Hero's Comeback

By LexWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter 14

Captain Care may have been an up and coming villain but he obviously had money to throw around. I shot a quick look around the corner before hunkering back down against the wall, gripping the pistol that really wasn’t helping at the moment. As a burst of gunfire slammed into the wall where my head had been I wanted to bring Gary back to life and kill him again. None of the information he gave me said anything about the Captain having military contacts. Maybe I should have assumed that from the choice in name. Either way, the soldier at the other end of the hall firing precise bursts at my every move wasn’t just another henchman.

A henchman would have been dead already. They would have sprayed their entire clip down the hall at the first sign of trouble and when they reloaded I would have popped out for a quick shot and ended things. That wasn’t going to happen with this soldier sighting down on me. It’s not like I could sit here forever either. It was incredibly likely that they had called for backup after the first volley of shots which meant time for action was ticking down.

I peeked into the hallway three times in rapid succession, just to give myself a snap shot of what I was working with. The soldier was at the other end of the hall and to my right, prone behind a makeshift shooting platform. This time, immediately after his shots landed I lunged from my cover and threw a few wild shots at the soldier’s cover. My gamble was rewarded as he was forced to leave his gun and cover and dart down further down the hall. In three more long strides I was slamming my back to the wall around the corner from where the soldier had taken off.

Before I had a chance to peek out and look around the wall a knife was coming around the corner headed for my face. There wasn’t any time to block. Instead I stopped propping myself against the wall and let my ass hit the floor. The knife scraped along the wall and the soldier came fully around the corner, realizing his strike hadn’t connected with flesh. Without giving him time to line up another I put as much of my weight as possible into a punch against the side of one knee. With a snap quickly followed by a scream of pain the soldier’s knee bent at an unnatural angle. As the soldier collapsed beside me I pressed my gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. No time to try and get information from him.

I took a short breather to let the adrenaline work its way through my system and to give my hearing time to return. It took another thirty minutes to find the file I originally came here for. It was supposed to tell me where Captain Care’s main base of operations was located. Instead it had records of huge sums of money being transferred into the Captain’s accounts by a third party. Now I knew how he could afford military personnel to guard his buildings but it brought new questions as well. Who was funding the Captain and for what? I needed to ask the man himself.

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