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By Minx Kenocha All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


Crowned Prince Lor of the Queendom of R’al is painfully aware of the duties that await him. Not yet ready to turn his life over to his soon to be wife, Princess Maitee of Sachiir, Lor, steals a portal key, an act that is highly forbidden even for royals, and explores in search of the Terran Realm he’s heard so many marvelous tales of.   Eden was always the smart girl with the pretty friends who boys liked but never seduced. Eden longed for seduction. A remarkably gifted and talented artist, she hides behind her work afraid to give of herself in the way she so truly desires. Fearing the very touch of a man but aching for the passion she knows it will bring.   In his quest for all things new and untried, Lor meets Eden just as she makes the daring decision to give into her carnal cravings. They explore each other in every way imaginable and given Lor’s shape shifting abilities to be WHATEVER he wants, Eden finds herself lost in rapture no form of imagination could prepare her for.   But Lor can’t stay with Eden. Faced with the collapse of his realm and a life on the run forever, Lor must choose between his love for Eden and his obligation to his entire world!


“It is forbidden,” King Ma’al chimes, trying to sound stern. “The law is the law is...”

“The law,” Lor interrupts as he walks up to his parents and bows. “Meaning no disrespect, of course, but... aren’t we the law?” Lor grins to himself having quieted his parents momentarily as the vortex behind him grows larger.

“You have obligations,” Queen Dese’al reminds. Her tone less than pleased.

Lor takes a few steps back and stops. “My love, always,” he says then he turns around and boldly steps through the portal.


The vortex closes behind him.

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