Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 6

An hour and several interruptions later I was back on the road. A plan was still forming in my head for what to do about Titan-1 but bouncing ideas off Lisa helped. Thankfully he didn't give us any deadline. Rush jobs are a pain in the ass to pull off.

I was on my way to my 8 o'clock job. A fly-guy, what I call heroes with flight, wanted a typical damsel in distress situation. Why they always wanted to use their abilities to attempt picking up girls was beyond me. Especially with the old 'girl tumbles from rooftop' this client was going for. Any romance these fly-guys imagine happening is always ruined anyway. Just try catching someone who pissed and shit on themselves and see how sexy that situation is.

Having good intel was a must and mine was always on point. It was 8:25pm and I was already in position behind the A/C unit. The target had been taking pictures of the skyline for about a half hour now. The client should already be waiting in the distance for my signal. At which point he would fly to the rescue. If he missed, well, there would be a photographer pancake on the sidewalk.

8:40pm meant it was showtime but as soon as I stepped out from cover I knew something was wrong. A few years ago I wouldn't have noticed and tonight I still almost missed it. When I stepped out into the open the target tensed. I learned the hard way not to take things like that for granted. Without taking another step I readied my Glock. When the target rolled to the side without ever looking back I knew I was dealing with a Tuner. That power was the only thing that could've detected me like that.

Tuners had a way of syncing up with their surroundings making them hyper aware of everything around them. A very good match for a photographer. Here I was thinking this was going to be a boring operation. As the adrenaline kicked in I let my Huntsman abilities come to forefront. It seemed I would be adding another trophy tonight. Maybe even two depending on how this played out. I love my job.

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