Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 22: Kidnapping

With everything I was inside of me I felt like I needed to immediately go after my daughter but I knew that that would be what my father would be expecting knew we needed to wait tell tonight to attack but would have the upper hand if we did.

And right now I need to think like a Queen and not a mother. It was hard but my pride my daughter and the rest of my family depended on me.

So I made the call that we would wait and tell dawn to attack. Right now all of the warriors were readying themselves, I was taking them all with me my boys included.

I was going to leave the force filled over Luca that only she could break, that way if you woke up before we got back he could still get out but he would be safe otherwise.

I wasn’t going to leave my voice here not after they came and took my daughter out right from underneath me.

I knew that she must’ve been absolutely terrified right now and my father would pay for making her feel that way.

He would pay for taking away my child, but time I was to read them he was going away she was never born.

Before I finished getting myself ready I use my magic to quickly put Luca in his armor and then is secured the force Feld around him.

After I put on my magic felt that my Gran gave me I left our cavern and headed down to the dining hall.

I knew everybody was waiting for me to get the signal, it was almost dawn and we were ready to march.

As soon as I entered the dining hall everything was quiet.

“You all know why we’re here I say thank you for standing by my side in this battle. I don’t know if we will all make it home but I will tell you this no one will get left behind. Even if you follow you will be brought home and honored, as your Queen I command all of you to watch out for my sons for most and to bring my daughter back here. I will take care of myself do not risk your life’s for me. This is an order and I expect you all follow it, if you are already to march out with me the let’s go.”

Marco came to stand at my left side and Jules at my right, if Luca was here he would be at my right but I couldn’t think of that now.

We started the march, once we are all out into no man’s land I took off into a run jumping over fallen things weaving in and out of trees I knew I was going as fast as I could.

I had made the call that we are not to enter our lien forms until absolutely necessary after all the train that we had done we fought better in hand-to-hand.

I am thankful for Jules she taught me all of her ways and as her and Marco are our assassins I knew I was trained by the best.

I knew my pride was keeping up with me and they were running behind me letting me stay in the lead, I didn’t even need to know the spot where Marco found them I was following the pull to my daughter.

I knew that she was okay because a spell was still intact no one or anything could her physically but I could still fill her fear creeping through the bond and that made me all the more pissed off.

No one and I repeat no one messes with my family especially my kids.

I could tell we are getting closer, as soon as we were close enough to be on the outskirts of their border I called a halt.

I lifted my hand in the air and a closed fist over my head, I felt all of my pride home next to me. I told them to the mind leak to surround the area that no one was to get through. I told them that if anybody surrendered we took them as prisoners but if not we killed them there would be no survivors.

I knew the pride was waiting for my signal to move in, and I was ready.

I crept up behind the first guard I in sheet my dagger, I quickly brought it up to his throat and made a quick swipe. Before he even hit the forest floor my pride attacked.

You may think that I was crazy letting my 10-year-old boys be out on this but Luca assured me that he killed his first kill at the age of six.

And I do not have a problem with them learning to kill now they would need to learn eventually and why not for good cause.

I stood back from him and watch my pride silently kill all the guards in and around the surrounding areas. I knew they needed this kill more than anybody so I let them have their fun and waited until was time to breach inside.

It was a long before the last body fell and Jules and Marco are sending back at my side ready to go in.

I quickly sent a link out to all of my pride members letting them know that first and foremost we need to find my daughter and get her and my boys back to our cave safely and once they were back safely we could tack and finish them off.

I heard my boys complain to the link but I reminded than that they needed to keep their sister safe I knew that they would agree with me.

I outstretched my hands to in front of the door, I felt Jules and Marco do the same thing.

We all use our magic hurtling towards the door with a loud pop the door flew off its hinges and slid across the floor until I hit the wall on the other side at the end of the hall.

I gave the signal to my pack to flood and I followed in behind them. I knew they wouldn’t kill my father or anyone that I would want to take.

I watched bodies drop around me as I walked through, I had a one track mind and nothing was going to stand in my way.

And now step down front of me before he could do anything I use my left hand to grandmother dagger and I threw it straight into his heart.

I didn’t even stop to retrieve that dagger I had all that I needed. And when I ran out I had magic.

I could feel that I was getting close, my daughter was somewhere close I knew my father was with her but that didn’t stop me from pushing forward.

I called Marco and Jules to my side with the boys, I told the boys to stand behind Marco and Jules as we entered into the room.

What I saw made me so mad that I could tell my eyes were black and there was no other color.

But what I didn’t know the blackness was spreading from my eyes into my hair.

My daughter was standing in front of my father and he had a knife press to her neck and normally this wouldn’t scare me because of the spell but I saw the cut on her neck and I knew somehow my father had gone around the spell.

Seeing the cut on her neck I felt my lion roar inside of me I could tell that I had flecks of purple coming through the black and my eyes showing that my line was on the surface.

I felt and heard of Marco, Jules and the boys all roar. The boys were the loudest, it didn’t surprise me at all though they did take after their father.

I looked at my daughter I could tell that she was afraid but I felt that to the bond. Looking at her you would never be able to tell that she was scared, she was doing her best to show me that she was not afraid.

Cleo was roaring inside of me she did not like that our daughter was in danger and that she was forced to hide her fear.

“Let her go father.” I could fill my energy building the wind was picking up and blowing my hair everywhere but it was just around me.

“Daughter of mine, I see your powers have grown and may I say I think black is your color.” He pulled my daughter closer to him and push the knife against her neck harder.

My daughter didn’t even flinch or make a sound. I knew Jules and Marco will holding my boys back they were trying to get to their sister.

“You are not going to make it out of this alive, I’m not going to even try to tell you that I’ll make this painless because I am going to enjoy your pain you messed with the wrong mother. You should know better than to take a lion’s cub away from her.” I twirled the knife in my right hand as I started calling a fireball into my left.

“It wouldn’t do that if I were you wouldn’t want to hurt your daughter now would you.” He still looked afraid.

I laughed to myself, my father obviously wasn’t very smart. Because if he was he would know my fire cannot hurt my daughter it was our coven’s fire it couldn’t hurt each other I was making them think I was gonna throw the knife.

I was in contact with my daughter this whole time she knew what I was planning and she accepted this, the only thing that I had to be grateful for that man right there the columns of my father was by taking my daughter he awakened her beast inside I could tell that she had aged years in just a few hours he had taken her.

Before he could even blink I threw the fireball at him he tried to use my daughter to block it and he did it hit my daughter square in the chest but when he pulled her to block the fireball I also let the knife fly it pierced right next to his heart.

I watched him let go of my daughter as he dropped to the fool gasping, I open my arms as my daughter ran straight into them.

I held onto her tight, I felt my boys wrap their arms around us both I slowly slid to my knees so I can hold my babies.

I watch of the corner of my eye as Jules and Marco surrender my father keeping input until I was ready.

I quickly kiss my daughter and told her that I loved her and she needed to go home I quickly asked the boys to take her.

When I was sure that they were on their way with the rest of my pack that is when I got up and walked over to my father.

Let the games begin.

Luca’s POV

I was struggling to wake up, I could fill my mate she was in trouble. But no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to wake up.

Last thing I remember was feeling sick after I ate and then nothing, I could fill my baby growing against me she was whispering things in my ear that I can understand.

I really wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her to me, I could tell she was sad and my little girl should never be sad.

I could tell that my boys were sitting next to me till but I did understand what was going on.

I was feeding in and out there were times I was more clear and I could understand what was going on around me but most the time it was all just a mumble jumble.

But through it all I could still feel my connection to my mate I felt everything she was feeling and it frustrated me to no end that I couldn’t help her she was scared for me and scared for cubs I couldn’t do anything.

But the strongest feeling I fell from her so far was helplessness, why was she feeling like this what had happened to cause her feel this way.

Leo had already told me what Cleo said but it didn’t fit with what she was feeling I didn’t know how much time passed between the two. But something was different I need to figure out why.

I did my best to concentrate on her feelings to see if I could get some thoughts to, it took me a while but I doubt four words. And those words made my heart stop.

“He has my daughter.”

That could only mean one thing Rina’s father had gotten to our daughter I don’t know how or when but I knew I needed to wake up I needed to save my little girl.

I didn’t even realize that she was gone now lying next to me, I was trying so hard to wake up when another feeling hit me.

I felt a surge of evil slipped through the mate bond and I knew that my mate was struggling with the dark.

That could only mean one thing she was battling her father I couldn’t let her do this alone I needed to get to work if she killed her father she would go to the dark and there would be no coming back. I couldn’t let that happen in my mate.

I was struggling with all of my might to move my lens to open my eyes to do anything.

I don’t know how long I was struggling to wake up before I finally felt my lion, Leo burst inside of me and give me all the strength he had left to wake me up.

I shot up and watched as a force filled broke around me the colors faded and disappeared.

I looked down at myself to see that I was in my armor, it was all black armor plates it almost looked Elvish. I had a sword strapped at my hip and there was a neon green sash tight around my waist.

I had black boots that went all the way it my cafs past my knees, I also had a black cape that looked almost shredded hanging around my shoulders and off to my left side.

My gloves reached up to just below my elbows, I had forearm guards over that. It then went up into my chest plate that extended over my shoulders and down to my arms to meet the forearm guards. There was layers upon layers that overlap each other. All of my armor was made from thick leather.

I had a waste guard that went up underneath my chest plate, it also went down just past the top of my thighs where I had my guards and shin guards. The shin guards went over top of my boots.

I also had on a leather crown it sat on my forehead and wrapped around my head, it had our pride crest in the center and bright green.

And lastly I had my magic belt, it was also black and I had pockets all the way around the whole different types of magic dust.

I knew instantly that my mate had dressed me so I would be ready when I woke up, I quickly reached out my senses to find out where my mate was.

I could feel our children just breaching our border, I took off running in human form but as fast as I could and my lion form. And met them about third inside of our border, my sons were wearing armor as well as my daughter.

Hope was wearing a leather green dress that looked like the bottom had been shredded but it was just part of the dress. She had on a plane brown leather chest plate, she also had leather boots that went past her knees and leather forearm guards. She was wearing a brown leather crown just like mine.

My guess is my mate got her dressed with magic before she left where they were battling.

My sons were wearing armor just like mine except for incident having pants underneath their armor and they were more of wearing different layers that it made it seem more of a dress style armor, but that is exactly what boys their age wear.

The boys had surrounded their sister to make sure she was safe, she looks safe to me except for the small cut that was on her neck was already healing.

My daughter was the first to see me, she broke away from her brothers and took off towards me as fast as her little legs would carry her.

I could tell there was something different about her but I do have time to think of that as she threw herself into my arms.

“Daddy!” The boys also ran towards me as fast as they could and stood next to me I could tell that they were excited to see me that they didn’t want to seem weak if they were to show it physically.

“Where is your mother?” I quickly put my daughter down and looked at the boys.

“She’s back there dad, but there was something different about her dad. Her hair it was a white anymore.” All three boys said that once.

“I want you to go back to the cave watch after your sister.” I then looked towards the rest of the pride, I knew they were all here except for Marco and Jules. “You guys are to watch after my children I’m going to get my mate and the rest of our pride and I’ll be back. Keep security appetite no one gets him but me or my mate.”

I didn’t even wait for a response I took off towards my mate letting our mate bond pull us to closer together.

I was running as fast as I could leaping over fallen trees and rocks and around trees and tie came upon a building it was like an old factory.

I scan the area and saw dozens of dozens of fallen bodies scattered the area, it pains me to know that my mate made the first kill to start this war.

That showed up in my job, I looked at the factory door to see that it had been blown off its hinges. I ran through the door and run up flights of stairs until I was stopped just outside the door, Jules was standing there breathing heavy.

“Jules!” I called out to her as I got closer.

“Luca! You need to stop her and you need to hurry it’s almost too late. I was just coming to find you, you’re the only one that can bring her back.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room that she was standing by.

The scene before me nearly shattered my heart, Marco was standing by Rina I could tell he was trying to plead with her to consider reconsider this.

My mate was standing with her back towards me facing the wall that she had her father pinned to, she was using knives.

She had about 20 knives in him right now pending him into the wall none of them had hit any vital organs. I could see one next to his heart but I knew wasn’t in it, she was currently using her magic to slowly pill back his skin.

She was also using her magic to keep him conscious, her hair was blacker than black I knew her eyes would match. I knew if I didn’t stop her and reach her I would lose her forever, my cubs would lose their mother. I couldn’t let that happen.

I slowly walked forward, I didn’t want to startle her.

Marcos slowly turned around his eyes wide when he saw me, he quickly backed away from my mate to go stand by Jules.

They were going to give me space, so I could hopefully talk my mate down. Stop her from doing something that she would regret for the rest of her life.

“Rina? My love? Look at me please.” I was standing about 10 feet away from her directly behind her.

When she turned around my heart did shatter into two.

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