Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 4: Epic Battle

Leo’s POV

I jerked up in bed as I felt like my heart was being ripped in half. She was calling for me at full fore’s and I knew that she was in great danger and if I didn’t get to her fast there wouldn’t be anything left to go too.

I jumped out of bed and got dressed as fast as I could. I sent a message out to my pride that I was living and why. As I was doing this I felt an even stronger pull and the it was like I was being ripped away from my plan on into hers.

I didn’t even have time to grab anything but my clothes that were on me. I could feel her pulling me closer to her all on her own, I wasn’t’ even jumping. She was doing all the work herself and that made me fear for her even more then I already was.

Something was very wrong if she was having to pull me to her and not let me do the jumping. I knew that I had to be ready for when she stopped as I knew she would because she couldn’t keep this up, I wound have to finish the jump on my own and if I didn’t time it right then I would miss it and I would have to start all over.

And if I let that happen then I may not make it in time to save her from whatever she needed to be saved from. It made me mad just thinking about her being hurt or someone trying to hurt her.

When I got there, I would kill whoever dared to hurt her. She was my mate and I have been waiting for years to come to me. There was only one other time that I thought I had found my mate but there was just a very small pull to that woman and I knew that the only way that there could be a pull was that it was her ancestor and that she was close to being born.

But when I went to try to find that woman again she was long gone from this world and any other plan close by. At first I was mad as I thought she was trying to keep my mate from me but I knew that in my heart that was not true.

I was brought back from my thoughts when I felt her start to give up on pulling me to her.

But then I heard something so soft that I almost missed it, it had to be my mates voice she was trying to talk to me. I close my eyes and try to concentrate on her voice and that’s when I heard as if she was standing next to me.

Please you got to hurry I can’t move on much longer.”

As soon as I heard those words I took over and I jumped.

Rina’s POV

I was doing my best to keep bringing him here but I knew I couldn’t keep it up when I felt my mother’s force filled start to go down. I quickly sent out a distress call for help but before I could let go I felt a gentle push back, like it was saying to let go and so I did.

As I let go I turned around to face my father, I turned just in time to see the force filled fall and my father standing there with a very big evil grin on his face looking pleased with himself. If I hadn’t been raised right by my Gran I definitely would’ve wanted to slap that look from his face, it didn’t matter to me that he was my father. Because as soon as I found that he was trying to harm me I stop caring that he was my father and as far as I knew I did not have a father anymore I was an orphan.

“You are too late the spells done and he’s almost here.” I knew that me saying this would only make him more upset. But I didn’t care anymore I was going to fight until my very last breath even if that meant that I was going to die today because I was not going to go back with him or do whatever he said. My mother taught me to be stronger than that, and I would never let anybody bring me to my knees.

“You may have completed that spell my child but there is no way that he will get here in time to protect you and keep you safe it is all over you might as well give up and come back with me or I’ll take you by force, your choice.” It didn’t look like what I said had made him mad it looked like a give him more power over me almost.

“I will never go back with you willingly or alive for that matter. My mother taught me to fight to the end and that is exactly what I’m going to do and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I have my mother’s power with me and I’m stuck yours out right now. If I die tonight so be it.” I took a fighting stance.

He through back his head and laughed again. “So, the hard way it is going to be then. I am going to enjoy this.” With him saying that he immediately through a fireball at me but luck was on my said for once and I could move just in time.

But the down said to me moving that face was my grace came out and ended up tripping over my own feet and fell onto my hands and knees but I was also quick in this as I rolled onto my side just as I felt another fireball come at it.

It just missed me by meters and it smacked into the grown just by my head. I quickly jumped up and spun back around to face him, he was standing there just smirking at me. I quickly looked down at my hair and what I saw pissed me off to no end.

That little piece of crap singed my hair, and it wasn’t a little bit it was like 4 inches. Before I realized what, I was doing I was launching fireball after fireball at him and screaming at the top of my lungs.

“I am going to kill you! No one and I mean now on touches my hair and gets away with it!” You may be thinking, why is she so mad about her hair? Well you see I will tell you, I have never cut my hair and I mean never. Not even a trim, so you came see why I would be so mad? No? Well then, we couldn’t be friends. My hair was everything to me, it was the one thing that I had left that I remembered my mom loving so much.

And now I think I knew way as it was the same as my fathers but still it’s my hair!

I watched as my father moved just in time every time to keep from getting hit by my fireballs. Seeing this just made me all the madder at him and I increased the intensity and straight of my fireball’s as I kept throwing them at him.

I was happy to see one hit him right in his left shoulder and then watch him stumble back about 20 steps from the force of the blow.

“You little brat!” He yelled at me but it didn’t seem like he was mad at me at all as he was smiling at me, “You have your mothers temper, I like that.” He looked up at me as he stood up to his full height.

“I have much more than just my mother’s temper. You have no idea what you just unleashed, you are going to regret this.” I stood up to my full height and outstretched my hands in front of me, I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart. I knew that my eyes had changed colors and it was not good. They had gone black again and I think that was what he was try to get me to do. He wanted me to lose myself in myself then I would be his for the tacking but I wasn’t going to let that happen.

I was going to call upon all my ancestors for help, with their power plus mine I would be able to hold on to myself as I used all my power to take my father out.

I looked up at him with fire in my eyes. I could tell my eyes would look like a fire if you where to look close enough, but that wouldn’t last long as I know they would turn purple when I cast this spell.

If my ancestors will let it be so I call on your power to help me in my great time of need. Let your power run through me!” As I was saying this I watch as my father’s eyes widened and he looked at me with such fear in his eyes. I knew that I was going to be stronger then him but I didn’t know what it would take from me but even if I did I still would have cast the spell.

What it took from me was a small price to pay.

I could feel all their power come into me in waves and let me tell you it felt amazing, but I didn’t let it get to me. I was not doing this for power to become powerful but to keep me save and those that needed me still in this world.

I could feel my eye change to purple but that’s not all they did, they weren’t just one color of purple. I could just tell that they were every color of purple there was out there plus more. Each different color of purple represented one of my ancestors and their power.

Let me just tell you what it feels like to have thousands of other people’s powers running through you. It was like I could feel everything in me and around me like it was a part of me. It felt like my whole body was vibrating, but with energy.

I looked back over to my father to see him start to back away from me, this made me happy but also a little worried too. If my father feared me and he was all-powerful at least that’s what he claimed to be then I think I should be worried if he’s terrified of me right now.

But now, I cannot even stop to fathom why he would be afraid of me I just had to keep going because it was either me or him and I wasn’t going to let it be me.

I let my head fall backwards as I summoned up every ounce of magic that I was given and put it into my hands and I watched in my mind’s eye as the ball grew bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter it was so vibrant with purples, several purples and blues lots blues and there were reds but not very many reds there was just a hint of red’s and green.

I looked at the magic orb that was growing in my hands by now it was about the size of a basketball. I knew it would get to be about double that size before I would use it.

“So now you fear me?! I told you that I was not going to let you take me out, did you really think that you could beat me? I’m the last in my coven, because of you. I’m sure that you had something to do with Gran and my mother’s death. Right now, I have every one that has ever belonged in my coven, I have their power running through my veins and it may not be enough to kill you just yet but it definitely has enough to get you to leave me alone for a long while.” As I was saying all of this to my father I was picking my hands up further and further raising them above my head as the orb grew bigger and bigger.

I watched as my father became more fearful, I thought that would be a look that I would be satisfied with but in all reality, it didn’t make me feel good or satisfied with myself in the least. I mean he was my father after all if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here but in this situation, it was either kill or be killed.

“I won’t kill you today, I don’t know there’s ever going to be a day that I’m going to be able to kill you. Regardless of what you have done to me you are still my father but what I cannot let go is you trying to hurt me you hurting my mother that is why I’m doing this I know this blast won’t kill you though sure get you off my sent so to speak. Goodbye father, at least for now.”

I let the orb go. I watched it as it sailed through the air straight towards my father, like I’ve been saying I knew it wasn’t enough to kill him but it was enough to harm him it would take him a long-time to recover from this enough for me to get away to start a new life.

But what shocked me the most was before the orb can hit my father put up some type of shields it shot up right in front of him. So instead of the orb hitting him it hit the shelled and the blast was a catastrophe.

I watched in slow motion as my orb of energy exploded outward I knew it was going to hit me and send me shooting backwards, and I knew what was behind me. I knew there was no way for me to stop it I was going to fly back into the altar and if I was lucky enough to not break my back I definitely would break something.

But I also knew that if I do not protect the front to me the blast would still affect me. So as quickly as I could I threw up my hands, I called on the last of the power that I had left from my ancestors to put up a shelled to protect my front and my back as best as they could. But I concentrated most of their power on my back as a broken back can’t be repaired but any damage that I would receive from the orb blast to my front I could repair that I knew I could. Besides the only thing that would happen damage wise to my friend would be Burns may be some torn flash but I’ve been through worse.

I felt the orb last hit into my shelled and I was launched backwards through the air and felt like hours but I knew it was only second until I slammed into the alter and let me tell you oh boy does it hurt, I felt it crack underneath me and give away out from underneath me and then I fell on top of it onto the forest floor.

I could fill this burning aching in my back and spreading into my chest, it was worse in my chest it felt like I was on fire, it was almost like I was burning alive.

I was doing my best to concentrate on the sounds that I could hear around me but all I could hear was groaning and moaning and screaming. I realize the groaning and moaning was coming from me but the screaming was coming from my father, with all the strength that I have left which wasn’t very much at all, I pushed myself up into a sitting position so that way I could look out over to my father.

From what I could see of my father it looks like his shelled had blasted to pieces like it was glass and looked like there was cuts all over him but not little cuts but like deep gashes.

I was doing my best to pull myself off the ground into a standing position I was holding onto a tree on my right side with my right hand leaning on it. I looked back up to my father, I lifted my left hand up into the air and concentrated on growing a fireball. I could create one no bigger than the size of a golf ball, but with the very last straight that my powers possessed I threw it at him with all my might.

But what I was not expecting was my father to shoot up from the ground and look at me with an evil smile and using his hand throwing the fireball right back at me it slammed right into my left shoulder.

I tried to bite back my scream, but I couldn’t. The force of slamming into my shoulder sent me stumbling back, but what I did not expect was for what looks like my mother and my Grands ghost to be standing off to the side of me on my right side.

I didn’t know what they were doing, but I also knew that from the pain that I was suffering and from of using all my power and my magic I wasn’t going to be able to stay conscious for long.

But what happened next surprised me, my mom and Gran used the last of their energy to cast a spell to send me away I don’t know how I knew what they were doing I just did. I could feel myself getting warmer and lifting into the air but just before I was teleported away from it all, I caught a glimpse of him. It was like he came out of nowhere it was just a blast of blue light and then there he stood, he looked like a warrior he… He was my Star God.

He really did come for me, he came to save me. Even though I think she was a little late, funny how all this works out isn’t it. That’s all I got to see of him, the next thing I know I am sliding across stone. In the distance, I could hear a thundering sound, it was the waterfall.

They’d sent me to the waterfall. And that was the last conscious thought.

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