Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 14: New Powers

I was currently sitting out in our garden, I was thinking about everything that has happened in the last three weeks.

It had been three weeks’ sense we found out that I was expecting and we found out I was already a week pregnant.

So, I was a month pregnant with my four cubs, I have already grown to love them so much. They were my world, I would do anything and everything to keep them safe.

I was not quite halfway through the pregnancy but I was getting there, you see lions don’t carry cubs as long as humans carry their babies. I would only carry them for just over 3 ½ months, that scared me just a little bit I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a mother Luca seem to believe that I would be a fantastic mother.

He never let a day go by without telling me so. But there are some days that it was hard to believe it more than others today just so happened to be one of them.

Luca was off training and I wasn’t allowed to train anymore. Which leaded us into having a very big fight this morning, one that I end up using my magic to tell for me to our underground garden it was right next to my Organ oasis that he made me.

I knew if I went to my oasis he would find me not that he couldn’t find me now it would just take him a little bit longer. I needed some space to think about things, because I know I need to learn to fight better because what happens if something happened to Luca and it was just me left to protect our cubs.

That was argument I try to put across this morning but only seemed to make Luca madder at me and that’s when I decided I needed to get out of there and needed to get away to re-collect myself and my thoughts.

I know Luca loved me and I loved him just as much, but he was so stubborn and everything. I remember him telling me that he must prove to his pride that he can protect me and keep me safe or they would think he was weak.

It’s not that I wanted his pride to think he was weak I was just used to doing everything on my own and it was a hard habit to break and that’s what he did seem to understand.

He wanted me to be this perfect little mate that did everything that I was told but that’s just the thing I wasn’t born here on his world I wasn’t born lioness I didn’t ask for any of this it was home dropped in my lap and pretty quick mine I had never had any time to just adjust.

And every time I tried to bring this to his attention he just got even more mad and he would leave the room he would even listen to me.

I tried to remember everything that my Gran taught me but none of that covered any of this she never got to the part to teach me about having a mate.

I didn’t even realize that I was crying and tie felt this overwhelming love come over me, I knew that it was my cubs they had been doing this a lot lately comforting me.

I hadn’t told Luke about this yet, I didn’t need for him to tell me that it was one more thing that has never happened before. I don’t want to be reminded than that of this is happened and there was no one out there that could help me with any of this I was on my own. I didn’t even feel like I could count on Luca and that made me cry even more.


I turned around and looked at Jade, we become very close friends in the past month she has done her best to help me and my cubs.

“Jade, you are too quiet and even here you come in.” I looked away from where back down at my growing belly. I gently rubbed my hands over it, wishing that I could be touching my cubs right now. Maybe if they came Luca would think I could do something right for once. That was unless that only gave him daughters and then I would just fell all over again.

“You missed your appointment Rina. Luca is going crazy, please come up and talk to him.” Jade sat down next to me on the stone bench.

“Jade I tried talking to him, he won’t listen to me. He won’t listen to me because I can… I can’t do anything right why would he even want to listen to me?” I didn’t even dare meet her eyes, I knew that she would be disappointed I didn’t need to see that look. I have seen it enough in my own mates eyes I didn’t need a seat in hers as well.

“Rina, you know none of that is true. Luca is scared just as much as you are, he is doing what he thinks best to keep you in the cup safe. And you know some of this is law and it’s been programmed into our males for generations, it’s not something that you can just change overnight it takes time, please give him time.” I felt her rest her hand over mine that were on my stomach.

I felt the Cubs jump to attention, they love their aunt Jade. She was with Luca sister after all, he didn’t bother telling me that I had to find that out from Jade.

He can even bother to tell me something simple as he had a sister.

“Jade, if he wanted to talk to me and see me he would find me. You can tell him to pull his head out of a monkey’s carcass and come see me.” I got up and walked toward the entrance, “Tell him I’ll be in my oasis, I’ll be waiting for him.”

It had been two more weeks… Luca never did come to my oasis and talk to me, did send me two guards they said that they were there to keep me safe why he left.

They wouldn’t tell me where he went or when he would be back, I have cried myself to sleep every night since he left. I’ve been trying to figure out what I did wrong what I could do to fix this.

In only thing that I kept coming up with his allele must want a different mate, I think he was ashamed of me.

“You know that is not true.” Cleo told me.

Just in case you’re wondering Cleo was my lion, we had gone close these past two weeks. She told me that if I had been born a lion that she be the one with main control right now and I would be the one in the back of my mind but I’ll be okay with that because I could run off with Leo and be with him anytime I wanted.

Not a lot of this made sense to me but from what I understand is that Cleo can leave my mind and body and go over and be with Leo and Luca’s body and mind and vice versa. I know was a lot to take in I was having a hard time with it.

“How do I not know that’s true Cleo? Two weeks.” I had the habit of talking out loud to Cleo, she thought it was funny I on the other hand was embarrassed when I did it around people.

“Luca loves you, he may be being rabbit right now. Maybe running scared but he still loves you so does Leo. That’s how this all works, Rina. We all love each other and support each other, you need to talk to Luca.” I could see Cleo in my mind’s eye she was laying down in the grass, but what made her unique she was a white lion. She was an albino but she still had bright purple eyes not red ones. She was beautiful.

No one knew this as I wouldn’t shift, I didn’t need to be even more different than I already was.

“Cleo if you want me and Luca to talk to the new time to get home. He has known Wiebe in this whole entire time if he doesn’t come to me I’m done me in our cubs deserve better than this. How is supposed to protect us if he’s not here.” I got up quickly and started to head down to the dining hall I needed to get something to eat and the only thing that I could keep down right now was the chef’s special shakes.

He said they helped Luca’s mom when she was pregnant with him and made sense why they would help me.

I felt Cleo retreat in the back of my mind again, I didn’t know if she was leaving to talk to Leo a small part of me hoped that she would but I also knew that if he wanted to come back then he would but I knew Luca didn’t want to come back. He didn’t want me as a mate anymore.

I got into the dining hall just as chef walked out with my smoothie.

“Here you go my lady.” He handed me the smoothie and went to turn away.

“You know chef I told you to call me Rina, why do you still insist on calling me my lady?” He turned back towards me.

“I call you my lady because you insist that I do not call you my Queen is not right for me to address you with your first name. It would be me showing disrespect to you, and I would never do that my lady.” He bowed quickly and left before I could respond.

I looked down at my smoothie, I could tell that it was a guava, peach passion. It was my favorite he even remembered to get me one of the big ones.

I took a sip from the straw and left the dining hall, I could fill people’s eyes on me but I didn’t want to look because I knew they will look at me with pity.

They would wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn’t hold my mate tension, and I wouldn’t have an answer for them because I didn’t know myself.

I heard running feet towards me, they weren’t heavy so I knew it had to be a woman and the only woman that ever talk to me was Jade.

“Rina!” By the time, she got to me she was out of breath, which to me it didn’t make any sense she was a lion how could she be out of breath she had run that far her doctor’s office was just around the corner from the dining hall.

“I need you to come with me I think I figured something out!” For the past two weeks, she had been helping me with figuring out where these new Powers were coming from. I had started experiencing them just after Luca had left. And I can get in touch with him so, it’s not like I could tell him anyway.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. I can’t move fast on my feet anymore, have you seen how big I’ve gotten?” I grumbled under my breath as I followed slowly behind her back to her office.

It was a month and a half pregnant with four cubs it was not very easy to get around anymore intend imagine I would only get bigger.

I kept sipping from my smoothie as I walked into her office my other hand was rubbing my bump.

“Okay what is it that you found it was so urgent?” I took a seat in the comfy chair next to the hospital bed. And every examining room that she has there was always a full hospital bed not an examining table which I was thankful for. They were not near as comfy, not that hospital beds were comfy they were better.

“Okay so, you know how we’re trying to figure out where the powers were coming from and we are thinking that maybe your powers were developing or you are feeding off from Luca’s?” Jade was practically bouncing in her chair, which was actually kind of funny considering if she was in a swiveling chair. I was just waiting for her to fall, what I could’ve used a good laugh today.

“Yes, I already know all of this Jade. This is nothing new.” I took another sip from my smoothie as I looked up at her waiting for her to respond.

“What you’re going to be in the smarty-pants I’m not going to tell you.” She crossed her arms over her chest and turned her chair away from me putting her back towards me.

“Well if you are going to public a two-year-old than somebody is not going to ever get to babysit.” I grinned smugly to myself knowing I had gone to her as soon as she whipped back around in her chair with wide eyes.

“Okay, okay. I will tell you.” She scooted her chair to right in front to me. “The powers are coming from you or from Luca, they’re coming from the cubs.” She had the biggest grin on her face like she just won the lottery.

“What do you mean they’re coming from the cubs? You will Luca told me that the cubs don’t exhibit powers and after their third birthday. Which is weird to me considering their third birthday is three weeks after their born.” I went to sip on my smoothie again to realize I was all out, I sighed in frustration and put the smoothie cup down.

“Yes, I know we said, you are unlike anybody else. Which isn’t a bad thing, and I told you the Alpha King’s kids grow superfast.” She scooted her chair away for me I’m back over to her desk.

“The Jade none of this makes any sense…” I was interrupted by Jade’s office door being open.

“What does it make any sense?” Luca growled from the doorway.

If I still had my smoothie think I would’ve dropped the floor, he scared the living daylights out of me. What is wrong with them can he not for once? I mean he’s been gone for two weeks and he just barges in.

“It’s none of your business Luca, it’s not like you even care anyway.” I push myself up out of the chair with a little bit of difficulties. “You haven’t been here for two weeks don’t expect to come in and get to know everything.”

I went to push past him when he bent down and picked me up bridle style, he then turned around and stomped out of the office and down the hall toward our cavern.

“What do you think you are doing put me down! I don’t need you to carry me a been doing fine on my own.” There was not much struggling I could put up as my baby bump gone the way.

“I suggest you be quiet little mate. I am not in the mood to do with your tantrums.” Luca was still growling at me as he stomped down the hallway.

“Who put the stick up your butt?” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.

“Did you just asked me to put a stick up my butt?” He was now looking at me like I had gone crazy.

“Yes, I did and apparently, they put it too far up.” I turned my head away from him, he didn’t even want to look at him right now.

“There is no stickup my butt, that would be very painful.” He had a scowl on his face but he also looked very serious as he said this.

Did he seriously not understand what I was trying to say? Do you really think that I met there was a real stickup his butt?

I did my best not to laugh but I also failed miserably.

“What are you laughing at mete? This not a laughing matter.” By this time, we had got into our room and he placed me down in a nice soft chair but unfortunately, I was in the chair on his lap.

He had some more furniture moved into our room after he found out that I was caring.

“I’m laughing because you really think that I was talking about an actual stick. It’s just an expression, like the expression you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” He again looked at me like I was crazy.

“How can you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I do not understand.” I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Do you really not know what expression is?” He couldn’t believe this, he was a Star God after all shouldn’t he know this.

“What is an expression? Is it something to do with your face, or your butt?” Now I was really trying to hold my laughter, I promise I was. But he was making this too easy.

“An expression is, something that manifests, embodies, or symbolizes something else. So, when I say those phrases it doesn’t mean it’s actually happening I’m just expressing what I think happened but not really… You are making this so hard to explain.” I pushed his head away from my neck where he was trying to kiss me.

“You were talking too much I needed to distract you.” The nerve of this man.

“It’s just an expression it’s like when you go to express yourself please tell me something of this is making sense to you.” I looked up at him trying to see if he was getting any of this.

“I think I understand now, it is not actually happened or had happened you’re just guessing?” I threw my head back in frustration.

“You know what I don’t think it matters anymore. There is something more important that you need to know it’s about me and the cubs but before I tell you this you need to tell me why you were gone for two weeks,” I looked down at my hands in my lap, “Luca… Do you not want me as a mate anymore?”

I felt as Luca stiffened underneath me, I felt his hand cupped my cheek and until my head back so I was looking at him. “Rina, I would never want to replace you as my mate. You are exactly who was made for me, you’re my better half.” He pressed his lips to my forehead.

“The why did you leave for two weeks?” I can help that the doubt was still there.

“I was trying to figure out who could help us in the battle against your father, I went around to some other Star God’s to see if they would help us in this battle. Most of them do not want anything to do with us they say it is our battle to fight but there was one Star God well, Star God’s that said they would help us all we had to do was call on them. I was trying to keep you safe, it’s not like you could’ve traveled with me not why you are caring our cubs.” He ran his left hand through my hair and pull my head towards him, he then leaned down and kissed me.

I couldn’t help it I have been waiting for his kiss for weeks I miss the feel of them. I leaned into his kiss and kissed him back with all the love and tension that I’ve been caring around for two weeks well, more like a month and a half.

“Now tell me about our cubs what is going on with you guys? Is everything okay?” Luca pulled back he had so much concern written across his face, he was really worried about us.

“There’s nothing to worry about at least I don’t think there is. Jade never got to that part before you so rudely barged and took me away. You know you should stop acting all caveman like.” I looked at Luca as I said the caveman part.

“Rina get to the point. So, help me just because you carry my cubs does not mean I will not bend you over my knee.” He looked deadly serious.

“Don’t even think about it. Remember I will still castrate you.” I folded my arms across my chest and glared at him.

He threw his head back against the chair and groaned, “Rina please just tell me.”

“Fine. After you left I started experiencing surges in my power, so I went to Jade it asked her to test my blood to see what she could find. At first both me and her thought either my power was spiking or I was drawing off from yours because you left but we were wrong.” I laid my head down on his chest getting comfortable.

“That’s what she was trying to tell me today, she said the power surges were coming from our cubs. But you told me that they would exhibit powers into they were three, until three weeks after they were born.” I fell Luca wrap his arms around me and hold me to his chest.

“That is true, il mio armor. But you are special so that means our cubs would be special to, Rina I’ve come to the terms that things are not going to be how I was raised and I think I’m okay with that as long as I have you and our cubs in my life.”

“I love you Luca”

“I love you my little mate Rina.”

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