Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 16: A Mother Sacrifice

Rina’s POV

I was trying to make sense of it all is like I took a backseat and I watched as I slipped that man’s throat then everything went black.

I’m sure that I had to be Cleo that took control and that’s fine because I don’t think I have the power in me to be the one to do something like that.

I didn’t want to think that I did but I knew deep down that if someone came and tried to threaten my cubs or my mate again I would take him down just the same if not I worse, probably cause a little bit more pain then that.

I knew I wasn’t dreaming or even sleeping I think I was in recovery mode and shock at what just happened.

But it was getting ridiculous I had been laying in this bed for a week and a half now I didn’t move I didn’t respond in any way. Luca never left my side.

And Leo would come in and visit Cleo take reports back to Luca which I was okay with because I couldn’t do it myself.

I knew the cubs were okay Luca was using his magic to make sure they had enough nutrients to survive he also hooked me up through a magical link to him so whatever he ate so did I.

I guess you could say he was feeding me like I was feeding my cubs, since both me and the cubs were feeding off from him he had to eat a lot and that by the time he was done with this he was going to be sick of smoothies.

He remembered that my body would only handle smoothies and so that’s what he stuck to this entire time.

You may be thinking that he is a meat eater and so am I and the cubs but until they’re are born they don’t need the meat to survive.

So, smoothies it was.

All I wanted to do was come out of this, I wanted to be able to hold Luca in my arms again to snuggle into him to have a conversation with him.

Jade kept coming in and checking on me as well she said it was my body’s way of healing. Her and Jules both were okay, Luca gave Jules a reward for her bravery and he told her that she would become a commander with little bit more training.

She had saved Jade to, she’s the one that pushed Jade out of the way of the magic animal attack the bite would have been fatal to Jade were still not sure how Jules pulled out of it.

Jules has come to see me once or twice telling me everything that Lucas done for her and her little sister Ruby.

I am so proud of my mate and what he has done I just wish I could tell him that.

“Rina, I need you to come back to me. I need to hear your sweet voice, please.” This is the way he has been pleading with me day in and day out and it’s never worked… Until today.

I could feel my body respond to it, I don’t know what about today made it different but whatever it was I was thankful for it.

I fell my energy flow back into my body, and once again I can move my arms and legs. I quickly shot my eyes open, I was staring into his beautiful green and black eyes.

Oh, how have missed his eyes, I reached up and ran my fingers across his cheeks and then up into his hair pulling him down into a kiss.

His lips were just as soft and rough as I remember them being, he took full control of the kiss once he realized what was going on.

He pulled back quickly kissing me all over my face and in between kisses he kept telling me repeatedly that he loved me.

I laughed as I tried to get his attention, “Luca!” It seemed like he kept going to keep me laughing.

“Stop! Luca!”

He pulled back and smiled down at me, “You are the bravest mate, I am so proud of what you did my love.” He dropped a quick kiss on to my nose.

“You are happy that I killed someone?” I was confused at this.

“I am happy that you protected yourself and are cubs at whatever the cost was. All that matters to me is that you and are cubs are safe, I don’t care about the rest.” He lay down all the way and pulled me close into his chest, I couldn’t get as close as I wanted to with my baby bump being in the way.

“So, it doesn’t bother you that I killed someone?”

“No. I told you I will be okay with whatever you do as long as you’re protecting you and are cubs.” I felt his lips pressed to the side of my head.

“It feels so good to be back with you again Luca, I never want anything like that to happen. I can imagine not being able to sleep in your arms at night thank you for staying with me.” I planted a kiss on his bare chest just above his heart.

“I will always stay with you, but there is something you need to know. You are going to have to transform into your lioness, you can’t give birth in human form. Your human form won’t be able to handle it, but don’t worry Cleo will let you half-full control unless you ask otherwise. It’s just safer for you in the cubs this way.”

“But I’ve never in the change before, I can’t do it now.” I was doing my best not to freak out but it wasn’t working very well.

“Rina, all you have to do is let her take control enough to make the change and she will give it right back and then you’ll stay in your lioness form until after you give birth.” He tilted my head up so we were looking into each other’s eyes.

“But what about our babies? Are they going to be cubs until they know how to shift back? How my supposed to nurse them?” The only thing that was keeping me calm right now was looking into his eyes.

“My mate calmed down, after our cubs are born they will change into the human form. They won’t shift back into their lien forms until their past the age of 18 teen. Don’t worry we’ll get through this together I promise.”

He placed a quick kiss to my lips before pulling back and scooting away from me.

“I have to change now!?”

“You can do it my love just let Cleo take control.” He smiled at me.

I must admit I was nervous, no one seen my lioness before I had no idea how he would react to seeing a white lioness with purple eyes.

I took a deep breath and called out to Cleo asking her to change us into her form, I felt myself shift in the back of my mind as Cleo came forward.

I didn’t feel anything until I was back in control, and then I could just feel that I was bigger I could fill all of the furs are on my body I could see in color as I stared back at Luca he looked at me in amazement.

“Rina/Cleo, you guys are beautiful. A perfect match, Yin and Yang.” He reached over slowly and ran his hands over my fur, I could feel myself start to purr.

This is a must be what home felt like.

Had been in Cleo’s form for just over two weeks, she had a nice form but I couldn’t wait to be back in my human one. Today would mark the day that I’ve been caring these cubs for 100 days, Jade told me that I could give birth any time.

Especially because I was caring the Alpha King/Star Gods cubs. I was more than ready to be a mother.

Two days ago, I had been moved into the hospital wing of the house into a breathing Dan. I was laying on a bunch of furs that have been brought down from mine and Luca’s room.

Luca had stepped out for a minute to talk with Jade when I felt it happen, it was time.

“It’s time, Luca!” I shouted to Luca through our mind link, I had finally gotten the hang of it.

I heard noises outside the door as it was thrown open and there stood a terrified looking Luca and a very calm looking Jade.

“I’m going to be an aunty!” Jade exclaimed very excitedly.

I growled at her and tried to concentrate on my breathing. Luca rushed to my side and knelt down behind me rubbing his hands over my head and down my back.

I’m going to kill you Luca! You did this to me!”

And that’s how it went on for the next 48 hours.

The sacrifices I make as a mother…

I gave birth to 3 beautiful boys’ and 1 beautiful girl.

They were my world; the 3 boys look just like their father but they had my bright blue eyes and my little girl look just like me but with her father’s bright green eyes.

Luca was in love with them, he was holding our little girl and the 3 boys were laying by me. After I had shifted back I feed all of them and now they are sleeping.

I really wanted to tell him that I was sorry for everything that I said, I said some very mean things and I felt bad about them even if I had said them in the moment.

“Luca?” I whispered.

“Rina? Is everything okay?” Luca turned to look at me, he was holding our little girl close to him.

“I am doing just fine, I--- I wanted to say I am sorry for all of those names that I called you.” I looked down at our boy’s, they were sleeping soundly. They were holding hands, it made my heart jump.

I felt Luca sit down next me us, gently laid our little girl next to her brothers.

“Rina there is nothing to be sorry about.” He gave me a soft kiss on the lip. “You did amazing, I am so proud of you my love.”

He climbed up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. “Sleep my little mate, I will watch over you and the cubs.”

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