Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 15

I stopped my walk around the warehouse to glance down in disgust as a red drop fell on me. I hated getting blood on my khakis. How had I forgotten about the henchman I left hanging from one of the catwalks along the roof? Obviously he was still dripping from the knife I had shoved into his neck. Damn it was hard to get blood out of these things.

For whatever reason this warehouse was only guarded by a couple ordinary henchmen. They never even had a chance. The one hanging above me had gone out first. I came in through the skylight and ended him while he walked back and forth. The second was completely asleep in his chair throughout the whole thing. I still snapped his neck for good measure and left him in the seat. At a glance it only seemed like he was still taking a nap.

At the back of the room I finally found out what the Captain was involved in. There weren’t many things that surprised me but walking into that room and seeing fourteen women, in various states of undress, sitting in an orderly row elicited an eyebrow raise from me. Their hands and feet were tied but there wasn’t much struggling going on. The room itself was bare but for the simple chairs they were sitting in, a single light hanging from the ceiling and a drip in the corner of the room where the warehouse roof wasn’t holding up through the constant rain. Only one of them seemed to even look towards the door as I walked in so I went to crouch in front of her. Good a place as any to start, the rest of them seemed to be completely absorbed by staring at the wall in front.

“So, either I missed one crazy party or y’all are being held against your will.” I asked and got no response. She was really going to pretend that she hadn’t noticed me? To be fair I had no idea what had been going on here so the suspicion may have been well founded. Too bad for her I didn’t have time to play these silly games.

A slap echoed in the small space like a gunshot. Still the other women didn’t react but the anger in this one’s violet eyes was obvious. Compared to the other barbie dolls of varying race she didn’t fit in with her toned build, tanned skin and blonde pixie cut. Already her cheek was turning a bright red.

“Do I need to hit you again or are you going to speak?” She broke eye contact and glanced down at the knife loosely hanging from my hand, still coated in the blood of the amateur guard. “If you answer my questions you won’t have to worry about that. Sounds fair right?” When she nodded I rolled my eyes and made a hurry up motion with my hand.

“My name is Sarah.” She whispered in a voice that obviously hadn’t been used recently. The anger was still there, burning at the back of her eyes. She obviously had some spunk, not the usual damsel at all.

“Nice to meet you Sarah. If you want to stop glaring daggers at me I’ll think about cutting you free. Conversations are a bit weird with one party tied up.” I said with a smile, I could do friendly if it would make this easier. It was an obvious effort for her to calm back down. When the hostility wasn’t quite so intense I motioned for her to hold out her arms so that I could cut the rope. As the rope came off I stood and backed up until I was leaning against the wall facing Sarah. If she tried to go for the door she would have to get by me first.

“…..Thank you.” She finally said, rubbing where the ropes had been cutting into her wrist. “If I answer your questions will you help me free the rest of these women?” How noble, I expected her to ask for her own freedom.

“We’ll start with something easy. How did you end up here?”

“I flew in a few days ago. A friend told me about a killer zorbing site around-“

“Wait, what the hell is zorbing?” I interrupted. Maybe she was more dazed than she looked. The glare came back with my interruption.

“It’s a sport where you roll downhill inside a plastic ball.” She said, voice dripping with disdain. As if her opinion of me had dropped for not knowing that information. Had she forgotten about the blood coated knife that quickly? “Anyway, before I could even get out of the airport some military looking guy in sunglasses came up and introduced himself.

“Why do you say military?”

“He just had the look. Short cut red hair, formal, rigid, walks like there’s a stick up his ass.” That was accurate. “The only thing that was off was the sunglasses but whatever. I can’t even remember what he claimed his name was. When he reached out to shake my hand the glasses slipped a bit and I saw heart shaped eyes and realized he was a super. Then our hands touched and I felt some kind of rush before blacking out. Next thing I was aware of was my heels echoing as I walked through a huge packing factory. Then I felt the rush again and I was in a van with these other girls and ended up here. With those goons outside asking about who was going to be left over.”

I was spinning my knife in my palm while she spoke but at the mention of the heart shaped eyes I stopped. That had to be Captain Care, her description matched the picture I had seen almost exactly. Whoever was blackmailing me hadn’t included that he was a Sympath. If he could control and manipulate emotions that would explain the daze the other women were in. It was surprising how much detail Sarah remembered though. I would generally expect more hysterics and tears than anything.

“That was actually very helpful so thank you Sarah. I do have one more question though.” She raised her eyebrow at me expectantly. Guess she realized I wasn’t her enemy finally. “If you had to make your way back to that factory…..could you do it?”

“Of course.” Sarah responded, face turning down in a frown. “Wait, why do you want to go there?”

“I have some business with the man who abducted you.”

“Well I’ll point you the right way once I’m out of here but you have to help me get these other women out as well. Do you have a plan on getting by those guards? I’m not too keen on getting sold into prostitution.”

I held up the knife again. “I know you saw the blood on this, they’ve already been dealt with or I wouldn’t be idling around chatting with you right now.”

Again her eyes lit up with anger. “I noticed it earlier, just wanted to make sure you made it hurt.” She said, baring her teeth.

At that I couldn’t help but smile. We were going to get along just fine.

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