A Christmas from Heaven

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Romance


What will Christmas vacation be like for Jeffery and his family?

Chapter 1

This was a Christmas from Heaven. There was a holiday vacation house that had shades like fruity lifesaver candies. Saint Nicholas and his wife were both waiting at the door for Jeffery, his wife Lilly Louise, and their two kids Baxter and Sandy Sue.

Inside the living room, there was a cozy sofa. There was also an inviting fireplace. Lilly Louise and Jeffrey started snuggling, and their lips started touching. This brought grins to the faces of Baxter and Sandy Sue.

Jeffery was so in love, he became inspired to start singing. His beautiful voice brought Lilly Louise to tears. Their kids cheered and clapped. The entire family shared a Christmas hug.

Then, Jeffrey became inspired to turn the radio on, take Lilly Louise into his arms and share a Christmas dance with her. The kids jumped up and down and cheered even louder. The room was filled with Christmas spirit like Lilly Louise and Jeffery had not known ever before. The family shared another Christmas hug. This truly was a Christmas from Heaven.

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