Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 3: Just the Beginning

Rina’s POV

So, you know when your body has been through a lot, like if you work out too much and don’t drink any water and then you go to bed, then when you wake up and you just can’t move not matter what you do? Or you do have it hurts so bed, like you had a tree fall on you and then you got hit by a truck and then a train?

Well that is how I feel right now, I feel like I am floating and if I move at all I will fall and then I know that my life will be over. But I also know that I need to move because if I don’t then I will never have what I have always wanted. I just want my life to be normal but that is too much to ask? I guess it is.

I know that my mama wouldn’t want this for me and I don’t either. I made myself open my eyes but all I could see was darkness and that just made my heart beat faster and faster. I hated not being able to see anything, it makes me feel claustrophobic.

I tried to move my hands and feet, I wanted to make sure that nothing was broken. I found that I could move them and there was little to no pain, but that didn’t make any since to me. I know that I was covered in bruises and that I shouldn’t be able to move without being in a lot of pain.

I knew that I had broken ribs, both of my shoulders were bruised and I still have the open wound on my right arm forearm, my bottom lip still hurt were I bit all the way through it.

I moved my arms and legs next and still there was little to no pain and then I noticed that it felt like I was swimming when I moved... like I was moving in water, it felt like it was all around me.

It hit me and I remembered what happened and I also knew that I should be died right now but none of this was making since and I couldn’t get myself to focus on anything other than I should be dead. If I was under water, then I should be dead… why wasn’t I?

If I was still in the water that I had landed in and I was still alive then I just knew that my mother was still watching out for me and that I just had to get out of the water somehow and get back to the alter before the moon was at its highest or I would never be able to be safe again.

There was not telling how long I had been out, all I know is it is still dark out or I am too far down to see any light that would brake the surface of the water.

I opened my eyes again as they had closed when I was moving my body around. I was just wanting for the pain to hit me but it never came and I didn’t remember closing my eyes in the first place. I knew that my body wasn’t in survivor mode and it wasn’t going to come out anytime soon.

I moved my arms and legs out trying to find anything, so I would know what way I would need to swim. I should tell you that I was still breathing even though I know that I was under water, I don’t know how but I wasn’t going to keep thinking about it just in case it stopped working and then I really would drown.

I stopped as I felt something in front of me, I reached out further and push against it some more to see what it was. It felt like wood... but very old wood. It had to be something on the bottom of the lake, this did open up out to the sea.

What could it be? I turned around and put my back to it. I still couldn’t see anything but it didn’t matter, I could use my hands. What was strange was that I felt like I had all the strength in the world but I knew that I used what I had up and it should have taken me days before I had it back to what I was at before. Maybe I was taking some else energy and using it as my own but I usually could tell when I was doing that and I would put a stop to it, I didn’t need to kill anyone else.

With my back to the piece of wood I reached out in front of me but I didn’t feel anything. There was nothing in front of me that I could reach. I knew this had to be up and if I was wrong that I was wrong but I really felt like this was the right way to go, I would just have to take the chance.

"Go my child, you need to hurry. I can’t hold on for you much longer. Go now my little bug!”

I gasped as I heard my mother’s voice in my head, I felt water go down my throat and into my lungs. I thought for sure that I was going to start drowning but nothing happened. I knew that I needed to get out of the water and fast, my mom couldn’t keep doing this for me. That was my mother that was talking to me, I would know her voice anywhere. She always came to me in my dreams and then on my birthdays I would get to see her and it was great it see your mother that you have never seen before in person.

I started to swim upward, or at least what I thought was upward. I was kicking my lags as fast as my lags would go, I could feel my lungs burning and I knew that my mama was letting me go. Not that she wanted too but like she said she couldn’t hold on. I would have to finish this no my own.

I could start to see light up in front of me, I used my arms to help push myself up towards the light, there wasn’t much like but just enough that I knew that it had to becoming from the moon and stars, I burst through into the light created by the moon and stars, coughing and trying to stay afloat but I was having a hard time as I have never been able to swim. I couldn’t die now, not after everything that I had been trough.

I looked around trying to see how fare I was out in the water but I was having a hard time seeing anything as my eyes didn’t want to adjust only seeing nothing but darkness for so long then go to seeing light so fast, not that it was that light outside but there was still enough that it hurt.

What was I going to do? I couldn’t see where I was or where I needed to go. I tried to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest but it wasn’t easy. There was so much going on around me but I couldn’t constraint on anything, I knew that I was having an anxiety attack and that if I didn’t calm myself down that I was going to black out and then I would die.

As I was trying to pull myself together I felt like I was being pulled but I didn’t think anything of it. I was still trying to get my heart under control but it was not easy, not at all. I tried to keep my eyes open but they were to heavy and I couldn’t keep them up, but I was not falling asleep or passing out or anything like that.

I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I moved my arms and legs and that’s when I felt that I was not in the water anymore but I didn’t understand. I still tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t and it was starting to make it harder for me to calm down.

It felt like I was drowning all over again and it was getting harder for me to breath. But then I felt a soft touch on my forehead then it went down to my cheek. Then there was a soft voice, “My little bug, oh how I love you. I know this is hard but you can make it. You have all my powers and more, just don’t give up. Your mate need you, now more than ever. I will take care of that, you just sleep tell he comes.”

I started to feel sleepy but I couldn’t let myself fall asleep. If I did, then father would find me and then I would I die. I was fighting against it with everything that I had left in me.

“You, stubborn child. You are too much like me, just let your body heal. Sleep.” With those words the touch was gone but I wouldn’t let myself fall into that dark sleep again. I could feel the air shift around me, there was magic happening around me. I knew that it was my mother but none of this was making any since, my mother was dead.

What was going on? What was she doing?

Then it hit me. She was going to do The Spell. She was trying to help me before my father found me again but that still didn’t explain to me how she was here. I tried to reach out with my magic but I only got out just passed my fingertips and then my magic was snapped back into me with such fours that I lost what breath I had left in my body.

“Child, you need to heal! I am trying to help you but I can’t if you don’t stop and let me.”

I was panting as I was trying to get my breath back. I could only move a little but I still couldn’t open my eyes and that was making me mad. I wanted to see my mom so bad.

“Child, you will see me again but just not today. I love you.” Then the magic was gone. My eyes opened and I was able to sit up and look around.

I could see the alter and everything that I needed on it and then there was a force-field around me and the alter... It stretched out about 10feet all around me and the alter. I looked down at my body to see that I was okay but when I moved it hurt all over.

I slowly got up and made my way over to the alter very slowly. Once I was standing over it I looked at my Spell Book that was sitting in the middle of the alter, it was opened to the right page and so I started to cast The Spell. I didn’t know what I was doing but somehow, I just did it and I just knew that I was doing it right.

I also knew that it needed to be down now. As I was saying the last of the spell I pulled a knife out of nowhere and cut the palm of my hand and then I let the blood drip down onto the alter, I felt the shift the everything around me as the spell was done but then I heard something behind me but I also knew that whatever it was couldn’t hurt me as long as my force-field was up, thanks to my mother.

As soon as I felt the air stir for the last time as the spell was coming to the end I turned around and came to faced my father once again.

“You can’t touch me, not anymore.” I spat at my father, “You may have thought that you could but with my mother’s power I can keep you out just long enough for this spell to work, I am stronger and there is nothing you can do to stop me. ”

“Oh, my child! I have only just begun. If you think you can stop me just you wait there is still much more to come. I will have you in my possession once again my child. Where you should have always been!” You could tell that my father was angry I didn’t even want to acknowledge him as my father. But there are just some things that you cannot help in life and one of those things just happen to be choosing who your father is, because believe me I would never have chosen him as mine if I got a say in it.

I didn’t know what I was going to do but I did know that I had to keep him busy long enough for the spell to work. I was trying to think up something quick before he realized what I was trying to do.

“Why are you doing this, I don’t understand. You are my father, you’re supposed to be guiding me and mentoring me not trying to kill me. I know my Gran said that you are a bad man but what I don’t understand is how you got this way and why you let this happen.”

My father threw his head back and laughed an evil conniving laugh, “You know nothing just like your mother knew nothing. I had her fooled, she wised up way too fast. She was a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. If I could have kept her in the dark for just a little bit longer than I would’ve had you in my clutches, and I wouldn’t have to do what I am doing now.”

“What are you talking about?! My Gran said that my mother had to flee from you and that you let something happen to you to make you this way! But what I want to know is why you want me so bad, what is so special about me? ” By this time, I could fill my energy in me and my magic coursing through my veins. It felt like I was feeding off someone, like I was draining someone else’s magic and making it my own.

That’s when it hit me. That’s why my father wanted me dead so bad, I could literally suck the energy out of those around me. That was why he wasn’t going to stop until I was dead, or at least tell he had me in his clutches. My own father was afraid of me.

“That’s it! You want to kill me because I’m stronger than you and my mom combined, but if I’m stronger than both of you how is it that you think you can take me down, right now I’m literally sucking the life out of you and into myself, I can feel it! There is nothing you can do to stop me especially with this force field around me you can’t get to me that’s why you’re so mad.”

Now was my turn to be the one that was laughing, I threw my hands up into the air as I laughed and turn my back to my father. I could tell the spell was almost complete, though I’m not sure what this spell would even do. I knew that it would bring something here, to help me.

I heard my father growl behind me, “Despite what you may think my child I am more powerful, even with you sucking my energy out. I can still take you out, I can still take this force filled out. You may think that you can stand in my way but until you are at your highest and your magic is that is at its highest, I will always be more powerful then you and until that day comes I will always win, and if I can help it I am never going to let that day come.”

I could feel his magic start to get higher and higher and higher, it was like it was getting hotter and hotter but it wasn’t a hot that could burn you. I’m know that may sound weird and not quite right to some but that is the best way to describe what I felt. It almost like he was trying to pull his energy back for me but he couldn’t quite get it yet. I could fill a 1000 little strings pulling at me and tugging but with one flick of my wrist it was all gone.

I whipped back around to face my father as fast as I could, he’d backed away from the force field about 100 paces or so. I could see him pulling all his energy in so that he could ignite his magic it was getting brighter and brighter. It looks like he was trying to create a big fireball in his hands.

He was going to try to blast the shilled! I knew that the shilled was put up by my mom and she was holding it up with the last ounce of energy she had left and that big of a blast that he is trying to make there’s was no way it would hold it would go right through it, there was just no way the shilled would hold.

I quickly whipped back around to the stone altar, I reached out my hands and did my best to study them as they were shaking so hard. I knew that I had a force his energy out of him through me and onto the altar to help the process of the spell go faster, well as lest to call this God here faster as I knew the spell was already done.

I always knew that one day I was going to have to battle my father and it wasn’t going to end up good, one of us would die tonight I just knew it. I just hoped that it wasn’t me.

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