The Guardians of Kernsville

By Nightwing27th All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Epilogue: White Vengeance

Ten Years Later… January 27th 2022.

Rebbeca walked over to the front door and opened it.

“Thank you so much for sending Bryan,” Abigail said, as she walked inside with Bryan behind her.

“Not only did she have a flat tire, but an overheated radiator, and a dead battery,” Bryan said.

“Well, thanks for picking her up.” Rebbeca shut the door.

“I’ll be outside.” Bryan walked out the back door.

“Why were you driving anyway?”

“I am pregnant not paralyzed.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know what women are still driving when they are nine months pregnant.”

“Your house is two minutes from mine.”

Rebbeca rolled her eyes. “Anyway…everyone’s here, but Danny, as always.”

“What about the kids?”

“Bryan’s kids couldn’t come. Bella and David brought their kids: Jana and Janie; Sarah J and Sam brought their kids: Matthew, Dustin and Jack; Drake picked up your kids from school: Ryan and Amber; and I have my kids: Claire and Rose.”

They walked outside.

“Is that clear enough for you?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Abigail said. “And I was trying to explain to Ryan why your last name is MaGreen and not Habanero, but I couldn’t remember what you said.”

Rebbeca smiled as they sat down at a picnic table. “At prom, I asked Shawn to find out from his dad all that he knew about the Habanero family. So, it turns out, Danny’s dad Steve is Joe MaGreen’s brother. When Joe was the villain, Spade, Steve didn’t want to be caught up in all of that, so he changed his last name to Habanero. But by the time Joe became good, Steve was bad. So, Danny and I decided that I will marry Daniel MaGreen and that Card Shark will be Danny Habanero.”

“So, your name is…?”

“My married name is Rebbeca Stone MaGreen.”

“What’s your maiden name?”

“Rebbeca Alison Harrison Stone.”


“You’re supposed to already know this.”

Sam sat down with them. “How’s it going?”

“Good,” they replied, as Bryan and Drake sat down.

“Have you guys seen Riverstone’s paper?” Bryan asked, tossing a newspaper on the table.

“Crystal hero?” Abigail read the headline.

“Some guy has started saving people using crystal powers.”

“Randy Wyman?” Rebbeca asked.

“I don’t think so. This guy looked more like The Crystal Girl.”

“You got a look at him?”

“I guess you could say that.”

Rebbeca thought of who it might be as she watched the kids playing on the swing set in the back yard. She looked at Bella and David, who were standing at the barbeque. Drake’s phone rang. He looked at the screen and got up to answer it.

Rebbeca’s head whipped toward the playground when she heard one of the kids scream. Rebbeca, Bryan, and Sam got up and ran to the playground where they found Ryan sitting on the ground, under the swing set.

Sam got down on the ground and sat next to Ryan. “Are you okay?”

Ryan nodded, but held his right hand close to him.

“What happened?” Rebbeca asked, as David, Bella, Drake, and Abigail came over.

“He fell off the swing,” Matthew said. “He cut his hand on the metal chains.”

“Thank you, Matt,” Rebbeca said, as she knelt down. “Ryan, let me see your hand.” She held Ryan’s hand in hers and slowly unfolded his fingers. But there was no cut.

“I saw the cut,” Matthew said.

“Don’t worry.” She stood up. “I believe you.”

“How…?” Ryan asked, as he looked at his hand.

“While we were running over here, for a split second, I felt White Crystal.”

“Say: Crystals form,” Drake told Ryan.

“Crystals: form,” Ryan said, and his skin turned to crystal.

“How?” Abigail asked.

“You are Crystal,” David said. “So, it makes sense that you would have crystal kids.”

“It took your powers eight months to develop,” Rebbeca said. “It took his eight years.”

“Great,” Abigail said.

“By the way, that was Danny,” Drake said. “Sky is down town making a big mess.”

“Okay, everyone suit up,” Rebbeca said. Bella and Drake walked inside.

“Which will it be tonight?” Sam asked Rebbeca. “Dark Vengeance or Officer MaGreen?”

Rebbeca looked at Sam and smiled. “I’m going to be a little late, Sheriff.”

Foreshadow and Alley Cat walked out of the house with Sensor.

“The Princess of Peace is needed,” Sarah J said, as her necklace glowed. Then, she was transformed into The Princess of Peace.

“Did you bring your bow?” Rebbeca asked Bryan.

“Never leave home without it. You?”

“My suit is kind of stuck to me.” She transformed into Dark Vengeance.

“I’ll change and meet you there.” Bryan ran inside.

“Okay Guardians!” Dark Vengeance yelled. “You know what to do.”

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