Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 7: There’s Two of You!

Leo’s POV

It has been two days since I have brought my mate back to our home and she has still yet to wake up, I knew that it was the way for her mind and body to finish healing but it still did not still well with me.

Especially after I had bathed her and put her to bed on the first night, seeing all of those of her scars and they were not just one or two but they were all over her body and most of them the human eye could not even see but my Lion could and that is all that mattered in the long run.

I could feel my Lion passing inside of me and I knew that if I didn’t let him out then it would be very bed but I wasn’t going to leave my mate until I knew that she was going to be okay and that meant waking up.

“You are going to have to wait a little longer my brother.” I told my Lion.

He roared back at me, “I want out! Need to see mate.” He was passing back and forth, trying to find a way out but I knew as long as I kept a hold on him he couldn’t get out. King or not I was still in human form.

“If you want mate then you must wait! You know this, why do you have to fight me on this! Do n you not want our mate to be safe?!” I growled back at him.

I could feel him calm down when I talked about our mate.

“I just want to be with her, I have waited many years to be with her again.”

“I know this, but she is not all there and you know that was have to wait tell your time comes and then we can be with her but we have to wait tell she comes to us. She doesn’t even believe that we are mates.” I feel him start to retreat into my mind.

“Let it be so.”

I sighed as I felt him give up for the time being. I knew that it wouldn’t last very long but I knew that it was better than worrying about accidentally hurting our mate.

I would hate us both if we ever hurt our mate.

“I would too, it’s not just you. But I would never let that happen.”

I knew that my Lion would never do anything to hurt our mate, not on purpose but that is what I am worried about.

I looked around my chambers, well mine and my mates. It was beautiful, we were in a cavern. My pride and I lived in a hollowed-out cave, there was enough for room to expand when needed.

There were also windows in each personal cavern, but they had my magic woven into them to keep my pride safe. It had taken 100 of years to get this cave where it is today but it was worth it. I have been here from the beginning and I will be here in the end.

Our cavern was the biggest as I was the King of our Pride and I had finely found my Queen and I was never going to let her go. There was a large bed of furs in the middle of the cavern, the furs took up about half of the cavern and they came up to about my knees so that was almost 2 feet. I couldn’t let m Queen sleep on the hard floor so this was perfect for us.

There was a fireplace straight across from out furs and then on each side of the fireplace are two trunks each for clothing and then there was the window on the right of the fireplace that also when out on to a stone balcony but it was protected by my magic so no one could see it from the outside.

There were drapes that hug from the stone ceiling around our furs and in front of the balcony there was also one in front of the door that was on the left. The drapes around the bed were see-through they were a light blue the ones in front of the balcony were a bright green one and in front of the door was a blackout curtain.

The ceiling was made of crystals, every color that you could possibly imagine was there. The crystals had healing properties, among other things. Some of them could show the future or the past, but they didn’t just show it to anybody there’s only a select few. My mother was a last one known.

I looked over towards my mate, she was still sleeping peacefully on the furs. She was lying on her right side; her hair was spilling out behind her. She was facing me and I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was.

I sighed in content as I stripped down and crawl on the furs sliding in behind her, I pulled her back into my chest. Sliding my right arm underneath her head and wrapping left arm around her waist, securing her to me.

I sent out my magic sailing our room from harm and putting alarm systems up to alert me of what anybody was nearby. With that I let myself drift off to sleep with my mate in my arms knowing that she was safe.

Rina’s POV

As my body was starting to wake up I couldn’t help but think about the weirdest dream that I’ve ever had in my entire life, I mean I’ve had some pretty weird dreams but this is just over the top. So, first I dreamt that my Gran had passed away, that I woke up and I found her in her rocker and then after I was done bearing her I came back to the house just in time before the barriers went up but then something happened to cause the house exploded. I had to laugh at that. I mean come on my house exploding, like that whatever happened.

And then my father was in the dream and he was trying to kill me, and then I dream that my mother came back from the dead and save me for my father then help me cast a spell to bring the Star God to me and he just so happened to be my mate too, crazy, right?

I went to roll over in bed but something was preventing me from doing so, it was like every time I tried an I would roll into a wall. And I could think was my bed is not against any wall.

I didn’t want to open my eyes yet but if I kept rolling into a wall I had a figure out where I was. I don’t even remember what I did when I woke up the other day everything is blank.

I groaned in protest as I slowly opened my eyes, and boy did I get the shock of my life. Right after I knew that I was not in my room, I did know where I was. The first thing that I saw was blue see-through curtains the looked out into what look like a cave, but that didn’t make any sense. The caves I knew did not have curtains.

I tried to see what I can make out past the curtains after all they were see-through. So, I could see I could an opening in the side of the cave that had more curtains in front of it but they were a green color, they were also see-through.

I looked towards the bottom of the bad, which as it turns out wasn’t really a bed. It looked like fur, lots of fur. At the bottom of the bed against the wall, was a built-in stone fireplace, and on either side of it were two chests a total of four. That is all I could see from my position on the bed because I still couldn’t move all the way.

That was starting to make me mad, so I looked behind me and I froze. There was a larger-than-life man laying behind me in the same bed, furs as me and I had no idea how either of us got here. I didn’t want to wake him up just in case he was a threat but I most certainly do not want to stay in his arms either.

But at the thought of leaving his arms my heart clenched and I almost wanted to cry which didn’t make any sense to me. I have never even dated let alone been in bed with a guy that’s why it made no sense to me. Why was I feeling like I should be in his arms and never leave?

It felt really good to be in his arms like this is the only safe place I would have. I do understand why felt safe with him, the only person I’ve ever felt safe with would be my Gran.

Oh, my gosh wears Gran?!? I went to try a pull away from the man again when everything hit me at once, all my memories came rushing back. I groaned as a reach up to hold my head, my head was spinning so fast with all the memories that came rushing back in.

It turns out my dream was really a dream it really happened all of it. I just laid there trying to figure out what I was going to do, when it hit me again that Leo kidnapped me, he brought me wherever here was against my will. But for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at him.

I went to try to move out of his arms just to have them tighten and pulled me back into him. I froze thinking that he had woken up but when nothing else happened it just had to be him with his reflexes when he sleeps I guess. I’ve heard about people that do that, when they sleep they hold onto things and won’t let go.

I tried to at least turn around in his arms so I could see his face. And what surprised me was that it actually worked, he loosened his arms just enough for me to turn around and then he tightened them all over again. So, I was kind of back at square one.

But at least I could see this side of the room more clearly and him. He looked handsome when he sleeping, it made my heart melt. His black hair fell over onto his forehead just a little bit from it getting messed up as he slept. I really wanted to reach up and brush it back I also wanted him to open his eyes so I could see his bight green eyes staring back at me and that terrified me.

I didn’t realize what I was doing until it was too late, my right hand had reached up on its own accord and brushed his hair from his forehead and down behind his ear then I let my palm rest on his cheek. He stirred just slightly but didn’t open his eyes.

Il mio amore, what are you doing?” I gasped as I heard him speak, I didn’t think he was awake.

“I’m sorry.” I went to pull my hand away, but before I could he reached his left hand up and laid it over mine on his cheek.

“Please don’t move it, I love when your skin touches mine. It calms my lion within.” He opened his eyes and looked at me, I held in another gasp as I stared into his bright green eyes. They were just as I remember them, I swear he was looking into my soul.

“You kidnapped me.” I wasn’t going to let them get away with what he did, he claimed that I was his mate but I didn’t feel what you’re supposed to feel when you find your mate.

“You didn’t leave me a choice, amore. I wasn’t going to leave you there, you are my mate my responsibility even if that means protecting you from yourself.” He let go of my hand and rewrapped his arm around my waist pulling me close as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

I sighed in content, maybe he was right me there was his mate.

“If I am your mate, why don’t I feel what I should feel if you were my mate. I’m not saying I felt nothing at all, because that would be a lie. I do feel something towards you but it’s not strong, overpowering like a mate bond would be.” I put my hands on his chest and gently pushed him away, I also felt the needed to reassure him so I let my left-hand slide back up his chest and up his neck into his hair and held on.

I watched close his eyes and then I fell his chest vibrating, but he wasn’t growling like he had before… He was purring. Never thought I could say I would make a grown man pure but here I was.

“The only thing that could hide the mate bond like this would be a very powerful spell. The only ones that can do it would be you are the creator. You should think about it, if you really want it the spell will be undone. I can be of no help in breaking the spell it must come from you. I’m sorry, amore.

With my hand still tangled in his hair I scooted closer toward him laid my head on his chest putting my ear over his heart so I could hear his heart beating. As I did this I swear I heard his heart skipped a beat which in turn made my heart skip a beat.

“I don’t even know where to begin to--to break the spell like this.” I whispered to him.

“You have to find it within yourself, it is in your heart. Just let your heart find what it wants.” He whispered into my hair as he placed a gentle kiss on top of my head.

I sat quietly pondering what he had said… Just to clear this up just in case it’s something you’re thinking, I’m not saying that I fully trust him, I mean he did kidnap me but he is a first person I feel safe with besides my family and it’s not a made up safe feeling it’s the real deal.

And besides my Gran always taught me to give someone the benefit of the doubt, that they are innocent until proven guilty.

If you don’t understand the feeling by now me explaining it to you is not going to help you in any way. The feeling is not one that you can explain at least not very well anyway.

If what he says is true I’m the one that must break the spell… but I feel like there’s something that I’m missing. I feel like he can help me but not him but that doesn’t make any sense. How can he not help me to help me? I don’t know what to do, I can’t feel my Gran or my Mother nearby for all I know we aren’t on the same planet anymore.


“Yes, my mate?”

“Where are we? I know we can’t be on earth because I don’t fill my Gran her mother anymore.” I tried to keep the sadness from my voice but I think I failed miserably.

“Do not be sad my mate, your Gran and your Mother are fine they have moved on to the spirit realm. And you are right we are not on earth anymore we are on my home planet. But I think we need to concentrate on right now is you removing that spell, I need my mate Rina.” He pulled me even closer to him, it seems like he was trying to calm down.

“Leo, I know you want me to undo this spell. And regardless of what you say that you can’t help me I feel like a part of you can, I can’t do this alone.” For some reason after saying this I felt like crying, but I had a cried in a long time and I wasn’t can start now.

“The only thing that comes to my mind would be my lion could have to help you but that is not a very good idea right now to even try.”

“If what you say is true and all it is going to take is your lion helping me then why not do it? I can tell you have something to do with me remaining calm right now, but I can tell you this now I’m starting to lose my temper I don’t think that’s a good thing for you.”

“You are right amore. I am helping you remain calm in this, you having your temper free would not help the situation. If I did not want, you so badly to feel the bond between us then I would leave it as it is because soon as that spell is removed I will not have any more control over you. And that scares me, because I have control and all things.”

He pulled away from me and scooted to the end of the furs and sat up. I could fill his control over me slipping even more, I was starting to get mad and things were starting to make more sense.

How could he do this to me? If I am his mate like he says and he is controlling me that makes me mad. I don’t care if he has control of all things in his life, he should not be doing it with me.

“Let your lion out to help me or I am leaving and you cannot stop me.” I went to get off the bed but I didn’t have any time before I was pinned down by a very large, angry Leo hovering above me, with my wrist penned above my head by his hands. His face was so close to mine that our noses touched, he was growling and breathing heavily.

“You will never leave my site, and if my lion is the one you want than my lion is the one you shall have.” He growled out, before his whole demeanor changed around him. I felt the shift, if I thought he was dominating oh boy was I wrong. It was rolling off from him in waves but it was coming from his lion not him and then when he opened his eyes and they were black or black I swear my heart stopped.

“So, my little mate wants to play. You know when you play with fire you get burned.”

He didn’t even phrase that has a question it was a statement.

I did my best to pick up all the courage that I could before I spoke to him, “You won’t hurt me. You may be mad at me, but you can never hurt me not if it’s true that I’m your mate.”

“It is true. You should be questioning it, I should show you right now right here who you belong to. No one, mate or not disgraces us.”

“If you’re looking for apologies you will not find what here. I did what I had to do to get you to come out, you know as well as I do the Leo wasn’t going to let you come out. But I know you can help me reverse the spell.”

“You are daring one little mate, I only know of one way to break the spell like this. And that is by me marking what is rightfully mine, I will enjoy this.”

“You’re lying to me. I don’t appreciate lying as much as the next person, this spell must be broken by me and me alone. I know the you know how to break it but has to be done by me so quit lying to me, maybe there’s a slim chance that by you marking me will break it but that is not a chance I’m willing to take.”

“I will help you but what you need to understand is me and mio are two separate beings. You are rightfully his mate, a part of you is also mine. But I do not fill a full bond with you so I’ll be very careful of what you say and do around me.”

“You what it hurt Leo like that, and by hurting me in any way that is exactly what you would do. I don’t like you very much, just tell me what has to be done.” I tried to look away from his piercing gaze, but he quickly restrains my arms with one hand and grabbed my face with the other.

“You have to take something within yourself, but you also have to switch and give something up. I cannot tell you what these things are but I can help you perform the ritual, it is your choice make it now.”

“I will do this ritual but there’s one thing that I want to get cleared up. You set up before, that you and Leo are separate beings how is that? How can there be two of you in one body?”

“You will get your answers all in due time, all I needed was for you to agree with me and it would be done.”

Before his words could register with me I started to fill a shift inside of me, it wasn’t just any type the shift it was painful. I went to scream out, but he bent down and covered my mouth with his.

He had just stolen my first kiss, if you can call it that. This all happened because I had to piss off Leo and let his lion take over. I was arty starting to fall in love with Leo, but I had a feeling he wasn’t the one I was supposed to fall in love with.I think I knew what this change was I don’t think I am going to like it one bit.

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