Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 2

"Okay so first off guess who I just got off the phone with."

Not this again. "Lisa, sweetheart, do we really have to do this right now? At some point I need to get ready for the day. You already have me interested so spit it out."

"Jeez Bast sometimes you are just no fun. Anyway Mr. Fun-killer, it was Titan-1 himself that called. Never would have guessed that huh? Apparently he's looking to make a comeback."

I don't usually find myself speechless but at that moment all I could do was whistle appreciatively. Titan-1 is a legend from the first real batch of heroes. Nothing but super strength, enhanced durability and up until this point a moral compass like a boy scout. The guy even saved a president before retiring. Said he had a wife and kids to look after.

"Well? Cat got your tongue over there?" Lisa taunted.

"You've got to give me a second here to bask in the news." I replied. "Not every day that the nation's hero comes to you for a job. Judging by your obvious excitement earlier he already told you what he's looking for?"

"A serial killer." I waited for her to add onto that statement. Surely he was going to need better than that. When you make a comeback you do it big, otherwise what's the point. There's got to be more to it than that.

"And that's not all!" Lisa added doing her best to imitate a sales person. "Titan-1 wants this serial killer to become his nemesis. He doesn't care about the methods or anything. Obviously price is not an issue. You have full creative license Bast. He only gave us two conditions."

A smile was starting to form on my face at the prospect of getting this job underway. I walked to look out the window over Metro city as she spoke. The part about including conditions started to put a damper on my joy. At least until she told me what they were.

"You ready?" It sounded like she was already jumping up and down in anticipation of telling me. "One, every kill has to look like someone is baiting Titan-1. Two, you're supposed to start with his family."

"Lisa. Get in touch with our buddy who wanted the nursery done. Let him know we're moving up the time table. Urgent matters to attend to and all." With that said I hung up the phone and headed to the shower. A smile stretching my face from ear to ear.

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