Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 6: New World

I was shocked what did he mean by mate? Wiccans didn’t have mates. I know shape shifters have mates but they usually mate with their own kind, so it didn’t make sense why he was calling me his mate.

I decided maybe I should just ignore him and he would go away I needed to find out who my spell had brought here so I knew who could help me. So, with I went to try and stand up, but I found out that I am extremely dizzy from being healed so fast.

I would have fallen over had it been for him catching me and pulling me close to him. But when he touched me the most amazing feeling with through me, it was like I had tiny little fireworks going off all over the top of my skin and it felt like jar of butterflies have been released inside of me. I was intensely warm all over.

When I came back to my senses and my head had stopped spinning, I realized my hands were resting on his eight pack. I could feel the heat radiating from him in waves, for the first time in a very, very long time I felt like I didn’t have to worry about anything anymore.

I let my eyes travel upward towards his face, I gasped in shock. He was staring right at me with such heat in his gaze, it made something in me come alive. I also felt the shift in me and I knew what that meant, my eyes were changing but before I could say anything or pull back he noticed.

“Your eyes il mio amore, they are changing colors.” He didn’t look afraid like most people did when they saw my eyes, and yes people have seen my eyes. There have been times where I had to go into town for Gran and somebody would make me mad or I would see something and my eyes would change. He just looked concerned, like my eyes changing could harm me.

I tried to tilt my head down away from his piercing gaze but he would not allow it. He quickly brought his right hand up to my face holding my cheek to keep me from looking down, he had his left arm wrapped around my waist tightly holding me to him.

“Do not hide from me il mio amore.” He growled at me, but his eye gave him away when he looked at me. There was such love and devotion that I lost my breath, he didn’t even know me and he was looking at me like this, like I was his whole world.

“What are you calling me? What does that mean?” It’s not even what I wanted to ask him but it just slipped out.

“It’s Italian, it means my love, il mio amore let’s not changer the topic here. You are never to hide from me, do you understand me?” His voice had taking on a dominant tone to it. It did things to me, call me crazy but I like that tone. It made my body come alive and I loved it.

“Uh, sure whatever. It’s not like we are going to be seeing much of each other after this anyway. Well you let me go? I need to get going before he co—“ His growling cut me off, his whole body was shacking. What is wrong with him!?! And why did he just growl at me?

I tried to pull myself away from him but he just held onto me tighter. There was no way that I was getting away from him, I was starting to get scared. I could feel my eyes change again, they were becoming black and that met one of two things, fear of what is going on around me or evil inside of me, but there was also pink flack and that meant passion. That’s the one that doesn’t make since to me, how could I feel both at the same time? I have never had two colors before!

I think he could tell something changed in me cuz he stopped growling and he was only shacking a little now. I still don’t understand what was going on and why he was doing this.

“Listen here il mio amore, you will not be going anywhere. You are mine and only mine, I am here to keep you safe from your so-called father and I will never let you go, ever. Know tell me why do your eyes keep changing? I will not ask this again!” He growled out to me witch only made me fear him more than I was already.

“What do you mean, I am yours?! I can’t have a mate I am wiccin and we don’t have mates. This doesn’t make any since, none of this does. I don’t understand what is happening. All I know is that my dead mother came back and saved me from my father that showed up trying to kill me and then I cast some spell to bring some Star God here and I don’t even know if he is here are not. Oh, and my eyes change with my moods but that doesn’t even matter because it’s not like I am going to live for much longer anyways.” I took a deep breath trying to calm my racing heart, after I had my say he went quiet and his body stopped moving except for breathing.

I could hear him start to growl.

“You are my mate, il mio amore that means that you are mine to take care of and to keep safe. I know that you cast that spell, you did bring me here after all. How is it that your eyes can change colors like that? I have never heard of this happening before.” He was still growling and I knew that is wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

I looked up at him, he was looking down at me with concern written on his face. I felt his hand on my cheek, he ran the palm of his hand over my cheek before he let it rest there.

I could feel my eyes turn more pink, I quickly closed them as I didn’t want him to see. He would want to know why and what it means. But I was too late in closing them, “Why are they pink? I will not ask you again, now tell me what I want to know.”

I kept my eyes closed as I didn’t want him to see them anymore. I shook my head and looked towards the ground to hide my face.

“Don’t hide from me, I am your mate. Il mio amore, tell me why your eyes are pink, what does it mean?” I felt his hand left up my face towards his. “Please, look at me. Let me see those eyes of yours.” I could tell that he was mad again, he had to ask me again and I knew that he would be.

Why didn’t I just answer him?

I could feel his breath fanning my face and it felt good, his breath smelled sweet like salted caramel and chocolate. That was my favorite small and dessert, before I knew what I was doing I put my face into his chest and buried my nose and took a deep breath. His breath smelled just like him.

I don’t know how I could smell like this, I have never been able to do it before. How was it that my since of smell was getting better? Like humanly imposable.

I heard a deep chuckle, that vibrated me with the movement. I came back to my senses with a jerk and quickly pulled my face away from his chest, I could feel my face go beet red. What was I thinking? Apparently, I wasn’t.

“That is quite all right, il mio amore. What do I smell like to you? Hmmm? You smell like wild honey on a hot summers day with a hint of vanilla and wild cherry blossoms.” He lifted my chin, making me look at him. “Now why are your eyes pink? Could it have something to do with you wanting me?” At this point he was growling in my ear and his grip on me tightened. I tried to move and look away from him but he only growled louder and pulled me closer.

“Why do you keep growling like that?” I asked as I laid my head on his cheat, it felt like the right thing to do. I then mumbled against his chest, “I don’t want to tell you why they are pink…You smell like salted caramel and chocolate.”

I felt him pull me even closer if that was even possible. He also stopped growling, but I felt him bend down so his mouth was right next to my ear, “I’m sure you know why I’m growling, il mio amore.” He whispered, growled in my ear.

Before I could say or do anything I was pinned up against the cave wall. I looked up at him in shock, I was also trying to catch my breath but it was hard with him pressed up against me.

I want to put my hands on his chest but before I could even try to touch him, my hands were pinned you above my head with his right hand.

By this time my heart was going double time and I know that my eyes were full on pink now… Just in case you are wondering my eyes are not a hot pink but a soft pastel pink.

I tried to take deep breaths but that didn’t help as all I could smell was him… I didn’t even know his name.

“You are playing with fire, il mio amore. I would suggest that you stop before I doing something that we both will regret latter on.” He growled out as he placed his lips on my neck, just under my ear.

I let out a moan that I didn’t know that I was holding in. “What are you doing to me?” I whisper out.

He let out a throatily chuckle, he was so close to me that when his breath fanned out over my skin a shiver slid down my spine. He moved his mouth all the way up to my ear and kissed the shell of my ear before saying, “What are you doing to me is the better question. You want me right now which makes me want to calm you right here and right now.” He the laid his head down onto my shoulder with his face in my neck and that was not helping me, trying to get my body back under my control.

I was trying my best to get my heart under control and when I thought I did, I asked him the one thing that I should have asked him first. “Wh—what’s your name?”

“Romano, Leo Luca Romano.” He whispered against my neck.

“I’m Rina Sander…. Wait did you say that I brought you here?!?” Yes, that just hit me, I am slow okay. Especially when it comes to him… Leo.

He brought his head up from my shoulder and pulled back to where he had to look down at me. I went to move my arms but when I tried I couldn’t move them and that’s when I remembered that he was holding them and yes that means technically he had his face in my armpit…

My face went red, I hope that my deodorant was still working!

Amore, are you alright?” He looked at me like he really cared if I was or not. I have only seen this look on my Gran.

“I… I am fine, why do you ask?” I looked up into his eyes, trying not to get lost in them again.

Why would he think that I wasn’t okay?

“Well you are just now asking about you bring me here, I thought you would already know that you did and you are also very red in the face.” He brought his left hand up and brush it across my very red cheeks.

“We—Well you see I have a very hard time thinking when you are this close to me and you are the one that is making me red.” I whispered out hoping that he wouldn’t hear me, I don’t even know why I said that.

It’s like I can’t lie or not talk when he asks me something. Maybe it was whatever this mate thing was.

“What do you mean that I am making you red?!” He yelled at me as he pulled back even further from me, like he was the one that was hurting me.

I laughed out loud at this, did he not know what blushing was? I stopped when I looked at his face and it hit me, he really doesn’t know what blushing is.

Where was he from that he has never been around to see someone blush? Well I guess that I was going to have to tell him… what? I couldn’t stand that look on his face!

“Umm well you see, my face goes red because you are kind of embarrassing me and that what is what happens when someone gets embarrassed. So, you are the one that’s making me this way and now I am going even redder because I am having to tell you this… Why can’t I just shut up!” I quickly closed my mouth before I said even more. I really wish something would come and eat me right now.

He looked at me for what felt like a long time and I could feel myself going even redder then I was before and I thought I couldn’t get any redder then what I was already but Leo just proved me wrong.

“It’s a good thing then.” He then got this big grin on his face, “I will do it more.”

I started to shake my head, “No!”

“Yes, I like the look of red on you and it does not hurt you so I think that I will keep doing it.”

What had I just done. I have created a monster.

I knew that I was only going to keep getting redder if I didn’t do something and so I did the only thing that came to my mind…

I called my fire to heat up my skin, I could feel my skin getting hotter and hotter. I know that it wouldn’t hurt me or him but it would get hot enough that it would be uncomfortable to the touch.

But it did the exact opposite of what I wanted it to do, he pressed his body up against mine even more then he had before. I couldn’t tell you where my body began and his started, it felt nice and I found myself leaning in closer to him.

“I suggest you turn down the heat, amore. You wouldn’t want to get burned.” He growled, once again in my ear.

“How--- How can you stand my heat?” I was stunned, my Gran told me that only I could withstand it.

“You forget amore, that I am the one that made that Book of yours and so that means you can never hurt me. Your magic comes from me and my planet and you couldn’t hurt me as I am your mate.” He had his noes buried in my neck as he spoke this but I still could hear it loud and clear.

“Your… You’re the Star God???” I was starting to get light headed again. How had I not seen this! He did tell me that I am the one that called him here, I was in so much trouble.

He pulled back and looked at me, “You are slow mate, now if you are done trying to stall here. It’s time that we go home. It is not safe for us to stay here any longer.”

He pulled back from me and let go of my hands, only to grab my waist and bring me back into his chest. I gasped when I collided with him, I looked up at him trying to keep myself from falling into the darkness that was trying to calm me.

“Just let go il mio amore, it will be better for you to just sleep.” He whispered this to me as he picked me up in his arms bridle style. I let my head fall against his chest and back onto his arm, I looked up at him and realized that he was the one that was making me feel this way!

“No… Stop. I am not going anywhere with you.” I tried to sound strong but my mind and body was falling into the darkness and I couldn’t stop it.

“You will be safe with me, my mate.” I felt a light kiss on my forehead as my eyes closed.

My last thoughts where I was getting kidnapped and by my mate no less.

Leo’s POV

I looked down at my mate in my arms. It felt so good to have her in my arms after all these years, I have waited too long for the day to come and I wasn’t going to let her get away from me. She was my everything whether she wanted to admit it or not.

There’s a lot of you men out there that may be thinking that having someone this close could be a weakness but let me tell you it is nothing but strength. I pity any man that looks at a woman as a weakness, because they are more than wrong, women are nothing but strength that all that she brings is strength.

My mate was so beautiful, and I’m glad that she is all mine. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost her. When she had reached out to me for help. I was very proud her, my young little mate.

It takes great strength to ask for help and I have the feeling that she is not one to ask for help ever. I also knew that she didn’t know that it was me that she had reach out to, at least at first.

She also didn’t know that I was her mate and that hurt it also didn’t make since. Everybody knew when they meet their mate, it didn’t matter. I know that she is a wiccan but they still have mates, they mate with other supernatural beings. For me it was stronger but she didn’t even know who I was and I even touched her but there was little to no reaction from her and that made me think that she had a protective spell on her and that also means she was the only one that could take it off other than the one that put it on her.

I have the feeling that her Gran put it on her to keep others from finding her and I don’t think that she knew this would happen.

I would help her and keep her save no matter the cost. With one last look at my mate I took the jump back to my home planet.

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