The Guardians of Kernsville

By Nightwing27th All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Chapter 36: A Hero's Undoing

The Next Day…

Rebbeca woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. She let it ring, as she got off the couch and walked upstairs to change her clothes. She came back down stairs and her phone was still ringing.

She sat down, picked up her phone, and looked at the screen. Seven missed calls, she thought as it rang again. “What do you want?” she answered the phone.

“He didn’t do it,” Sam said.

“What? Sam, why are you calling me on Drakes phone?”

“Just listen for a sec. Okay, you’re on speaker. Now, Drake, tell her what you told me.”

“Okay, so I did some digging into Danny’s past and I found proof that he’s innocent,” Drake said. “When Danny was two years old, his mother had an affair with a man named Joe Rivers, and they created Sky Rivers. Apparently, Sky has always been jealous of Danny, so when Whitney offered him a job…”

“He asked for something in return.”

“Exactly,” Sam and Drake said.

“How did you find all of that?”

“I have friends in places even you don’t know about.”

“So, they’re taking an innocent man to prison,” Sam said. “Words I never thought I’d say when talking about Danny.”

“Can’t you stop them?” Rebbeca asked.


“Well, then why am I still talking to you? I have a van to catch.”

“Please tell me you’re joking,” Drake said.

“Where are they?”

“They just hit the highway,” Sam replied.

“So, if I take the bike, then I should be able to catch them.”

“Be careful, Beca,” Drake said.

“When have I not been careful?”

“I mean it. You’re about to chase down a van that’s going over sixty-five miles an hour, and you’re telling me not to worry?”

“Is that all?” Rebbeca joked, and then realized Drake was serious. “I’ll be careful, Drake, I always am.”

“Yeah, I know…you can’t just wait till he gets to the prison?”

“No, it’ll take a month to get him back out. Besides, no one’s going to believe our story unless Dark Vengeance backs it up.”

“And even then, his chances are slim,” Sam added. Drake sighed.

“I need to go, bye.” She hung up. “Activate: Dark Vengeance.” Her clothes transformed as she walked into the garage. She opened the garage door, got on her motorcycle, started it, and took off down the road.

Doing seventy-five miles an hour, Dark Vengeance zipped in and out of cars on a very curvy highway until she saw the van.

Inside the van, Danny watched as the passenger climbed into the back. She was dressed in a police uniform with her hair in a ponytail and a ball cap that just barely covered her face.

She pulled out her gun and shot the two guards sitting in front of Danny. Then, she put the gun away, walked over to Danny, and took off his hand cuffs.

“Who are you?” Danny asked. She took off her hat and uniform, revealing her costume underneath.


“Surprised to see me?” Angel asked.

“Yes, now why are you here?”

“I’m cashing in on a promise.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sky framed you because Whitney told him to, and now, I get to kill Dark Vengeance.”

“What are you talking about?”

Just then, they heard a motorcycle.

Angel looked out the back window. “Here’s our little hero, now.”

“You knew she’d come.”

“I had no clue. This whole thing was Whitney’s idea. Somehow she knew Dark Vengeance would show up.” Angel pulled out her gun, as Dark Vengeance was gaining on them, and opened the back doors.

The second Dark Vengeance saw Angel, she pulled out her Crystal Gun. Both girls pointed their guns at each other. They both fired, and shot each other’s tire. Dark Vengeance’s bullet hit the back left tire, sending the van out of control. It flipped onto its side and slid across the ground.

Angel’s bullet hit the motorcycle’s front tire, sending Dark Vengeance flying over the handle bars and sliding across the pavement.

The forest became silent as the cars came to a rest on the ground. Knowing that she might have broken something, Dark Vengeance carefully lifted off her helmet and rolled it off to the side. She heard movement coming from the van, so she quickened her pace as she tried to get up.

She got to her knees and looked around for her gun, but didn’t see it. She looked up to see Angel crawling out of the van. Angel was cut and bruised, but still determined. She raised her gun, and pointed it at Dark Vengeance. Then, Angel pulled the trigger and lodged three bullets into Dark Vengeance’s chest.

Danny woke to the sound of gun shots. He crawled out of the van and stumbled to his feet. Danny looked around and saw Dark Vengeance lying on the ground, twenty yards away from him. He looked at Angel. “What have you done?”

“I took care of the problem.” She tossed the gun. “Don’t worry, Habanero, this isn’t the last time we’ll see each other.” Angel walked to the side of the road and jumped off the edge, disappearing into the trees.

Danny looked toward Dark Vengeance and then ran to her. He got down on his knees and scooped her up in his arms. She looked at him and smiled.

“The one time…I don’t wear the vest,” she joked, as she looked into his eyes. Tears began to fall from his face.

She brought her hand up and put it on his cheek, wiping away his tears. “I know that…you were telling the truth. But, you need…to go. Sam will be here…they’ll think you did this.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

“I need you to…watch Drake…and the others.” Her voice was getting smaller with every word.

“I will. Just hold on.”

“My time…is up, Daniel. You and I…both know that.” A tear ran down her face as the trees began to fill with the sound of sirens. “Daniel, I…am sorry…I didn’t trust you…but I….” But before she could finish, Dark Vengeance drew her final breath.

Danny pulled her in closer to him as the tears became unstoppable. Within a matter of seconds, he was surrounded by police cars.

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