Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 21: Poisoning

It had been long hard months of intense training strategic planning for the war that we knew was coming.

It helped that I was getting my visions back, Luca was helping me and having to interpret them and to use them.

As long as I use them for good there’d be no repercussions on me or my family and pride.

Most people think you would be forcing the visions, but I’m not I’m bending them to my well it’s like another power your learning how to use it and when to use it.

As long as I don’t use it for personal gain that I had nothing to worry about.

I had seen the upcoming battles there was many to come the first one was of my father and the next one would just get bigger and after that they would continue to get bigger and bigger.

I told my husband and made that I was sorry that I brought this all upon them. But he and my pride members had told me many times that it doesn’t matter it is their job to protect me and the future errors.

It made me feel better but I still felt guilty just a little bit.

I was in the kitchen I was making me and the kid the smoothie, they took my love for smoothies to a whole new level they wanted one for breakfast every day.

Luca was okay with that as long as they had a side of sausage or other meat to go with it especially when it came to Hope.

He will remind me that she was too well as it is that she needed all the meet that she could get.

One of the maids walked over to me with a side of sausage, “Your mate insisted.”

I sighed but took the plate from her and my tray smoothies out to the table, I handed each of the kids there smoothie they were arty eating their side of sausage.

I went over and sat by Luca, putting the plate of sausage in front of him. He didn’t even look up from talking to one of the warriors as he reached down and started eating my plate of sausage.

I’m not saying I’m not a meat eater I just prefer to have it at lunch and dinner not breakfast.

I was busy talking with Jules when Luca leaned over and told me that he was heading up to our cavern that he was then lay down.

“Is everything okay Luca?” I turned to look at him.

“I’m not feeling very good.” He said up from his chair and stumbled slightly.

Both Jules and the other warrior quickly grabbed a hold of my mate to keep him from falling.

“Somebody get Jade immediately!” I quickly walked over and took the other warrior’s place I turn to him and asked, “Please take the children into the boy’s room keep the guards on the all times”

Me and Jules made quick work of getting my mate up to our room, we laid him down on the bed. I could feel his heart slowing down he wasn’t even conscious anymore.

“What happened?” Jade came rushing in, she quickly climbed on the bed and kneeled that at Luca sided.

“I know we were just eating breakfast and he got up and said he didn’t feel good.” I backed away from the bed I’ve never felt so hopeless in my life.

“What was he eating?” She made quick work of taking off his shirt, she quickly lit her palms down and use her magic she started to analyze.

“I don’t know what he had before I brought out my sausage and… The sausage! A maid that I never seen before hand me a plate of sausage and told me Luca want a meat eater he’s never done that before. I figured he was just trying to get me to eat more me in the mornings, and must’ve been poisoned it was for me.”

I watched as Jules left quickly I know she was going to go look for the maid, she had seen her in my mind’s eye.

That’s one thing about Jules she could take pictures that you have seen from your mind it was the power she had.

“Rina, I need you to focus. What he was poison with won’t kill him, he’ll be fine but his body is going to put him into a coma until he confided off.”

I knew that my father had did this, he was going to pay. I know that it was meant for me but that didn’t matter he attacked my family.

He should have learned by now to leave my family out of this. I was going to find him and I was going to finish the job then my mate started all of those years ago.

Had been two hours since Luca had fell into a coma. Jade said she didn’t know how long it would last in all depend on Luca he is the one that had to fight it off.

The boys were sitting by their father doing their best to look strong but I could see the fear in all of their eyes, they were just as scared as I was.

Hope was lying next to him, she kept whispering things into his ear. I could hear what she was saying but it just about broke my heart to see my kids like this.

Jade kept coming in and checking on them to make sure that everything is still okay and every time she came and she would remind me that I didn’t need to worry that he wasn’t going anywhere.

The warriors kept guard. They were still working on finding my father, Leo’s right-hand man was leading in.

Marco was a good guy and I knew I could trust him, I knew he would get the job done. Every time there was at any kind of an update he would come and tell me and report to Luca.

It hit me suddenly, I could use Cleo to go talk to Leo and could tell Luca what’s going on and that he needed to keep fighting.

“Cleo I need you to get a message to Lucas Lion, Leo. I need you to tell them everything that has been gone on in the last couple hours, and then me and the cubs say we love him.”

I knew she would do it I could count on her for anything.

I stood up once again when I saw Marco walk through the door, he looked excited like he had some good news.

“My lady Rina, we know where your father is we are hundred percent certain. I am preparing all of our troops now, but just in case I’m going to leave about 15 with Luca and you and the kids.”

“Okay instead of 15 of 25 and I’m going with you Marco and that is in order from your Queen.” As I was talking to him I waved my magic over me creating, my armor. I was inspired by female elf warriors armor.

“But my Queen…” Marco tried to persuade me but I wasn’t hearing it.

“Marco I appreciate what you have been doing but somebody has to go besides you in the Army and since Luca is down it is my job as Queen of this pride.”

Jules came walking to the door with the requested amount of men, the boys were standing at the bottom of the bed waiting to hear their command my daughter had fallen asleep lying next to Luca.

“Okay listen up this is what’s going to happen, Jules you are coming with me and Marco in the Army. Jade I know you’re standing outside the door you are to stay here to look after Luca and Hope.” I knelt down in front of the boys. “Boys I need you to guard your father and sister and aunt Jade. I need you to keep them safe okay?” All three of them nodded their heads really fast, they quickly each gave me a hug.

I stood up and turned back around to face everybody else in the room. “We’ll leave it dawn, I expect everything to be ready by then. Now if you all leave me and my kids alone so we can have some time before tonight.”

Everybody left my cavern leaving a Luca and the cubs along with me. I had Artie asked Cleo to send another message and let Luca know we were attacking at dawn.

I had the boys come up on the bed and laid down by their father and I laid down by them.

I told them stories, I told them about my life before I met their father I told them how important it was if they obeyed me and their father and did what we asked them to do.

I knew they would listen to me I knew that they would take care of their father and their sister. They acted like grown men and 10-year-old bodies it was really cute to watch.

I sent the boys to their room to go get ready for tonight and get some sleep.

I stayed up and practiced all of the magic that I was going to use tonight as I watched over Luca and my daughter.

Though I wasn’t ready for someone to teleport in right next to my daughter.

“Your father sends his love.” Before I could say or do anything the man touch her and they were gone. My daughter was gone just like that and I have let it all happen.

I’ve been so focused on the battle tonight I didn’t even think they would try to hit us.

I was so stunned that I didn’t realize that a roar had escaped past my lips, Cleo was going nuts inside of me trying to get out.

I watch as my three boys ran through the opening followed by guards, Marco and Jules were leading.

“What is going on?” They were looking around the room trying to find anything, but they wouldn’t find anything.

“She’s gone.”

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