I touched him... we went to a park...” “Naughty little girl.” He slapped her ass after a squeeze, the way he knew she loved it. She was still looking at him through the mirror, fixating on his eyes as she was telling him all this. He was flooded by the most unusual mixture of emotions. Fear. Pride. Lust. Gratitude. Envy. Love. But most of all he felt profoundly connected with her, having to share his perverted animalistic sexual being this way with her. Learning that she too can enjoy pure lust. And she saw this in his deep blue eyes. “...and then I sucked his cock...” He groaned uncontrollably and took her to the bed. They got rid of the rest of their clothes and dived in a lustful embrace. There were no thoughts anymore. She felt like her entire skin was shivering through this amazing experience, every nerve ending was screaming its own story. They were living it together. They were one being: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Perfection. Finally, I can scream!

They passed out next to each other smiling and covered in sweat.

♀ Thanks for the experience 💋

♂ 😉

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