Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 19

Before we made our way across the street I leaned out the front of the alley and looked back towards the deli. A generously sized crowed was forming but no one was looking our way. I stepped out of the alley as casually as possible and waved my hand back at Sarah, signaling her to follow. A set of double doors on the side of the building were going to be our way in and thankfully they were unlocked.

That was pretty careless on the Captain’s part but if he was using his Sympath powers to keep watch dogs around this area it made sense. From where we came in it was obvious that the factory was much bigger than it appeared. To our right were the closed loading doors we had seen on the outside and to our left was a huge portion of the facility. There were conveyor belts wrapping around the catwalks so that shipments could be dropped on them and moved from one place to the next. No shipments were being moved around but the conveyor belts were still on, the whirring noise they made the only other sound aside from the traffic outside.

I felt Sarah grab my arm before leaning close to my ear and speaking, voice low. “We are actually going after this guy right? I could care less about taking a tour of this place.”

“For someone that just froze up not that long ago you sure are in a hurry now.” I said turning to her and being greeted by the sight of her eyes ticking. “Exactly how much are you aware of while you do that?”

She shrugged. “Hard to put an amount on it. I can tell you that someone small is walking along the far left catwalk towards us right now. So it would probably be a good idea to not be standing here.”

I couldn’t hear a thing over the background noise but better to be safe than sorry. Without another word I led us underneath one of the storage racks that would block us from the approaching guard’s line of sight. Maybe thirty seconds passed before I could hear the sounds of boots coming towards us. I leaned out around the rack to see a woman in military fatigues making her way to one of the overhead windows that looked out onto the street, carrying with her a compact machine gun strung across her back. She must have been sent to check out the commotion which meant the Captain and whoever else was with him were still farther into the factory.

A glance towards Sarah showed me that she had her gun out and aimed at the woman. I wasn’t sure why she wasn’t pulling the trigger but I was glad she hadn’t. Before she got any ideas I slowly put my hand across her arms and lowered her gun. When she looked at me I only put one finger in front of my mouth to let her know we needed to be quiet. If soldiers came running from every direction and opened up on us with rifles we were dead. The only option was to pick off however many we could before they noticed us. It was only a stroke of luck that they didn’t know we were already in the building.

Without a word I crouched and began running towards one of the ladders that led up to the catwalk, glad that I had chosen tennis shoes this morning that were silent as I crossed the tile floor. If I prayed, climbing the rungs of the ladder would have been a time to pray that they didn’t make any unnecessary noise. I was completely vulnerable if she noticed and unloaded on me with what now looked like an Uzi on her back. Thankfully, she was still going from window to window when I got to the top, trying to get a better vantage point through what I assumed was probably a large crowd by now. Once everyone on the street realized they weren’t in danger there would be dozens lined up around the deli. Snapping pictures and taking videos or just wanting to be seen and heard. This wasn’t the greatest area but that didn’t mean they often got to see a double murder happen. At least it would look like a double murder to them. One of them was completely justified and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over the other. People that reach a point where they wore sweat suits in the middle of the day were better off dead.

I was a few feet away, still walking low with my knife held up in a backhand grip when my luck ran out. Whether it was too much weight going on one foot or if it was just a noisy area of catwalk my next step caused the metal to groan. Knowing that the soldier in front of me was going to shoot first and ask questions later I gave up on trying to be sneaky and lunged the last few feet to her.

Keeping her weapon behind her back like that instead of carrying it gave me just enough time. Before she could finish bringing it around to the front I used one arm to chop at the wrist going for the weapon and the other to finish by slamming my blade into the side of her neck. Her eyes opened wide as saucers and as her mouth opened I leveraged the knife towards me and ripped it through the front of her throat. Whether she was going to call for help or simply cry out in pain the sound never made it out past the hole in her throat that was pouring blood down the front of her uniform.

I caught her body as she started to tumble to her knees, effectively soaking my shirt in the blood still flowing from her neck but also stopping her body from hitting the catwalk and making any more noise. While she was still in my arms I propped her head up and jammed my knife into her skull causing her body to jerk once before going completely still. Some would see it as an act of mercy but I refused to risk leaving her here without being sure she was dead.

A quick pat down of her clothing revealed nothing but a spare clip for the Uzi. I chose to leave it behind, preferring well placed shots from a pistol over trying to spray down a hallway. Once I was sure she didn’t have any radio that someone was going to use to check on her with I lifted the body over one shoulder and brought it back down the ladder with me, thankful that she hadn’t been a large woman. Someone may come through this way when she didn’t come back. There was no time to deal with the blood that had stained the catwalk or dripped onto the white floor below but I could make sure they didn’t find the body immediately.

Sarah was waiting at the bottom of the stairs as I got down and started making my way towards a dark corner of the room. “You look like something out of a horror movie right now.” She said at normal volume. I thought about condemning her for not being quiet but figured as long as she was Tuning she could hear what was going on around us better than me. “Seriously.” She continued, obviously waiting on my response. “Your eyes are doing that creepy thing again, you’re covered in blood and I don’t know if you’ve even blinked since you went up that ladder.”

“There wasn’t time to blink.” I said simply, kneeling and laying down the body of the guard and tucking her into a resemblance of the fetal position. If everything went well we could be out of here before anyone found her body. “Let’s move.”

“What-“ Sarah started but I had already spun on my heel and started off towards the catwalk the guard had come from. She stopped me from ascending the ladder with a hand on my arm. I looked back to see her, palm extended. Before I could ask what she wanted Sarah nodded her head to indicate the knife still in my hand. “Next one is mine.” She said with a confident grin.

“Give it a rest.” I said, my tone exasperated. “This is what I do. I don’t expect you to rip out someone’s throat or put a bullet in their brain. I do expect you to stay out of my way.”

“Fine but I’m going up the ladder first.” She said and pointed for me to get down. I briefly considered protesting but looking down and remembering the skin tight leggings she was wearing I decided to let her go ahead.

“Ladies first.” I said with a mischievous grin. Hopping down from the ladder so that she could grab the rungs and ascend.

As she started climbing I heard: “enjoy the view.” Without seeing her face I knew she was grinning. I shook my head wordlessly, she noticed way too much.

We traveled the catwalk back through the entrance the soldier had originally come out of and found ourselves in a large storage room. Now that we were in an unfamiliar area I decided to take us back down to the ground floor. We were sitting ducks up here.

I climbed down after Sarah but as I reached the bottom and turned I felt her push me back into a small alcove between boxes. Rather than ask why I took that moment to enjoy the feeling of her body pressed against mine. Her eyes were closed as she listened to something in the distance that only she could hear. After a few more moments I heard it. Two men were having a conversation and they were coming this way.

“-time tomorrow a new batch should be arriving.” I heard from one of the men.

“Think he’ll let us keep a couple blondes this time? Care always saves them for himself. By the time he’s through I never want em.” Said the second man, causing the first to laugh. At his words Sarah’s eyes snapped back open. The anger more pronounced than I had seen it before. We kept listening as the men got closer.

“Damn fucking shame the bitches from the warehouse got out. You saw that tanned blondie Care managed to snatch?” I felt Sarah’s hands slowly curl into claws against my chest. Nails raking down my shirt with enough force I was probably bleeding. “Would’ve given my left nut for a piece of that.” I tucked my knife away and wrapped my arms around Sarah and held on. Less worried about her emotional state and more about her running out blindly and getting us both killed.

Going by their footsteps they would be going past our little alcove soon. Most likely going to check on the soldier we had already gotten rid of. I started sliding my hand back towards my pocket for the knife but I felt Sarah reach for it instead. As her hand got a secure grip she paused for a moment as if asking permission.

Without a word I moved my hand away and let her have it. The way her eyes were nearly sparking with heat from her anger I wasn’t worried about her freezing up this time. I was just hoping she remembered we wanted to kill them quietly.

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