Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 5

"Now wait a second," Lisa interrupted. "You have an actual bag of tools for this kind of stuff? Because that is so freaking cool if you do. Are there any shuriken in there you throw at people? Wait, wait, wait, how about a samurai sword? Please tell me you have one of those!" She finished excitedly.

A couple walking by glanced our way at that remark. The concern on their face was obvious and probably well founded. The thought of Lisa with a sharp object worried even me a little bit. I caught their eye and gave a smile along with a 'what can you do' shrug; which they returned with a relaxed smile and went on their way. If only they knew they were concerned with the wrong person.

I turned to Lisa with a scowl. "Well first off, we've talked about the whole don't draw attention in public thing right?"


"I even met you halfway with that ridiculous look you have going." She had the nerve to pout at that, as if it was possible to hurt her feelings. "Don't give me that face. No costumes, no singing, no dancing and most importantly no drinking. That's very fair when you consider what happened the last time we went to a bar."

At least she lowered her voice before responding. "Bast why do you always bring up the bar? It was one time okay, you've got to live a little. I said I was sorry."

"It was one time okay." I said in my best Lisa impersonation. Switching back to my normal voice. "We are not getting into this again. That one time meant I spent the next week staging suicides. You know I always enjoy myself but we didn't even get paid for that!"

"Secondly, the bag of tricks was a figure of speech. I don't just ride around town with a bag full of implements that's ridiculous. There are a few things I keep on me at all times. That does NOT include shurikens or a sword. If I can say one thing about myself it's that I'm-"

"Practical." Lisa interrupted in a bored tone. "You have to admit that a sword would be absolutely wicked though."

I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a few deep breaths. "You know what, if we can just get back on track with the whole Titan-1 job I will buy you a samurai sword. Now shut up and help me plan this out."

The satisfied look in her eyes made me wonder how much of that rambling was planned out. At least she was ready to focus now. Daylight was fading and there were still places to go and people to kill.

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