Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 13: Let the Games Begin

Luca’s POV

This morning, when I realized my mate hurt herself falling from the tree my world just stopped.

And then when she got mad at me for just trying to protect her I wanted to strangle her. And then she had to reset her shoulder herself, just to make me mad.

But what scared me the most was when I almost lost her I didn’t even know what was going on I just knew that somebody had cast a spell on my mate a dormant spell that would only come out when it’s trigger was spoken or thought of.

I don’t know what triggered this but I hoped it wasn’t me, I couldn’t live with myself if I done something to cause this.

I was so helpless feeding my magic into her trying to pull her back, but it didn’t matter how much I was putting in it wasn’t working even when Jade stepped into help it still wasn’t working.

But when I felt the smallest nudge against my powers, I knew she was reaching out to me. And as quickly as I could I wrapped her in my magic and I held on.

I wasn’t going to let her go, if she left me should have to take me with her. I know I was selfish of me, that I would leave my pride here without their King and Queen but I couldn’t live without my mate.

I could feel something was still holding onto her and I couldn’t break it off from her. After all me wanting to keep her safe I can’t do anything anymore.

And then she just snapped back, I felt her chest rise and fall again I felt her breath. It was the best feeling in the world to feel that again.

I quickly ran my hands over her face into her hair holding onto her as I spoke to her. I wasn’t going to let her go nothing could make me let her go.

Just thinking about it was like I was living it all over again. But what surprised me most is what she told me…

She was caring my cubs? I would’ve sensed it, I do smelt the change in her scent even now I can smell a change.

“Jade. I need you to check to see if she is caring cubs and we need to do everything in our power to make sure they are okay. I will start putting together a protection spell”

Jade scurried around the room looking for what she needed to test my mate to see if she was caring my cubs. I’m not saying my mate lying but I needed to be sure, I needed to know how many.

Usually they came in twos or fours, well technically they never come in anything but.

I quickly came up with a protection spell, I would have to change be the number.

“Jade of what is taking so long?”

“I’m sorry my King, I am trying. I just need a few more minutes for the blood to finish being tested.” She was standing over by her desk, I could see the green and yellow magic, sparks flying everywhere.

Because we had magic we were about to test the blood within minutes’ seconds right with me extracted it.

I looked back down at my mate, she looks so peaceful. I could see the bruises that were starting to form around her right shoulder joint, there was a couple other bruises along her neck in the side of her face when she fell but the ones that drew my attention most where the handprints that were wrapped around her upper arms.

I felt myself growling, I knew that those were from the spell. It was a spell the brought the force of somebody here into the room to pull my mate from me. I was furious, this should not have happened.

“My King, she is indeed pregnant. She is caring your cubs.” Jade stood by the side of the bed looking at me, over the top of my mate.

“I knew the cubs were mine, that is not what I asked you to find out. For thinking that your Queen, could have any buddies cubs besides mine in her you will be punished for it. Now tell me how many, and you know how many cubs she is holding.” I could feel my lion roaring inside of me, that someone so low in rank as her could doubt our mate.

“I’m sorry making it is my job with everybody, to check and make sure that they belong to their mate. The number that she carries is unusual, she’s caring three. That is never happened in our history my King.” Jade bowed her head and dropped it to the side bearing her neck to me.

It was a sign of respect, her and her line was trying to show me that she meant no harm.

“There will still be a punishment. How could she be caring three that is unheard of.” I ran my hands through my hair trying to process things.

“Well my King, I have an idea but I need your permission to run one more test.” I could smell the nervousness coming off from her.

“What would this test consist of? Why does it have you so nervous?” I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Well my King, it would be a test to see if there is a carbon there that has its heart no longer beating.” She looked quickly to the ground and took a step back away from the bed and me.

“You want to check and see if my mate miscarried? One cub? That is even more unheard-of than having three cubs.” At first I was outraged, then I thought about how nobody is ever had three cubs before so was very possible that she could have miscarried one and I need to know this for the protection spell. And then I need a performance spell layer child to rest.

I felt my lion roaring sadly inside of me, because he knew… He already knew. I have lost a child this day.

“Do it.” I knew I couldn’t say any more than that without breaking down and destroying everything in this room.

I watch of the corner of my eye as Jade scurried off quickly performing the test.

How could this have happened to me? Go from a good morning of training to one of almost losing my mate and then find out that I had lost child.

There had to be something that I could do, I couldn’t lose a child.

“My King,” Jade whispered. “It has been confirmed, it was a son…”

My rule lion roared one last time in sadness before he fell quiet, and then I felt him retreat further back into my mind than he has ever before.

“Leo I will fix this.” I whispered to my lion, as I laid my hands on my mate stomach and started chanting my protection spell.

Halfway to the protection spell, it was like something overcame me. I don’t know what it was, I knew it wasn’t Leo and yes even know that we are one now we still have separate names me and my lion.

But I knew that it wasn’t him, but I knew whoever it was I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“I am saving your child; no parent should have to go through losing a child. He has more work to do and that work is here.” It was a female’s voice that spoke to me.

I didn’t I was cry until she spook again.

“Don’t cry my son, it will all be okay in the end.”

And then she was gone and I stumbled back a couple of steps as I watched the protection spell take a fact, there were pinks, blues, red’s, greens, and yellows. That one by one the colors spread out over my mate stomach and sink into her.

But then her stomach glowed purple for about 30 seconds and then it sank into her as well.

“Jade do the test again.” I walked back over to my mate and picked her up and then laid back down with her on the bed.

“My King?” I looked over to Jade.

“Run the test, see how many.” It was hard to bring myself to say those words, what if I was just hearing things and making it worse on myself?

Jake quickly walked back over to her desk, I watched as the colors of the magic flu again as she retested.

I feared what she was going to find, what if I lost them all.

I heard a gasp and then something shatter. I looked over towards Jade to see that she had dropped the vial of my mate’s blood to the floor.

“Jade?” Her head snapped up towards me.

“My King, how could this be? I just tested it… There is only three and now… But now there’s four.” Her eyes widened as she looked at me afraid of what I might do.

I drop my head back onto the bed and laughed softly to myself. I wrapped my arms tightly around my mate holding her to my chest. “Thank you, whoever you were thank you.”

I could hear the Jade was going to leave the room, trying to give us privacy. “Jade you tell no one.” Neither should have to obeyed as it was a command coming from her King.

“As it pleases you my King.” She better head as she left the room.

I didn’t know what just happened. Why it happened, but I wasn’t a question that. My son was given back to me and I was going to relish in the beauty of that and I would never in my life question why he was given back to me before he even got the chance to live.

I ran my hand up and down my mates back occasionally running it up into her hair and back down.

She was a miracle and she had given me miracles, my little miracles growing inside of her. She had given me the one thing that I’ve always wanted besides having a mate, I was going to get to be a father.

I can’t tell you how much joy was in my heart right now all I know is a felt like it was going to explode. It just felt like it was going to pour out of me, it would start oozing out of my pores.

I couldn’t wait to tell her everything that had happened when she wakes up, I know she would be ecstatic because after what her father did to her we were both afraid that she would never be able to bear cubs.

I snuggled her closely into my body as I close my eyes and let myself drift into sleep but I made sure before I finally fell asleep to put up a shelled around our hospital room to keep everything out.

Rina’s POV

I was having a wonderful dream, me and Luca were running through the forest surrounding our cave I could heal children’s laughter.

I felt like we were chasing them and I just knew that they were children, our cubs. I didn’t want this dream to ever and but I just knew that something bad was going to happen.

I could feel it coming, but I knew that this was a dream… But what scared me the most is I knew what happened in your dreams like if you die then you die in real life whatever happens in your dreams happens in real life. That’s what my Gran taught me.

I looked up to the sky it was getting darker and darker rain clouds were pouring in. I looked around to see where Luca was but he was gone, there was no more children’s laughter and knew they were gone as well.

My heart started to pound I could feel myself freaking out trying to figure out where Luca and our cubs were. Even knowing this was a dream it still obsolete terrified me.

“Luca? Where are you? Cubs? Come on guys come out. You know not to scare mama like this!” But it didn’t matter what I said there was never an answer no one ever came out.

Everything was going dark I could feel the rain coming, I went to move but I couldn’t it was like I was stuck. I looked down at my feet to see I was in quicksand I was sinking fast.

“Well, well, well my daughter. I told you I would be back; did you think I lied to you?”

My head snapped up at that voice, how was my father here? How is he in my dreams?

“What are you doing here? How are you in my dream?” I was doing my best to hold still because I knew only moving in quicksand made you sink faster.

“You are the one that brought me back, and now I know where you are.”

“What you mean I brought you back?” I looked up at my father he was kneeling by the quicksand.

“That spell. That was me, I casted it on you the first time I saw you when you were four. It would let me know when you were with child and it would tell me where you were so I could come collect you. So, get ready daughter of mine ready or not here I come.” He stood up and took a couple steps back from me.

“Oh, and don’t forget daughter if you die in a dream you’ll never wake up.” I heard his laugh as he went to walk away from me.

“But there’s one thing you forgot father, and most people don’t know. The I have control of my dreams, they are my dreams not yours you cannot control them anymore. I am the only one to control my dreams if I say I don’t die in them that I don’t die and if I say that I’m not in quicksand I’m not in quicksand.” I looked down at my feet and watch the quicksand dissolve into nothing, I was standing back on the forest floor.

Before I could do anything, else everything started fading around me, I could feel myself being shaken.

“Touché my daughter, seems your mate is calling you back to him. Be ready for me.”

Was the last words I heard from him and then he was gone and I was being woken up.

I looked up and the eyes of my mate they were filled with worry and he looks scared. I brought my hands up to cup his face.

“Rina, are you okay? What happened? Your heart was being faster knew were shaking?” Luca asked me in a rash.

“Everything is okay Luca. I promise.” I stared into his eyes for what seemed like forever, I don’t want to ever forget what they look like. I wonder if our cubs will have his eyes or mine?

“Wait Luca. Our cubs are the okay?” Now was my turn to look up at him with worry and to feel absolutely terrified.

“Rina take a deep breath; our cubs are okay all of them.” I could see tears forming in his eyes and they started to slide down his cheeks. I quickly wipe them away.

“Luca what’s going on why are you crying?” He leaned down and kissed my lips softly.

“My little mate, we almost lost one. We did lose one…” I didn’t allow him to finish that I could feel myself start to cry, they were gut wrenching sobs. I know I didn’t even know my babies but they were still mine and one of them was gone.

“Rina, little mate listen to me. He’s okay, we didn’t lose him she brought him back to us. It was in his time.” I could barely register those words that Luca just spoke to me.

“Luca, what do you mean I don’t understand. What’s happening? Or my babies okay?” I realize that I was cradling my stomach and tell Luca spread his hands over top of my arms.

“We did lose one… But it wasn’t his time to go and someone came and brought him back to us. So, he is safe along with the others.” We were looking into each other’s eyes, I could see how much love he had in his eyes for me.

“So, all four of my babies are okay? Our cubs are okay?” I could feel the hope shining in my eyes, I knew that my eyes had turned a bright sky blue close to my original color but off just by a shade.

“You knew that we had four?” Luca looked at me was surprised.

“Yes, my lioness told me before she fed me all the restraint and became one with me to save our cubs. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her Luca, she gave up getting to know you and me both better before she combined with me.” I pulled away from Luca just slightly so I could lay on the bed and looked up at him.

“Your lioness combined it with you? It sounds like both her and Leo were meant for one another.” Luca smiled at me as he kissed my forehead.

But before I could get too comfortable I was reminded of my dream as a flashed in my mind’s eye.

“Luca, he knows he’s coming for me and our cubs. That spell that was on me my father’s the one that did it, he put it on the one I was four. It was also a tracking spell he knows where we are, is can come and take me away and hurt our cubs. Luca…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before Luca leaned down and kissed me.

The kiss had so much passion and unspoken love that my mind couldn’t even grasp what was going on around me.

“My little mate, nothing will be happening to you or our cubs. Between me and this pride nothing will stand in our way.” He pulled back enough to lay his forehead on mine, “Let’s get you to our cavern so you can get some rest. Don’t worry about this I have everything taken care of.”

I trusted Leo with everything and I knew I could trust Luca just as much after all Leo and Luca were one now even if Luca was in charge most of the time.

“Luca? Please never forget that I love you.” He snuggled into his chest after he had picked me up bridle style.

“Rina, I love you with all that I am and I always will.” He kissed my forehead as he walked out of the room.

If my father, wanted to harm me or my cubs or Luca than he was in for a surprise.

Let the games begin father.

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