Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 18: Calling Home

By the time, me and Luca got to bed last night we decided to leave the cubs with their aunts.

Luca had also mind link them this morning to keep an eye on them and then to check in with us every half hour.

Me and Luca were out getting things what we needed to do the spell, it was a very hard spell to conjure a door to the spirit world.

But I knew between the both of us would have the power to do it, the last time I did this me and my granddad it and it took a lot out of us.

I could tell Luca was still on edge about the whole thing but I knew what was right I could feel it in my heart and my soul and I wasn’t going to back down for anything.

Luca and my cubs matter too much to me to just give up and not try to find something that would give us it edge in the coming war.

I was currently in our cavern sitting cross-legged and on our bed of furs, I was waiting for Luca to get back with the rest of our things.

I had the Spell Book open I was searching through it trying to find the right Spell. I knew what spell it was I just had to find it, was one of the spells I had memorized but Luca wanted to go over it first to make sure it was safe. His words not mine.

“Did you find it yet?” I was so caught up with the spell I didn’t hear Luca return I leapt so far in the air I threw the book into the air, I watched hopelessly as it sailed towards the fire that Luca had insisted on starting this morning.

It just so happened that luck was on our side, Luca caught it just in time.

You might be wondering why we didn’t use magic to stop it, you see the book is protected so no magic can be used on it even if it’s in danger.

“Why did you have to scare me like that!” I growled at Luca.

“Well if you weren’t so jumpy then we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Luca turned towards me throwing the Spell Book that everything else on the bed in front of me.

“Seriously Luca? You know beaver dam well, that it was your fault!” I quickly grabbed the book and held it to my chest.

“And another thing why do you need to see the spell if this is your book you should know it.” I raise my eyebrows and looked at him waiting patiently for his answer.

“Well Miss smarty-pants I want to check and make sure the spell has not been altered.” Luca plopped onto the bed next to me grabbing the book away for me.

I huffed in annoyance and I set about getting everything ready for the spell. One of these days I’m in knocking down a peg, mate or not his ego was too large.

“Mate you realize I can hear your thoughts right?” Luca raised his eyes from looking at the book to look at me.

“You can what?” This was news to me no one ever told me. “How is that even possible?”

“It’s because were mates, if you wanted to you could read my thoughts as well. In the plus thing about it is you can’t hide anything from me. Some people make their assumptions that we can put up a barrier to keep each other out not true there’s no secrets between mates.” Luca went back to reading the spell.

At this point I was flabbergasted why did nobody ever tell me this, that means he could hear every single thought that I ever had since the beginning.

All those private thoughts I had to not to be so private I was starting to lose it he should’ve told me this.

“I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d react like this but on a different note the spell looks good it doesn’t look like it’s been altered in the least.”

I really wanted to strangle him right now.

“You know you would never strangle me you love me too much.” Before he realizes what, I was doing I picked up one of the candles off the bed and launched it at his head.

But of course, he must’ve saw this coming and he easily dodged it with no problem which hissed me even more off. I didn’t know what I was going to do to him yet but when I figured it out I would make sure to think other thoughts so he wouldn’t pick up on it.

“Can we just get the spell done and over with, I would like to go and see my cubs.” I huffed in annoyance as I picked up the knife.

But before I could do anything with it Luca reached over and took it from me.

“My blood will be more powerful.” He then the knife across to his palm before he let it drip into the bowl as he recited the words to the spell.

I knew that his blood was more powerful but I also knew that he did not want me to hurt myself in any way even for just a spell.

It made my heart warm back up just a little bit thinking of that but not all the way I would still get him back for this.

I felt the air shift around us and I watched in amazement as our balcony door started swirling with greens, oranges, red’s, purples, black and yellow.

It was forming a portal into the spirit world.

Mine had taken many tries and it took a long time for the order to fully form but Luca’s just formed just like that they even taken 30 seconds.

I just prove to me how much more powerful his blood was.

“All right Rina, you remember my rules and when I say we’re leaving we are leaving no arguments and none of your compromises.” Luca grabbed my hand and pulled me up from our bed.

We walked over together hand-in-hand, we stopped for a minute just outside the portal. Before Luca could say anymore I took a step through and pulled him with me.

The colors were swirling all around us, they were going by at a fast rate and then it was all gone and we were in a haze almost a fog like haze.

I held onto Luca’s hand tighter I looked around but I couldn’t see anything. I could hear things though, there was a lot of voice whispering but I couldn’t make it out what they were saying.

“Luca where do we go from here?” I quickly took a step into his side, I felt him wrap his arm around my waist pulling me close to him.

He had let go of my hand but that was okay he was holding me so close that I didn’t need to hold his hand to.

“You’re the one that has a connection to them, you have to concentrate. Picture what they look like how happy they meet you fell that all help you go pull you to them.” Luca whispered in my ear, so quiet that I could barely hear him.

I was under the assumption that he was talking so quiet because he wants us be overheard for some reason.

I close my eyes and visualized my Grans face her sweet smile, her laugh and then went on to visualize my mom, she was always laughing at least that’s what my Gran told me. I felt a tug there were trying to tell me to move forward and not to stop until we came to an orange color door but it will had to be a fire orange color.

I held onto Luca and started moving forward, I could tell he was letting me do my thing he was watching out and making sure nothing came between us and our destination or anything tried to hurt us.

I kept moving forward keeping my eyes closed because I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to see it physically it was going to be more in my mind’s eye.

It felt like we were walking for forever. But I knew we had only walked maybe 300 feet before I stopped. I could see the fire orange color door it was right in front of us, I went to reach out to open it when I fell Luca snack my hand and bring it away from whatever was in front of me.

My eyes snapped open and I gasped it was a mountainside full of snakes I almost just reached into snakes and by the looks of it they weren’t very friendly and I bet they were poisonous.

But that didn’t make sense to me, I know my Gran and my mother led me here. Maybe the snakes were just a mirage.

“Luca the doors right here you need to let me open it.” I looked up towards where Lucas face would be.

“Rina there is not a door here is a wall full of snakes that are poisonous you are not going anywhere near them.”

“Luca you let me walk this close to them why are you stopping me now? Think about it? I think the snakes are just a mirage. Trust me Luca.” I pulled away from him gently, I reached down and grabbed his hand holding it tightly and mine.

I then reached my other hand out after I close my eyes and saw the fire orange door back in my mind’s eye. I reached for the handle and grasped it turning it I pushed all the way open.

It looked like a black hole but I knew that me and Luca had to walk through it, I took a deep breath and stepped into a pulling Luca with me.

Things were swirling around us there were so many colors and objects I couldn’t place them I didn’t know what they were but as soon as it started it stopped.

It was like we were at the waterfall in Organ, Eugene.

This didn’t make any sense, why would it bring us to Organ? Luca did not look as confused as I felt and I’m sure I looked it to.

“This is their oasis. It’s their spiritual plane, it takes the form of whatever they wanted to take. I guess both your mom and Gran loved Organ.” Luca pulled me back into his side and kissed the side of my head.

“If that is true how do we reach them?” I asked Luca but I kept looking around.

“You just have to call out to them I’m sure they know where here.” As he finish that sentence I heard my mother’s voice behind us.

“Rina? Is that you my daughter?” I quickly whipped around, and there before me stood my mother. She was absolutely beautiful, just like I imagined her. I always wish that I looked like my mother but instead I took after my father.

My mother had long natural right red hair she had the greenest eyes they were a bright like Lucas they are more of a sea green.

“Mama?” I didn’t even think twice I broke free from Luca and ran towards my mother she welcomed me into her arms and pulled me close.

I have been waiting all my life to get a hug from my mother, it’s what I dreamed him every night. To just get one hug from my mother one touch something that I never knew.

I didn’t realize that I was crying until my mother started rubbing my back trying to calm me telling me that it was going to be okay.

“But mom is not going to be okay. Father is after me and Luca and now the cubs, they’re in danger I need your help.” I don’t even know how my mother understood me I was crying so hard I could barely get it out.

“I knew that man would never give up… Wait did you say cubs?” She pushed me back out of her arms and look down at me. “I have grandbabies! How many? What are their names?”

My mother was practically jumping up and down.

“I have three boys and one daughter, Leo, Lucio, Lazzaro and Hope Lea. They are beautiful mom.” I knew that I was smiling but I couldn’t stop smiling now when I talked about my babies.

“What do you need for me to keep you guys safe. I will give you anything that’s within my power of course.”

“I need some type of protection spell that I can put on the cubs. I need it to protect them from all harm physically.”

“I’ll give it to you, it won’t last forever but it should last just long enough until their safe. Is there anything that I can give you or Luca?”

“Mom I want the bonding spell, the one that bonds our souls completely and totally.” I looked up at my mom with pleading eyes.

“Rina I don’t know. You know what your Gran says about that spell.”

Luca took the opportunity to jump in and put his two cents and, “If it is a dangerous spell don’t give it to her. I will not have my mate hurt.”

“Luca it’s for us. The spell will bind our souls so far together that one of us cannot die without the other. I know that since we mated that I have your immortality but this is just an extra insurance on it. We have to come back to our cubs.” I turned to face Luca.

“You promised me this will not harm you in any way whatsoever.” Luca took my face into his hands cradling it gently.

“A promise Luca. I went to anything that would take me away from our cubs. I wouldn’t do anything that would take you away from them either. They need their mother and father there too young to lose us.” I put my hands over top of his.

“Give it to her.” I knew he was talking to my mother but what I didn’t get was where my Gran wasn’t here.

“Wheres Gran, mom?” I looked back over to her.

“Don’t worry about it daughter, the spells are yours go in peace.” My mom started to fade a looked like there mirage was fading to.

Luca quickly grabbed onto me pulled me against him as he ran back towards the door. I didn’t have time to even process anything I was watching as everything was collapsing around us as Luca was running at top speed to get us back to the portal and into our world.

We made it just as the last barrier fell and we heard shrieks a cloud of dust accompanied us through the portal before it to disappeared.

Had no idea what just happened, all I knew was my mom and Gran they were gone forever I could feel it. I would never get to see them again.

“Luca what happened?”

“Somebody destroyed the spirit world, I’m sorry Rina they’re gone.” I cried into my mate shoulder for hours, I never cried when I lost my mother I know I was just an infant but still.

I didn’t cry when I lost my Gran I think somehow I knew that there was the spirit world and I could still contact them but now all that had been taken from me.

The hit me I would never see my mother again my Gran I knew who was responsible for this and I was going to bring him down.

If he thought, there was a possible of beating me now he was so wrong he took my mother from me again I would kill him if it was the last thing I would do.

I would kill my own father to avenge my mother.

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