Complicated Feelings [BOOK ONE] ✔

By Chey All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Other


“Out of complexities intense simplicities emerge.” - Winston Churchill

| c l a r a |

“Morning, Clara,” Nick greets, coming down the stairs.

“I made breakfast,” I say, stifling a yawn.

“Too early,” Zeke groans.

“Should’ve gone to sleep earlier,” Layne mumbles.

“Shut up, Layne!” Lucy snaps, obviously still annoyed from the other day.

“Lucy, don’t be mean,” Harriet growls.

“Everyone! Stop!” I yell. “Shut up and eat or leave and go without!”

I plate up the eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. I give everyone their plate and they shut up and eat. They are all sitting at the table for a change and I only have shorts on so I quickly give them their food and go back to the stove. I hope nobody noticed, but curse Zeke for being so observant.

“Clara, what happened to your leg?” Zeke asks.

Nick stiffens.

“You mean the bandage?” I ask.

Zeke nods.

“I slipped in the shower.”


I sit in front of Nick. “That was close.”

“I thought he meant the scars.” Nick says.

“So did I.”

“It’s almost seven,” Lucy says.

Harriet and I share a look. I grin and jump over the island. Harriet curses and climbs over the lounge. We rush up the stairs and fight for the handle for the bathroom. I get an idea and run to my bathroom. I hit the hot water button and the hot water hits me.

“CLARA!!” Harriet yells, almost wailing.

“Sorry, Harriet!” I yell back.

Nick walks in and closes the bedroom door behind him.

“I got the hot water!” I exclaim.

“Can I shower?” Nick asks.

Can you?”

“Fine. May I shower?”


Ni whoops and I leave the bathroom. I hear Zeke and Lucy yelling at Harriet and Layne about the difference between hot and cold water. They can be so weird sometimes, but you get used to it. Zeke suddenly yelps and Layne laughs.

I roll my eyes and get dressed. I decide on black acid wash skinny jeans, brown leather ankle boots and a white tee with a picture of my favourite band, Five Seconds of Summer, on it. I put my clothes on and fix my hair up.

I turn around and see Nick standing there with just a pair of boxers on. I curse and cover my eyes. Nick lets out a small chuckle and I roll my eyes. I heat a rustle and still refuse to look at him. He chuckles under his breath and I growl.

“What’s wrong?” Nick asks, innocent.

“Put some clothes on!” I hiss.

“I do have clothes on.”

I reluctantly uncover my eyes and nod, wishing he had more on. He has black jeans on. He grins and puts on a white tee. He sits on the end of my bed and puts his supras on. I notice that we put similar clothes on, but decide not to say anything as my door opens and a curly head comes into view. Harriet.

“Time to go,” Harriet says.

I grab my shoulder bag and follow Harriet out of the house. Nick catches up to me and slings his arm over my shoulders. I shrug his arm off and he frowns at me because I never do that. We wait for Zeke and Lucy with Harriet and Lou.

Harriet and Layne get in Lucy’s car with him and Zeke and I curse. I am stuck with Nick. I get in the car and Nick drives us to school, trying to talk to me the whole time. As soon as Nick parks, I get out of the car and walk away. He catches up to me and grabs my arm.

“Talk to me, Clara,” Nick demands.

“I have class, Nick,” I snap.

“Classes don’t start till nine.”

Damn. “I have friends.”

“We both know the truth.”

Double damn. “Just leave me alone.”

“And let the jocks beat you again?”

Damn again. “How do you know about that?”

“I’m on the football team, Clara.”

“Right,” I roll my eyes. “Of course.”

“Clara, what did I do?”


“Why do you hate me?”

“I don’t hate you.”


“We’ll talk later.”


“The willow,” I decide. “You know which one.”

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