The Guardians of Kernsville

By Nightwing27th All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Chapter 30: Three Left

“Got it,” Drake said, as he walked back in the meeting room with Abigail. He sat down and passed the list to Rebbeca. Danny and Sarah J entered the room and sat back down, as Rebbeca read the list.

“Only three?”


“Trevor Morris, Caleb Collins, and Mark Lancaster. Well, I think Mark can fend for himself, no offense.”

“None taken,” Sam and Abigail said, at the same time.

“So, what’s the plan?” Danny asked.

“We split into three teams,” Rebbeca said. “Drake, Abigail, and Keko will watch Trevor Morris. Sarah J, Proto, and I will watch Caleb Collins. Danny will watch Retsacnal, and Sam will watch Mark.”

Sam sat up as straight as possible. “No.”

“What’s your problem, now?” Sarah J asked him.

“I don’t want any part in this.”

“Then, why are you here?”

“Think of it as doing your job as a cop,” Rebbeca said. “Besides, he’s still your dad, evil master or not.”

The room fell silent.

“How are we keeping in contact?” Drake asked.

“Everyone needs to keep their phones on silent, but for the most part, just use the watches,” Rebbeca replied.

“What watches?” Sam asked.

“I made watch/communicators for everyone,” Drake said. “Each person has a different color: Danny’s blue, Sarah J’s white, Keko’s orange, Abby’s pink, Beca’s purple, and I’m black.”

“What are they for?”

“Communicating and monitoring your heart beat. If your heart starts beating faster than a certain limit, and if you don’t stop it within thirty seconds, it will send an alarm to everyone telling them you need help and where you are. But, if your heart beat gets lower than a certain limit, it will do the same thing.”


“So, are you with us?” Rebbeca asked.

“As a team mate or friend?”

“A friend.”

“For now, yes.”

“We’ll see about that,” Drake said.

“Drake…” Rebbeca said, as he smiled. “Okay, we have our mission; you have your orders.” Everyone got up and left the room.

Some Time Later…

“This is so boring,” Abigail complained to Drake, as they followed Trevor Morris around down town. “How long have we been doing this?”

“Ten minutes,” Drake replied. “If you don’t like it, then, you can go wait in the car with Keko.”

“Something tells me that’s not a good idea.”

They crossed the road.

“What?” Drake asked.


“Come on, Abby. You have something on your mind, so what is it?”

“I was just wondering what it is Rebbeca sees in him.”




“I just get a bad feeling about the guy.”

“Yeah, me too,” he said.

“So, why haven’t you said anything?”

“Because it’s not my place.”

“What if he’s using us?”

“Then he uses us.”

“That’s it?” Abigail asked. “No clever come back or plan to stop him if he tries to stop us?”

“Abby, this is awkward, because you’re my girlfriend and Rebbeca’s our friend,” Drake said. “But, I was once in love with Rebbeca, and she made it very clear that only one kind of man can make her happy. It didn’t end well with us as a couple, and I don’t even know why we are still friends. Besides, what do I know about relationships? You are my first girlfriend and Danny is Rebbeca’s first anything, so how are we to know if he’s telling the truth?”

“Well, you’ve spent more time with him than I have. Besides, what about your machine?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Have you tried to see his destiny?”

“Yeah,” Drake said, depressingly.

“So, what was it?”

“Abby, I shouldn’t even know.”

“Come on, you know I won’t tell anyone.”

“Fine. I saw the MaGreen Industries tower fall, and then out of the rubble came a crystal person.”


“That person was carrying Danny,” Drake said. “He was dead, Abby.”

“It’s gotta be wrong.”

“It’s not, I checked. The only thing I can think of is that his past caught up with him.”


“I don’t know.”

Rebbeca and Sarah J walked inside the store where Caleb Collins works.

“You sure he’s here?”

“Yeah,” Rebbeca said. “So, I hear you have something to tell me.”

“Danny told you?”

“No. But he said I needed to talk with you.”

“It’s a long story,” Sarah J said, as they continued walking through the store. A man came up to Sarah J and tapped her shoulder.

“Excuse me, miss,” he said, as she looked at him. “Do I know you from somewhere?”

“I’m not sure.” She stretched out her hand. “Sarah James.”

He took her hand. “Caleb Collins. You were Jarrett’s fiancé.”

“Yes, that was me.”

Rebbeca watched Sarah J’s reaction and looked back at Caleb, all three hundred pounds of him.

“Who is this?” Caleb asked, as he pointed to Rebbeca.

“Rebbeca Stone.” Rebbeca had her hand out before Sarah J could form the words in her mouth. “Former Sheriff’s daughter.”

“That’s right,” Caleb said, as he shook her hand. “Hey, I’m real sorry about what happened to your folks. So, why are you guys here?”

“We’re here to see you.”

“So, is this official business?”

“What?” Rebbeca looked down at her jacket and saw her old police badge on the front. “Oh, no, nothing like that.” She took the badge off. “I’m not on the force anymore.”

“Okay, good,” Caleb joked.

“Yeah, um…actually, Sarah’s been wanting to get together with some of Jarrett’s old friends.”

“Really?” He smiled. “I’ve been thinking the same thing; what are the odds of that?”

“Rebbeca, what are the odds of that?” Sarah J asked. Rebbeca could tell she wanted nothing to do with him.

“Hey, I get off in five minutes. Do you want to go grab a burger somewhere?”

Before Sarah J could object, Rebbeca replied, “Sure.”

“Okay, awesome,” he said. “Wait here and I’ll be right back.” They watched as he walked away.

“What are you doing?” Sarah J asked, as she slapped her arm.

“Relax. We can kill two birds with one stone.”

“And which birds are those?”

“We get to watch him, and I get to learn some more about you.”

“Tell me you have him,” Sam said.

“Yeah, I do,” Danny said, from the other end of the phone. “And next time, text me.”


“I’ll call you when he’s headed your way.” Danny hung up, and walked back into the room with his team mates.

“Who was that?” Samantha asked.

“One of my spies. This new villain is not as stupid as we thought. There are three people in town that he wants to kill.”

“Good for them,” Angel said, crossing her arms.

“Like I was saying,” Danny said, as he glared at Angel. “There’s a villain trying to kill someone…who always shows up?”

“So, we show up and stop the heroes from stopping the bad guy?” Bella asked.

“Exactly.” He sat down.

“So, what’s the guy’s name?” Sky asked.

“Coal Dust.”

“Who is he after?” Samantha asked.

“Caleb Collins, Trevor Morris and, the one and only, Mark Lancaster.”

“That alone makes me want to join him,” Sky said.

“Why?” Bella asked him.

“The Lancasters and I haven’t been able to get along,” Sky replied. “And that’s all I’m going to say.”

If only you knew who Retsacnal really was, Danny thought. “Good. Bella, Angel, and Sam, you will follow Morris. Sky and Rachel, go follow Collins.”

“What about you?” Angel asked him.

“Someone’s got to watch Lancaster. Go get your gear and head out.” Danny left the room and walked down the hall. Then, he walked through a door and found Retsacnal and Whitney.

“What is it?” Retsacnal asked.

“We came up with a plan.”

“So did we. I’m sure you know John hall?”

Danny replied with a nod.

“He will be impersonating Coal Dust, and will then lure the heroes right where we want them.”

“And I’ll be waiting on a roof, ready to shoot Dark Vengeance, the second I see that stupid hood,” Whitney said.

“The war will be over, and we will rule Kernsville,” Retsacnal said.

“When is this going to happen?”


“The sooner the better,” Whitney said.

“Good. I’ll tell the team, and help in any way I can.” Danny left the room.

“Well, this is it,” Whitney said.

“If I’m right, she’ll die,” Retsacnal said.

“But, if I’m right, she won’t.”

“I don’t think he’d do it.”

“If he loves her…he’ll save her. Besides, even if he does save her from plan A, we still have plan B.”

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