The Guardians of Kernsville

By Nightwing27th All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Chapter 47: The End of the Beginning

Everyone gathered in the meeting room at Headquarters. They all took their seats with Rebbeca at the head of the table, and Danny to her right. As she waited for everyone to sit down, she wrapped her fingers around her time necklace.

Once everyone was seated, she stood up. “First off, for those of you that don’t know, Sarah J is pregnant, and Danny and I are engaged. But, you’ve all made it known that you are willing to do what it takes to protect the city, no matter the cost. And I am very thankful to have friends like you by my side. But the battle’s not over.” Rebbeca looked at Abigail. “Whitney wanted you to find your dad, she wanted you to erase her memory, and she wanted us to think we weren’t needed anymore.” She looked at everyone.

“But the people still need a hero…they need us. And until my dying breath, I will give them that, a hero…someone they can count on to be there when they need it.”

“Well, then I don’t know why you’re talking to us,” Sam said. “Because we’re going to be there even when they don’t need us.”

“Or want us,” Drake added. Rebbeca smiled.

“One thing’s for certain,” Sarah J said. “We won’t let another Whitney happen.”

“And, as long as we’re the Guardians of Kernsville,” Abigail said, “it won’t.”

Danny stood. “This city will never fall again.

Everyone gathered at City Hall, where Dark Vengeance is supposed to make a speech. Mayor Mark Lancaster walked onto the stage to address the crowd. “Thank you all for coming today,” he began. “I know you’ve all heard rumors about Dark Vengeance’s return. I’d like you to see for yourself that she is alive. Dark Vengeance, will you join me please?”

Dark Vengeance walked onto the stage and stood next to Mark. The crowd cheered and clapped as the rest of the guardians walked up on stage, everyone except for Sam, David, and Danny.

Dark Vengeance waited to speak until the crowd settled down. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to stop Whitney. Now that she’s in jail, I’m sure you’re thinking we will never show our faces again. I want you to know, that we are not done…we’re just getting started.”

Every eye was on Dark Vengeance.

“Eight years ago, I never would have pictured myself where I am today. But I promise you I will do everything I can to protect you…with the help of my team: The Crystal Girl, Foreshadow, The Princess of Peace, Alley Cat, and Sensor. Together, we will protect you, together we will guard you. I’m not asking to rule you, or for your support, or for your love. All I’m asking is that when the time comes…you’ll accept our help. My name is Dark Vengeance, and we are The Guardians of Kernsville.”

Everyone cheered and clapped. She looked back at Foreshadow as he clapped and smiled at her. Then, she turned and looked at Danny. He whistled and clapped with everyone else.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself, for the years to come.

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