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Lovely Lies In the Dark

By Lawanda Taylor All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Drama

Chapter One: T.J. and Takaya

Do Not kill yourself to please a man! So, I catch TJ looking at a big booty bitch, and I remember that he told me a while back that big booty bitches are his weakness which is like every other man for some reason they love a big ass! a bitch can be dog face ugly and some men will still hit it! I tell myself damn” I don’t have a lot of ass just something to work with. so, I start doing a lot of donkey kicks and squats every day and I try to slow down eating so much, especially on snacks! but of course that shit is hard. the only reason a bitch eats so many snacks is because I smoke weed, and he know that the weed is a need because getting high is the only way I can deal with him and those bad ass kids! But anyway, I’m eating right and doing exercise and everything, and we start fucking one night” it’s getting good to me and all until he says “damn babe don’t lose too much weight you starting to lose your ass!!” and then I start to think “well damn! let me start back eating again... Now I’m stress the fuck out walking around with bags under my eyes and my weight going up and down got me around here looking like I’m on that shit. When I shouldn’t be worried about what he wants anyway because half the time T.J don’t know What the hell he wants his damn self!! I would have to end up deciding for him!

So, after our little love making session, which ended quickly after that comment he made. I decided to get dinner started.

and I ask him.

“T. J, what do you want me to cook?”

then he says, “It doesn’t matter”

so, I’m like ok cool......

then he asks, “what are you going to cook?” I looked at TJ like you’re playing right”

and when I tell him what I decided to cook he says “I don’t want that”

Then again, I asked him “well what do you want to eat?”

and his reply again is “It don’t matter “!

ok so, after going back and forth with this fool for like 10 minutes! I just said fuck it! and cooked something else. and this ass hole goes out and buy a fucking burger!” do you know how bad I wanted to slap the slob out his mouth!! for just being petty! I mean he could have just told me from the jump what he wanted to eat instead of taking me thru all of this! “Hugh!” see that just furthermore show’s how a man is never satisfied and how petty they can be at times... but it’s ok I’ll just move it alone.

Now this time I decided to change my hair color and try a new hair style, do you know that three damn days’ have gone by and his ass didn’t notice it until Facebook or Instagram do! When I only posted a selfie because I was feeling my new due and decided to take a selfie of it. Because everyone knows that it isn’t nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself.

But just like a man! he’s going to make it out to be something way bigger than what it is! he’s going to say some shit like “you on their posting pictures for likes. trying to get you a boyfriend or something”...

When I only took a head shot of my new hair style, He knows that I’ve never put myself out there like that. Like some bitches be on social media posting pictures in their bra and panties putting those thirsty men in a thirst trap. and after changing my hair, I THOUGHT the “ninja” would notice the new do. But I guess not! And like most women we change things about us because we get bored with ourselves and of course we don’t want our man to get bored with us either. so, we switch it up every now and then. And all he sees is the negative in it, again that’s just him being petty.

So, after a long day at work I rush home just to make it there before he does, so that I can try and clean the Apartment up, prepare dinner for the night and watch my “Love and hip-hop Atlanta” in Peace!” And usually he doesn’t get home until five, but it was going on 7 o’clock! By then I had done the laundry, cleaned the Apartment, made dinner and watched my shows! and usually I wouldn’t call him while he’s out. But I felt like he was trying me” so I called him anyway.

(Takaya) “hello”

(T.J) “BABE”

(Takaya} “You must have gotten lost on your way home?′

(T.J.} “Naw babe remember I told you I was going to shoot some hoops with my Patna’s!

(Takaya) “You know damn well you didn’t tell me know shit like that” but ok. I’ll see you when you get home!

{T.J} ok babe

Now I know he think's that I’m stupid and that’s cool that’s what I want him to think.

I went into my bed room to put on my Hoodie and leggings and then hop in the car on my way to do a ride by on his ass. and I’ll be damn. I get to the park.... and sure, enough he’s at the park playing basketball.... yes, I know I’m looking dumb as hell, but I am still pissed off at the same time because he says and do shit to make me believe he’s doing something that he doesn’t have no business doing. like why make me feel like you’re doing dirt if your, not! And you want me to feel like I can trust you.

So, I’m heading back to our Apartment and I’m thinking to myself “T.J is going to be at the park for a while, so I think I have time to stop by the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine and still make it home in time, to chill before ever body gets home...... but.... phone rings Takaya″ babe I’m on my way home do you want me to bring you anything from the store?

(Takaya) No babe I’m fine

I hopped my ass in the car. And hauled ass back to the apartments which isn’t but 10 minutes down the street. but I want it to look like I was just chilling around the house, because T.J could not find out that I drove by the park to see if he was there! he would be so mad with me.

So finally made it to our apartment, I took my shoes off outside the door, and carry them inside I put them in the closet and took my work shoes out of the closet and put them by the front door instead. I slide in the kitchen fixed me a plate fast and sat on the couch watching “Family Feud” eating my dinner ... in comes the door “hey babe “Hey it smells good as fuck in here! what did you cook?”. thanks babe it’s a little Jamaican food I made for you,’ I know how you love when I make Jamaican food!

“(Takaya) do you want to do a round 2 in the bed room after you finish eating.

(T.J) I’m tired from working and in plus I just finish playing ball babe I’m tired, but I got you tomorrow though

(Takaya) o.k then ” good thing I got toys’. (mumbled under my breath)

(T.J) Huh’? what did you say?

(Takaya) oh nothing babe I just said it’s no big deal!

See T.J don’t know I have some adult toys that I use occasionally...

so, we ate and got into our California king size bed to cuddle a little bit before we both fall asleep. while I ‘am laying on his rock-hard muscle chest, waiting to doze off into a nice deep sleep. I hear this mother fucker snoring loud as hell in my damn ear’ so I shove him really hard and then I quickly flip on my other side and played sleep. it worked he flip to his right side, once I heard him starting to snore again. I quietly reach over into the top drawer of my night stand feeling around for my crown royal bag wear I keep my vibrator.

I turn it on volume 1 and put a pillow on top of me, so that it will cover some of the sound from the vibrator. I like to start it on low just to give me a little tease. I had one hand on my soft perky breast, caressing the tip of my nipple, and the other hand with the vibrator going in a circle motion on my click, its feeling good to me but after about five minutes of playing with it , I needed something just to give me that little boost, so I looked over to make sure T.J was still asleep , and then I slowly reached over to the night stand and grabbed my phone .. I dimmed the light on my phone and put the volume on silent and then started my search for some girl on girl porn!! as I scroll thru the list I see something that caught my eye some sexy girl on girl action , I cut the volume on my vibrator up two more notches and put another pillow on top so I wouldn’t wake T.J up with this loud ass vibrator, over here sounding like a damn lawn mower!″ But loud as T.J was snoring, he probably wouldn’t hear this damn vibrator anyway.

so, I caught an orgasm, and the feeling it gave me was enough to put my ass to sleep.

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