The ordinary story of Michael. . .whats-his-name.

By Chris Picreame All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Ready for the beat drop?

I could never fully describe how good it felt to finally get her. How much it relieved me to be able say that she was mine and no one else's but damn it was good.

It also added to my fame, I mean come on who doesn't love a good underdog story (besides the half of the school's male population who would gladly bathe in my still warm blood) and this was the ultimate underdog story. I got to sit with the popular girls for once in my life which in ways boosted my popularity and in others crushed it.

"Are you coming?" Rose (yes she lets me call her this now) asks and I realise that I haven't been paying attention to what she said.

"Pardon?" I ask.

"To Jason's party." she replies rolling her eyes, right need to pay more attention next time.

"Yeah sure. . .when was that again?"

"Tomorrow night." she replies brushing her hair out of her face.

"Hey Mike!" Justin calls cheerfully from across the oval.

"I'll see you tomorrow then." Rose sighs already moving away.

"See you tomorrow." I say drawn, do I go with the love of my life and neglect my friend or go with my friend and neglect the love of my life? Rose is already almost out of view walking faster than usual and I decide that she's obviously had enough of me today and go to my friend instead.

"Hey Justin." I say when I catch up to him, "Jason Fletcher's having a party tomorrow night, you in?"

"Yeah!" he calls enthusiastically and I hope I'm actually allowed to invite my friend.

Having never been to a party before it shocks me how simple they actually are. Everyone stands around get drunk, baked and screwed simultaneously while attempting to dance to some lit dubstep remix. The room stinks of crappy food, vomit and sweat and its so loud that Justin and I immediately escape to the backyard.

"Hey!" Elizabeth calls her voice far from cheerful as she rounds towards us. I prepare to be heart broken when she tells me its over but instead she surprises me.

"Can you get me a drink Mikey?" she asks instead turning her attention to me.

"Sure, what would you like?" I reply mental pumping the air.

"Surprise me." she responds.

"Okay I'll be right back." I say making my way back through the mass of swaying bodies to where I though the drinks were located and looked at the array of alcoholic drinks before me. Does she want something alcoholic? Would she prefer a soft drink? Its a party you idiot, she wants something alcoholic I tell myself snatching for two beers just as Justin bumps into me.

"Hey dude." I call cheerfully.

"Want one?" I ask.

"No, I'm not feeling so well so I'm going to go home." Justin replied his voice shaky.

"Yeah you don't look or sound too good either, do you want me to drive you?" I ask momentarily forgetting I don't even have a car. "Or walk you or whatever."

"No enjoy the party with your girlfriend. I'm not that bad I just gotta get some fresh air." Justin replies before leaving.

By the time I get back to the garden Rose is nowhere to be seen and after two hours of circling the party looking for her I finally give in to the fact that she dumped me without even saying the words.

"So what do you think. . ." Rose chatters besides me as I scour the bus for Justin, its been a week since the party and still no word from him. His name isn't even called on the rolls anymore but surely he wouldn't move schools without telling me right?

"Pardon?" I ask realising Rose was expecting an answer for something.

"Never mind, what do you think Amberley?" she responds distastes in her voice. Oh yeah and we're still together (surprise, surprise) it turns out that something important came up and she couldn't warn me before she left.

"I think she looked anorexic or something." Amberley replied just as someone walked up the isle beside me.

"What does it feel like having a dead best friend?" he asks snickering.

"What did you just say?" I ask confused, well obviously I wasn't the only one who'd noticed Justin absence.

"Didn't you hear, Justin Gay drove his car off a cliff last night, it must be because his parents found out about his fantasies about you."

Neadless to say that derogatory statement about my friend who probably didn't commit suicide was enough for me to skip stage one and tear this guy a new one.

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