The Awakening to eternal life - A yogic adventure

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A yogi can control their mind and the mind can control the body and the emotions, Controling the mind and the body, what else matters?This is a book that speaks clearly of Yoga and its benefits and your connection with the Orthodox Christianity. In a way, that bond does exist, since the doctrine of Christ is fully compatible with the philosophical basis of Yoga. Love your neighbor, and your God above all else, forgive 70 times 7. Yes, Yoga brings the understanding of God and its connection to Him, is a point of extreme importance in the life of a yogi, which are highly spiritual persons, just like Christians are, and believe in the afterlife and the immortality of the soul.

Chapter 1: The pain from the beginning and meeting christ


I thought a lot about how to write this preface because, although it is a work of fiction, it presents a self-help and self-knowledge approach. This is a book that speaks clearly of Yoga and its benefits and connection with the Orthodox Christianity. In a way, that bond does exist, since the doctrine of Christ is fully compatible with the philosophical basis of Yoga. Love your neighbor, and your God above all else, forgive 70 times 7. Yes, Yoga brings the understanding of God and its connection to Him is a point of extreme importance in the life of a yogi, which are highly spiritual people, just like Christians are, and believe in the afterlife and the immortality of the soul. Other points of the yogi philosophy are strengthening the willpower and seeking through various practices, like meditation, to control the mind and the ego, and through this control, be able to eliminate, or at least decrease, the suffering and seek happiness, which is the ultimate goal. A lot of benefits can be obtained through meditation and yogi practices. Some yogis say that, in some ways, almost everything is possible through the manipulation of the mind. Because it’s the mind that defines everything we feel and what happens inside our physical body, believe me, it’s not the body that breathes, but the mind that induces the body to breathe correctly. The yogi is able to obtain awareness of disorders that the body or mind feels, and, through practice, they can effectively eliminate such troubles. Yes, if properly executed, the yogi practices can eliminate several disorders from body and mind. Now picture connecting the doctrine of Christ with Yoga as a tool, both to internalize the teachings of Christ as to undo disturbances. That attitude is already present in India and other places and these people call themselves Christians Yogis, because they can’t see a doctrine dissociated from the other. And this is what this book is all about, Yoga and Christianity, and about what these two doctrines together can do for man.

1. The Pain from the beginning and meeting Christ

This lucid dream perception again, I’m asleep...


“Am I dreaming? Or am I awake? I see an image, but I can’t focus, sometimes it fades away.”


“Why can’t he wake up completely, Master?”

“Easy now, Sophie, this is the first time he comes into this dimension, give him time.”

“Yes, Master, but he’s in a lot of pain because of my death and I want to comfort him.”

“Are you going to give back his fire?”

“Yes, I wasn’t sure before, but now I know that he must let me go.”

“Yes, if you give the Fire of Love back to him, with time he will completely forget about you, and you, on the other hand, will feel a little empty inside.”

“I’ll try to hold on to all my relatives that I love so much, and all the friends I made here to support me through this loss.”

“Look, he’s waking up.”

“Alex, it’s me, Sophie.”

Alex wakes up, but he is a little sleepy still.

“Where am I?”


“This is a sacred place, Alex, we humans call it Heaven. However, it is divided according to the perfection of the soul, and you’re now at one of the first realms, because you’re just a visitor.”

“Sophie, I suffer so much, my only connection in the world were you and my parents, since I have no siblings… I’m alone now.”

“Alex, I’ll give you back a treasure you kept just for me, and now I’m giving it back to you.”

“What kind of treasure?”

“Alex, when a man loves a woman, he, through this love, passes along his fire, the Fire of Love. That is how a man and a woman are connected spiritually, but, since we are apart, now I have the right to return the fire to you, so you can fully love another woman. Take it,” says Sophie.

She raises her hands together and, on top of it, there’s a flame, completely red, standing out from everything around them.

“I accept my sacred fire back,” says Alex, as if reciting an oath, an event he had been through before.

Alex takes the flame from Sophie’s hands, then, he puts his hands together and sees the flame trembling in his hands. At last, the flame spreads from his hands to his entire body, and he feels the love, the passion, the desire to conquer and to want something he doesn’t yet have.


“I feel alive, full of passion for life. Thank you, Sophie.”


“Remember why he’s here, Sophie.”

“Alex, when you wake up, you’ll still suffer because of me, so it’s good to keep in your mind what happened here. The Deity has plans for you,” she says.

“What plans, Sophie?”

“I don’t know, Alex, they haven’t told me yet. And I’m not even sure if I’ll have access to that information. I’m here because, once you woke up here, it would be nice to see a person you love. Besides, it would decrease your suffering.”

“Now I know you’re alive and well, I mean, as a soul, you know that I was not an atheist, but I didn’t really believe in life after death.”

“Every time you come, I’ll give you instructions on how to keep going. Over time, we’ll see how you react to all this. When you wake up, someone will make an offer, accept it. Not because I said so, but because it will be good to you and it will bring you benefits. Remember what happened here. Wake up!”

He wakes up scared.

Alex thinks:

2015, age of achievements for humanity, computers and smartphones everywhere, age of technology, of a free press, an age when almost everything can be cured by medicine. What am I missing, then? Peace.

I’m Alex Niierv, born in Germany in 1969, a theoretical physicist.

In 2014, my wife passed away, and I don’t have any kids. I’m in search of something to ease my pain, something that will leave no doubt that one day I’ll see her again, so I can be happy. Physicists tend to be very rational people and tend to only accept facts they can reproduce. They can only believe what they can see and analyze so they won’t learn it the wrong way and, with that, they gather knowledge rather than beliefs. Well, so we thought, but what should I think about this dream I just had. Was it real? What to think of it? Well, I’m going to get up and go to the library to return the books I checked out.

Alex goes to the library.

Phillip, a great friend of Alex, philosopher and great scholar of the human mind, runs into him on the way to the library.


“Yes. Phillip?”

“I see you still carry a heavy burden. Fear not, for every problem, there is a solution, and I have a solution for you, if you trust me, of course. Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

“I’m free already,” says Alex.

“But you’re in pain. You can’t see the perfection, you’ve accepted the suffering and is not aligned with happiness.”

“Yes, I still suffer, but how could I not? My wife is gone, and I have a hole inside me.”

“Run, don’t stop, have experiences, don’t just stand there watching. Some answers only others can give you. But, you see, everything has a beginning, so start here your journey to perfection.”

“How? I don’t see how... Do you mean a religion?”

“No! What I mean is, stop suffering and go get some answers, which are now still out of your reach. You need to leave Germany and go to Tibet, where you’ll start your journey.”

“Why Tibet?” asks Alex.

“For the simple fact that everything new and transcendent flows through places like that. Travel and search for it.”

“Now I believe, it wasn’t a dream. I actually did hear Sophie telling me to accept this proposal, and here it is, but what am I going to do, alone in Nepal? Should I look for someone there?”

“There you’ll find the answers you’re looking for, my friend. Goodbye and I hope not to run into you tomorrow,” concludes Phillip.


How to change so suddenly like that? Me, seeking answers in Tibet? I’m not sure, but at least I’ve heard it’s beautiful out there, I might not find any answers, but at least I’ll get to make a nice trip. Well, I’ll have to hire a guide, how am I going to get around without one? Money doesn’t solve everything.

After long research:

Oh boy, to get to Tibet, I’ll have to get a plane to Nepal and then find transportation for a three-day journey to Lhasa, capital of Tibet. Well, it’s not going to be as quick as I hoped.

The next day, with a plane ticket in hand and local guide hired, he heads to the airport.

Airline Attendant:

“Your ticket, Sir.”

“Oh, here it is. Where do I put my luggage?” asks Alex.

“Right here. It’s pretty straightforward, you show me your ticket and I take your luggage. Anything else?”

“No, thanks.”

“Goodbye and good night,” concludes the attendant.

“Yes, thanks.”

Alex thinks:

The local guide’s name is Ang Ki and he’ll be waiting for me when I arrive. Well, with a good guide, nothing can go wrong, I hope.

Oh boy, it’s a 14-hour flight until we get to Nepal, I was afraid of planes before, but nowadays it’s so hard for a disaster to happen. But I still feel a chill when it speeds up and gets off the ground. Well, let’s do this, only 2 hours until boarding time.

Close to his boarding time, a woman sits beside Alex.

“Hey, pal, hot day today, isn’t it? Where are you going?”

“Yes, it’s really hot today. I’m traveling to Tibet, what about you, Miss? What’s your name?”

“I’m Maria. I’m also heading to Tibet. It’s so beautiful out there, you can feel in your heart the peace that flows in Tibet, is contagious.”

“So, you’ve been to Tibet before! I’m on a journey of self-knowledge.”

“I see, then the group that’s going to Tibet with you should be ready,” says Maria.

“Yes, it’s a requirement from China. Are you a Buddhist?” asks Alex.

“No, my family and I are Catholics.”

“I’m from a Catholic family too, but I was never dedicated to the religious practices, I’m a physicist, but I still believe on a higher power,” says Alex.

“That’s a start. When we get back from there, I want to know what changed in you. Could you give me your phone number?”

“Of course, please, write it down,” he says. Then, he gives his phone number. “Well, that’s the boarding call, walk with me?”

“Yeah, sure. I forgot to ask your name.”

“Alex, Alex Niierv.”

“Maria Scorfanoff, nice to meet you, Alex.”

“The pleasure is all mine, let’s go.”

Inside the plane:

Oh boy, I wonder who’s sitting next to me… I asked for a seat at the window... Well, here we are.

“Excuse me, Sir,” says Alex.

“Oh, sure, of course.”


He sits.


My tablet and phone, I have to turn it off. What am I going to do for 14 hours without internet on a plane? I should have brought a book.

The plane takes off, and Alex feels butterflies in his stomach.

Oh boy, it’s always like that, what a strange feeling. Perhaps, with time, I can get used to it.

The old man next to him is reading. Alex tries to make out the name of the book and, when the man turns a page, he can see what is written: The Secret Life of Christ.

Alex turns to the old man beside him:

“Interesting, a lot of the people going to Tibet are Christians, now I’m curious to know what’s in that book.”

The old man says:

“I see this book picked your interest. Are you a Christian?”

“Yes, I’m from a Catholic family, but my knowledge is minimal, I’m not a practitioner. I’m a physicist and I think that science and religion are conflicting.”

“Well, is not quite like that. For those who’ve spoken or professed, to the prophets, what they said, it was true, because they experienced those facts. Just because it was passed on to you by others, it doesn’t mean it’s not right.”

“But what about the evidence?”

“Mere logic, the philosophy is made of connected logical arguments, so, unless you find a loophole or an exception, is proven by logic. I’m a psychologist and it’s my duty, to myself and to my patients, to study psychology, which is, the study of the mind and its actions in the surroundings.”

“I see. And you’re looking for answers in the prophets?” asks Alex.

“Yes, in the prophets, in the Yogis, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tse, Jesus, anyway, in all the great prophets, philosophers and great minds and masters who ever existed,” says the old man.

“Oh, that’s a branch of knowledge that I’m not familiar with.”

“Well, as a physicist, you must be aware, there are laws.”

“Yes, I’m aware that there are universal laws that govern the universe. I forgot to ask you for your name, Sir.”

“I’m Albert. And, to answer your question, there are laws that govern the soul and all that can be called spiritual. Like the law of cause and effect, karma, these are called Divine laws.”

“I see, but, is there really such a thing as a soul? That is the main question here, right?” says Alex.

“Well, yes. If you think, feel and constantly evolves, depending on what you read, watch or experience. Does it all come from the information in your DNA? Your personality, your intelligence, your virtues and faults are mere fruits of society and of the kind of childhood you had? Yes, there is, because otherwise, it would be impossible to be so different and so similar at the same time with only a mere and unique existence,” concludes Albert.

“I get it, identical twins, for instance, a lot of them are very different from each other, and scientists can’t explain why.”

“The soul is the bundle of experiences lived along with moral and scientific knowledge a person carries with them forever, there is no loss, that’s why, more and more, we are evolving to a level never before imagined by Humanity, we have children with intelligence and wisdom comparable to great Masters, how to explain such a thing if they came from ordinary parents? Can you see how much easier it is to understand people if you believe in the soul? Without that, several exceptions would have to be created, and that would make philosophy a completely flawed science,” says Albert.

“Oh boy, now that you’ve explained that to me, I feel as if the curtains were pull up. Logically, is not only likely, but the existence of the soul is completely believable,” says Alex.

“Then, comes the best part, those that explain how the moral and spiritual laws work. Jesus, for instance, said that he who is not born of the water and the spirit cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“So, there’s another place where we’re going?”

“I don’t see it like that, God is perfect, just as his Kingdom, so he who is not born of water and spirit will not be perfect, so he won’t be in accordance with God and his Kingdom. For that, we need to successively descent to Earth as a living being,” says Albert.

“I see, we evolve when we incarnate, then, the Earth is provided to us, to better ourselves.”

“Correct, if there was a better place, why not just grow and evolve there?” concludes Albert.

“Yes, if that were the case, it would not make sense to be born, we would want the best even if we were imperfect, we would say ‘teach us and improve upon us until we reach our limit’, if such limit does exist.”

“Right. If this form of existence previously existed, God gave it up.”

“Why would God create the Earth then, if Heaven was already there?”

“Sometimes we learn things incorrectly, what could happen then? Insanity? Perversion? Or maybe there’s some trouble that prevents us from living in perfection. Yes, that’s why we have our memories stored and erased when we are born, we’re given a new opportunity. We grow up in steps,” says Albert.

“Sure. Now I can see it, I understand where I came from and where I’m going. But you, who possesses so much knowledge, what are you looking for in Tibet? You should be teaching, not searching for learning.”

“Buddha and his philosophy. His knowledge is still on this Earth through his monks.”

“Yes, Tibet is, in its majority, Buddhist,” says Alex.

“Yes, Buddha studied the human mind, as well as the human soul. Once there, I intend to improve my knowledge even further.”

“Yeah, I’m right there with you. I’ve sympathized with the idea of bettering myself and to become more, over time.”

“Well, are you interested in reading this book? I’ve read it before, I was just going through some passages. Read it, it will be a good starting point for you.”

“Yes, please, I was actually looking for something to do.”

On the third seat, the passenger who was listening to the conversation speaks:

“Hi, I overheard your conversation, great lesson. I’m a yogi and I always wanted to learn more about Buddhism.”

“What’s your name, young man?”

“I’m Carl.”

“Well, Carl, if you’re a yogi, you already have some understanding of what we’ll be seeing in Tibet.”

“Yes, I do. And what’s your name, Sir?”

“I’m Albert, at your disposal.”

“So, we’ve all been introduced.”

Alex starts to read but, after twenty minutes, he closes the book, puts it on his legs and closes his eyes to try to sleep for a while.

After a few minutes, he feels a numbness and, suddenly, wakes up in a dream.

He can see himself in Galilee, not in his normal state, but floating and although he can realize it, it doesn’t bother him. Ankdar approaches him and says:

“Alex, you are in a flow of knowledge. The flow of knowledge is an important fact, that happened and that was recorded in space-time, and you accessed it when you read the book and became resonant with Christ.”

“So, what I see here is part of History?” asks Alex.

“Yes, now, watch what happens.”

Alex watches a few men sitting on the ground and sees Jesus standing there, preaching. But, he also notices dark shadows next to Him and realizes that He is aware of them and is bothered by the shadows. Alex can’t hear what they say but he is certain that they are disturbing Jesus. Then, Jesus thinks, and Alex can hear it clearly:

“Evil has already recognized me. And it has come upon me with great fury. I must do something to protect me and my disciples. I shall go to the desert to meditate in order to protect myself.”

Then, he speaks to his disciples:

“Behold, I have a great task ahead. A great burden has come upon me. I must go to the desert, and there I shall spend forty days and forty nights.”

A disciple asks:

“And what shall you eat and drink in the desert, Master?”

“God shall provide, as He has given me much so far.”

Another one says:

“Blessed be the Lord who guides us.”

“Yes, He guides us, but I feel a great disturbance and I must take action, so no greater damage is done. Come! You shall accompany me until we are near the desert, from then on, I shall follow alone now.”

After some time, Alex can see, as if time had accelerated, Master Jesus in the desert alone, surrounded by shadows. And he can hear one of those shadows talking:

“What are you going to do, King of Kings? You are alone now! Where is your God?”

Another one says:

“Where is your army, Master of Masters? We are many and we are here to keep you from fulfilling your mission.”

To which Jesus mentally responds:

“Everything is provided to men and to them is not given a task greater than their own strength.”

Master Jesus picks up a stick on the floor and makes a big circle on the ground, staying at its center, in the Lotus position, and closing his eyes.

“Now look, Alex.”

No shadow can penetrate the circle, and the one that tries to, is hit by an invisible force that drives it away, a ray of light appears and comes down onto Master Jesus, illuminating Him. And there he stays for forty days and forty nights.

“Can you see, Alex?” asks Ankdar, “For every problem, there’s a solution. What comes next you cannot watch, you wouldn’t understand, and it would only frighten you. But, understand this, the reason why these visions were given to you, is a lesson to be learned. All Masters of Light, if they have a great mission on this Earth, they will have to be supported by someone else, because even in the age of Jesus, there was darkness enough to disable a man. However, see, Jesus was one with God and, therefore, managed to detach himself from the darkness.”

Alex says:

“I can understand the lesson, Master Ankdar. I will not be given a task greater than I can withstand, and for all evil, there is a way to protect oneself by doing good.”

“With knowledge and perseverance, everything is within reach. You’re about to wake up now, remember what you saw here. If possible, keep a journal just for your dreams. Goodbye, Alex.”

After a few minutes, Alex wakes up.

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