The Japanese Boy

By Rory Stuart All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


A story in 23 chapters of two University students meeting for the first time at St. Andrews University

Chapter 1

The Japanese Boy Chapter 1 of 23 in total

The very idea that I could ever be totally straight had never entered my mind, I enjoyed being 80% gay and 20% straight very much.

It had opened a whole new world to me, one I intended to delve into to the fullest. I already had a few “notches” on my belt

I had been active since the age of thirteen with one of the older boys from our village’ Robbie was sixteen and loved guys and didn’t give a damn who knew it,

Once I had left Fetters Preparatory Boarding School I decided to ‘come out’ at university, this had both positive and negative advantages, the positive one, in particular, was that once I was listed in the Bursars office as gay, no straight boy would share my two-bed dorm,

I also started midterm as I was born at Christmas, which had always been a problem concerning school, I was either 6 months younger or six months older than most other students, having joined late autumn most of my peers had been settled in for some months.

And the other benefit of saying I was gay? It made inquisitive people take a more positive interest in me, and I had indulged my sexual needs on a few occasions.

As you know I had met Ben, my twin brother from another mother, he had stayed at my house and me his, and we were totally assimilated into each others family’s, so much so that all family gatherings on both sides, were an open invitation to both of us. So I was happy and very content,

I was in team Ben, or ‘the gang’ as they called it, we were all very close.

The good thing about Danny had happened and he was now financially secure and had gotten over his mad crush on me.

It was one morning I came down to breakfast and noticed Ben talking to a smallish chap wearing baggy jeans, a red coloured sweat-shirt and a laptop bag slung over his shoulder,

Ben saw me and waved I approached them and Ben was talking in French, ‘So when are you thinking of going travelling in France? Our family have a cottage there in Hon Fleur,’ ( Ainsi, lorsque vous envisagez d’aller voyager en France? Notre famille a un chalet là dans Hon Fleur )

I had to smile, it was MY family that owned the property, but for Ben that was the same thing, he indicated to me with his head, ′ here is my twin brother Rory,′ the boy turned his head to greet me, I saw that he was Japanese,

There is a considerable difference between the looks of Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc, we have them all here, The Japanese boy has a more angular face, a Chinese boy rounder. a Korean boy prettier, and the most adorable of all? The Thailand boy and we had a couple of exchange students with us here. They were both arrestingly beautiful, all the straight girls and gay boys, including me, chased them but they were very straight, and they bedded many girls in the semester.

He looked at me then did a double take at Ben, and I reached out my hand but he bowed quite deeply which startled me, I sort of half bowed and this boy addressed me in French which included the words, ‘i am happy to meet you, my Lord.’ I looked at Ben, ‘is he serious?’

The boy replied ‘I understand English’ ’Good, then please do not use our titles here it just isn’t done, he looked downcast, I had unwittingly raised my voice, Ben grabbed my arm and gently shook his head, I placed a hand on this boy's shoulder.

‘Sorry I didn’t mean it to sound harsh, we use first names here’ he nodded his head slightly to indicate he understood. Ben said, ′ I will leave him in your good hands, show him around OK?′ I nodded, he hugged me and left,

I asked this boy had he had breakfast yet, he said he hadn’t so I asked him to follow me to the canteen. I asked his name, Tamichaka. ′ and what do your friends call you’ Hiro, he replied, ′ ( In Japanese, Hiro really does mean Hero!) do you mind if I make a suggestion?′

He nodded, ’Hiro sounds like ‘Superman,’ why don’t we call you Tam!′ He smiled and nodded, one thing I noticed is that he very rarely made eye contact, I later found out that a direct stare in Japan could be thought of as a challenge.

We both chose porridge and sat at a table away from where the gang usually sat, I wanted to ease this boy into our team gently, he seemed very shy.

I took a small silver flask from my coat pocket, and poured a small amount into the depression in the centre of the porridge I had made with the back of my spoon, Tam looked at me,

‘what is that?’ I held the flask up to his nose, ‘Whisky!’ He exclaimed in surprise, I explained to him that in Scotland we use salt and not milk and sugar as they do in England, and my family have always used a small tot of good whisky,

I offered him a tot he declined smiling and sprinkled sugar liberally on his steaming porridge. I sat opposite him so I could look at him, he was very cute, beautiful eyes, quite round for a Japanese, a very cute button nose and white even teeth, he caught me looking and blushed,

I apologised saying that he was the first Japanese boy I had ever met,′

. I am half Thailand on my mother’s side,′ so that explained his rounder eyes. I suggested we go to my dorm so he would know where to find me, he agreed.

We reached my dorm and we went in,

I showed him around and invited him to sit on the spare bed which he did and I asked him about his life in France, he told me that his father was made Ambassador to Paris when he was five and he had lived in the Embassy ever since,

He was schooled there for security reasons and when he reached 18 he enrolled at Montpelier University but his English was not up to their standard so he came to St. Andrews to study, he had arrived the day before and Ben had been allocated to guide him, but Ben was always busy so he had left this boy to me.

He seemed to have had a lonely life.

I spent the next couple of hours asking him what dorm he was in, and where all the facilities where I had to speak proper English, he didn’t understand shortcuts like can’t or don’t, etc it had to be can not and do not, it was hard going but with a notepad and a lot of explaining he began to understand,

I asked him did he want to go anywhere and he shook his head, so I offered him a glass of Scotch, he declined, but as the day progressed he started to relax,

I asked him to look at me when he was talking to me, as it was rude not to, and he did but blushed slightly, I asked him was it hard for him because I was so ugly in his eyes, he blushed even deeper and said,′ you are very handsome, the girls would love you in Japan no-one has blond hair there.′

Now, this was a dilemma, was it too early to tell him that I was at least bi-sexual?

I decided to leave it. We chatted on until dinner time, I asked him what did he normally eat in the evening, and he said something in Japanese I didn’t understand what, but I did get that it was with rice so I had an idea, if we went to the canteen we would have been swamped by the gang wanting to know about this very cute boy, so I made a suggestion to him and was surprised by the reaction,′

There is a Japanese restaurant in town I would like to take you there as my treat.′

He seemed very touched, ‘Why would you want to do that for me?’

He asked slightly puzzled, ‘Well that’s what friends do don’t they?’ ′ We are friends now?′ I smiled at him, ‘if you want to be,’ he nodded and smiled ‘come on then.’

So we wandered off campus to this rather swish restaurant owned and run by Japanese, Tam was enthralled, we went in and Tam spoke in Japanese,

I heard him mention his name and the manager was called and bowed deeply to Tam,

Tam introduced me as well and the manager bowed even deeper, we were shown to a secluded table and were served by two waiters who never left our sides except to get food,

Tam asked me what I wanted to eat, I told him I had not the faintest idea, what did he suggest, he pointed to a jumble of food on a plate pictured on the menu,

‘What is it?’ I asked, ‘Sea Cucumber with wasabi and rice,’ I must have looked horrified because Tam burst out laughing at my expression and that was the first time I had heard him laugh and it was enchanting, he had a very quiet and gentle manner and I was quite taken with him’ he suggested something I recognised as large prawns with rice and salad so I chose that, Tam said something to the waiter in Japanese and he nodded and bowed again,

‘What is it Tam?’ ’I asked if the Wasabi was real and he said it was but I won’t order it because of its cost,

I told him not to be silly it was my treat to welcome him to St.Andrews and to us as friends and he spoke to the waiter and this very small bowl of bright green goo duly arrived,

‘Taste, it,’ Tam suggested and I dipped the end of my chopstick into it and licked a very small amount, it looked like mushy peas, wow, was it hot but the aftertaste was fabulous,

’You like it? Tam asked me,

I nodded and reached for the carafe of water and he laughed again, ‘look’ he pointed to the menu, the Wasabi was £30.00 a pop, I was astonished, the amount that had arrived wouldn’t have covered one slice of bread,

Tam explained to me that it is very highly regarded in Japan but hard to grow and mature and ferment, hence the exorbitant price, anyway the evening passed very pleasantly and we drank saki and had a great time, in that short space of tie we had become firm friends, at about ten I asked the waiter for the bill, and he toddled off and the manager appeared bowed again and spoke for some length to Tam, they both bowed to each other and to me and we left with them bowing us to the very door.

‘What happened?’ I asked mystified, Tam seemed slightly flustered,′

He was just paying his respects,′ ‘Yes but who paid the bill?’ I asked

, ‘The manager waived it he said it was an honour to have us at his restaurant.’ I said,

‘Tam I have eaten there before but never got that reception ever’, he looked down,

‘Did you tell them you were titled?’ ‘No I never do why?’ ‘He knew who I was and asked about you, so I had to explain who you were.’ I was baffled,

‘Who exactly are you Tam?’

I had stopped and looked at him,

‘I am sorry Rory I am Prince Tamichaki Hirosaki,’

My father’s security team has told everyone Japanese here who I am and to be on their guard for my safety, so I had to tell them who you were, I did not know about this, are you angry?′

I didn’t know what to say, he seemed very upset,′ You are angry are you not?′ (he had referred back to proper English) I looked at him I was sure he was going to cry,

’No, of course not but why didn’t you tell me?

′ He wouldn’t look at me, ′ because I was told not to tell anybody,

I am part of the Emperors Family and if word got round I would be sent home.′

I lifted his chin so he had to look in my eyes,

‘So Tam, you’re my little Prince are you?’ and grinned, he smiled back,′ you’re not angry then?′

I just pulled him towards me and hugged him, his body stiffened, I let go,

‘Sorry Tam we hug our friends at University I didn’t mean to upset you.’

I am not upset, no one has ever hugged me before like that!′ ‘Not even your mother?’ I asked him astonished,′

‘No I mean another man.’ ‘Do you mind me hugging you?’ I asked him quietly, he shook his head and blushed slightly, ′ but please not in public.′

I agreed and we went back to his dorm where a party was in full swing,

I knew his dorm buddy, a jock who lived hard,

Tam looked alarmed, even more so when a girl, worse the wear for drink, went to grab him, I shielded him.

’Dave!I, I called out, Tams dorm buddy looked up, ’Control your guest, will you? Dave nodded but went back to what he was doing,

‘Tam, grab your bag,’ he looked at me quizzically, ‘just get it!’

He reached down and picked up a large holdall and the yellow leather computer bag I had seen him with earlier. ′ follow me, and walked him back to my dorm,′ You can stay with me tonight at least you will get some peace.′

‘What about your dorm friend?’ He asked me,

‘I live alone Tam so everything is fine.’

I made his bed and he went to shower,

I poured myself a scotch and pondered the day’s events, I would have to be careful and tell only Ben exactly who Tam was, he came out of the shower wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, I guess that was what he slept in.

I offered him a glass of whisky and he wavered, ′ Try it?′ I urged him, he tasted some from my glass and smiled, I poured him a small amount and I went off to shower when I returned he had his laptop up and running which took me by surprise as none of ours worked for security reasons,

I mentioned this to him and he showed me a small dongle sticking out of the side, ‘portable WiFi one terabyte,’ he explained,

I must say I was impressed, that would have cost me a hundred pounds a month on a rolling contract, I know because I had inquired about it, he had it because, as he explained, he had to ‘log in’ to his family every day to make sure he was alright,

it was a lovely computer all the keys were in Japanese characters, and I noticed every time he tapped a character, a different symbol from the one he had used, would appear on the screen so it was encrypted as well, they were taking no chances with this boy,

‘I have to tell them who you are, you understand Rory?’

I nodded and told him my full name and title.

We chatted and drank some more and his laptop chirped and he opened it up and seemed very happy, ″it is OK.′ He grinned,′ What is?′ I asked,

You are approved to be my friend,′ I looked at him, ′ do you have to do this with all your friends?″ He nodded, no wonder he was lonely, I reached forward and hugged him and for the first time he placed his arms around my back and held me tight, it was a very touching moment,

I topped up both of our glasses, I raised mine and said, here’s to friendship and he smiled and said 'Campie', which I think meant ‘cheers’.

We settled down to sleep but before I turned the light out I text Ben explaining what happened and that he was to tell no one and not to hug Tam, he asked me to explain in the morning which I promised to do and I turned the light off and slept soundly.

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