The Ballad of Vivacious Love

By Ash Holmes All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


An erotic romance that reads like a steamy late-night cable series, the first book in the Sparks! series tells the tale of Kara Sparks, a young woman striving to achieve her dream career and find a lasting relationship after several go terribly awry. After a failed attempt to reunite with an ex-boyfriend, Kara calls upon an old friend to take her partying and provide her with guidance. Quite by chance, they stumble upon karaoke night at Flannery's Bar and Grill, where Kara meets a stunningly attractive, older man with a golden singing voice. She's had a fling with a college professor twice her age in the past, and based on that experience, she's not immediately interested in getting to know this "Pistol Pete" character. However, when two relationships go south in a short amount of time, Kara decides to befriend the handsome older man with smoky gray-blue eyes. Over time, she finds herself fantasizing about the mysterious, golden-voiced singer and decides, on the advice of her friend Amelia, to seduce him. She discovers that Peter Gildon is a writer, having trouble completing his first novel. So Kara decides to become his muse and inspiration while making her fantasies come alive.

Chapter 1 – Kara

It was late May and already warm in San Antonio, deep in the heart of Texas. Kara Sparks had only been working part-time, five days a week, at the little coffee shop on the western outskirts of town for a few weeks when Peter first came to visit. He brought his dog Amanda with him, and that made Kara smile.

Kara thought back over the journey that had brought her to this point. She had spent the past few years in the Navy, stationed in San Antonio as a yeoman, an administrative job, until she had left the service in May. Before joining the Navy, she had dabbled in cosmetology as a teenager in Florida, but never got her license until recently. But she wasn’t sure whether or not any salon would ever hire her, so she’d taken a job as a barista for now.

These days, she had her shoulder-length hair dyed a dark chestnut brown and had even streaked it with burgundy highlights in front. She wasn’t sure it was the right look for her, so maybe she would change it in a few weeks. Kara hadn’t had the luxury of such faddish things in her Navy days, when she had left her hair its natural, sandy light brown. She kept it shoulder-length and had it up in a bun when in uniform.

She had worked her way through three years of college in Florida when the money had started running low. She had been working on a bachelor’s degree in social work because she liked serving and helping people. When the money dwindled, Kara learned from a friend that the U.S. Navy would pay for her to finish her degree through tuition assistance. And there was the possibility she could be commissioned as an officer once she had finished school.

That had sounded appealing to Kara. She didn’t really care what job she did in the Navy, as long as it allowed her to finish school. So she had enlisted and broke off a two-year relationship with her college boyfriend Michael. He was her first, and she had met him at school. She hadn’t really seen a future with Michael anyway, and Kara was eager to get on with her life at the time she had enlisted.

She was a few pounds overweight when she met Michael. Perhaps it was the proverbial “freshman fifteen.” She didn’t really care. At 5-feet-6-inches tall and 147 pounds, she thought the weight added a little bit of curve to her figure. And she wasn’t really trying to impress guys at that time with her looks. She dressed to please herself, and she wasn’t wrapped up in the idea of finding a boyfriend. Kara had been completely focused on school at that point.

She thought back to when she had met Michael in a history class her sophomore year. He was lanky and a bit dorky, with dark brown hair and welcoming brown eyes. He seemed to know the answer to every question in class, and later she found out he wanted to become a history teacher. They started off having lunch sometimes at the school cafeteria. In short order, she had moved on to visiting him sometimes in his cramped dorm room. That was the domain of Michael and his roommate though. The two young men would often play video games together when not studying. It wasn’t Kara’s thing at all.

One night, after they’d had dinner together, Kara had invited Michael back to the converted garage apartment that she rented. Her room had no windows, but the lady she rented from provided a space heater for cold weather, and a stand-alone air conditioner for the normally warm Florida weather. The landlady had also carpeted the floor. Kara had brought a full-size bed, a nightstand, a small bookcase and her laptop computer when she had moved in. The furnishings had come from her mother’s home when she had left Florida for an assignment with the non-governmental organization, or NGO, she worked for. Her mother sometimes rented out her place when she went away for a year or more, so Kara had rented a room close to campus. She unlocked the garage’s side door to let them in.

“Wow,” Michael exclaimed. “This is more space than my dorm room for sure!”

“It’s not much,” Kara replied, “but it’s home for now and it’s cheap. Sorry I don’t have a TV or anything for entertainment. If you need to use the bathroom, I have the one right inside the house, in the hallway.”

“Your company is all the entertainment I need,” he said, leaning in for a kiss. She let him kiss her, and it made her feel warm inside. They talked well into the night, lying on her bed, fully clothed, sometimes spooning. Kara liked the feel of his arms around her and eventually invited him to spend the night. She admitted to him that she was a virgin at 19—partly because of her religious upbringing, partly because she had not met the right guy. She told Michael, though, that he could be her first. He was eager, he said, but didn’t have a condom.

“I have some,” Kara told him. “I was just waiting for the right time with you.”

They got under the covers, she dressed only in a t-shirt and cotton panties; he stripped naked. They kissed and fondled each other for what felt like hours, making Kara feel ever hotter and more ready for him. Michael rubbed her over the top of her underwear, but his hand was down too low, so Kara moved it a little higher to help stimulate her. When she felt wet and ready, she got out of bed, removed her panties, and retrieved a condom from the nightstand drawer. She came back to bed and slipped the condom on his erect penis. Kara knew nothing of men’s parts at that point, but she imagined Michael’s erection was adequate and would get the job done.

“I’m going to face away from you and we can spoon some more,” Kara said in a matter-of-fact way. “I want you to rub my back some, and when I part my legs, you can put it in me.” Of course, Michael was keen and completely sure at his young age that he wouldn’t lose his erection during the back rub.

After a few minutes, Kara raised a leg and let Michael slip into her. He pumped in and out, and it felt good, but it wasn’t stimulating enough for her. So Kara began to rub her clitoris, and after a few minutes, she tightened around him and they both came.

They saw each other weekdays at school. And one weekend a month, he would spend a night at her place. Their friendship was a good one, and the monthly lovemaking was satisfying. But she didn’t want to say goodbye when it came time for her to leave Florida for boot camp. She had enlisted on delayed entry in February and was leaving in May, after the semester was over. She decided to break it off with Michael that March. He was very understanding, but notably sad, especially since Kara would still be around for a few more months. She hated hurting him like that.

But truth be told, Kara had feelings for one of her professors at the time and had really wanted to act on her amatory impulses before leaving for the Navy. Rob, or Dr. Tarpley to be more formal, was one of her instructors in the Social Work Department. She was taking an upper-level class from him and admired his knowledge and easygoing teaching style. Rob was in his early forties, with wavy blond hair that was just starting to whiten a bit. He usually had a couple of days’ growth of stubble too, sort of a blond with some red in it, which Kara found sexy and alluring. She loved the flash in his blue eyes when he lectured too.

In class, Kara hung on his every word. Ordinarily she was fidgety, but Dr. Tarpley held her attention every time he spoke. Kara was fairly certain she was unconsciously batting her hazel eyes at him as she sat in the front of the classroom, but he never really showed that he noticed. He didn’t wear a ring, so Kara didn’t know what his marital or dating status was. She felt like she had to have him though, and that she needed to experience the touch and care of an older man now that she had broken clear of Michael.

So one day Kara decided to visit Dr. Tarpley during his office hours on the pretext of discussing a paper she was working on. When the appointed time came, he welcomed her into his small office and closed the door. They talked for a while about the assignment. Kara was polite and respectful, always addressing him formally, even though she had the urge to take him right there and then. She remained calm and attentive the whole time.

Finally, he told her they should discuss the matter more over dinner at his place on Friday night. He gave her the address, just a few blocks off campus, and assured her all was on the up-and-up. “I’m interested in your thoughts,” he’d said, “but office hours don’t allow me to go in-depth on anything. I’ll make a nice dinner, we’ll have some wine, relax and talk more at length about your paper.”

He had said it all so nonchalantly, like it was no big deal and he did this sort of thing all the time. Kara didn’t know what to think, but with just over a month before the semester ended and she was to leave school, she was excited over the prospects.

On Friday evening, she gathered her outline and the pages she’d written, as well as a couple of reference books she had checked out of the school library. She drove the beat-up compact car her mother had given her to the professor’s address and parked along the curb. She was dressed in her nicest, newest designer jeans and a springtime button-up blouse with a subdued floral pattern.

She didn’t know how the night would go, since Dr. Tarpley had shown no signs thus far of a romantic interest, but Kara wore sexy thong underwear she’d bought, hoping things would go the way she wanted them to. It was a light shade of mauve, and of course, her bra matched the panties. The new lingerie had looked alluring to her in the store, and she hoped he would find it as hot as she did.

She would’ve sent him a text, but Kara didn’t have Dr. Tarpley’s cell number in her phone just yet. So she gathered her things and knocked on the door of his two-storey home. The sun was just starting to set, and she noticed that he kept the yard and shrubs out front well trimmed. She wondered if the interior was well kept too, or cluttered and messy, as she imagined the homes of great thinkers to be.

Dr. Tarpley opened the door and invited her inside with a welcoming smile. He offered her a glass of sweet red wine. “I’m afraid I’m not much of a drinker,” he said as they walked through the living room into the kitchen. Kara was pleasantly surprised to see the inside of the professor’s home—at least the downstairs—was as immaculate as the yard. “Red wine is about all I drink,” he said, getting two wine glasses and pouring one for himself.

“I’ll try some, but I don’t drink much either,” Kara said. She was still carrying her books.

“Oh, where are my manners?” Dr. Tarpley exclaimed. “Why don’t you relax on the couch and put those books and papers on the coffee table.”

She placed her books on the table and sat down on the couch. Dr. Tarpley had a big screen television atop a cabinet made of dark wood in his living room. The only place Kara had ever seen a TV that size was in department stores. Not owning a television, Kara usually just watched movies on her laptop computer at home when she had some spare time. The furniture was tasteful, and Kara imagined that Dr. Tarpley made good money to afford this home.

Whatever was cooking in the kitchen smelled wonderful. Kara had kitchen privileges in the place where she rented, but hardly ever cooked anything more than canned soup or grilled cheese sandwiches. For dinner, she often ate at the food court in the mall, where she had a part-time retail sales job.

“Your cooking smells terrific,” Kara beamed as Dr. Tarpley brought her a glass of wine. She took a sip. It was a little sweet for her taste, but she said she liked it nonetheless.

“Thanks,” he replied. “I’m making a baked chicken dish. It’s my mother’s recipe.” He sat down next to her on the couch. Kara liked the closeness. Taking a sip of his wine, Dr. Tarpley said, “Now about this paper…”

They discussed what she had worked on so far for about twenty minutes before a buzzer went off in the kitchen, startling Kara a bit. The professor rose from the couch, announcing that dinner was ready.

As they ate, they talked at his kitchen table. Rob—he insisted that Kara address him informally—had grown up in North Carolina and went to college for a couple of years before joining the Peace Corps. They had sent him to Guatemala, where he said he really learned that he loved serving and helping people. Kara interjected that her mother’s work for various NGOs over the years had persuaded her that social work was the path for her, and that her mother was also currently on an assignment in Central America.

Rob nodded approvingly before he resumed speaking. He had gotten his degree in social work at a university in Georgia after the Peace Corps, and had worked in Atlanta for a few years before deciding to get his doctorate and get into teaching. He had now been at Kara’s school for eight years. He was single, but didn’t “chase women.” Rob said that if a woman wanted to get to know him, all she had to do was let him know.

That made Kara feel much more comfortable. “I’d like to get to know you,” she said as she finished the delicious baked chicken and mashed potatoes. “But I don’t have much time. I’m leaving school at the end the semester to join the Navy.”

“Well, I hope you find time to finish your degree, Kara,” Rob said, a look of surprise crossing his face. “I’d hate to see an intelligent young lady like you waste the time you’ve already spent on your education.”

“Oh, I fully intend to complete my last year of school,” Kara replied. “I’m enlisting to start out, but I’m going to shoot for an officer commissioning program once I have my bachelor’s degree.”

Rob liked her answer. After dinner, they discussed her paper at some length, with the professor making some useful suggestions on the direction it should take.

The he asked Kara if she’d like to stay for more wine, or maybe coffee, and a movie. Kara said that she would love to stay since she didn’t have work until the next day. They picked a romantic comedy on DVD that she had already seen, but really liked. They both sat on his comfortable sofa, with a little distance between them, as the movie started. But after a while, Kara felt bolder, scooted closer and took a chance by placing her hand on Rob’s leg, just above the knee. He paused the movie at that point.

“You know, I don’t ordinarily get involved personally with my students,” he said without a hint of shyness. “But you have a short time left here and I know you’ve been attracted to me.”

“How could you tell?” Kara asked slyly. She leaned in to kiss him then. “I’ve wanted you for quite some time now,” she said confidently as she broke off the kiss to read the expression in his blue eyes. She liked the desire that she saw in them, and they kissed, hugged and petted some more. Kara had never felt this kind of heat deep down inside before.

“Let me show you the upstairs,” Rob said, pausing to catch his breath and to turn off the movie.

He led her up the stairs and at the top was a small bedroom Rob had converted into an office. To the left was the master suite, with a king-size bed. Kara didn’t wait for an invitation. As she walked toward the bed, she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and her jeans. Still clad in her bra and thong, Kara got under the covers. “I hope you have condoms,” she said, “because if you do, it’s your lucky night.”

“Of course I do,” he replied, removing a box from his nightstand. “And I have to say, you have a very shapely body, Kara.”

Making love with Dr. Tarpley...or Rob...was quite different than it had been with Michael. After he removed her underwear, he worked his way down her body with kisses until he reached her warm, waiting sex. He spread the lips with his fingers and began to lick at her pink wetness. He lingered for a few minutes, attentively licking and fingering her, making Kara ever more excited. It was her first experience with cunnilingus, and having an older, experienced man perform it on her gave her an immense thrill. She began to feel like her middle was full of warm, melted wax as he continued.

When he sensed she was ready, he put on the condom, got on top of her and carefully inserted his erection. Kara was, with only one boyfriend in her past, no judge of size, but Rob’s hard cock felt as though it filled her up more than Michael’s had. And she was so ready for him.

Rob pumped inside her for a few minutes, then rolled off and asked her to get on top. She hadn’t tried that before, but took to it easily. It was a new and exciting sensation; he penetrated her deeply, and she controlled the rhythm as she rocked atop him.

“When you’re ready to come,” Rob said breathily, “reach back and cup my balls. That’s the only way I can come with this tight condom on.”

Kara rocked back and forth on his cock, enjoying the penetration and the way the woman-on-top position spread her wide and stimulated her clitoris as she ground against Rob. She liked looking down on this handsome man as he passionately thrust in and out of her, lifting his butt a few inches off the bed to penetrate her even more deeply, reaching up with one hand to squeeze a breast as his other hand held onto her hip.

When Kara was close to climax, she followed Rob’s instructions and reached back with one hand to fondle his testicles gently. It was a strange new sensation for her, holding a man’s balls like that, and she caressed them tenderly as she rocked. It wasn’t long before they both reached orgasm. Kara’s was much more intense than it had ever been with her previous boyfriend.

Afterward, Kara begged off staying longer because she had to work the next day. She thanked Rob for a lovely evening and they both promised they would get together again soon. Kara assured Rob that she would have much more work done on her paper as well. She gathered her things to leave and once she got to the car, she sent a text message to her friend Amelia. Kara told her they needed to get together for lunch at the mall’s food court the next day, when she was on her lunch break at work. Amelia agreed, saying she needed a break from studying anyway.

The next day, they got fast food Chinese and found a table away from the shoppers. Kara’s friend from school, Amelia St. Ives, was an attractive, light-skinned black girl whose family had moved to the U.S. from Barbados early in her life. She and Kara had met their freshman year at school and had immediately become fast friends. Kara didn’t always bond well with other young women, but there was something about Amelia’s bubbly personality and dark brown hair, highlighted at that time with gold, that she liked from the start.

“So what’s going on, Kara?” Amelia asked as they sat down. “You’re grinning like the cat that ate the canary. And you’re more fidgety than normal.”

“Not canary. Chicken!” Kara giggled. “I went over to Dr. Tarpley’s house last night...”

“You did not!” Amelia exclaimed. “You’re full of surprises. But you are a Gemini after all, with two distinct personalities.” Kara had learned all about her zodiac sign from Amelia. “Tell me all about it, lusty girl!”

Kara gave her friend every detail. “I can’t believe it!” Amelia grinned when Kara had finished retelling the tale of last night. “Are you going to see him again? I mean, outside of school?”

“Of course,” Kara replied. “But I don’t have much time left.”

“I know,” Amelia said, looking a little dejected. “You’re always reminding me, and it makes me sad. You said he gave you oral. How was it?”

“Different. Arousing. A little scratchy, but it really got me wet!” Kara answered in a hushed tone.

“You need to return the favor next time you see him. It’s every man’s favorite thing,” Amelia said.

“Amelia! You know I’ve never done that!” Kara exclaimed, starting to blush.

“Pardon my French, mademoiselle, but you’ve also never fucked your professor,” Amelia retorted. “Now, we don’t have time for me to teach you how to give a proper blow job, but just lick the underside of the shaft and a little around the balls next time. He will really enjoy it. I promise!”

After a bit of embarrassed laughter from Kara, they resumed eating their lunch. When they were finished, the two said goodbye and Kara returned to work.

Kara went to Rob’s house three more times, each time on a Friday night. They tried something new in the bedroom every time. Kara used Amelia’s trick the second time, and Rob had enjoyed it as a prelude to their lovemaking. After much kissing and groping as they removed each other’s clothes, Kara had sat on the edge of Rob’s bed and he stood naked before her as she licked and tugged at his dick, bringing him to full stiffness.

“That’s so good, baby. You’re getting me so hard!” he moaned.

She could feel her juices start to flow as she worked him into an excited state, so she faced away from him and got on all fours, her rump hanging over the edge of the bed as he stood behind her. She wanted him to pound her hard from behind like no man had ever done before. He paused for a moment to put on a lubricated condom before slipping his cock into her. She was fiery hot as he filled her up and began to pump hard into her.

After a few minutes, Rob had her lie facedown in the middle of the bed, and his stiff cock slid into her from behind again as he lay on top of her. He moved it around inside her, at first in semi-circular motion; then he pushed more deeply into her wet opening as she moaned and enjoyed the intense pressure; then he moved his erection from side to side in a grinding motion, getting her ever more excited.

When he sensed she was ready to climax, Rob thrust straight in and out of her, steadily increasing force with each thrust and pressing her down into the bed until they both came with grunts and exclamations.

Kara felt herself becoming more attached to Rob each time she made love with him, which was no good since she was leaving soon. She truly wanted to explore and experiment more in the bedroom. And she hated goodbyes, so the Friday before finals, she sent Rob a text to say she had too much studying to do and wished him well. He replied in kind, and that was the end of that.

Kara got a good grade from Dr. Tarpley on her paper. Finals were hectic, but she fared well overall.

Then it was time to prepare for the Navy. She arranged to end her lease on the garage apartment and to have a few of her things moved to her mother’s storage unit. She quit her job at the mall too, ten days before she left for Navy boot camp in Illinois.

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