Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 26

“Are...are you going to hurt me?” McKayla asked from her spot on the floor while I walked around. I didn’t have much to worry about from her. She lay on her side, hogtied, craning her neck to try and watch me. I didn’t bother responding just yet.

Instead I was taking in the stage. Lisa was constantly reinforcing my reasons for not murdering her. Even with the small window of time she was given the place was great. It looked as if we were standing in a house of mirrors at a carnival. Floor to ceiling mirrors wrapped around the large space in such an intricate pattern I briefly wondered if Lisa had other plans for this place already. There was even carnival music playing in the background and the sound of kids laughing and playing.

“Yes I am going to hurt you.” I finally said, having found the camera that we would be using. It was placed just right so that only the lower half of my body would show while McKayla would be captured perfectly. It would be pointless to broadcast this whole thing only for me to be blocking the shot the entire time. A slight whimper sounded at my statement. Guess the genes of a hero didn’t always get passed down.

I crouched in front of her with a slight laugh, lips turned up in the beginnings of a smile. “I just took you from your college campus, right in the face of your bodyguard. Did you think this was some kind of test?”

McKayla’s throat worked as she tried to swallow. “But…why?” She whispered, deep lines forming on her face from the distress.

“Money and because it’s fun.”

“I- I don’t understand. Daddy is retired, why not rob a bank?”

Hmmm, to crush her now or later with the thought that ‘daddy’ hired me? Going to go with later. “I just told you sweetheart but maybe I put those in the wrong order. The fun comes first, then the money.”

As I stood and pulled out my phone she spoke again. “I’ve got m-money. Maybe we can…”

“Don’t bother. For one thing I know what you’re thinking.” I looked at her with blank eyes before speaking in a falsetto. “If I can just get him talking daddy will save me, I know he will.”

Her eyes got wide and she tried to squirm across the floor away from me, mouth gaping like a fish. She didn’t really make any progress but I still took three long strides, grabbed the ropes around her legs and drug her back to the center of the room. Without a word or hesitation I raised my foot and brought it down towards her face; the bottom of my black boot filling her vision and causing her to shriek as it slammed down inches from her ear.

McKayla stared off into the distance and I stood there watching her gasp for breath. While she did I placed a call to Tyler, speaking as soon as the line was answered. “Are we ready to start the show?”

“One sec.” He rumbled. The speaker must have been on because I could hear him clicking keys on his computer, set up back in my apartment. “Sarah is at the carnival now.”

We had split up shortly after our quick kidnapping. I took McKayla to the cabin Lisa had rented god knows when and turned into a miniature carnival attraction. While Tyler hooked Sarah up with all the electronics she would need to finish up on her end.

Right now she would be inside the real house of mirrors back inside the city carnival. Attaching microphones in and around the building at various points to give off the illusion that McKayla was inside. Along with several monitors that would show what I was streaming from this location. Relative grunt work but someone had to do it. When I asked if she would rather handle things here she hastily declined.

“Alright Sebastian.” Tyler’s voice cut back in. “Everything is ready here. Tell me when you want to start the broadcast. So far nothing has gone across the police system to suggest that they know she’s gone. It’s possible the other guards are going to try and handle it themselves before the big guy comes. Remember-“

“That we have a small window.” I interrupted, turning back to face McKayla who had finally made her way back to an upright position. She sat motionless, biting her lip hard enough that it would be bleeding soon. Giving me a look that that didn’t contain nearly enough fear. “I’ll let you know when to start the signal.” I said before hanging up the phone.

“Was that my dad on the line telling you to be careful with me?” She asked and I felt my forehead crease. Had I deposited her on the floor too hard early and knocked the sense from her? We had been over this already. “I know it’s him.” She continued a faint smile showing up. “He’s done something like this before.”

I wasn’t really surprised by that statement. Titan-1 was a well-known hero, in and out of costume. It only makes sense that he would prepare his family, just in case a villain decided to come after them one day. Of course, most villains were too scared of him to do so. Seeing a huge man run straight through walls or easily throw a car was a deterrent. Good thing I wasn’t most villains, besides, he had hired us. I didn’t really have much to worry about unless I fucked up and got caught.

Inwardly I only shook my head at her assumption but I only let slight amusement show on my face as I walked back over to her and crouched down. Her smile got bigger as she grew more confident about being right. With an open palm I hit her across the face, hard enough to turn her entire head to the side as the sound of the smack filled the room.

McKayla turned her head back towards me like a robot that couldn’t compute what just happened. When she faced me again I could easily see the blossoming, bright red mark on her face. Her mouth gaped like a fish as she tried to find words. I was sure she was going to let me know how much trouble I was in so I didn’t let her finish.

Another hit to the opposite cheek sent her head turning the other way and this time she cried out in pain. Four more hits back to back followed the previous two until most of her face was red and she hung her head in front of me. “Am I getting my point across?” I asked. Through the curtain of hair I could see that tears were starting to fall down her face. Whether they were from fear or how hard I hit her didn’t matter, they would only add to the show.

I reached out and she tried to flinch away from be but I only tapped her knee gently to get her attention, my other hand in my back pocket. When she finally looked up she was greeted by the sight of a short knife, one side razor sharp and the other serrated. They both served the same purpose but as the blood drained from her face I was glad I had it with me.

From the other side of the room I grabbed a heavy chair and lifted McKayla by her hair into it before securing her in place. I checked once more to be sure the camera was in place before taking my phone back out. “Let’s go live Tyler.”

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