Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 2: The Spell Casting

“Make me an unseen to keep me safe as I do want you have asked me to do.” I could feel the change take over me, I looked down at my hands to see nothing at all. No one would be able to see me now, well at least not tell I wanted them too. Gran showed me this when I was 16teen and she regretted it as soon as she did.

When I came to the place that I thought the alter would be I put my hands out to see if I could feel anything. It was small but I could feel a disturbance in the energy. I knew it had to be here, there was a grope of tress on either side of where I was standing. And I couldn’t deny what I saw in my mind’s eye, there was rocks between these two trees which only meant there had to be an altar there was no rocks anywhere else when I looked.

I just had to break the spell and find what I needed and I would be all ready to go, I know that was easier said than done but I do have a choice and I needed to move fast.

I put my hands all the way straight out in front of me and I contrasted hard. I needed to find the spell, I closed my eyes and looked through my mind’s eye. At first it was dark but then I could see little fleas of light, at first, they were all just white light but then they started changing colors. I could see blues, greens, purples, reds, yellows and pinks.

It looked like they were trying to turn into words but I still couldn’t make them out, they were going too fast. I couldn’t read them, not yet. But then I felt something change and it wasn’t a good change. Before I could stop my spell, I was thrown backwards.

For some reason, the spell thought that I was the enemy, my Gran must’ve put a spell of protectiveness over the spell of invisibility.

I didn’t even have time to open my eyes before I felt myself hit a tree and it wasn’t soft at all, I don’t know why I would thinking the tree would be soft.

I knew that I was going to bruises. I grunted at I sled down the tree to the forest floor, I better not get splinters those really hurt when you have to use magic to pull them out. I was already going to have good sizes bruise, it would just match my still healing shoulder that was definitely covered in bruises and my arm where my bone had broken through.

I don’t know if I told you but when I heal myself I can only heal so much. Like I can’t heal bruises or scratches and sometime that can suck but it is better than nothing. And I would rather heal myself deeper like broken bones anyway.

I didn’t want to get back up but I knew that I needed to. I needed to break the spell so I could cast the one big one. I know Gran didn’t want anybody else to find the altar but I don’t understand why she needed to put a protective spell over top of her invisibility spell, some of the things I would never understand why my Gran and this was one of them.

I went to push myself up off the ground but I fell back down in pain. My left shoulder really hurt but I couldn’t see anything cuz it’s not like I can see behind me and that is where the pain was coming from. That was just great, my right shoulder already hurt from dislocating it and I knew there was bruises already forming all around my shoulder and now I hurt my left shoulder.

Don’t realize how important your shoulders are until you lose them at least their mobility.

I sat back against the tree but I didn’t put any pressure on my left shoulder. I would just have to take a little brake, I ground and banged my head back against the tree, that’s right let’s bang your head and get a concussion to go with everything else that is going wrong today. I didn’t have time for this, I needed to keep going.

I didn’t have any energy left to heal myself. I need to put all that I have left into braking that spell and casting mine, I didn’t care about what the voice said, I wasn’t going to us his. For all I know he was the bad guy in this and I didn’t need to wait around and find out, it would be just my luck that evetime I would use his energy it would send him to where I was.

I looked around me and reached out with my mind to see if anyone was close to me. I didn’t feel anyone; all I could feel was the plants and animals around me.

That was another one of my many powers that I had, I could talk with plants and animals. Well they didn’t really talk like you and me but I could still understand them and they were always willing to help me whenever I needed it.

Maybe I could use them to tell me if something was out of place and then that would be one less thing I would have to do.

I called out to all the plants and animals around me. With my mind, I spoke to them. “I am asking for your help. You know that I am a friend, I need your help to keep a look out for anything that shouldn’t be. Please help me.”

I could feel them responding to me. I could feel them contacting to me and them becoming my eyes and ears. It was a little over whelming but I liked the way it made me feel. I could feel so much and I felt stronger.

When I contacted to them it was like I could see through their eyes and I could hear what they were hearing and that was overwhelming and that was just one, just imagen that times 100. It was very hard not to get a headache but being a Wiccan always helped.

I asked them if I could have their help with their strength, I used their strength to push myself up away from the ground and the tree. I did my best not to move my shoulders or my arms a lot and not to fast either. I didn’t need to black out and I knew that it would happen if I wasn’t careful.

I opened my eyes and very slowly brushed off my jeans, these were my favorite ones too and I just knew that there were holes in them and that made me want to piss in someone’s cheerios, I know I am disgusting but don’t come between me and my cloths.

I walked back over to where I knew the alter would be. I reached out my hands again and started once again and this time if it pushed I would just have to push back, just with more power than it did.

I let my eyes slid close and I waited for the energy to hit me. It hit me but not as hard as it did before, good now let’s get to work on the first spell and then I could do the last one.

I could make out some of the words but they were still moving too fast for me to make them all out. Just as I was going to pull back so I could try again, I was thrown once again.
This one hurt a lot more. It hurt like cow’s poo. I hit the tree at full force and slid down it to the forest floor, I am surprised that nothing was broken this time. I slumped onto my side and just laid there trying to get my breath.

I knew that I needed to get up but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I was in so much pain that it was making me sick. I knew that if I didn’t get up that I was just giving up and that I would end up dying, for all I knew I could have internal bleeding and I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it.

I couldn’t just give up, I had to keep going and not stop, my Gran did not rise me to be a quitter and I wasn’t going to start now. I was not a quieter and I was never going to turn into on, I slowly pulled myself up off the forest floor, so that I was standing with most of my wait on the tree that I was leaning back against, I was leaning back on my right forearm. It was one of the only parts of my body that didn’t hurt like horse’s dung.

I knew that I couldn’t take much more of this but I needed to uncover the alter and I didn’t have a lot of time. I walked over to my backpack that I had set down by one of the trees that was close to the alter. I got down onto my knees as best as I could but it was not done without pain, the pain was almost too much for me, I almost let the darkness take me. Once I was down on my knees I got into my bag and pulled out The Book. I should just start calling The Book of Spells. I like that better than just The Book.

Well anyway, I pulled The Book of Spells out and found what I was looking for. It said that I needed to be in the right state of mind, I don’t know what that means though. This may be harder than I thought it would be, my Gran always like to do things like this to all of her spells. It was like double protection, that is what she said.

My legs couldn’t hold me anymore I tried to catch myself but I didn’t do it in time I fell forward and hit the tree that was in front of me, right in the middle of my forehead. Well that was going to leave a mark and that’s just one more thing to add to this day, I knew that I should have stayed in bed this morning but no! I had to do what Gran told me to do. She is not even here anymore and I am still letting her get to me.

The last thing I could think of before my whole world went dark was “I am going to die, and I haven’t even lived yet.”

Leo’s POV

I knew that something was off, I just didn’t know what it was. I had just gotten done talking with the other Star God’s so I knew that it couldn’t be anything with them but I didn’t feel right. Something was happening but I am not sure what it was, I had been feeling like this for the past two days.

“Luca, what is going on? I know you know something.” I asked my inner lion.

“We need to help her.” He growled at me.

“Why are you growling at me? I was only asking! Who is it that we need to help?” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him, he could be so temperamental so times.

“Our mate. She is in trouble and she is hurt, I can feel her pain.” I felt Luca whimper inside of me.

“Our mate!?!” I was shocked. We had been trying to find her again for years, we found her before she was even born but she was hidden from us when we went to get help to heal her mother. By the time, we got it they were nowhere to be found.

“Yes, our mate. I have been talking with her and giving her some of our energy but she is being stubborn and is not letting me help her anymore.” I could feel him passing in my mind.

“Where is she? We need to get to her and fast.” I ran my heads through my hair.

“I know that she is somewhere on Erath but I do not know where. I can’t get her location, it’s like she is keeping it from us.” Luca growled again.

“We need to find her and it needs to be soon, we have lived without her for 26 long years and I will not lose her now.” I needed to get back to my pried and tell them what it going on and see what we can do to go about finding my mate.

“I agree, she needs our help. I know that if she keeps doing what she is doing then they isn’t going to be any of her left.” Luca stopped passing and sighed.

“We will find her and it will be soon. Let’s get back to our world and see what we can find out about her. I want you to try and talk with her again, see if you can get her to tell you where she is and if not see if you can look through her eyes then maybe we will have some kind of idea where she is on Earth.” I felt Luca leave without saying anything, I knew that he would do what I asked him as fast as he could.

I needed to get things going here but it was hard when I felt like my heart was being pulled away from me. Like it didn’t want to be with me anymore, like it wanted to be somewhere else. It didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel good either. I know that it was coming from my mate and it made me have hope, even if it was very small.

I didn’t waste anymore time, I jumped back to my home on the plans, right into what would soon be our cavern. You may not know what jumping is, it is not me jumping up and down, like some little cub, it’s more like me running really fast combined with me time jumping. But I wasn’t going through time just from different planets, like stars.

It’s hard to explain but I hope all of that jumble made sense to you.

I didn’t even bother to look at my room as I made my way out of my cavern and down the hall tell I reached my office that was five doors down from my cavern.

As soon as I made it inside I saw my right hand-lion, Marco. He was sitting behind my desk and in my chair but as soon as he saw that it was me he got up and made his way to the chair in front of my desk.

“Leo, how was the meeting?” He was in best-friend mode right now but I needed him in worrier mode.

“I found my mate and I need everyone on it that is not keeping the pried safe today.” I walk behind my desk and sat down in my chair.

“That’s great mad!” He looked at me but from the look I knew was on my face, he quickly changed into his worrier mode. “What is going on? Is she hurt? What do you need me to do?”

“Get the men ready. I am waiting to hear back from Luca and then we will go, I know that she is on Earth just not where and she is hurt and will die if we don’t get to her soon.” I ran my hands through my hair again and pulled on the ends.

“We will find her Leo. She is our Queen and it is our duty to keep her safe.” He stood up and made his way to the entrance, he stopped and turned back around. “I guess I should start calling you Luca then.” He left with a big smile on his face.

I rolled my eyes, I knew that he wouldn’t see but I did it anyway.

He was talking about when my mate excepts me, my lion and I will switch places. I am actually the lion. When any shifter is born, we are born with are lions or other animal on the outside, it gives us a chance to be in control and the human is born on the inside that is why when we are born, we are born in our animal form and not our human form.

It’s letting our parents know that we are born then right way, there have been some cases that it was the other way around but they don’t survive if they are born that way.

There is a struggle within them and to see who id stronger and no one has even made it. It is sad it watch, I had to watch my sister go through it.

I would have had twin sisters if we didn’t lose her. It effected my sister Jade the most, she would tell us that she was missing something and then when my dad told her what happened at her birth she lost it.

That was when she decided to become a doctor, so that maybe one day she could find a way to save them.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I felt Luca come back into me.

“What did you find out? Where is she? Is she still okay?” I couldn’t stop the questions from coming out.

“When I got back to her I found her passed out on the gowned and I could tell that she was in a lot of pain. Before I woke her up I made her open her eyes so that I could see where she was and I found that she is in a forest…”

“Well that is not going to help us find her! Earth is made up of mostly forest!” I through my hands up in frustration.

Luca, growled at me. “If you would have let me finish I would have told you that she was in Organ, Eugene. She is in the forest that surrounds it. I know where her home is but I know she is not there, but it’s a place to start.”

“I am sorry I should have let you finish. That is where we will start then.” I stood up from behind my desk and teleported to the main hall where I knew everybody was waiting.

“I am sure Marco filled you all in on what has happened, Luca has come back with where she is. We are going to go to her home and then start then sure from there. She is in Eugene, Organ in the surrounding woods.” I looked out over my men, they were all hanging on the every word that I said.

“We are going to have four teams, we will spread out and look for her. You will all know when you find her, you well be drawn to her and you will want to protect her. When you find, her you will first make sure she is save then you will call to me and I will come to your location. You are not to move from your location unless it is to keep her safe. You will capture anyone that stands in your way and you will take them back to our world, do not kill anyone one unless it is your life or there’s. You will repot everything that you fine to me and to Marco.” I looked over to make sure he was okay with that, not that I would give him a chose.

“Now let’s get moving! We don’t have long, I will open a portal to Earth and it will take up straight to her home, then we will fan out! You know what teams you are in so get to it!”

I turned around and weaved my magic to make a portal to Earth, I was then only one that could make the jump. This would only take about 5mins instead of us being there now.

When it opened, I stepped through, I knew that Macro would make sure everyone got through before he came.

I am very happy about this news but that doesn’t mean that I know where she is, she needs to actually call for me so I can go to her. But even if she didn’t then me and my men would find her. She couldn’t hide from me for forever.

All I can do now is prepare myself for what it was that we would find. I knew that it wouldn’t be good but as long as she was okay in the long run and I got to kill who ever hurt her I think I would be okay.

I watched as the colors flu by me and a slower pace than I am use too. It was killing me going this slow but I couldn’t leave my men behind me.

I would just have to wait and do it like everybody else for once.

“We should have just jumped.” Luca growled.

“You know that we can’t do that. We have to lead our man, it’s what is expected of us.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“I wouldn’t roll your eyes, this is slowing us down. We need to find our mate and you know that she come first now.” He growled at me again.

“Well it is too late to turn back now.”

I was brought out of our conversation when I stepped out of the portal. What I saw in front of me made my heart stop.

There was nothing left of her home, it was all gone. Someone had burned it down, “It was blown up and the blast hurt mate.” Luca was passing inside of me again.

I roared as I took a deep breath trying to see what I go catch.

One of my best tracers come over and stood by me.

“What it is?!?” I snarled.

“Well Alpha King, I know what happened here. I was able to peace everything together and I know what way she went too.” Julies said.

Yes, you heard right my best tracer was a girl and if I don’t have a problem with that then you shouldn’t either.

“Well what happened! Get to it, was doing have all day!” I growled out.

“Calm down she is trying to help.”

I did my best to lesion to my lion but it wasn’t the easts of things to do. I was always in control of things and it was being all taken from me.

“The house was blown up with very evil magic and it is still lingering here. Your mate was just inside the forest line when it happened, we found more blood. There wasn’t enough that we should be to worried but then it appears as if she was then being fallowed, by two men and there is a third but he sated behind for a while before he followed after them.” Julies said, quickly.

“Is there anything else? I want you to show me where she when into the forest.” I waiting for her to start waling before I followed after her.

“Yes, the reason that you couldn’t find her was due to the fact that the was guards put into play every night and the effects lasted all day.” She stopped talking as we went into the about 100 feet or so.

I didn’t need to ask her why we stopped, I could smell it. Luca growled when I walked over and looked down, there wasn’t a lot but here was enough.

“Have everyone come and get her sent then have them go out. I am going.” I didn’t even wait to see what she would say I felt the change over take me and I was pushed to the back of my mind and Luca came forward.

Luca’s POV

I pushed forward as I came out, being in my lion form felt great. I couldn’t wait tell I was able to be in my human form, I have been this way for over 300 years and I was more than ready to fine my mate and be with her.

I took off running at a fast pace. Jumping over fallen trees and through bushes, I was weaving in and out of trees trying to keep up with her sent. I only had about 3 hours tell the moon would be at its highest.

I was doing my best to keep her sent but I lose it was I came to an opening, her sent was over ran by death.

I looked around I saw two fall, bloody body’s they were both mels. Because of them I had lost my mates sent.

Rina’s POV

I felt like I was dreaming but I knew I wasn’t, someone was trying to wake me up. I didn’t know who it was and I didn’t care, I just wanted to sleep and sleep was what I was going to get.

“Wake up little one. You need to get up.” There was that voice again, I just wanted it all to stop and it go away! Why couldn’t the pain just go away?

I could feel myself slowly come back to my body and let me tell you it hurt like being ran over by a train and I wanted to stop it. I could feel everything and that includes the animals trying to speak to me but I couldn’t make out what they were try to say, not yet anyway. I knew that I had been out for a good hour or two, I only had so much time left to do the spell but the good thing was I just needed my blood to do the spell but the bad thing was I needed the alter to do the spell but I didn’t break the spell and I didn’t know if I could.

The spell seemed like it was too powerful for me to break, I wish my Gran was here to break it for me. But I knew wishing was a useless thing to do, it was just me now. I nailed to learn to accept this and walk away and let everything go. As soon as I got out of this mess I was done with all this magic it had brought me nothing but pain.

I groaned as I tried to slowly push myself off the ground but my body hurt too much to do so but I knew that I had to do this or whatever my father wanted to do to me, he could. I knew whatever it was, was very bed.

I pushed myself up onto my butt and I sat back against the tree but it hurt like hell. It hurt like hell to breath so I knew that I had broken some ribs but if I was going to do the spell then I couldn’t heal myself, I couldn’t do both. I was going to have to just keep it together and see what happens even though I knew that by doing this spell it would take all that I had left.

I just had to hope it was enough.

“It will be enough I promise you little one.”

I was going to get myself checked into a mental institution, it was not healthy to hear someone’s voice inside your head. I was definitely going crazy.

I was brought out of my thoughts as the animal’s voices broke through my mind. They were trying to tell me that he was coming, that my last attempt at the spell had called him to me and that he would be here within an hour, they also said that she was not the only one out in the woods, they said that there were men and women scouring the woods looking for me. They didn’t know if they were good or evil but they told me they told me that they had to be better than my father and maybe they could help me.

With this news, I jumped to my feet, all my pain forgotten. But I almost fell back down due to my head spinning out of control. I grabbed onto the tree to steady myself, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to get myself together. I needed to pull myself together at least to finish the spell. All I needed to do was bring him here and if I died, it didn’t matter he would know something was going on and he would take care of it I could sacrifice myself for the good.

I can do this. If I had any of my mother in me then I could pull this off with no problem at all. I opened my eyes and let go of the tree so that I was standing on my own two feet. I slowly started my walk back over to the alter, I took a deep breath as I got to the alter and stretched out my hands again and close my eyes. This spell was not going to get the best of me I was the last in my coven and I was going to push back with everything that I had, I wasn’t going to run away from this I can feel the pain and stay, pain was nothing anymore.

I started my chanting and the colors and words started to fly by me. I could feel it trying to push me away but I fostered it away and kept on chanting. The colors kept getting brighter and brighter and they kept going by faster and faster but the words slowed down so that I could start to read them, I started casting the spell. I felt it push against me again, this time much stronger and I almost lost it but I pushed back just as much. I pushed my magic into my hands, and push with all of my might against the spell. I watched as sparks flew bouncing off of it shilled in a round me, they were normal sparks came from my magic blues and purples were bouncing off to the shilled and flying off into the trees but I kept pushing. I was so close I could fill it, and I wasn’t going to stop this time not until it broke.

I could feel it weakening but it was still not there yet. I kept pushing, the harder I pushed the more it pushed back at me. I could feel the wind pick up around me but I knew that I had to keep going no matter what. I had to do this no matter what happens. The wind picked up even more it was blowing my hair everywhere but I let that distract me.

My voice was getting loader and loader as I kept going. I knew that I was getting closes to braking it but if I didn’t get it done fast then I was going to lose all the strength that I had left and then who knows what would happen to me, I would probably die, but that didn’t matter to me. All I have to do is get the Star God here and let him know what was going on and if it was my destiny to die I would welcome it with open arms.

I sent a quick message to my animal friends asking them to go out and lead my father around the forest. I needed him to stay way. Even when I break the spell I still had to get the alter ready and then I would have to wait for the moon light to be right and I may just have to call a full moon, If it was in here by the time my father got here.

It was pushing back again and it was using all it had left to push me away but I was pushing back with everything that I had left as well and I had just a little more to give then it did. I opened my eyes and looked at it, I could just barely see the alter and I knew that I was almost there but I still had to keep pushing, I couldn’t stop now.

I could feel the wind blow harder, it sent my hair flying around my face even more but I couldn’t pay it any mind. No matter how much I hated my hair in my face. I also felt like my eyes weren’t mine, I know that, that doesn’t make since but the only thing that I can tell you is that I had this thing ever since I was little my eyes would change color and I would know when it happened and what color they would be. I know wired, right? But it was also the most cool thing ever I had eyes that were like mood rings.

There were black and I was scared cuz this was the first time they had ever turned black before and I knew that black was not a good color, it meant evil. But I also didn’t have time to think about it, I could tell that it was braking and that was confirmed when I was sent flying backwards again. But this time I was a little bit more prepared.

I closed my eyes because I just knew that it was going to hurt, a lot or it was going to kill me. But I felt nothing at all. I opened my eyes and looked around me, I was floating in midair. The spell was broken but the aftershock of the spell was still there and that is what was keeping me suspended in midair, You may be thinking that it was cool to be suspended in mid air. But let me tell you are wrong, the aftershock would be bad and it would send me flying back with more force than both of the first two combined.

I had to think fast as the aftershock was not going to last very long. I looked around me to see a lake off to the left or there was the group of large boulders to my right or the tress behind me. The lake was my best bet but I just had to think of how I was going to get the aftershock to throw me that way, maybe a wind spell would work, I would just have to get the timing right.

I could use the wind spell that my Gran had showed me. I reached my hands out behind me and to the right so that I could push me into the lake. I used the very last of my power to semen up the wind, it wasn’t much but it would have to do and I just did it in time as the aftershock just broke up.

I was sent flying into the water but lucky for me it was not at top speed as the aftershock was fighting against me but my spell worked out. But now I just had to not drown... as I couldn’t swim at all. Don’t get me wrong I love the water but I just could never swim very well at all.

I splashed into the water and it was not a good thing as it hit my back and it sent a shock wave through me and the next thing I knew was that the blackness took me away.

I guess this was the end...I was dying. And by drowning of all things.

Luca’s POV

I could fill my mate’s surge of power, I don’t know where she got it but I knew with surges of power comes weakness. I was still standing in the meadow with the two bloodied bodies I had called Marco and Jules to come and meet me to see what they could find and to take care of this mess they each brought two more warriors with them.

They were in the process of cleaning up the bodies, I was still and my lion form. I was bigger than the average lion probably about double the size. I also didn’t look like the average lion it’s not every day that you see a black lion with purple eyes and they weren’t all they were very vibrant.

Just to give you an idea of the size one of my paws was probably about the size of two pipe tens combined. I was probably a good 8 feet tall and that was me standing on all fours.

I was still trying to pick up my mate sent I knew she was in trouble that power surge proves it. But then there was nothing from her, I could still fill the mate bond so I know she wasn’t dead but I knew she had to be unconscious again which wasn’t good for her that was two times in less than two hours.

I could tell she was getting close to finishing the spell that I could feel that tells on me but it wasn’t close enough.

Marco and Jules walked towards me as soon as they got to me they both stop and bow their heads off to the side exposing their next letting me know that they were no threat.

Marco had been my best friend since the very beginning we grew up together, was just as tall as I was in human form he had light brown hair with hazelnut eyes he was built like an assassin but it made sense because he was one so was Jules.

She had see blue hair with hot pink eyes, she was also built like an assassin, I knew I could count on both of them to do whatever it is I asked of them.

I sat down on my hunches there was no point in me to go wandering off and tell I had my mate’s location.

“I want you guys to spread out from this point bring the teams and as well, when anyone find something let me know I will be here waiting.” Spoke to them through the pride link.

They both nodded their heads before taking off into the trees. I decided to try to pinpoint my mate to the mate bond.

It wouldn’t be easy but it might be the only thing that I could do, I decided not to give Leo back control because as soon as we found out word our mate was there was no point in having to waste time to shift before I could take off again I was trying to think how I could lose my mate sent it wasn’t even in the surrounding area.

The only thing that came to mind was maybe a she teleported but I thought she was too weak. Somebody else would’ve had to and that meant she would’ve been captured because the only ones left out here was her father were sure that he’s the one who killed these two men they must’ve made him angry and some.

Which I was okay with because that meant to less people looking for my mate but it also meant that her father was easily angered and that could be a very bad thing for my mate. When I found her father, I was in a tear him limb from limb any father that try to hurt their child or anyone for that matter that wasn’t just deserve to be tortured to death and I would be just the person to do it.

Every once in a while, I would get a link from a pack member letting me know they found nothing is certain area based on no word from my mate I was starting to get discouraged she could just disappear in with teleporting she only would’ve been able to go so far almost seemed like she disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Reaching out through the mate bond wasn’t doing anything, she had to still be unconscious as there were still this void between us and she wasn’t responding when I tried talking to her anymore. So, she was either ignoring me and doing a very good job at it which would only piss me off or she was unconscious and she could hear me.

We probably had about two maybe three hours before the spell need to be set if she was going to say at all and for some reason this time I could get her to wake up she was either too far out of reach which wasn’t likely to my reach was pretty farm there is a barrier between us a physical barrier which could consist of a body of water large stones or mountainsides.

And all of the above were around here so that was no help at all to know what directional to look for her in.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a roar and then it ceased which only meant one thing one of my pride members was down, I then felt a sharp pain go through my chest which only meant one thing.

I roared my loss into the night air, I knew it had to be her father is the only one out here that would be strong enough he would pay for one going after my mate and to harming my pride.

My link to all of my pride members was filled with sadness at the loss of a brother, my roar was answered by many more. I could even feel and hear them coming from our home world.

When you lose a pride member everyone can feel it doesn’t matter how far apart you are it’s like you lose a part of yourself, we are all connected through me. It was hard to fill everyone’s pain it would come to me as their Alpha King to mourn. This wasn’t the first time and sadly I knew this would be the last time we lost a pride member.

I could feel the coming war rising on the horizons, we had talked about it in our Star God gathering. We are trying to figure out where it was coming from so we could prepare for battle but none of us had such luck.

If none of us could find out where it was coming from, then it was extremely powerful to block out all 12 Star Gods, we all made the call to bend down the hatches so to speak and to start training for the coming war.

We also talked about each of us finding our mates it’s all of us could get our mates then we would be stronger than ever before and we could all be in the same place at once without it doing us any harm it would actually provide us with more straight than ever.

I decided to send each of my teams out to the biggest body of water, the biggest mountains, and rock figures that’s where my mate had to be in one of those places and if we started there and then went out we were sure to find her.

I immediately sent word to the pack link of what to do, I then stood up and took it upon myself to go to the largest body of water I requested Jules and Marco to come with me.

“Luca, I think you should let me out then you could go and try to find your mate.” Leo spook quickly in our mind.

“That would only slow us down, I’m going with my gut instincts on this one.”

I tuned Leo out the rest of the time as me, Marco and Jules took off running towards the largest body of water. At the rate, we were running we should be able to reach they’re within 40 minutes’ tops.

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