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Drama / Romance


All Melanie Charleston has ever wanted was a way out of the DC projects she grew up in, and a life of luxury. When she marries Richard Charleston, all her dreams, hopes, and desires come true. But fourteen years later, a secret she vowed to take to her grave is about to blow up in her face. The truth will change everyone’s lives and turn their worlds upside down. Everything that glitters isn't gold and the grass isn't always greener. A lesson Melanie Charleston will learn the hard way in this contemporary romance by Chastity Adams!!!!


Melanie Charleston pulled into her home church parking lot. She had mixed emotions, it had been a few years since she’d been back. Even though it was her sister’s wedding, she knew the day wouldn’t pass without someone questioning her about the secret she’s kept for so long.

“Mom, are we getting out of the car, or you just gonna sit here daydreaming?” twelve-year-old Jeremiah asked, impatiently, breaking her train of thought.

Melanie exhaled, looking over at her son. “We’re getting out baby; sorry, mom’s mind was somewhere else.”

Jeremiah smirked. “You think! Is everything okay?” He asked in a sharp tone.

“Baby, everything’s fine. I was just wondering what your daddy’s doing.”

Jeremiah laughed sarcastically. “Probably stuck in some boring meeting.”

“Hey, stop it; that’s going to be you one day.”

He shook his head stubbornly. “I don’t think so; not me, mom. I’m goin’ to the NBA. I told you I’m gonna be the next Lebron James; holla.”

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