Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 8: Leo or Luca?

I ground as I rolled over onto my back, what happened? Why did I hurt so much? I lifted my right hand up to feel my head, yep it was still there. The last thing I remember was Leo’s lion telling me that he would help me get rid of the spell and then all I remember is a lot of pain, then nothing.

Well I think I heard someone say something to me but I don’t know if that was real or just a dream. I swear I heard Leo say something like, “Not, now! I am sorry, amore.” and then there was nothing.

I tried to open my eyes but it took a little coaxing on my part, when I did get them to open all I could see was a soft glow. It was night and the fireplace was stated, the room was warm.

I started coming back to myself more and more and that’s when I realized that I was in bed alone. Where was Leo? I suddenly missed him very much and I could feel an attack coming on and I was having a hard time breathing. I knew what was happening but there was nothing I could do to stop this one and that just made it worse.

I hadn’t realized that I close my eyes or that somebody was now next to me on the bed of furs, “Little one, you need to take some deep breaths. Nothing is going to happen to you I am right here my little mate.”

My eyes snapped open at the sound of his voice, that wasn’t Leo’s voice at least not totally. My heart beat even quicker when I looked up into his eyes, his eyes weren’t that vibrant green anymore. Mean there were still vibrant green that they had a black edge all around on the outside. He made his whole eye, there was no more white part to his eyes. The white part had been replaced black.

“Little one, you need to calm your heart. Listen to my voice, everything will be okay.” With these words, I felt the slightest brush fingers across my cheeks I realize that he was wiping away tears that I didn’t know that I was crying. But with his fingers touching my skin came a blazing heat, it was so much stronger than when I called my fire. This heat I just wanted to crawl into and wrap it around myself and never leave.

“I---I don’t understand, what’s going on Leo?” I tried to keep my voice steady, but with my heart beating so fast and my lungs trying to get air into my body I could barely get the words out.

“It’s not Leo anymore little one, the names Luca.” The way he was looking at me when he said this kind of scared me but with this heat coursing through my body I felt so safe.

“Wh-what a-are you tal-talking a-about?” Great he brought my stutter back, taken me years to get rid of it.

“It was going to happen sooner or later, little mate. You just had me speed the process up, that spell needed to go. A King cannot have his Queen of his pride if she doesn’t fill the mate bond, what you had to give up… It was getting to know each of my sides individually before we became one. So, there is no more Leo or just his lion, with removing that spell we had to become one.” He bent down closer towards me, he kept going until his face was where my neck met my shoulder, I could feel him just inhaling.

“So why you’re telling me, is that I gave up Leo and his lion and got you? Are you a whole new person?” I tried to stop the tears, but at the thought of losing Leo and his lion I couldn’t, it was like the dam in my river was broken and all the tears just kept flooding out.

There was a growl like roar that was ripped out of his throat, and it was pretty loud as it was right next to my ear. I could fill him breathing harder, his grip that I didn’t know he had tightened on me around my waist almost painfully.

“I am still your mate little one. I told you I am a result of Leo and his lion becoming one, do not make me mad you will not like the outcome.” I felt his teeth scrape my skin.

“Wha-what are you doing? Please don’t hurt me.” I tried to use my hands to push him from me, but that seemed only make him madder than he already was.

Before I knew what was going on he had my hands pinned above my head with his right hand he was sitting up off me just enough that I could see into his eyes again. I could still fill his left hand on my hip, difference was. It was not on top of my shirt but under, and I could fill his claws extending from his fingertips. I don’t know if he meant to or if it was just because he was angry. I didn’t think he realize what he was doing but I could fill his claws piercing my skin on my hip as they grew longer, and let me tell you it was quite painful.

A scream cry escaped my lips, “Please stop! You’re hurting me.” I didn’t dare move afraid that it would only make it worse. What I got myself into, I should never have cast that spell.

“Now you listen to me, mate. You do not push me away, you not tell me what to do. You are here as my mate, to do whatever it is I tell you to do. And if you think this hurts then are you and for because there is a lot more where this comes from.”

And then he was gone, well I mean he wasn’t on top of me anymore. I went to scoop further back on the furs, but I was stopped by something pulling on my ankle and clinking. I looked down to my left ankle, I noticed that I had a shackle hooked around my ankle.

Seeing that made all my fear leave me. It was like a change, I was brought back down to earth or whatever this planet was called and I was myself again. And oh, boy was I pissed.

I was off from the bed of furs so fast, that I realize what I was doing until I had done it. I followed the chain with my eyes to the middle of the floor, he had changed help like some animal and he was can get it. I was not going to be some submissive little mate, that wasn’t in my nature.

I realized that he had been trying to control me, and turned me into his perfect little mate. And if I continued to let him have control over my mind that I would become just that.

I quickly snapped all of my safeguards around my mind back into place, but I didn’t use his magic like he said from his book I use my coven’s magic that came from somewhere completely different, I knew that this way he would not be able to force me to put them down.

I heard a roar come from the right side of me, I quickly spun around and stood in my fighting stance. I was ready to take him on, I was the last in my coven so all of the magic was mine and none of it was his and he couldn’t stop me from using it.

“Drop them now, I will not have a disobedient mate.” He was standing by the balcony the curtains were blowing past him, he looked like he was ready to kill but I knew he would never hurt me like that. I was his mate without me he would be lost, I just had to help him remember that.

“Look Luca I don’t know anything about your world, I don’t know how things work but what I do know is that mates don’t treat each other this way. I know because of that spell things between us were spat up quicker and for that we didn’t get a close bond. But we can still have all that you just need to pull your head out of your ass and stop being so stubborn. Because I will never bow down to you, I was taught that you are equal with your mate.” I said from my fighting stance, and gestured to the shackle around my ankle, “and this will not be staying you can either move it or I will. And you don’t want to see me remove it, because if I have to that is good to put one more thing that stands between us.”

I thought I was getting to him but what a fool I was, before I could even blink he had me back on the furs and he was hovering over me with my hands pinned at the side of my head by both of his. I looked up into his eyes, there was barely any green left now. So, I did the one thing that I hope would calm him down, I leaned up and I kissed him.

Something happen the moment our lips touched, I’m not saying that sparks flew and there was magic. I’m saying as soon as my lips touched him, I started seeing things, pictures and images they were flashing before my eyes.

I could tell that they were me and Luca, we were both happy I tried to look around to see what made us so happy and that’s when I noticed I was actually a lioness I was laying on furs but what startled me the most was when I looked down I saw cubs, and just like that all the pictures and images were gone.

I opened my eyes, Luca was looking down at me with worry. I don’t even know what happened but something serious must to happen for him to look at me with so much worried when he was just so mad at me.

“What just happened?” I moved my hands up to my head I realized he wasn’t holding me anymore just hovering over me.

“I should be asking you that, little mate. What happened, as soon as you kiss me... You fell back onto the furs, you weren’t responsive. I have been calling out to you and trying to get you to respond for over 10 minutes.”

“I don’t know what just happened… My head hurts.” I let my eyes slid close. I was finding it hard to stay conscious, everything that I had just seen was just too much for me to handle. A lot had happened this past couple of days.

“Rina, I need you to stay with me. I know you feel like you needed to go to sleep right now, but I need you to hold on and not given. Do this for us.” I could hear Luca but it was like he was speaking through a tunnel. It was also hard thinking of him as Luca not as Leo.

I mean it’s not like I knew Leo very well anyway and from what Luca said they are one and the same. It’s not a horrible price to pay, yeah, I did lose out on some time getting to know Leo and his lion separate. But he is my mate I can fill it.

“Mate, listen to the sound of my voice. I mean explain something to you, I am going to hope this brings you out of it. Don’t retreat into your mind your mind can be a dangerous place. Every lion or lioness goes through this in their own time, we call it the change. It’s a common thing for us it usually happens after we mate with our mates it’s very rare that a happens before. When we are born, we are born with what you could call a split personality but when the time is right we bond together and become one again. And that’s when we get our lion name, I know this is a lot to take in right now. And I know that I can be very dominating, but it is in my nature, I am the King of this pride I demand obedience and control in all things especially from my Queen.”

His voice was getting louder and less tunnel like, I was struggling with myself to open my eyes again. If what he said was true which I’m sure it was, then that just means that were going to have to find even ground to stand on.

Because that is one thing that I refuse to have done to me, I’ve been walked on all of my life in some way or another and I will not have the one that is meant to love me do the same.

All of my struggles finally paid off and I could open my eyes once again, I looked up at Luca. I knew he was someone that I could learn to love, if only he would open up about everything.

“Luca?” I gasped out.

“What is it, little one?” He was looking down at me again I could see his eyes and there was more green than there was black. So, I knew for the most part he was calm.

“Can we talk this out and maybe come to a compromise?” I reached up with my right hand and brushed his hair back from his for head and down the back of his head into his hair, I pulled him closer with the fistful hair that I now had.

I could see that he liked having my hands in his hair, it looks like it calm to him. I felt him start to purr again, his chest was vibrating against me. It was actually very calming to feel.

“What is this compromise, you speak of little one?” He asked me this with his eyes still closed.

I used my grip on his hair to pull his head forward and tell our four heads were resting on one another, I just couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop touching him.

“The compromise that I’m speaking about Luca, is where you give a little and I give a little. Luca, I really want to make this work between us but it’s not going to work if you’re always demanding things from me.” I took a deep breath, I couldn’t get enough of his smell. I mean come on if you got the chance to smell salted caramel and chocolate, you can’t tell me the you wouldn’t take every opportunity.

“Our bond will work, little one. And what are these compromises you want me to give, what are the ones you are willing to get to me.” He moved so that his head was laying on my right shoulder, with his face in my neck. I could tell he was smelling me, I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck and re-grabbed his hair. I took my left arm and ran it up his back under his shirt, as I made skin contact I felt him go tense but as soon as I started to drew on his back with my head, he became calm again.

“Well that all depends on the situation that we are in. They are all different but I can tell you that every time you give so will I.” I let out a soft moan when he licked up my neck all the way to my ear.

“I will promise this for you if you promise to do one thing for me. I will let you know when the time comes for it.” He breathed into my ear before he bit it.

I gasped and turned my head so that he could have more access to my neck. At this point I would do anything for him if he kept this up.

“I—I promise.”

That this point I couldn’t think anymore that what was absolutely, necessary. He was making me feel so good and I know that I should be mad at him, he did have me shacked to the floor and it’s not like I can leave this room if I wanted too.

“But first, take the shackle off, please Luca.” I thought I better put the please in there or he may just get mad at me all over again.

“I will take that off but only if you promise that you will never leave this room without me.” I felt him bite down on my neck and it wasn’t soft either, I don’t want to know what he would do if I said no.


“That’s not good enough, little one. I need you to promise me and then I want you to give me a kiss to make it a deal.” I could hear the smile in his voice. He had let go of my neck but he then went back to it once he was done saying what he had to say.

“I promise… but I don’t think… um I can’t kiss you.” I knew that he could me mad at me for saying this but I needed to tell him the truth and that was he had taken my first kiss and I didn’t know how to kiss him. I only tried to kiss him once and look how that turned out.

I felt him growl, he pulled back from me, he straddled me and brought my hands back over my head and pined them there. His eyes were starting to go all black and I knew that I needed to say or do something.

“It—It’s not that I don’t wa—want to it’s just I don’t kno—know how…” Dam that stutter.

His eyes went right back to being green with just that little back around the edges. I watched as he started to smile.

“You mean that I was your first, little one?”

I could feel myself go bright red, “You were. So, I didn’t know what I am supposed to do.” This was so embarrassing.

“So, I will get to be your first and you are last.” The grin and the look in his eyes said it all, he was very pleased with himself.

“Yes, I will be your first and your last. What is a big deal, it’s not like I had a choice anyway. My Gran, kept me away from the rest of the world including boys, I mean it’s not that I didn’t try to sneak out. But she always seemed to catch me, and everybody was afraid of her thinking that she was a crazy old witch. So, they stayed away for me, especially the boys but that was because Gran told them that she would make the boy parts shrivel if they came near me.” I knew I was rambling but I couldn’t help it.

Luca let out a large throaty chuckle, did he find this funny! I didn’t!

“Relax, little one. I am very happy that your Gran kept the boys away from you so then I don’t have to go back and kill them. I think I like your Gran.” He was grinning from ear to ear and all I wanted to do was slap him but I could as he was still holding my hands.

“You think this is funny!? I can’t believe you! I hated growing up because of this, next time I will just tell you that I have been with many men.” I glared up at him.

“You will do no such thing! You are my mate and only mine.” He was growling at me again and I didn’t like it… okay so I do like it but that is beside the point.

He then leaned down and kissed me. It wasn’t a soft kiss, it was a very demanding dominant kiss. It’s like he was trying to tell me through his kiss that I belonged to him and no one else and never word I belonged to anybody else only him.

I felt his tongue brush against my lower lip before I could even open up to allow him entrance bit my bottom lip hard. I gasped, the next thing I know is his tongue is invading my mouth. Our tongues danced to gather fighting for dominance and mine won… Just kidding, I lost big surprise.

I never wanted this kissed end, I knew my life was not perfect it was far from it but in this moment, it sure felt like it was.

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