Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 19: I Am Going to Kill You!

Six years later

It had been six long years since that dreadful day. Since the day that I lost my Gran and my mother forever, since the day I promised to kill my own father.

After the spirit world collapsed, my father went into hiding no one could find them and trust me we looked.

I think it was more of me pushing that I was Luca but I don’t blame him he was doing it to protect me and the cubs.

I’m not saying I wasn’t doing it to protect him and the cubs but I had a different agenda as well, I wanted to find him out of revenge.

Luke and the cubs are the only ones that has kept me from going nuclear and by nuclear, I mean letting myself go so far that I slip it in the dark, let myself become an evil like my father.

My little boys and little girl had just turned ten, I cannot believe I was a mother of 10-year-olds four of them to be exact.

The three boys protected their sister at all cost, they gone so much trouble protecting her but it’s not like me Luca could be mad because they were keeping their sister safe.

I tried to throw myself into learning my magic being with my family learning how to run a pride but it was all hearts in the back of my mind my father were still taunting me.

And even want to call him my father anymore but I didn’t even know his real name no one seemed to know. And every time I referred to Ms. that man evil things seem to consume my thoughts and I couldn’t let it get that far.

I didn’t want to tell Luca but I feared that when I killed my father that it would be my and doing, after killing him what if I am so far gone that nothing can bring me back.

I was standing on our balcony watching as the cubs around and played, the boys were trying to help their sister catch a butterfly.

Even though she was the same age as them she only acted to be about seven years old it worried me and Luca.

We do want her to stop aging but we feared that would be lost her she’d be gone for so long that something like magic could even fix it.

Jade has been looking after them so well, she’s going to be a great mom a very overprotective mom but still a great one.

I felt Luca come up behind me and wrap his arms around me, I leaned back into his chest and close my eyes sighing happily.

This is one of the times that I could be happiest, my cubs were outside playing they very happy. They were protected from any physical harm we did the spell religiously keeping up with that so it never went away.

In my mate was holding me in his arms, I always seem to find peace here. It didn’t matter what was going on inside of me the worst I were fighting as long as his arms wrapped around me I knew I was going to be okay and I would win, we would win.

“What are you thinking about so hard my love?’ It felt Luca kiss the top of my head as his arms tighten slightly around me.

“Have we heard any word?” I whispered.

“You asked me that every day for the past six years. Rina I would tell you as soon as we heard word, and we would pack up and we would move out, we wouldn’t waste any time.” Luca turned me around into his arms.

“Luca I know you would tell me, I just have to keep asking I can’t give up. Please tell me you understand.” I opened my eyes and looked up at Luca.

It was weird even after six years he did an aged all physically anyway, if he wanted to he could but he said that he was at the happiest point in his life when he met me and he wanted to stay that age forever.

Also, knew that I hadn’t aged since the day that we mated, it was weird not aging when my kids aged. I should look 32 but instead I still look 26.

“I do understand. And I promise you we will find your father and me will kill him. I won’t let him harm you or our cubs any longer, and after what he did the Star God’s are in agreement there is no trial.

“Thank you, Luca. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come into my life, I don’t even want to think about it.” I leaned up onto my very tippy toes and wrapped my arms around his neck giving him a light kiss on the lips.

Luca bent down just slightly slipping his arms further down my waist and then he stood back up jerking me up against him that was suspended in off the floor. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist.

I started writing my hands through his hair pulling on it slightly.

Luca pulled back from me and looked into my eyes, I knew that they had gone pink again he loved making them go pink.

“I love you so much little mate.” He kissed the tip of my nose softly.

I smiled up at him he was the best mate anybody could ask for.

“I love you too Luca.”

Luca’s POV

It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. I was keeping things from my mate, we gotten word from her father.

He told us that he was coming from not just my mate my daughter as well. It made me and my lion ready to kill, I should have killed him when I first had him in my grasp.

Then my mate would never have to worry, she would still have her Gran and her mother and the spirit world.

I know that if I hadn’t gone to her as quick as I did she would have been able to find me and it was very likely that she would’ve died so I know I did the right thing.

It was just hard knowing he was out there after my family. I was working with my pride and we were doubling security making sure nobody could get in but I knew it was only a matter of time before my mate would notice and she would know something was up or I would have to tell her.

I knew the better if I just tell her but was very hard for me. I knew the struggles that she was facing inside I could feel it every day I could read in her thoughts.

She was worried about going it dark as soon as she took her father’s life and I knew that it was very possible. She was at about 65% sure that she would turn dark if she continued.

This is where the only things I could do to keep her safe. If I could find them for sure and I kill him that I would have to worry and neither would she about her turning dark.

I knew she wouldn’t see it like this she wants revenge for her mother and Gran and I understand that revenge isn’t everything, revenge is what leads to the dark.

I just wish I could get her to understand that but I fear she never well not until it’s too late.

The last word we heard on her father was that he had come to our planet and he was hiding somewhere in no man’s land.

I had scouts out looking for him patrolling but I feared we weren’t going to find them in time. I knew he was planning something I just didn’t know why and that terrified me that I had no control over this.

I needed to have control. I didn’t know how to not have control, maybe this is the lesson I was supposed to learn.

I didn’t want to learn it, not at the expense of my family.

“Luca, you look so troubled. What is it?” I felt Rina come up behind me, I had been a couple days since been able to really talk.

It was more of a kiss in the morning before I left and then me coming home and she was Artie asleep and just snuggling with her trying to sleep.

This would be the perfect opportunity for me to come clean and tell her everything, why did I find it so hard to do.

I knew I had the magic in me that I could keep her here keep her safe so she cannot go after her father, but I knew it would absolutely kill me and her if I did that.

“Rina?” I sighed in defeat as I turned around, “We need to talk.”

She looked confused but she nodded her head at me anyway and came closer.

“What is it that you want to talk about? It’s not us, is it? Luca, I’m sorry I know things are crazy needed to ask for this when you found your mate please don’t take anything back. I can’t live without you.” She looked like she was by ready to cry and it broke my heart.

I quickly crossed the space that separated us and wrapped her in my arms. I held her close let her fill my heart beat.

“No, no. Rina, it hurts the you keep doubting me in this. I will never leave you, you are on only wanted. I have waited for you for far too long. What I need to talk to you about has nothing with me going anywhere unless it’s to keep you safe.” I placed a soft kiss to her forehead, before I pulled back and looked down into her eyes again.

“What I want to tell you mate, I’ve been keeping this for you. I found out about a week ago that your fathers here on this planet, our planet. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I know what you’re facing I can feel it, you can hear your thoughts.”

She quickly pulled back, “You have been keeping this from me! Luca, what have we talked about and what have we promised to do these past almost 7 years? We promised no secrets.”

“I’m sorry but I will do anything to keep you safe and if that means lying to you and not telling the truth about your father’s whereabouts. That I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.” I pulled away from her and walked back to my desk, I leaned over and grabbed everything that we had on him.

“This is everything that we know so far, you can have it be you have to promise me that you won’t do anything stupid like going by yourself.” I held the folder out in front of me.

“I make that promise to you, but another thing that I can promise you it is going to take me a little bit to forgive you. And just for your information this right here is why I have a hard time believing that you will never leave me.” She took the folder from my outstretched hand and then she turned and walked out without looking back.

Her words hurt, but she was right if I kept keeping things from her how could she trust me. It doesn’t matter that I was doing it to keep her safe I still should’ve told her. She is my wife.

I sighed in defeat as I sink into my chair. I had no idea how to win back her heart and her trust. I’m not saying that she doesn’t love me anymore because I know she does she just having a hard time trusting me with it.

I know I would do whatever it took to keep my mate in my cup safe but not at the cost of losing them as well I had to find a way that I could keep my family together without hurting them myself without them getting hurt by her father.

Rina’s POV

I knew Luca had been keeping something for me but I didn’t think it would be this. I read to the folder again, and again.

I can’t believe my father was not just after me but my daughter as well. There is no way I would ever let him get to my daughter he would have to go through me and a whole entire pride.

She was the prides Princess and they made sure nothing happened to her. The pride had never had a princess before, Hope was the first.

Luca was not the first star God, he is the third. His grandfather was the original, but when his mate wanted to age and not live anymore his grandfather stopped his aging process as well to grow old with his mate.

He then passed it to Luca’s father which he was an only child. Luca’s father, was a Star God for over 300 years but then he just disappeared and Luca instantly became the next Star God.

Luca said he never felt his dad die but he also knows that the only way to become a Star God is to die or willingly pass it down he can never imagine his father being willing.

And as soon as Luca and I decide, we could both start aging and let one of our sons become the Star God.

But from what I overheard Luca talking about it wouldn’t just be one of our sons it would have to be all three of them.

He was telling the boys this and they all promised to look after their sister no matter what.

As for my daughter, she was the next in line as the head of our coven. She would take my place and then when the boys found their mates their mates become part of our coven.

All because I had a daughter I could rebuild our coven again. Most people think that anybody can be in anybody’s coven but that’s not how it works it’s a family thing.

You have to be family to be in a.

I stood up from our bed with the file in hand and walked and stood in front of the fireplace, without a second thought I through the file into the fire.

And I promised here and now that my family was more important than any revenge that I could possibly seek.

I would protect my cubs and my mate if; my father that I would but I would not out right seek to kill him.

“I am proud of you mate.” I knew it was Luca not just because he said mate I always seem to know when he was around.

“I can never stay mad at you Luca deep down I know you would never leave me I’m sorry for my hurtful words.”

I felt him wrap his arms around me from behind.

“Mate I am sorry I kept things from you when I shouldn’t have it doesn’t matter that I was trying to protect you and the cubs. I still…”

I quickly cut them off, “It does matter, it is who you are. You’re supposed to protect us and I keep standing your way and for that I am sorry.”

We stood there in silence just holding onto each other, I think we both had come to an understanding.

That I would kill if it meant keeping him in my cubs safe and he would do the same but what was different about his is I knew that he would go out and seek out my father to kill him and I was okay with that.

I knew my mate, my husband, my love to take anything I was thrown his way he was not just a Star God he was also The Alpha King and he was mine.

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