Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 17: Training for the End

It had been three week since I gave birth to the cubs, they were almost 4 now and they cased a lot of trouble.

For the first 5 weeks, they grow fast and then after that they would slow down and grow at the normal growth reat. It was to make sure that they were safe and could look after each other.

It took a lot to get use to and it was hard watching them grow up so fast but I had Luca by my side the whole time. Even if I told him that he could leave and go do what a Star God does.

But he would leave my or the cubs side. Right now, we were trying to give them their bath and it wasn’t going over so well.

We had the stone tub brought in and Luca was chasing down all 3 boys and I was trying to keep Hope in the tub but she really wanted to get out and run around with her brothers.

She was the smallest out of her brothers and they on the other hand looked like they were 6 when they were even 4 yet and they even talked like they were 10.

“Leo! Lucio! Lazzaro! Get back here!” They are running as fast as they can trying to get away from Luca. It was his idea to have the boy’s names start with L’s I got to pick our daughters name and after finding out her was the one we almost lost and not one of the boy’s everyone became more protective of her.

But her middle name was Lea, Luca didn’t take no for an answer.

I know that I needed to do something or me and Luca would be late for training and this was the first day that I was going back and I was not going to miss it.

“Leo, Lucio, Lazzaro! Get in this tub now or I will take you powers for a week!” All 3 of them stopped and quickly changed directions and ran right over to me and jumped up into the tub.

Luca turned to look at me with his mouth hanging open, “How did you do that?”

“You just have to be firm with them.” I laugh to myself.

Luca looked at me like I was crazy. Sometimes I felt like it but I think that my mom is with me, I just know how to be mom and it’s more than just knowing those things it’s the feeling that I get inside the like somebody is helping me is driving me pushing me to do what is right.

After me and Luca got the kids finished bathing and got them ready for bed we had aunt Jules aunt Jade come take care of them so we could go train.

And yes, we were training at night. We find it’s the easiest time to get away from everything. We tried training before during the day but the kids are always getting into trouble and the only ones that can handle them are me and Luca.

Me and Luca were out on the battlefield we were working just me and him. But I had a surprise for him, I thought that it would be a good idea to have others come and attack us to see what it would be like an actual battlefield.

Because I know Luca if I’m in danger he’s not going to have a clear head and is going to try to intervene with me which could cause him to get killed.

He’s not the only one I know I would do the same thing but we needed to learn that we came first. One of us had to get back to our cubs, so that meant we needed to look after ourselves first not being worrying about our mate.

I knew it Luca was going to say he wasn’t going to like it but that’s why I didn’t tell him about it because he couldn’t stop it from happening or prevent it if he didn’t know about it.

They should be here any minute now and just as I thought that I could see them off in the distance coming at us head on.

“Okay Luca do not be mad at me but I set up an attack. All you have to do is pin them and their out. We need to do a mock battle, you can’t be worrying about me during the fight and I can be worrying about you this is the best way.”

I didn’t give them him to respond as I quickly had to turn around and brace myself for the attack that I almost let get me.

I could hear Luca growling from behind me it took everything that I had in me not to turn and look to see if he needed me but I did it I just kept thinking about my babies.

I quickly penned the Mel that tried to sneak up behind me down to the ground. And that was the start of it all this is how it continued on for the next 2 to 3 hours.

I was pinning them left and right in doing my best not to let Luca distract me it was hard because there were several times that I could tell that he was in distress and even know I knew it was fake distress it still almost got me.

I know he was having a hard time when I almost got penned but he did amazing he turned his back and continue to fight which gave me the strength to get out from underneath him and pin him down.

I pin it down the last Mel when I felt Luca breathing down my neck. I felt him wrap his arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

I could tell that he was mad at me but I also knew I did the right thing I did this for our cubs.

“Luca I had to do this for our cubs and it worked we were able to ignore each other and continue on.” I quickly turned in his arms and wrapped mind around his neck pulling him in for a quick kiss.

I could feel Luca growling against me, he pulled me even tighter and deepen the kiss. He took full control of it not letting me do anything.

It had been so long since we had been together.

I laid in Luca’s arms looking up at the stars, it was the most beautiful sight except for when I gave birth my cubs.

“Luca, do you think we are going to be ready for this?”

“I don’t think we have much choice, the fight is coming to us whether we want it to or not. Your father’s going to come for you he’s going to try to get to the cubs. The boys are already protective of Hope, but there still just barely training four.” Luca pulled me closer to his chest and kissed the top of my head.

“I’m worried Luca. I finally have something that’s worth fighting for I can’t lose you and I can’t lose the cubs.”

“I won’t let you lose either of us Rina. You mean the world to me and to our cubs, our pride will fight alongside us to keep them safe they are the next generation.”

“I hope your right Luca.”

I snuggled closer into him letting my eyes drift closed. Before I knew it, I was back in side my dreamland.

I’ve been having more vivid dreams lately ever since the cubs have been born.

Most of them were good dreams but this one seemed different.

I didn’t know where I was, I was standing in some sort of feel the full fog. I couldn’t see anything around me just the fog and if possible it was rolling in thicker.

But I didn’t feel like I was in danger I felt like I was supposed to be receiving some message, but the message got lost I think that’s what the fog means.

I was looking around for any clue that could help me figure what was going on when I saw a little girl sitting down at my feet but the strange part she was me that was maybe two.

I went to bend down to be her height but realized I couldn’t move I turned back to the younger version of me see if maybe I could talk to her instead.

But when I opened my mouth no sound came out, I could hear the younger version of me crying. It felt familiar…

I don’t think this was a dream I think it was a memory. I decided to let it play out to see if maybe this was a message I knew wasn’t the original one but maybe this is a message inside of a message.

I sat there watching myself. I just kept on crying and crying, I heard a voice shout my name off into the distance.

I looked back up to see if I could see who was calling to little me I realize the fog it departed and I was back in the forest in Organ, Eugene.

I watched as my Gran came through the thicket she looked very worried she was saying something to little me but I could understand it was like she was speaking a different language.

Little me tried to get up and run away again but Gran caught me and held me to her she started mumbling something I still can’t understand what she was saying.

Gran started to glow and it seemed like she was pushing this glow into me and little me did not like it. Why can I remember this happening? What was Gran doing too little me?

I watched little me slumped into my grandma’s arms it was like I was sleeping. Gran pushed my hair back from my face and picked me up into her arms.

“Oh, my little one if I could protect you from all of the evil that’s going to come your way it would. But I swear to you that as long as I’m alive no one will ever be able to find you.”

None of this was making sense to me. I knew Gran a protection spell to keep me away from it anybody that would do me harm but here she was making it sound like she was keeping me away from everybody almost like she was making the invisible to all supernatural creatures.

I felt myself shaking, but it wasn’t coming from me. Somebody was shaking me calling my name.

I came out of my dream world with the start, I sat up very quickly and being my head right into Lucas.

We both groaned in pain as we gripped our heads.

“Luca I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s fine. I was just trying to wake you up you are tossing and turning you seem like you’re having a nightmare.

“More like a memory.” I spoke softly but I knew I did have to speaking any louder as Luca would hear me.

“What you mean a memory?” Luca let go of his head and looked over towards me.

“I mean it wasn’t a dream, I was remembering something that happened to me all the child. The memory was me and my Gran we were in a field and she did some sort of spell on me. But what she said is what caught my attention, she said nobody could find me.” I looked up at Luca, he looked angry.

“If you’re talking about the spell I think you’re talking about it’s a forbidden spell. The only way you can cast it is if you’re coven master gives you permission and your Star God.” He stood up off the forest floor quickly getting dressed he looked very angry.

I stood up as well quickly slipping on my dress, and yes, I found an address but it’s a warrior’s dress.

It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s almost like the dress all the way down to the hips and then it stands out and there several slices in the fabric from the hip all the way down and then under that is pants. It’s a light shade of blue, the material is very breathable and movable.

“Luca why are you so mad?”

“Don’t you get it Rina is a forbidden spell for a reason. It has repercussions on those who cast it, I’m sure that is why your Gran died. She was using all of her energy and power transferring it to you to keep you hidden an intern she was killing herself.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“I don’t think that’s what you’re mad about, I think you’re mad that because of the spell I kept you from finding me.” I whispered it I didn’t want him to hear me even know I knew he would.

“Yes Rina that is another reason why mad. It was my job to protect you and your coven and I felled that it because I couldn’t find you.” Luca walked over to me and brought my face up towards his.

“Luca it wasn’t your fault. I am not saying that you could’ve kept us safe and I’m not saying that you could have felled at it either. But what I am saying is it in the past. You can’t go back and change it and honestly I wouldn’t want you to. I may not have had a perfect life but it was the life that I needed to become who I am. And I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t change who I am for anything.” I wrapped my arms around Luca’s waist and rested my face on his chest.

“Rina, I’m not saying that I want you to change. You are perfect just the way you are I just wish I could’ve been there for you.”

We stood like this for what felt like hours but I knew was only minutes. I knew that we were going to have to finish getting ready for the battle and I know that in order to have an upper hand we needed to go see someone that could help us wipe my father out.

It was just going to be a little tricky seen this person. As they were in the spirit world, you guessed it we been my mom and my Gran’s help.

And the only way we were going to be able to get it is if we went to the spirit world, I had been there once trying to contact my mother it was one of the scariest places to be but it was also very peaceful place depending on what door you took to get there.

“Luca I know we need to do, we need to go talk to my mom and Gran.” I felt him stiffen against me, but my mind was made up I was going to the spirit world whether he was coming with me or not.

I had my cubs and my mate to think about now not just myself, if that was just me I would’ve given myself to my father already. I would have gone along with anything that you want me to but then he went to be able to hurt anybody else.

But it was too late to think that way my mate and my cubs came first.

“Leo let’s get some sleep is tomorrow I’m going to the spirit world. You can choose to come with me or you can choose to stay here but I know it’s the only way we are going to get out of this battle alive.”

I felt Luca sigh against me, he then quickly scooped me into his arms. He started walking us back toward our cavern.

“I will not let you go to the spirit world alone, I will be going with you know beyond my terms my rules if we are going, do you understand mate?” Luca was growling at this point.

“I understand you just fine, poky bear.”

Luca came to a sudden stop and look down at me, “what did you just call me?”

“Not feeling it to Poky bear? No. Okay, I’ll keep trying”

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