Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 5: Coming Face to Face

Leo’s POV

Just as I completed the jump, I was in shock from what I saw in front of me. I don’t even know exactly what I saw before it was all gone. I’ll do my best to describe it, when I came through the first thing I saw was two spirits standing off to the side I couldn’t see their forms very well at all and then I saw a man he was in a lot of pain and he was just standing there and he was looking right at me, he also looked very angry but what stunned me the most was the gorgeous woman that I saw, I didn’t even get to see her all that much before she was gone. I couldn’t tell how but somehow she teleported somewhere else, I don’t think she was the one that did it though.

From what I could see, there was no way the she could have done it on her own.

I noticed right off that she was injured very badly, it was not just that I could tell by looking at her and seeing it physically I could feel it emotionally as well, like it was my pain not just hers. That was when I realized that she had to be my mate, if I was feeling about her this way just by looking at her for that short of a time then she had to be mine. There was also her scent, which was amazing. It was like wild honey on a hot summer day with just the slightest hint of vanilla and something else but I couldn’t place it… I took another smell, it had to be some sort of flour… it smelt like something that I smelled a long time ago, what was it? ....cherry blossom!

Cherry blossom, she just had a smell like cherry blossoms, that was one of my favorite smells from my garden.

She was so gorgeous but a better word would be stunning. She had very long beautiful hair, it was white with a hint of blonde but there was way more white than blonde in her hair, she also had purple streaks but you could tell they were natural. I have never known anyone that has hair like she has. Her hair had a natural wavy to it and there was a lot of it, it went well past her waist. She had it braded but it was coming out, it just made her look even better to me.

I didn’t get to see her face, as she was stumbling backwards. That made me sad, I really wanted to see her face, then she was gone. That’s when she teleported away from me, I so badly wanted to bring her back right now but I didn’t know where she was or how to get there.

It was a good thing I caught her sent, I could track her now.

After seeing only that much of her and not even getting to see what she looked like from the front, even know I already knew that she was look beautiful. I was angry, she was in my grasp and she was gone just like that. There was nothing I could have done to make this turn out differently and that just made me even madder.

I mean I knew she wasn’t dead, at least not yet anyway but I didn’t know the extent of her injuries to know how long she had left. It had my lion roaring, I could feel him pushing at the gates, trying to get out. But I knew that I had to find out what was going on here and find out where she teleported and get to her before it’s too late and that wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t calm down now.

I didn’t realize that I have let my roar escape past my lips until I saw the look of horror on the man’s face, it made me grin. The smell of his fear was over powering and it made me feel great. Before he could fully do anything, I called upon the power of my stars and I shot them out towards him to hold them in place, it was like ninja stars but they were real and that had lot of power I knew he couldn’t go away where.

I had him pinned up against the tree he was standing by, he started to struggle. Trying to get free but he wasn’t going anywhere until I had the answers that I needed. I threw my sun power out toward the two ghostly figures to trap them in the bubble that I made using the suns powers, I didn’t want them to go anywhere either.

I was breathing hard and my body was shaking, my anger was getting the best of me. I stocked towards the man, I think it was time that I relive some of this anger. I was ready to let my full rage free, and as he was the only one that was solid here, he was going to get all the fury I had in me and I couldn’t wait tell I made him bleed.

The smell the man’s fear was coming off from him in waves, it made my lion roar with dominance. Made if I had time I would let him out to play, I came to a stop standing directly in front of him.

“Now you are going to tell me everything that I want to know, who are you and what have you done to that girl!?” I growled out, I didn’t want to let him know that she was my mate just yet.

“I will tell you nothing, you piece of shi*! There is nothing that you came do to me to make me say anything, do you have any idea who I am?! I could end you!” The man yelled at me as he spits towards my face, I took a step back before his spit could touch me at all. He would pay for that.

My left fist shot out, I punched him in the gut. Once, twice and then I stepped back and I looked at him with an evil grin on my face, he had no idea what I was going to do to him this was going to be fun.

“It’s you that should be worried about who I am. Do you not know a Star God when you see one? I could strip you of all your powers and turn you mortal. Now I will ask you one more time, who are you and what did you do to that girl!?” I took a step towards him, close enough that I could reach out and touch him but not close enough to where he could touch me unless I allowed it, not that he could.

“You-you’re a Star God?!?!” He whispered/ shouted. If I thought he was terrified of me then, oh boy was he terrified of me now. I could see it in his eyes, I could smell it in the air. My lion was very happy with how afraid he was of me and so was I.

“I warned you I would not ask again, I guess it’s time for me to play.” I took a step back in my mind and let my lion come forward, he had full control of my body now. My right arm shot out as I punched him square in the gut again then my left hand reached out as I punched him in his jaw. I heard the satisfying crack as his jaw broke. Me and my lion were very pleased with this.

He tried to scream out in pain but he could it’s because of his mouth with, I did just break his jaw. He couldn’t talk or make a noises at least not very well anyway.

“Now tell me what I want to know or it only gets worse for you from here on out.” My voice had gone deeper because of my lion being in control. I took a step back from him as I wiped my hands across my jeans getting rid of most of his blood from my hands. Yes, you read right I said hands, I’m sure I broke skin when I punched him in his stomach as well. It must have seeped through his cloths.

You may think I’m sadistic by doing this, but this is who I am. This is how I was brought up, I’m a predator and I enjoy the hunt but most enjoy the kill, and his is going to have it worse where he was hurting my mate. That is one thing that you should learn you don’t mess with one’s mate.

“Please just stop I will tell you anything, just let me go. I don’t know where she was sent too, they sent her somewhere. I don’t know where, if I did then I would be there with her not here. I was only defending myself, she attacked me first she has lost it. I was just trying to help her.” He groaned out as best as he could with his jaw he then let his head fell forward to where his chin was touching his chest.

“I know that you’re not telling the truth, you should know that I can smell a lie a mile away. I’ll be back for you to finish this and it’s going to be so much fun but I need to find out where that girl is.” With that, I turned and walked away from him and walked over towards the sun bubble where I was keeping the ghostly figures.

I knew that I could turn my back on him, he couldn’t go anywhere there was no way he could get out of my stars.

As I got closer and closer to my sun bubble I could tell that the two figures were talking amongst themselves. I could also fill their energy and their power and I could tell they were very weak, there probably weak from sending my mate to god knows where, she just better be okay so I will find out how it bring them back so then I can torture them.

“I want to know where you to set the girl and just because you don’t have physical bodies doesn’t mean that I can’t hurt you, I am a Star God and I am capable of anything. So, choose what you say carefully.” I stopped just inches from the bubble.

I knew that I had their attention, they both turned towards me, I could still not see who they were. They were having trouble keeping their forms, I figure that they were having a hard time keeping their forms because of being too weak but because of my sun bubble they couldn’t leave.

“You may not remember me, you were going to help me years ago, but by the time you came back it was too late. There was no hope for me, only my daughter. But by the time you came back I had moved my daughter to earth to keep her safe from her father, he is the man that you have over there. He means to do my daughter harm; my daughter was the one that was fighting in self-defense not him. She would never start a fight, that is not how my mother brought her up. I’ve done what I can, me and my mother here but I fear that we are not going to be able to help anymore.” I could tell that she struggled just to say that much, I also knew that she was speaking the truth.

“So, you’re telling me that you’re the woman that I met, that I was supposed to save all those years ago? Then when I came back you had disappeared on me? And that man over there is the girl’s father and he’s trying to do harm to her?” I was not surprised by what she said because I had feet a connection to these ghostly figures and the only way that can happen is if you know them.

What she said about that man over there that does not surprise me at all. Having a keen sense like I do really comes in handy and he would pay for lying to me about my mate.

Before I could say anymore I heard an evil laugh come from behind me, I spun around and got into my fighting stance but realized I didn’t have any of my weapons on me. I don’t know how he did it but somehow my mate’s father had gotten out of my stars was standing in front of me. If you could call it standing, he was kind of hunched over from his injuries.

“You and my daughter may have gotten the best of me this time but when I come back she will be mine. There will be nothing you can do about it, you can’t be around her forever.” There was a flash of light before I could do anything the purple light wrapped around him and he was gone, the light was so bright that it blinded me momentarily.

I growled out in annoyance and called my stars from the tree back into me, I knew there was nothing I could do regarding her father. I would have to wait and see what his next move would be, I would also send out some of my men to look for him. So, with that I turned back around to face my mates her mother and her Gran.

“You guys need to tell me where you set your daughter, she is my mate and I need to help her. I need find her and make sure she’s okay, I promise that to keep her safe from that man. I well let you guys free as soon as you tell me, I will help your spirits move on. Your daughter is safe with me, so you can let go. I pledge my life to keep your daughter safe but please you must tell me where she.” I my lion was starting to lose his control again, he wouldn’t let me have control back still.

“My granddaughter was sent into the caves behind the waterfall. That is where you find her, we are trusting her safety into your care. Do not let us down, she is the last in our coven, will let you send us to the spirit world but please let her visit us.”

“I can tell you this if you hurt my daughter I will come back and kill you myself, I will find a way back.” Before I could say or do anything both fully disappeared and my sun bubble burst.

I threw my hands up in frustration, they told me where she was the only problem I had was that I hadn’t been to earth in years so I had no idea where I was or where this waterfall was either. For all I know there can be several waterfalls around me and I did not have time to check them all, there was only one thing that I could do.

I had to let my lion run a free in his true form. That was the only way to find her, I had to let my lion find our mate.

I felt the change overtake me as I became one with my lion.

Rina’s POV

I groaned, I could feel myself waking up. I was trying to remember what had happened before but the more that I tried the worse my head hurt and my whole body. What could happen to make me feel like this?

I tried to open my eyes but it felt like they were glued shut. I tried to move my arms and legs but it hurt to move at all, what was happening to me?

I was starting to have a hard time breathing and I knew it was my anxiety, to top of everything else I was going to have a panic attack.

I’m trying to slow my breathing and concentrate on anything else but it’s hard when all you feel is overwhelming pain. The pain was so bad that the only way for me to shut it off was to let myself go.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to die, but with this much pain it was only a matter of time. I was terrified, I didn’t want to die alone but I didn’t think I had a choice.

I really wanted to open my eyes just to see where I was, I wanted to hear something but I couldn’t hear anything because the pain was dulling my senses.

I could feel something in the back of my mind there was something there, something that I needed to know but I couldn’t quite reach it. There is something important that I needed to remember but I couldn’t quite remember it and it was terrifying me, it was making my panic attack even worse.

I could feel myself getting lightheaded and I knew that if I didn’t stop my panic attack that I was going to pass out and then I would die. But I knew I had something to live for, not just myself but someone else.

But who?

I have never even dated before so I don’t even know what this feeling was or where it was coming from. Thinking about having a significant other seemed to make my mind clearer and my heart rate slow, I have never been able to end a panic attack this quickly before.

I knew what I had to do.

So, I kept thinking about my significant other out there, I never had really wanted one before not after what happened to my mother. But if it was helping my panic attack go away than it was worth thinking about.

I kept thinking about what it would be like to have a significant other, it made my heart pound but in a good way. It was helping make my mind become clearer, with my mind becoming clearer it hit me what I needed to do to keep myself alive.

I needed it cast a transference spell, but I didn’t know if I would have enough energy and or magic left in me for that.

But I had to try.

You may be wondering why a transference spell could help me, well the reason it could help me is because I could transfer someone else’s energy and power into me, at least some of theirs and then I could perform a healing spell to heal myself mostly.

Because I needed to do a transference spell to get more power and energy or my body would shut down before I could finish a healing spell to help me and then I really would die. So now I just had to think of the right words to say that would have enough power to transfer energy and magic into me from someone else.

I close my eyes and open my mind’s eye to search for someone that was close by to tap into and use their power and energy. I was shocked at what I found, I was drawn right to this person as his energy was off the charts he had so much power in him that I was surprised it was one person.

I quickly reached out and tied myself onto his energy and power, it was surprisingly easy. He didn’t fight me it’s like he wanted me to use his energy, he was so powerful that I knew if he wanted to, he could kill me from a distance.

I didn’t even stop to think about it after tapping into his power and energy I recited the words to the strongest healing spell that I knew, “I call upon all of the ancient ancestors that are willing to help me, I need your power and insight to heal what is broken and what has been lost must be returned and with this I let it happen if it so be.”

“That’s it my love, take whatever you need from me. Hold on I will find you.” A mel’s voice growled in my head. Where was, that voice from? I could tell it was a man’s voice but who? Was it the man that I was using energy and power from? Who was he?

I didn’t have much time left to think on it, I thought the pain that I felt before was bad. But oh, boy was I wrong, I let out the loudest screamed that I could’ve ever imagined as I felt myself healing and I mean everything was healing. Whatever power and energy I took from the man it was causing everything in me to heal and let me tell you it hurt like hel*.

But through all the pain and even my screaming I could still hear what sounded like a lion roar, but it wasn’t as terrifying roar.

The roar sounded like he was in physical pain as well, it hit me right then. That had to be the man, he had to be a shape shifter and he was suffering from pain because so was I. I had forgotten to close the link between us, so whatever I was feeling so was he.

And what was making this pain so bad was that it was healing everything that it possibly could in me, it was also healing me at top speed.

Then just like that the pain was gone, I was starting to feel more aware of my surroundings. I realize that I was laying on cold stone and I could hear water in the background.

Everything started coming back to me, the fight with my dad, My Mom and Gran showing up. Me doing the spell and let’s not forget my mom and Gran teleporting me to behind the waterfall, as I was realizing all this I could hear off into the distance splashing water that was hitting the stone floor like somebody was dripping water onto it.

That could only mean one thing, somebody was here with me. Somebody had found me.

I jerk up too fast into a sitting position, it was making my head spin and I want to vomit. But I pushed all that away and open my eyes, to come almost face-to-face with the most gorgeous man that I’ve ever had the opportunity to lay eyes on.

He was breathtaking, he stood well over 7 feet tall. His arms and legs looked like they were made like logs, very long and very strong. He also had the blackest, fullest hair that I have ever seen and then his eyes were the most vibrant green, it’s like they were glowing. His chest was muscular very muscular, he was wearing a button up shirt but the buns weren’t done up, I could see his chest and his eight pack. He also had tight black jeans on, not like skinny jeans, just form fitting jeans and he was looking right at me.

It felt like he was looking right into my very soul, but his jaw is what caught my attention though, call me weird but I love someone that has a strong jaw line and let me tell you, his was very strong.

Then he spoke, I could feel my heart flutter with his words and I started having a hard time breathing again. His voice was so masculine, strong and had a dominate tone to it, especially when he said that one word that change my life forever.


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