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My family seems to be perfect from the outside looking in. We have the big house, the money for things, the million-dollar-smiles. But nothing is ever as it seems. We're plastic. We're fake. So fake, that we hide the little things about us, like our flaws and our mistakes. One question burns in my brain. What would happen if someone found out those secrets? If they discovered what we hide behind our curtains? What if we were exposed for who we truly are?


My dad’s a doctor. My mom runs a bakery. My brother’s a superstar in high school. I’m one of the popular girls in school. We’re a beautiful family. We don’t argue. We don’t fight. We go to church. We know everyone.

On paper, we’re a perfect family living in our big perfect house with money to spend on anything we want to. But nothing is as it seems.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

My dad’s cheating on my mom with a nurse. My mom has a drinking problem because she knows about his woman on the side, but can’t confront him about it. My brother goes out to get high whenever he can and is starting to get bigger with his addiction, trying stronger things each time.

And none of them realize what they’re doing.

I see things that nobody else sees.

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