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A Bolt From The Blue

By Wordsworth All Rights Reserved ©



The following story was inspired by a true event, a tragedy that nobody could have foretold. Whilst writing this book I have to say it is for the most part fiction set around a true story using fictional characters to avoid and protect any living relatives reliving the tragedy of that cold December morning in 1917.The protagonist of my book is a young man called John Smithers, a young man who had only just began work in the steelworks of his home town of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada when the tragedy came about as two ammunition ships collided in what is known as the narrows or harbour.! Narrated in the first person giving a sense of immediacy to the developing action which follows, characterisation is very strong and it encourages its readers to identify with John and the tragedy. However having said this story itself is emotionally engaging and gives its readers a particular time and place i.e. Dec 6th 1917 a day that would remain in the hearts and minds of each and every Canadian. Starting like any other day in Halifax John pulled the blanket around his head to ward off the cold, the snowbound scenery which awaited him reminded him that Christmas Was on the horizon and the problem of money was once more about to rear its ugly head in the Smithers household. This extract comes near the beginning of my story and demonstrates the balance I Have tried to achieve between personal detail and the wider implications of the actual explosion. This is of course John’s story, a story of courage and bravery we can only imagine. Although a fictional character John Smithers was to all intents a hero of His time.

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