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Haikus For Autumn

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Poetry


Inspiration came from Getty Images.

Chapter 1

(POEM #1) Let’s Visit Japan!

The leaves of autumn,

They are just like orange stars!

Let’s visit Japan!

(POEM #2) Spaghetti Sauce!

In a land of trees,

Leaves look like spaghetti sauce!

What a miracle!

(POEM #3) Leaves Glow In the Dark!

Leaves glow in the dark,

And red is the brightest shade!

God loves His crayons!

(POEM #4) A Haiku for Red Leaves!

Red leaves are cherries!

Red leaves are so very bright!

They’re ripe tomatoes!

(POEM #5) Riding On A Train

Riding on a train,

I see a rainbow of leaves,

Both orange and red!

(POEM #6) Trees Look Like Flowers!

Trees look like flowers,

With their dark shades of orange,

And their shades of red!

(POEM #7) Let’s Go To the Lake!

Let’s go to the lake!

The leaves glow like Christmas lights!

I love orange shades!

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