Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 12: How many?!?

I jumped back as Luca came charging towards me. He was getting closer every time and I was getting tired but I knew that he wouldn’t stop until one of us went down and I didn’t want it to be me.

He had already almost gotten me two different times and he was only getting closer if I wanted to get out of this then I would need to think fast.

I looked behind me to see he had me backed into a tree and there was no way out, he was to fast if I tried to run again. He would just throw me back here anyways.

I made the call to try and get up the tree and fast as Luca was only 50 feet away now that I had backed up into a tree.

I quickly ran at Luca tell I was about 20 feet from him and let me tell you he was surprised. I then turned around just as fast and ran at the tree full speed. Just when I was only 7 feet away from the tree I lapped into the air, my hope for this was that I would get enough speed and momentum that I would be able to grab then closest one to the forest floor.

Well I made it, but the bad part was that I jumped up higher than I thought I could and missed the higher up branch so I fill down to the one I was aiming for, the bad part is that I fell hard as I grab the branch and I only grab it with one hand and that is how I dislocated my shoulder.

It hurt like hadis! “Son of my uncle butt that I never hade!” I yelled out at the top of my lungs. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to me and it was the same arm too.

I still managed to pull up myself on to the branch and then I leaned back against the tree and closed my eyes trying to not pass out.

I was so out of it that I forgot that Luca was trying to get me but it was too late. I opened my eyes to see Luca right in front of me, I tried not to scream but I couldn’t help it.

I also jumped which caused me to shift to the right and down I went. This was going to hurt so bad and I didn’t expect Luca to catch me. I know that he wanted to keep me safe but when it came to training he was different and I didn’t like it.

I screamed out as I hit the forest floor, I knew that I was going to pass out soon but I needed to tell Luca what had happened before I did.

I hurt so bad and my shoulder hurt even worse as I had fallen on to it when I fell out of the tree.

“Luca?...” I groaned out as I did my best to roll over.

“That was very graceful, Rina.” His voice sounded like it was coming from inside of a tunnel.

“Luca, help…” I reached up and grabbed my right shoulder with my left hand and just laid there on my back trying to catch my breath and not pass out.

I was starting to see black dots and they were getting bigger and I felt like throwing up.

“Rina?” I heard Luca’s voice right above me but I couldn’t see him as all I could see now was blackness.

“It hurts, make it stop.” I started to cry.

“Rina, what hurts? What happened? Tell me little mate, what can I do?” I could hear the panic in his voice.

“My shoulder, I dislocated it when I jumped into the tree and the I fell on it…” I tried to keep my eyes open but it was too hard not that it mattered when I couldn’t even see out of them right now anyway.

He growled and I felt myself being picked up but he was being very gentle with me and it made my heart swell.

“This is why I didn’t want you to train and I shouldn’t have let you talk me into it. I can keep you safe, you don’t need you to do this to yourself.” I could fell that he was running at top speed and I think he was trying to run faster if that is even possible.

“Don’t start this right now, I hurt everywhere and I can’t deal with you like this. I need to learn and you now it so just stop talking or I will make it and at this point I think I can do just about anything.”

I had some new-found energy and I was going to let him have it if he didn’t just shut up, I was not in the mod for this and he should know better than to do this.

“I am not going to stop. This is the best time to do it, you need to know that this will happen if you do not let me take care of you! Why must you insist that you must do everything that I do! You need to learn that in my world the men take care of their women and that is what I am going to do.” He was starting to yell at me know and I was not happy.

“You need to learn that I will never be that type of girl and I don’t want to be! If you don’t like me then you can just take me back home! Stop trying to change me into someone that I am not!”

By this time, I had forgotten all about my pain and I didn’t even want to be in his arms. Not when he was acting like this!

We both knew that I was going to get hurt and that if I didn’t train then it would be worse and so he agreed that as long as he was the one to train me then I could train.

“If I have to chain you up in our cavern then I will! Do not temp me, little mate.” I looked up at him but he was looking straight forward.

“If you chain me up ever again then you will never touch me ever again and then when I get out I will make sure you can never give any kids.” I growled up to him. “Put me down. I can walk on my own.”

“Don’t start what you can’t finish, mate. We are almost to the dr. den, I will put you down when we get there.” He held me tighter but he did it without hurting me.

“I swear on all that is holy if you do not put me down right now I will castrate you.”

I was put down on my feet so fast that I also lost my footing. He took a couple steps away from me as well.

“Thank you.” I looked around me to see that we were right outside the dr. den, we were standing in a little alcove. I am guessing that it was a type of a waiting room.

There was a chair behind me and then Luca was standing by the wall that came out just a little.

I knew just what I was going to do, I am sure that it would make him even more mad but it would be worth it.

“Rina, I think you should sit down why we wait for the dr. to get here.” Luca looked at me like he was trying to not yell at me and push me into the chair.

Yep, he was going to be mad but I really didn’t care at this point. Before he could say or do anything I walking right up to him and pushed him out of my way.

He looked confused as to what I was doing but I didn’t give him time to think about it, I didn’t want him to stop me.

I took a deep breath before I rammed my right shoulder into the wall.

“Holy mother earth! Oh my lamb chop! What the fruitlop?” I would have fallen to my knees if Luca wasn’t at my side in seconds.

“What were you thinking, Rina!?!” I could feel Luca shacking and I could tell that he was trying very hard not to shift into his lion.

“I wasn’t! I just wanted to piss you off even more! Oh, mother of my gold fish! Why did I have to do that!” Luca was holding me to his chest, my back was to his front and let me tell you that if he wasn’t here I would be on the floor right about now.

“There must be something wrong with you! You did this just to piss me off more? Next time do smoothing that isn’t going to hurt you, or I…”

Luca was cut off by the dr. that just came running up, “My King, my Queen what is wrong? What can I do?”

The dr. was a young girl, she looked on more than 15 teen.

“Jade, my mate needs your help. She had a dislocated shoulder but she took it a pone herself to put it back.” Luca picked me up and took me into the room that dr. Jade was holding for us.

“Well if you hadn’t made me mad then I wouldn’t have done it by myself! It’s not like I haven’t down it myself before! I am 25 years old, I can tack care of myself.” I mumbled under my breath, I knew that he could hear me but I could careless right now.

“Well you are sure not acting like your 25 now, are you?” He set me down on the hospital bed and stepped back from me.

“You know what go jump off I cliff! I don’t want you in here or need you in here for that matter.” I turned my head away from him, if he thought I was acting like a child then I would and I would show him just how wrong he was.

I felt him come over to me and kiss the side of my head as he ran his hand throw my hair, “I will be just outside the cave, call if you need me il mio amore.” then he was gone.

I didn’t even know that I was crying until dr. Jade handed me a small wash cloth to wipe my eyes with.

“I-I can’t believe that I said that to him!” I was full on sobbing now and I didn’t know what to do!

“Do you want me to call him back in?” She was rubbing my back but I wanted it to be Luca not her.

“Please.” I asked her too as I didn’t know how to use our mind lick yet.

“He is on his way back in my Queen.” Before she even finish talking Luca was at my side once again.

“I am so, so sorry! I didn’t mean any of it! I was just upset, please don’t hate me!” I throw myself at him, I didn’t care that I could hurt myself.

I felt him wrap his arm around me, he picked me up and sat back down with me on his lap.


I knew that was all he would have to say to her to get her working on my arm. Luca made sure that my arm and shoulder was in her full view so she could work on me.

I felt her start and I did my best not to move too much.

“Rina, I know you didn’t mean it but you need to understand that you can’t just go against me like you have been. It is my job to keep you out of harm’s way, if you don’t let me do this then the pried will think that I can’t do it and there are those that will try to over through me because of this.” He was whispering it to me and I think he was trying to calm me down and keep there.

“I am trying to understand that but it is hard and…” My lioness stopped me from saying anything else.

“You need to have the dr. look at our cubs! I don’t feel them moving anymore.”

I couldn’t even prosses what she had just said.

“Rina? Rina?! Talk to me!” I could hear Luca trying to get me to respond but I couldn’t get myself too.

“Lay her flat down on the bed and go stand over by the door!”

I felt Luca leave me, I wanted to stop him but I couldn’t do anything.

“Rina, I need you to listen to me. You need to come back to us, right now your body is telling you to just let go but you need to fight it! Your mate and pried needs you!” I could hear Jade trying to get me to responded but no matter what I did it was only pulling me in deeper.

“Luca, I think it is some type of spell that was lying dormant in her body until something triggers it. I don’t know who or what caused it but we need to stop it now. Its killing her!” Jade was rushing around the room, it was like I could see it but I wasn’t in my body any, more.

I so Luca looks so helpless, he was growling. He came it to stand back at my side and he reached his hands out laying one on my abdomen and the other one on my forehead, Jade came over and did the same things laying her hands the top of his.

I could see it purple and blue sparks coming from their hands and shoot into me, I could feel the pull trying to pull me back but it wasn’t strong enough.

I wanted to start crying, I didn’t want to leave them.

“Protect our cubs.” I could still hear my lioness she was fighting for us, she wanted me to fight for them. I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I mean it made sense with all my mood swings and cravings are things.

I knew I should have went to it the doctor like I told Luca that I did. I think she would’ve found this and because I didn’t go am putting my unborn child at risk.

“Children, cubs their plural. Now come back and fight for us.” My lioness I could feel her pulling at me, had more than one baby/cub inside of me. I always wanted to have twins.

But I didn’t know how to get back, seem like the harder I tried to get back to the harder it pulled me away from them. I needed to tell Luca, he needed to know that he was a father.

He couldn’t lose us.

With all my energy that I had left in me, I pushed forward and try to grasp back at my body but it wasn’t working, why wasn’t working?

I was getting frustrated, and weak it was hard to see anything anymore.

“Use Luca.” Why and I think of that? He has helped me once before come back, I knew he could do it again.

I reached out and searched for Luca feeling his magic his energy, it was reaching out for me to. I let it wrap around me and pulled me close, it felt like I was in his arms again and he was holding me keeping me safe I swear I could hear him, he was telling me to come back to them that he couldn’t live without me.

With every ounce, little energy that I had I pulled…

It was like I stopped feeling, I couldn’t see, hear or do anything. I couldn’t just give up, whenever this magic, this was I wasn’t going to let it take Luca from me.

Luca was mine. My unborn cubs were mine.

I felt just the slightest shift, I could feel my heart beating again, I could feel my chest rise and fall with every breath that I took. I could feel someone’s hand checking my poults they were soft small hands, that had to be Jade.

I then felt someone’s hands brushing my cheeks and over my forehead and into my hair, I felt the warmth that came with them and I knew it had to be Luca.

“I’m here now, you’re here now… Please don’t leave me again. I can’t live without you Rina, you’re our whole world.” I could hear the distress in his voice, and made me want to cry out. It made me want to hold him in my arms and never let go.

I tried to say something, but nothing came out and it was frustrating me I needed to tell them.

I did the only other thing I could think of, I called out to my lioness. Asking her to help me breakthrough so I could talk to him.

I could feel myself getting more energy more power and I know she was giving hers to me. I understood what Luca said about becoming one with your lion, making it so you weren’t two separate beings but one.

And that’s what she was doing right now for me before we even fully connected she was willing to do this, for our cubs.

I could feel her retreating of the back of my mind but she still was nudging me, letting me know that she is always there but she would be more part of me then even Luca was.

As she was retreating further and further back into my mind becoming one with me I could feel all her straight coming up I could feel seeping into my bones and throughout the rest of my body.

I wanted to start off little so I tried to move my hands, I could feel them moving opening closing into fists. I then tried to move my head, and worked I moved closer into Lucas touch.

“That’s right my little mate come, back to me. Keep fighting it, you are the strongest person I know, don’t give up on us.” I could fill him whispered into my ear, his cheek was pressed against mine.

I turned my face, so that my lips were against his cheek and they gave in the lightest of kisses hoping that he would know that it was a kiss.

I know that I was almost the point I could open my eyes. I just wanted to open them now but I knew some of their energy had to go to our cubs to protect them to make sure they were okay so of them at me not opening my eyes for a little bit I was okay with that.

I would do anything to protect my cubs even if that meant giving up myself for them,

“I’ve searched rest of her body there is no trace of that magic anywhere. It was like as soon as we stopped it, it retreated so we can even trace and see who put it there. Luca? She’s okay, she fought to come back to us.” I heard Jade’s voice standing on the other side of me her hand was resting on my shoulder.

I couldn’t help it I wanted to open my eyes I needed to tell them about my cubs so I drew off of Jade energy, right now I could only do it if I had contact with that person besides Luca he was different.

I heard her gasp, she tried to pull away they could never pull away. I was only going to take what I needed no more I wouldn’t put her in danger.

I hated drawing energy from anybody, it’s what I… It’s what I did to my mom. My Gran didn’t want to tell me, but I coned her into telling me.

I wasn’t going to make it as a baby, that’s why my mom and Gran called out to our Star God. Because they knew I wasn’t going to make it, and I guess that put me in survival mode.

I drew off from my mother’s energy, but I wasn’t even born yet I didn’t know when too much, was too much. I drained her so much, that she could even give birth to me she died before I was born.

My Gran had a cut me out to save me.

But because of this I had my Gran teach me. I wasn’t going to kill anybody out, had already killed my mother.

I pulled back just before I took what I needed, the energy that I had taken would be able to help me at least tell them and then I couldn’t let myself sleep with no worry.

I know that I had even been drawing off of Jade’s energy for more than 20 seconds, that is just how fast it works.

“What was that?” I couldn’t tell if the question was directed towards me or Luca, but I could also hear the tiredness in her voice.

“What was what?” Luca didn’t even know what it happened, he didn’t know that was something I could do. He knew that I could draw from him but he assumed it was part of the mate bond.

I did my best pull my eyelids back so I could look up at them, it was hard still but I managed it.

I looked up at Luca and then over at Jade, and then back to Luca before speaking.

“Luca? I need you to listen, I can’t stay coherent much longer, I’m too tired. Jade? I’m sorry for drying on your energy but I needed to tell you guys this. What triggered this spell was my lioness telling me that I had to protect our cubs. Jade I need you to check on the cubs, Luca I need you to keep us safe tell I wake up again. Love you Luca.”

I didn’t get to even hear their response or see their reaction before my body pulled me into the darkness that was waiting for me.

I knew I was getting get it when I woke up.

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