Behind The Unseen Stars

By Serena K Rawlins All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 11: Finding her lioness

It had been two weeks since to me and Luca had completed our meeting bond let me tell you I still felt great as ever but I could tell something was different I just didn’t know what it was.

Right now I was in the dining hall eating breakfast, I know Luca told me it’s the great Hall but dining hall just seems to fit it better. Luca was in here he was out taking care of business, he was really out hunting.

He just didn’t tell me he was going hunting, even though I knew he was. It was just harder for me to accept that he had to go without me to do hunting, I mean it’s not like I could come with him anyway unless I rode atop his back. But Luca had already told me that it is not safe. I sighed in the feet and slouched in my chair.

The only ones that were here around the table were females and had yet to make friends with any of them after the incident of me claiming Luca. I think most of them were just afraid of me not upset that I had claimed what was mine.

Come on it was not like I was intimidating or anything, just scary. I had yet to touch anything on my plate, none of it small very appetizing.

“My lady, something the matter with your food?” One of the kitchen cooks came out and addressed me, she was standing on my right.

I looked up at him quickly I didn’t even hear him coming, “Oh no, nothing is wrong with it. I’m just not very hungry.” I put on my best smile as I looked up at him.

“Perhaps I can interest you and something else than? Maybe a smoothie perhaps with some fresh berries?” He looked at me with so much hope in his eyes, I didn’t want to tell him no.

“If it’s not too much trouble.” Before I could finish speaking he had scooped up my uneaten plate and hurried off into the kitchen. Men were people fast here.

I folded my arms on top of the table and laid my head down on top of my arms, I just wanted to go crawl back in bed.

I jumped at the sound of the voice sounding so close, but when I looked around nobody was there that could have spoken to me. I must be hearing things, I was too young to go crazy.

“We are not crazy, well maybe you are but I’m not.”

There it was again, okay I must be crazy. Because nobody was talking to me… Hit me the voice was coming from inside of me.

“Go away.” I mumbled under my breath. I hadn’t realized the chef was back bringing me my smoothie…

“I am sorry my lady, here’s your drink I will leave now.” Before I could tell him to stop he was gone.

Great now they will think I am some crazy controlling person. I moved my smoothie off to the side and drop my head back on to my arms and groaned. I don’t know how long I sat like this but I suddenly felt someone’s presence beside me.

“What are you doing my love?” My head jerked up as soon as I heard Luca’s voice.

“Umm… resting?” It came out more of a question than a statement.

“You were supposed to be eating, what have you eaten today?” He put his left hand on my back rubbing it up and down.


“That is what I thought. You haven’t eaten since yesterday at lunch, you need to eat something. Here drink, your smoothie.” He picked up my drink in his right hand and brought it to my lips.

I turned my head away from him shaking my head, “I’m not hungry.”

“Rina, you need to eat something. Please do it for me?” He asked as he kissed the side of my head.

“Fine I’ll drink it.” I took it out of his hands and brought it to my lips slowly took a sip.

“That’s my good girl.” He sat back in his chair, but now without taking me with him and being careful not to spill my drink.

I didn’t protest, does it become a normal thing for us. I laid back into his chest, when the chef brought out his food I requested a straw. The chef smiled kindly at me and pulled one out of his pocket and handing it to me, then he left quickly as he came.

“Luca I have a question for you…”

“Go ahead my love you can ask me anything.” He kissed the side of my head before he took a bite of his sausage.

“Well see I haven’t been feeling good and I wanted to know if there was some sort of doctor that I could go and see…” What I know I was chickening out about asking about the voice I was hearing, but I also needed to know about the doctor.

“What you mean you haven’t been feeling good?” He looked down at me and spoke in a disapproving voice. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well it wasn’t that big of a deal at the time but I’m not getting any better so, I figured I should get checked out.” I couldn’t meet his eyes so I just took another sip of my smoothie after I put the straw in.

“Of course, I’ll take you to the doctor, I can take you first thing in the morning or we can go tonight if you need too.” He looked very worried.

“Think you. Luca…” I cut my sentence short and took another sip of the smoothie hoping he didn’t notice.

“Rina, what is really bothering you? I’m not saying you’re not sick but that’s not what you wanted to ask me.” He took my smoothie from my hands and set it on the table before tilting my chin up to look at him.

“Well, I don’t want to ask you in front of everybody can just wait tell night?” I sighed as I try to look away.

Luca did not break eye contact or let go of me, “Leave.” I heard all this chair scrape as everybody left the dining hall quickly.

“Now tell me what is it?” He never took his eyes off me this entire time.

“Well hearing this voice inside my head, at first it was just like one or two words every couple of days now happening every couple second it feels like.” I spoke quickly.

I fell Luca tents underneath me.

“Luca what is it?” Luca looked away from me and sighed.

“I think there is a chance of this happening, only ever happen once in our history. And that was over 500 years ago.” He mumbled as he shook his head before looking back at me.

“Luca what are you talking about, what happened to me.” I started to get worried.

“There’s no need to fear, everything will be all right.” He kissed my head and went back to eating.

“You can’t act like I didn’t tell you anything what is going on Luca you’re scaring me.” I tried to get out of his lap but his arm tightened around my waist keeping me pinned to his chest.

“Finished eating, my love. And then we will talk.” He had me back my smoothie.

I had no choice but to take my smoothie from him and finished drinking, I really wanted to just chug it but I knew that it would make me sick so I refrained doing so. I leaned back into Luca and kept sipping on my smoothie, before I knew it I was done.

I looked up at Luca but he was still eating!

“Luca! Come on, you are doing this on purpes.” I folded my arms across my chest and pouted.

“I am doing no such thing!” He grumbled under his breath.

“Luca, so help me if you do not tell me what is going on you will not be getting anything from me and I mean anything.” I turned around so that I was straddling him with my hands on his shoulders.

“Rina…” He growled out as his hands went to my hip, pulling me closer to him.

“Please, Luca? After you tell me you can do whatever you want with me tonight, I promise.” I ran my hands up into his hair and tugged on it.

He kept his eyes closed as he answered me, “You got your wish… You can run with me now.”

I was so confessed. What was he talking about!? I couldn’t do any of that, I wasn’t a lioness.

“What was you going on about? I don’t have a Lioness, I can’t run with you.” I looked down at our laps.

“You do and you can.” He said has he leaned over and kissed my mark, it made me shutter. “That voice inside you head is your lioness, she is a part of you now, but don’t worry what happened to me won’t happen to you. It’s just a mal lion thing.”

I looked up at he so fast that I thought my head was going to fly off. “Are you being for real, right now.”

“I would not lie to you, little mate.” He licked up my neck and then bit my earlobe.

I took a deep breath trying to calm down but it was not working. With this new information, my mind was on over loud and I didn’t know how to prosses it.

“Is this a good thing? What do you mean by it hasn’t happened in over 500 hundred years?” I had so many questions.

“Yes, it is a good thing, little one. Me as a whole, feels better about knowing you are not alone in this world. She will be able to help you if ever I am not there. Our lions can help us connect on another level, they can take to each other. This has only happened one other time and that was to my friend. She was not a lioness either but the Star Gods all came together and gave her a lion so she could be with her mate without the fear of her dying one day soon.” He ran his hands up my back under my shirt.

“How do I get her to come out?”

He looked at me with playful eyes, “You want her to come out and play?”

Why was I getting this feeling that this was not a good idea…

“I want to talk with her but I am not sure if I can do it or not.” I lend over and kissed Luca’s mark, I felt him shudder under me.

“You are playing with fire, little mate.” Luca growled in my ear. I could feel his nails scratching my back and it felt so good, I arched into him and moaned.

He had to be doing this on purpose, I think he is trying to sidetrack me. But did I really care if he was or not?

“You already know that I like to play with fire and I don’t get burned easy… Besides I like your fire.” I kissed slowly up to his ear, I then proceeded to suck on the skin right behind his ear.

I felt him shudder underneath me, I felt and heard my shirt rip. I needed to distract him enough to where he would tell me everything that I wanted to know, he was trying to hold something back for me.

I pulled back so I could whisper in his ear, “You need to tell me everything Luca. Remember we promise never to keep secrets from each other, whatever it is I take a in the big girl. Am 25 you know.”

I felt his left hand go up into my hair and pull my head back so we were looking into each other’s eyes, he then leaned his forehead against mine. “Rina, I’m only trying to keep you safe.”

“Luca, you can’t keep me safe from everything, it’s not even possible. A promise on the things that you really do need to keep me safe all let you but on things like this, you need to tell me. I don’t want any secrets between us, you told me that as soon as a mate, mates with their mate it’s like a wedding. If this is true, then technically were husband and wife already and that means no secrets ever.” I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his lips before pulling back.

“Rina the only way to get your lioness to come out the first time is for my lion to call to her. But once I let my lion called to her she’s can always be present in your mind and she will fight to take control. I’ll need to help you go through extensive training is used to control her and not let her come out if she’s not needed it could be bad if she took control of you.” He pulled away from me so that he could kiss my forehead.

I close my eyes at the surreal feeling, I never thought I could have anything like this. And then in this span of 24 hours my life was turned upside down and inside out and I came out of it with a mate.

“Can you explain to me again about how the lions work with you… us. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that your Leo but you’re not your Luca.” I laid my head on his shoulder and snuggled into his chest.

“In order to break the spell the you had on you, a sacrifice had to be made. The sacrifice was that yes, I was Leo but now I’m Luca, Leo was the human side of me and Luca was my lion side but because we had to give up something Leo gave up being in control and became the lion where I became the human side. I know it’s hard to understand but were still the same person. It’s just my dominant side is on the surface instead of a loving kind side.” I felt him wrap his arms around me pulling me closer into his chest.

“Okay let me see if I got this, you Luca was the lion and Leo was the human side but you switched see you could break the spell, right?”

“Yes, that is correct. But also, when you reach a certain age our human side and lion sides start to become more as one not two separate. So, technically you’re talking to both of us right now, and as soon as you become of a certain age you will become more of one with your lioness instead of separate.” I fell Luca get to his feet still holding me.

I wrapped myself around him tighter, my arms around his neck in my legs around his waist. This was a lot to take in, was talking to both Leo and Luca but it was still mostly Luca.

It was going to take a lot for me to get used to this world but it’s not like I had much of a choice after all I was the prides Queen now.

“I would like to show you something, my little mate. That is if you’re up for it?” I pulled back from his shoulder to look up into his eyes, I could fill myself falling for him all over again. Yes, I already love him. I loved him the moment we mated.

“If I don’t have to walk anywhere or you have to put me down I’ll go anywhere with you.” I put a quick kiss on his cheek and then lay my head back down.

I felt him kiss the top of my head as he continued to walk out of the dining hall. I didn’t know where he was taking me but I felt like we were going further into the ground, the ground was slanting downwards and it was kind of going in a circle so it was like we were walking down a spiral staircase without the stairs and not a steep.

As we were walking down, I thought back to this morning.

When I first woke up this morning the sun was barely rising but Luther was in bed anymore he left word that he had gone out hunting but not tell me it was hunting. Before I could even get out of bed I felt so sick that I took off running to our bathroom outside of our cavern.

It was a nice bathroom for being in a cave, there was a stone shower and even a stone toilet don’t ask me how the water and the plumbing worked because I had no idea my only gas was magic. There is a double sink and all the stuff that I could ever use and need was in the bathroom.

I went straight to the toilet and throw everything up that I had in the afternoon before. It been a long time since I’ve been sick but from what the voice told me I wasn’t sick. Will now I know the voice was my lioness, and I’m sure that she would to be telling me the truth.

No, she did not tell me that I was pregnant if that’s what you’re thinking. She told me I had some sort of magic sickness I didn’t even know something like that was possible but apparently, it was.

I was brought out of my thoughts as Luca whispered in my ear, “Where here, my love.”

I really needed to ask him why he’s not talking and I Italian anymore. I lifted my head up off his shoulder and looked around to see where we were.

It was absolutely, breathtaking, it appeared we were in some type of underground oasis. It was like a mini a little each underground, but it was more of a forest sitting on the beach.

It was like a little piece of Organ, of home.

“Did you make this for me?” I looked up into Luca’s eyes as I ran my hands up into his hair and pulled him so we were eye to eye.

“I thought it would make you feel more at home to have a little piece of it here you could come to anytime you needed to.” He looks scared like he was afraid I was going to hate it.

“Luca, it is absolutely breathtaking. Thank you.” I pulled him into another kiss but this one was for so much more.

He quickly wrapped his hands in my hair taking full control over the kiss. That I expect anything less, he had to be in control of everything even just a little kiss.

But that little kiss turned out to be a much bigger kiss and it turned out to turn into something more.

I woke up in bed there were fur blankets thrown over top of me and I was alone. I looked out towards our balcony, to see the starry night. And Luca was standing out leaning on the rill of stone, looking off into the night.

“Luca? Come back to bed, please.”

He turned around and walked back into our room, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you, Rina.”

He crawled back up into bed towards me, as soon as he got close he slid underneath the blankets and pulled me close to him.

“Go back to sleep, little one.” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head.

I snuggled into his arms and let myself fall into a dream so real that it scared me.

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