Sandbrook Meadows

By Raven Valentino All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Action


Sandbrook Meadows, one of the top riding schools in London. Owned by Christina's parents, she loves the horses and the fact that she lives on the yard, but her only problem is her foe Veronica Miles who also attends the school, its nearing Gymkhana season and it becomes competitive but who will come out on top?

Chapter 1

I trot gently around the corner, my hands moving forward and backwards with the speed of my horses head, which curved gracefully into his chest, I gave a gentle nudge and he transitioned into a smooth canter, with a soft tug on the reins we turned in nimbly in a big circle before riding back onto the track. Mirrors lined every wall, I glanced over checking my posture. Heels down and back straight, my hands lifted from my horses neck and spread apart as if I were holding a book in my hands.

I gingerly changed to collected canter, before slowing down to a trot travelling up the centre line from C to A and halting in the middle, with a soft tug on my horses velvet mouth he stopped. I saluted at the empty viewing gallery. It was now I could feel my horse panting under the saddle. I let go of my reins and immediately he dropped his head as he stretched it, I gave him a firm pat on the neck and dismounted throwing my leg over his hind quarters and landing on my boots in the thick sand. I gently took the reins from around his head and led him out of the stable and into the barn, it was immaculate as always, and every horse had its own individual stable with gold name plaques on. Two horses hung their heads out from their doors. One a dapple grey Andalusian mare, the other a black Mustang stallion, he sniffed my horse as we walked past and he neighed loudly at him.

I petted my horses nose. “It’s okay Orion just ignore him.” I whispered. My horse blinked and pushed his nose into my hand. We walked to his stall, I unbolted his door and then walked in. I didn’t need to tie him he just stood still, I took his saddle off first, I lifted it from his back, letting out a loud breath as I did. I rested it on the door and then took his bridle. He gave his coat a good shake and just as I opened the door he tried to bolt out.

“No silly boy you must stay.” I said gently pushing him back in. I walked to the tack room which was on the left at the end, past the feed room. I gently slid his saddle onto the rack from my arm, and rested the girth over it. I hung his bridle up next to it and then walked into the feed room. I grabbed his blue bucket with his name on and began to put his feed in, once full I walked back and he knew I was coming do he began to neigh loudly at me. I smiled as I opened door and threw the bucket down. “I’ll be back soon dear.” I said running a hand down his neck.

I grabbed a wheel barrow and headed out to the field to clean up the field from the horses. As soon as I opened the gate Henny a black and white piebald Gypsy. Vanner galloped over and on my other side was Pepo a beautiful chestnut Holsteiner. “Hey guys.” I cooed, Pepo stuck his snout into my pocket. “I have no treats.” I said gently tapping his nose. I was trying to use the shovel when Henny nudged me in the back and I nearly fell over. I just giggled to myself and just as I looked up I saw a black Vauxhall drive in. This was Veronica, even though my parents owned Sandbrook Meadows this girl made my life hell.

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