The Guardians of Kernsville

By Nightwing27th All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Chapter41: John Hall

Rebbeca walked up to her front door as she remembered the morning she died. She wiggled the door knob, but it was locked. She sighed and then kicked the door in. She walked inside as memories flooded her mind. Drake told her that Abigail bought her house when she died, and just like he said, nothing was touched.

She walked up stairs and saw the blood stain on the floor from when Bandit shot an arrow through her arm. She walked into her room and sat on the end of the bed. She put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin in her hands.

“What am I going to do?” she asked herself. “I’m crazy for thinking we can stop Whitney and her army.”

“Yes, you are,” she heard a man’s voice say. Rebbeca stood up, transformed into Dark Vengeance, and pulled out her gun. She stared into the eyes of a man she’d never met before, as she aimed her gun at his chest.

“How’d you get in here?”

“The same way you did,” he replied.

“You followed me.”

“I’ve been following you since you got back.”

“Who are you?”

“John Hall. I take it you know who I am.”

“John Hall…shape shifting, copy of Whitney. The second she made, with Amy Traf being the first,” Dark Vengeance replied.

“You do know who I am.”

“What do you want?”

“Why do you think I want something?”

“Because the last guy I found roaming around my house, put an arrow through my arm. So, excuse me if I’m a little untrusting.”

“Look, I know this is the part of the story where the hero loses hope and the strength to go on, right before something comes along and gives them the boost they need. But something you need to realize is that fairytale ended the day you died. And the fact that your friends didn’t ask more questions, seems pretty stupid to me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“How is it possible that you’re here, and why now? Why not when the city needed you?”

“Are you trying to say that you don’t believe me?”

“Question you should be asking is: do I believe myself?” John asked, as she slightly lowered her gun.


“You just transformed without saying a word, and did you see how fast your reflexes were?” He could tell it was working; she was starting to question herself.

“Now, what are you talking about?”

“Look, everything I just told you, I told you to test you.”


“I wanted to make sure you weren’t a copy.”

“So, you’re on my side?”


She put her gun away.

“I came here to tell you to stop what you’re doing, because Whitney has a plan laid out in case you ever came back.”

“Can someone say ‘paranoid’? Look, I know how Whitney works.”

“You know how she used to work. After you died, she started trying to find you’re weakness, then, she found out about your blood, and then,…”

“She found it, didn’t she?”

“Yes. The mixture of Black Crystal and White Crystal will allow Caster the ability to control you.”

She let his words sink in before she spoke. “And what’s your story?”

“If I come within a mile of her, there’s a chance she could take control of me again.”

“So, where have you been all of this time?”

“I was going to be with Bella, but she said she didn’t want to leave the city. So, I left and went to Riverstone. You would be impressed. After you died and the team broke up, a new team of heroes stepped out of the shadows. They call themselves The Guardians of Riverstone.”

Rebbeca’s phone started ringing.

“Oh, and by the way, Danny has your time traveling necklace.”

She put her hand around her neck, and sure enough, it was gone. “Who?” She looked at the screen on her phone. Sam was calling. She looked back up, but he was gone. “Hello.” She walked down stairs.

“I hate to say it, but you were right,” Sam told her.

“Why, what’s wrong?” She entered the garage.

“Whitney sent about twenty men. It’s only a matter of time before they get down stairs.” Dark Vengeance started thinking of a plan as she found her old motorcycle. It’s scratched, mangled, and is missing the front tire, the tire Angel shot, the day she was killed.

“Are you still there?” Sam sounded nervous.

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” she replied, and hung up. She pulled her keys out of her belt and stuck them in the motorcycle’s ignition. “Computer: on.” The touch screen lit up. The word, hello, scrolled across the screen, and then a menu popped up.

Dark Vengeance used her finger to select “repair”, and then stepped back. Piece by piece, the motorcycle put itself back together: fixing pieces, adding pieces, repairing glass, adding a fresh coat of paint, etc….

Dark Vengeance walked across the room to a black chest in the corner. She lifted off the lid and pulled out a black back pack. She opened the back pack and found extra watch communicators. She reached inside the chest and grabbed a few clips for her Crystal Gun, and put them in the back pack.

She zipped up the back pack, closed the chest, and turned around to see her motorcycle brand new. She put on the back pack and got on her motorcycle. As the garage door slowly opened, she put on her helmet and started it up.

As soon as she could, she zipped out of the garage, leaving a mark on the floor.

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