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SURRENDER APHRODITE Book One of the Surrender Goddess Series

By Minx Kenocha All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


Popular Web Show host, Aphrodite Lee and her co-host Kirby Jones are invited to take a "working vacation" aboard the highly exclusive and elite luxury cruise ship Poseidon's Passion. Through unforeseen circumstances, Aphrodite ends up taking the trip alone and finds herself engaged in sensual situations that she could never prepare for. Unsure when things are real or fantasy she gets lost in the frenzy of the cruise.


“You have the wrong room,” Aphrodite says alarmed, voice shaking and drawing her comforter to her neck.

The gorgeous, young man standing in her door way comes the rest of the way in, closes the door behind him and leans against it, sporting a coy smile.

Aphrodite felt her entire body stir with familiar tingles at the site of the stranger... which really pissed her off. I should be terrified not aroused she thinks to herself as she can’t help but notice the very generous bulge in his well fitted trousers.

“This is room 609,” she finally manages.

“I know where I am, Aphrodite.”

“Excuse me,” she says, clenching her comforter tighter. “Why are you here?′

His smile growls bigger as he prowls toward her, slowly removing his shirt and discarding it.

“Why am I here? You invited me.”

He unsnaps the button to his trousers and starts to unzip. She swallows hard, her knees begin to quiver and her sex begins to pulsate. Her heart beats so fast that she can barely breathe. The danger of her situation slowly creeps in as her nipples betray her and begin to harden.

“We’ve never met,” she says but for some unknown feeling when she heard the words it felt like a lie. Somehow he did seem familiar though she could not recall ever laying eyes on him before that moment. “I couldn’t have invited you,” she says with all the strength she can muster, “So leave before I scream.”

“Before you scream? Oh you sweet thing,” he says teasingly wetting his full, sexy lips. “I want you to scream. Promise me you’ll scream,” he says as if he took his last breath.

He sits beside her and gazes into her eyes as if trying to read her mind, ignoring her fear. She tears away from his stare and searches the cabin for a means of escape even though she knows there’s only one way in and out. His overwhelming beauty no longer winning the battle, terror now taking control.

“Please do not hurt me,” she begs as her as well with tears.

“You have had enough pain for two lifetimes, darling. I’m the one who takes all of that away,” he says sweetly. He moves in closer still and places his hand gently on the side of her face. “Don’t you know who I am?”

Aphrodite looks deep into his perfectly grey eyes and tries hard to recall but nothing comes to her. She trembles slightly as he leans in and draws her lower lip into his mouth and begins to softly suck on it. Then he moves to her upper lip and does the same, taking time to savor each. The throbbing between her legs begins to intensify and she starts to get wet.

“That’s the way you kissed me,” he begins in a low, deep, breathy voice, almost hypnotic. “The first time we met. My cock never got that hard, that fast ever.”

She pulls away quickly. “Now I know we have never met because I have never been kissed like that before except...” she catches herself. “Except in a dream.” Like a tidal wave it hits her. In a dream! That’s where she’d seen him before. That’s why he felt familiar.

“Oh my goddess,” she gasps. He smiles big.

The cabin begins to slowly dim until it’s completely dark then it reverses in the same manner to a slightly brighter illumination than it had been before. The entire room has now transformed. Vanilla scented candles everywhere you look. The bed has become a huge four poster canopy bed and she finds herself in the middle of it wearing nothing but the disbelief on her face. She quickly draws her knees to her chest. Her would-be suitor kneeling before her in all of his glory, huge cock, rock hard.

Aphrodite’s mouth begins to water. “For sure I am dreaming.”

“So am I,” he returns with a slight falter in his voice.

He crawls over to her placing his hands one on each knee all the while holding her gaze. She hesitantly loosens her grip as he slowly parts her legs, lost in his stare.

His breathing begins to labor as his eyes travels down her voluptuous body stopping at the downy mound nestled between her tender, succulent thighs. He spreads them wider.

“Such lovely gifts you bring, my Aphrodite.”

“Me? Lovely?”

Try though she may to hold them back, tears stroll down her cheeks. She turns away but he gently brings her back to face him. He moves in tighter and hungrily kisses her mouth as if his life depended on it. He eases her back and she allows herself to be taken by the deepest kiss she has ever had. The weight of his cock presses against her belly and she can’t help but grind her hips, just a little, against him.

He shifts to one side of her taking the weight of one of her generous breasts in his hand and gently kneads. She softly moans as his hot, wet mouth begins to hungrily suck on her nipple.

Again she moans.

His already impressive cock tremors and grows that much more with every little sound she makes and he aches to bury it deep inside of her.

Still giving her breasts their tender torture with his delicious mouth, he glides his free hand down her body until he reaches her wetness and takes inventory with all his fingers giving added attention to her swollen clitoris which is so engorged even the slightest caress makes her boil over. She knew that she would soon cum and could not hold it back.

Sensing that she was on the verge he slips a finger inside of her and begins to finger fuck her. Her walls tightly close around him, squeezing and releasing with every thrust.

“Scream for me,” he whispers. “You said that you would if I stayed.” He slips in a second finger and begins fingering her more. “Scream...”

Aphrodite bites her lip and fights the need to yell out as she finally can’t hold back any longer. As the last quakes hit her she manages not to honor his request.

With his finger still deep inside of her, juices flowing down them onto his hand and wrist and beyond, he looks into her titian eyes and grins.

“So it’s like that,” he smiles then kisses her sweetly. Slowly he withdraws his fingers and brings to his lips. First he takes in the intoxicating aroma then tasting the fruits of his labor as she watches.

“Mmm. You have the sweetest pussy,” he says as he continues to lick his fingers.

Aphrodite cringes. “Don’t say that...”

Don’t say what?” he looks at her puzzled. “Pussy?”

She turns away from him embarrassed. He laughs and turns her back to face him. He passionately kisses her so that she can taste how delicious she is to him.

“Pussy,” he says to her then kisses her before she can protest.

“Pussy,” he moans in her ear, once again stopping her words with another deep, sensual kiss.

She becomes lost in the frenzy of it all. He climbs above her still kissing her, coaxing her legs wider apart. He rest his cheek against hers.

“Sweet. Hot. Wet. Delicious. Pussy...” he moans.

He kisses his way slowly down her body until he reaches her nether lips. He parts them with his fingers and begins to greedily nuzzle her swollen clitoris. She can barely stand it and now he knows for sure he’s closer to getting what he wants the most.

He sucks and laps at her building juices every so often delving into her wetness with his talented tongue. Aphrodite raises and rolls her hips to meet his tongue’s thrust as if it were his cock and together they find a rhythm that sends them both to the edge.

“I’m gonna...” she tries to confess but the rest comes out as a deep, guttural sigh and as she explodes he takes in every single drop.

Aphrodite tries to pull herself together as much as she can. She opens her eyes and finds him, once again, on his knees staring down at her, holding his glorious cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. She starts to pant. Her walls begin to tighten. Partly from fear. Partly from anticipation. And once again her mouth waters.

“Don’t fret my lovely. I’ll let you suck it after you scream for me. I promise,” he says grinning.

He bends down and kisses her as he nestles his swollen head just outside of her spasming pussy. He continues kissing her as he takes his cock and draws circles in the lovely wetness of her puffed up nether lips making sure to hit her clitoris each time around. He dips the head into her narrow entrance which makes her tilt her hips, encouraging him to venture deeper. But he does not. He purposely stays just outside of reach.

“Please,” she sighs before realizing the words escaped her lips.

“As you wish...”

Slowly he guides the length of his shaft deep into her sex and she instantly begins to cum hard. He tries to move deeper but meets some resistance. Aphrodite yelps from the pain and the pleasure of being filled beyond anything she’s ever known. He raises one of her legs onto his shoulder and drives a little deeper.

“Darling Aphrodite you must try to relax.”

She hesitantly nods to assure him but she already knows how this is going to go. She trembles.

“Please...” she begs one last time.

Slowly, painfully he takes her inch by inch. Exquisite torture beyond compare. She cries out beneath him. He can feel her stretching, trying to accommodate him. His passion begins to boil all the more.

Fully inside of her he stills himself. She reaches up and brings his face closer to hers, drawing in his lower lip and suckling on it. She moves to the upper and does the same. “You feel so good,” she says softly. “So, so good.”

She kisses his neck. “Make me scream,” she whispers.

His response was just a deep, deep moan. He gently pulls out of her, leaving his bulbous head inside her divine tightness. He plunges back inside of her a little faster than the first time. The pain greater, as if she’s brand new. She cries out.

He moves in and out of her in this way for as long as he can stand it. He places her other leg onto his shoulder and smiles down at her before finally taking her with no abandon.

She screams.

Aphrodite begins to match his thrusts with her own. She cums with every inch he delivers. His orgasm builds and builds until he explodes inside of her with great fury.

Totally spent he falls to her side and pulls her to him. They lie in each other’s arms as they try to gain composure.

Her thighs ache and her sex is sore. At the same time she feels so good she doesn’t have words to define it. Aphrodite feeling exposed, unsure of what she just got herself into. This couldn’t be just a dream... could it? She lies still against him for the moment, contemplating the evening. Then horror washes over her.

She turns to face him square to find him staring at her as if he was waiting. His ever present smile across his beautiful mouth.

“Can I ask you something?” she says cautiously.

“Of course,” he says propping himself up on one elbow while his other hand finds her breast once more. He caresses.

Aphrodite swallows hard. She takes in a really deep breathe. And then another. She looks into his eyes and asks, “What’s your name?”

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